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The Bold One

The Bold One, A Super-Erotic College Experience

by Jeremy J. Watson

Just getting to college was a challenge. I mean, taking the Amtrak, then the city bus, and finally walking the last half-mile, luggage and all. It was a little before 7 pm when I arrived, tired and hungry. I felt like collapsing when I got to the housing office and found a line of twenty people before me. It would be a long while before I got my key, into my dorm room, and could lay down.

At the moment, I was very hungry. I asked someone for directions to the cafeteria. Fortunately, it was close. Dragging my luggage over there, I was fortunate again to find that it was open for ten more minutes. When I got in, and filled a plate with food, the cashier told me that they only serve to people with meal tickets. All the cash in the world couldn’t buy a dinner there. I was so disappointed!

The girl behind the counter, said, “Call it a free sample,” and let me get away without paying for it. I thanked her, sat at a table and quickly enjoyed the meal, knowing the place was going to close at any minute. I finished an apple outside, sitting on a wall.

Back at the housing office, the line was now thirty people long. I felt happy that I had a good book to read on my phone, as I sat cross-legged among all the other people and their luggage.

The big football player-looking guy sitting next to me gave me a nudge and pointed to a tall, shapely girl joining the back of the line. “Hey, wouldn’t you like to fuck that?”

I was disgusted. Not so much with the guy, but the fact that we live in a society where saying something like that would be considered acceptable, even normal.

Finally, my turn came, I got my key, directions, some paperwork, and I was on my way ‘home.’ I walked to the dorm, found the room on the first floor, unlocked the door and saw my roommate for the first time. The guy I’d spend the next four years with.

“Hello there!” Derek Arlington said, enthusiastically.

Not believing what I was seeing, I chose to glance around the room before looking back at Derek. It was my first time in a dorm room, but I believe it was fairly typical. There was a set of windows on the wall opposite the door. Along each side wall was a narrow bed, and then closer to the windows, was a desk on each side. Each desk had a rolling chair. Between the beds and the door, were two small closets. That’s all there was. The bathrooms were down the hall. One for women, one for men. However, this was a men’s dorm, so I figured the ladies’ rooms wouldn’t get much use.

Looking back at Derek, I saw a tall, thin, fairly athletic-looking young man, with short brown curly hair and a neatly trimmed beard. His sparkly blue eyes continued to look enthusiastic. Here’s the thing: He was stark naked. Not only that, his penis was erect. I had never seen a live, erect cock in my life, other than my own, and in pictures.

Hesitantly, I said “Hi” and introduced myself, immediately thinking I’d have to get back to the housing office right away, and ask for another room.

“I was just having a little wank. Feel free to join me.”

Have you ever been so flustered you don’t even know what to think? That was me. Breaking out of my hypnotized state, I said the first thing that came to mind, “No thanks. Maybe later.”

I wanted to leave the room immediately. Setting down my luggage on the bed on the left, I did just that, throwing “Nice to meet you, Derek,” over my shoulder as I closed the door behind me. Because, no matter what situation I find myself in, I’m always polite. I think the world runs better that way, don’t you? If everyone was always polite, and more than that, they thought of others’ feelings and needs, it would have a trickle-down effect powerful enough to eventually end wars.

Returning to the cafeteria now that I had a meal ticket, I was all set to eat a leisurely meal. Except, I had forgotten that the place closed at seven. Fuck! I walked over to the 7-11 I had seen a short way off campus, and bought a sandwich. Now that it was dark out, and I was in an unfamiliar place, I felt a need to go home. No, not back to Iowa. My homing instinct was temporarily wrecked. Home had to be the dorm. Maybe I’d get lucky and Derek Arlington would not be there.

No such luck. On the plus side, he was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. When I returned We got to talking. Or, I should say, he did most of the talking, and most of that was asking. He drew me out, despite my best efforts. I had decided he was weird, and was all set to not like him. But after asking me six times, in six different ways, who I am and what my interests were, he ensnared me in his trap. Pretty soon I was telling him all about my favorite sport, baseball, even going so far as to tell him about some of my former teammates.

He also got me rattling on about my philosophies. The main one, is that I feel anyone should be able and allowed to do anything one wants, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, including one’s self. At the same time, one should strive to help others with not only big things, but little ones, too. That’s why I carry a Swiss army knife. He heartily agreed with everything I said. Then, he did something totally unexpected, and I have to say it won me over right away. He pulled a Swiss army knife out of his pocket. He also had a coil of wire, a roll of tape, and some Epoxy, whereas I couldn’t help but show off that I was carrying a six-inch adjustable wrench, a patch kit for bicycles, and a small CO2 inflator. Just like me, he likes to help people.

We ended up talking until around one in the morning. He learned all about me. I didn’t learn much about him.

I did ask a few questions. He has one sister. He came from northern California, and he is straight. Somehow, I was worried about that. By the time we fell asleep, I had pretty much forgotten about the rude introduction.

I had a dream that brought it back to me, front and center. Somehow, I found myself in the cafeteria, with a hundred students of both sexes. There were a dozen grouchy gray-haired staff members standing against one wall, frowning directly at me. I knew, in the dream, that I had blown my whole college opportunity. You see, I was naked and wanking in front of the whole crowd.

That was one of those dreams you’re glad to awaken from, although it weighs heavily on your mind all day.

It was the first day of actual classes. I had two lectures, and was almost late for both. The campus was bigger than I realized, and it took a while to walk, or half-run, in the blazing sun from one building to another. Especially when you don’t quite know where they are.

Returning to the dorm, I was planning to grab my towel, and get a nice cool shower in the communal bathroom. As I entered our room, I was glad Derek wasn’t there. The last thing I would have wanted at that moment would be to see his naked self with another erection.

I can say it now, however. There was a part of me so secret that I couldn’t even admit it to myself: I found his body interesting. I felt like I wanted to see his penis, his well-defined six-pack, and his surprisingly small, smooth, round ass again. Weird, eh?

So, I grabbed my towel, toothbrush, and all that, and headed into the bathroom. That bathroom had a low, flat sitting bench in the middle along half it’s length, urinals and stalls along one wall, and sinks along the other. At the far end was a shower area, with about six separate shower stalls.

When I entered, there were two guys at the sinks, and a guy standing at a urinal. The ones at the sinks looked sort of spooked, like they had seen something they couldn’t interpret. I saw it too. That something was Derek, sitting on the bench, jerking off. It was plain as day. He was stroking away, right there, in front of everyone.

My first instinct was to say, “Oops, sorry!” as if I had done something wrong by violating his privacy.

Before I could say anything at all, Derek said, “Oh, Hi there, Jeremy!”

I felt like I was the one who was busted. I’ll bet I was blushing. I was also kind of angry. I can’t explain it, but this naked Derek business was bothering me. I wanted to like this guy, but how could I?

“Don’t mind me, guys. I’m just having a little wank.” He seemed oblivious to our shocked expressions.

The guy who had been peeing left. One of the guys at the sink left, literally walking as close to the wall as possible, as he passed Derek. The other guy left a minute later, more casually. On his way out, glancing at Derek, he said, “Cool, Dude!”

I tried to seem casual as I walked past Derek, and headed to the shower. Once in the stall, I took off my stuff, and got the water adjusted to my liking. As I stepped under the spray, I was surprised to note that my dick was half-hard. Knowing there was no way I could jerk off in the dorm room, I had a wank right there in the shower. When I finished, I noted that Derek was gone.

I was reluctant to return to the room, but dressed in nothing but a towel, and carrying nothing but my dirty clothes and toiletries, I had little choice. Derek was there. I felt something in the pit of my stomach that seemed something like dread. I don’t think of myself as confrontational, but I hold my own when necessary.

“Derek…” As he looked up, I was suddenly at a loss for words. I wanted to say something like ‘Don’t jerk off all the time in front of everyone. Are you a fucking idiot or something?’ What came out is, “I see you really enjoy masturbation.”

I think I was trying to bring up my concerns in a round-about, but polite way.

“Yes, I do. What about you Jerry? Can I call you Jerry?”

“Sure, Jerry is what all my friends call me. Um, well, yes, I enjoy masturbating. But I don’t just haul off and do it in front of everyone.”

“Why not?”

“Because… Well… Because it’s weird. I mean, who does that?”

“I do. OK, here’s my thinking on that: I feel that everyone, at least in this country, is afraid of the truth, especially when it comes to anything sexual. I mean, it’s only been about twenty years since people could even talk about masturbation. People used to actually think it was a bad thing. Some still do. Can you believe that? Well, I’m here to set the world right. Oh, I don’t mean that I’m going to single-handedly lead people out of the ridiculous secrecy about our own bodies and desires. But I can make a small difference. And besides, who is it hurting?”

I had no answer. Some of what he said actually made a good deal of sense. It more-or-less fit into some of my own philosophy. Especially that last bit.

When I could get my mind back together enough to answer, I said, “I’m trying not to like you, but actually I do.”

“Trying not to like me?”

“I’m not used to guys jerking off wherever they please. When I came in the bathroom, the first thought that crossed my mind, is ‘Everyone’s going to know that Derek is my roommate, so I’m guilty by association.'”

“Oh, I see. I’m sorry. I hadn’t thought about that. But what is your stance on the whole thing? Should people be allowed to masturbate when and where they want if it doesn’t hurt anyone?”

I felt trapped. According to my own code of ethics, I had to say “Yes.”

Then, I got to thinking about it. I am a bit of a rebel. I like to shake things up that need shaking up. Like that crazy teacher we had in middle school. There was no choice but to expose his fucked up behavior. But what about masturbation? I did firmly believe that it is natural and healthy. My dad and I had a talk about that once. He admitted that he enjoys masturbating, which shocked me at the time. I had always thought that he and Mom were completely contented with their sex lives. He said they were, but both of them enjoy the occasional solo orgasm as well. I didn’t expect that. He then went on to tell me that he hoped I masturbated a lot. Yes, he really said that! He said it relieves sexual tension. Without a relief valve, we’d be too horny to act right. That people who deny themselves masturbation on religious or other grounds make all sorts of mistakes ranging from inappropriate jokes told at the wrong times, to risking sexually transmitted diseases, to adultery. I had to admit he had a point, and I did feel better about jerking off after that little talk. I understand most parents, even in this day and age, are not as forthcoming as he was.

On that afternoon, I didn’t offer Derek much support. I told him that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I hoped I didn’t hurt his feelings.

Over the next few days, a funny thing happened. I started to think about what he had said, and found myself falling in alignment with it. Yes, people should be able to masturbate whenever they want. Not only that, but if I understood Derek’s stance on the matter, he felt it was good to educate people, even if by example, about the whole issue.

He and I started talking about it. He went on to introduce me to the concept of body dysmorphia. That’s the notion that a person doesn’t feel their body looks good. He told me that the vast majority of people feel that way, and it’s a shame. He went on to say that when one feels shame, they are less likely to be confident in other areas, and that confidence can hurt happiness, success, even careers. I started filling in the gaps, and realized he was not only right, he was very right. The world would be a better place if everyone was somehow educated about feeling good about how they look, about enjoying harmless sexual release, and that someone like Derek, could start to teach good things by ripple effect.

For three days, I hadn’t seen him nude. No more jerking off. No more erection. On the fourth day, I slid my card in the lock, came in quickly, and found him sprawled out in his rolling chair, having a good masturbation session. Oddly, I didn’t react badly to it. I was kind of neutral. He said “Hi,” and continued as if I wasn’t even there. In a minute, he came, collecting his cum nicely in a Kleenex.

He turned to me and said, “There, that’s better. I’ve been hiding my masturbation from you, because I know it bothered you. I had meant to finish up before you came back.”

Before I could think it through, I said, “You know what, Derek? I’m finding myself on your side of the fence about this. Go ahead and jerk off here in the room as much as you want.” I hadn’t meant to say that, yet that’s what came out of my mouth. Perhaps, I’m weak. Maybe I let people walk over me to get what they want. But then again, maybe that’s a strength.

“Oh, thank you sir. You’re a scholar and a gentleman.”

We both laughed. It seemed some sort of tension was broken.

I was feeling horny that night as we finished our homework and turned out the lights. I hadn’t jerked off in a bathroom stall as I had been doing, so I felt like I wanted to cum. I could go to the bathroom and have a wank, but I was too lazy. ‘Fuck it,’ I thought. ‘I’ll go ahead and do it here in the room. It doesn’t matter if Derek is watching me. Besides that, it’s dark, he really won’t see anything anyway. Furthermore, I can do it under the blanket.’

Well, I thought all that, but I couldn’t take the action. I really wanted to, but something was holding me back. It seemed to be a sort of shame, or embarrassment. Instead, I remained horny, tossing and turning for a good hour, before finally falling into a fitful sleep.

After a class the next day, I was fully determined to jerk off in front of Derek. To show solidarity, if nothing else. At four o’clock he came into the room, and promptly took off all his clothes. He didn’t jerk off, and didn’t have erection. Instead, after pleasantly saying “Hi,” he went to his desk and started studying.

Now was the time. I could simply take off my clothes and start wanking. This would be perfect, and it would nicely break the ice. I was even imagining how nice the future could be. No more hiding. No more running to the fucking toilet stalls, or wanking in the shower to have privacy. In a perfect world, that kind of privacy shouldn’t be necessary.

But I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t. Something was holding me back. Some kind of primal fear, I figured. As a psychology student, I was hoping we’d get to that topic soon.

‘OK,’ I thought, ‘I’ll just take off my clothes, and at least be naked along with Derek.’ I mean, guys see each other naked all the time in locker rooms and so on, right? I did it all the time in high school when I was on the baseball team. Then if I get more in the mood, I could start masturbating.’ Still, I couldn’t even take my clothes off. Fuck!

An hour later, as I was doing my homework, fully clothed, he swiveled around in his chair, leaned back, and started idly stroking his penis. He and I spoke occasionally about typical things while he was doing it, like how weird it is doing our own laundry, and how we’d both be better off with bicycles instead of walking everywhere. I couldn’t help glancing at him, seeing his glistening, hard dick in his hands. It had an unexpected effect on me. I felt my own penis rising within my shorts in sympathy.

I thought this would be a good time to start wanking. I could do it right along with him. All I had to do was pull down my shorts. And yet, I couldn’t. This was getting frustrating!

In a few minutes, he had an ejaculation, right there in front of me again, and he was as casual about it as if he tied his shoes.

“Nice cock,” I said, trying to break the silence. Why the fuck I had to say that, I don’t know.

“Thank you!” was all he said.

He dressed, then went to the cafeteria, and I decided to join him. Because, despite his weirdness, I liked conversing with him. On the way, we came across a girl pushing her bike. She had a flat tire. I stepped right in, introducing myself, and got her fixed up in about ten minutes, while Derek watched, and conversed a little bit. The two of them were making long eye contact. I saw them both tilt their heads a few times, and knew I was seeing the beginnings of something good.

In the cafeteria, he asked if I knew her, and mentioned her like three times, as we talked mostly about bicycles, and about transportation in general. He had an idea that someone should give away free-use bicycles. People could use them, and leave them anywhere within city limits when they were done, so someone else could then ride the same bikes elsewhere. I told him it had already been done in Portland, Oregon, and all the bikes were stolen or lost within a year. He laughed.

A couple of days later, coming back from a lecture, Michele, the girl with the flat tire, was sitting on Derek’s bed when I arrived. She smiled and said “Hi.” I welcomed her to our little room. They had been in a nice conversation. When she left, Derek took off his clothes, and started wanking, bringing himself to orgasm quickly, simply saying, “I like her.”

I felt an urge to join him. I wanted to have an orgasm. I also wanted to prove to him that I was with him in his theories about more open sexuality, especially masturbation, in our society. But I couldn’t. I came across the same mental block. In fact, the more I thought about how I should just go ahead and do it, the more I felt blocked. I got mad at myself. ‘This is silly.’ But still, I couldn’t do it.

Derek left for an evening lecture, and the moment he had closed the door, I pulled off my shorts and started jerking off. Visions of Michele floated in my mind. I wasn’t especially attracted to Asian women, but she was a super-hot check. I liked her darker skin, and small body. I liked her sparkly brown eyes, and ready smile. I was getting that feeling. You know the one, where you’re going to cum.

Suddenly, the door popped open. With the noise in the building, I hadn’t heard Derek sliding his card in the lock. There I was, caught red-handed, jerking off. I immediately grabbed my shorts off the floor, and placed them on my lap, trying to hide my erection. Then, realizing how totally stupid I had been about this whole thing, I threw the shorts onto my bed, and trying to sound casual, I said “Forgot your car keys?” attempting a joke.

“Forgot my laptop, actually. Good to see you having fun,” and with that, he was back out the door. I must be some kind of case, because the thought that entered my mind was, ‘I don’t think he got a good look at my erect penis.’ How weird is that? I mean, I guess I wanted to show it off, or something.

Over the next month, the ice was pretty well broken. A couple of days later, I did jerk off in front of Derek, even though it took me a while to get hard, and I was so self-conscious I was actually shaking a little bit. But, I did get used to it, and on more than one occasion, we’d both be sprawled on our beds or in our office chairs, wanking at the same time, and talking about whatever came to mind. Sometimes, our feet would touch the other guy’s feet, and we were OK with that, even purposely putting a foot on the other guy.

I began to notice that Derek was becoming quite popular. I’d see him on campus or in the pizza place talking with three or four different girls, and sometimes guys, too. He had a way about him. He was a quiet leader, and people were more than willing to follow. I’d like to have had some of that attribute myself. He had a couple more girls in our dorm room, politely introducing them to me.

One day he asked if I could study in the library so he could have the room ‘to himself and a friend’ for a few hours. I was happy to comply, knowing if I ever had a chance to hang with a girl, maybe even do something sexual, it would be nice to have the room to myself.

When I returned that evening, being sure to knock on the door before entering, I heard, “Hang on a sec…” In a moment he opened the door. There he was with Donna, one of the girls he had met. They were looking a bit sheepish, and it seemed her clothing was a bit rumpled, as if put on hastily.

When she left, I smiled and asked, “Did you have a good time?”

“Absolutely mate. Thank’s so much for letting us use the room.”

I wanted to ask whether they had been sexual, but of course I didn’t. I didn’t have to. The next morning, when throwing out a banana peel, I saw a used condom, full of cum, in the wastebasket.

A few days after that, he had Michele over again. I had thought about her from time to time, and was becoming more attracted. I even thought about asking her out on a date, but wouldn’t even know where to begin with that. By now, I was also pretty much figuring she was Derek’s, even though he didn’t seem the monogamous type.

When I arrived, I offered to leave, but Derek implored, “Please stay Jerry.” It was a bit strange, like he really did want me to stay, so I did, making some small talk with both of them.

It was Derek who left, saying he was hungry. Feeling shy, I wanted to talk more with Michele, but didn’t know what to say. Fortunately, she did most of the talking. “So, you’re in psychology?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Me, too. I’m surprised we don’t have any of the same classes.”

“Well, I guess it’s a big college.”

“Yes, it is.”

I was feeling awkward, but also honored that she seemed to especially want to talk with me. Then, she asked about my philosophies. That did it. I started slowly, but pretty soon, I was on a roll, telling her everything that came to my mind about politeness, the ripple effect, and all that. I even incorporated some of Derek’s philosophy, that had now become interwoven with my own. Not realizing quite where I was going with this, I broached the subject of masturbating. How it shouldn’t be a private thing.

I immediately regretted that. That was a big fucking oops. You don’t casually discuss masturbation with a hot chick like Michele. Or any girl, for that matter.

I was imagining she might slap me, but more likely, she’d make an excuse, and end the conversation.

“I agree!” she said enthusiastically.

I hadn’t been expecting that.

We talked for quite a while, eventually admitting that we both masturbate, we are comfortable with the concept, it has kept us from dating badly, meaning finding mates to play with who weren’t a match for us in terms of personality and so on. That’s as far as the conversation went. We exchanged phone numbers, and Michele was on her way.

I figured the phone number thing was just a formality. She’d never call me, and I couldn’t call her. Oh, she’d be polite, but wouldn’t want to date me.

A day later, Derek asked me whether I had texted or phoned Michele. I told him I hadn’t.

“Why in the world not?”

“Oh, I don’t think she’d want to hear from me.”

“Why, what did you say to her?”

“I mean, she wouldn’t go for a guy like me.”

“Are you fucking kidding? She asked me to set that up.”

“Really?” I couldn’t believe my ears.

I texted her ten minutes later. She texted back almost immediately.

I do believe in clear communication. It’s part of my philosophy – and Derek’s too, for that matter, so I texted “My apologies, I didn’t think you’d care for me.”

“Oh, Jeremy!” she texted back.

I didn’t quite understand, and so we texted some more. She let me know in no uncertain terms that she’d like to spend some time with me. I would have called her at that point, but had to keep texting, since Derek was sitting right there in the room.

We set up a date for the next evening. After we were done texting, I turned to Derek, and said, “Oh, Dude! Thank you so much. I was trying to keep my mind off her because first, I thought she was yours, and second, I didn’t think she’d have any interest in me. You are the best friend in the world.” Without thinking, I hugged him around the neck. Oddly, he kissed my cheek before we let go of each other. I didn’t think anything about it. My mind was full of Michele.

A few minutes later, I reclined on my bed, and jerked off big time with images of Michele in my mind.

Michele and I dated a few times, having conversations late into the night. We were often tired in classes the next day, but it was worth it. We didn’t manage to broach the idea of sex, however. I would have bedded her in a second, and thinking back on it, she would have been happy to do it with me, too, but both of us were to shy to make it happen.

I think Derek sensed something, and being typical Derek, he took matters into his own hands. Somehow, he arranged it so Michele and I were sitting on the edge of my bed, while he and that redheaded girl, Donna, were sitting on his bed.

Derek suggested we play some blackjack. We were betting ten cents per hand. It was fun, we were all laughing, and things were going nicely. Pretty soon, Michele had well over three dollars, and the rest of us were cleaned out. Derek said he’d like to keep playing, but with no money, he’d have to offer something else.

“What could you possibly offer?” Donna asked.

“We could quit betting money, and do something like Truth or Dare instead.” We all reluctantly agreed. If you’ve ever played that game, you know it can get dangerous. You might end up doing or saying something that you’d never do otherwise.

Derek set out the rules. Each time someone won a hand, that person could pick any of the three of us, and either ask us a question we had to answer, or dare us to do something. We each got three rights of refusal. If we refused, another hand would be played, otherwise, we had to do the thing that was requested. We were all OK with that. The rights of refusal made it seem like it would be quite tame.

Donna won the first hand. “Derek, I know you’re in favor of nudity. Where is the strangest place you’ve ever been nude?”

Wow, I didn’t see that coming. This was turning sexual right away. I can’t say I was disappointed. In fact, I was quite excited, imagining the possibilities for the afternoon. On the other hand, I was fairly certain nothing much would actually happen.

“My parents took me to a place called Black’s Beach down near San Diego. It’s a world-famous nude beach. I was young, and it was very exciting at the time. I saw a wide variety of nude people, and found it terribly, um, stimulating.”

We all laughed.

Michele won the next hand. “Jerry, If you had to be naked in a group, who would you pick?”

What kind of question was that? I had to answer truthfully, plus I knew what she was expecting to hear.

“Well, let’s see. Hmm, you know, I think the three of you would do nicely!”

More laughter.

Derek won the next round and requested that Donna take off her shoes.

Michele said that Donna got off too lightly, and again we laughed.

I won the next round, and in keeping in the flavor of the moment, I asked Michele to tell us the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to her. I was expecting something light, not anything like what she actually said.

“Right after I turned eighteen, I was kissing a friend, Katie, in my room…”

Derek interrupted, “Kissing a girl?”

“Oh, that’s not the half of it,” she continued. “We went from kissing to hugging to petting, to taking our tops off, to fully naked, and pretty soon we were in serious 69, licking ourselves silly. At that moment, my father walked in. I didn’t know he had come home early, and hadn’t heard him downstairs. Katie and I were scared to death as we frantically grabbed whatever we could find, the bedspread, clothing, even a pair of sneakers trying to cover up. It was no use, he had seen everything.

“I figured I’d be grounded for a year, and even worse, I’d get the lecture. You can probably imagine what such a lecture might be like.

“Dad said, ‘Excuse me,’ quietly closed the door, and went back downstairs. I was scared to death for days, not to mentioned embarrassed. Funny thing is, he never said a word about it. One time, a month later, he was home when Katie came over. We had been trying to avoid that – having her there when he was home, but goofed up that time. He smiled big, simply saying ‘Hi Katie, welcome back!’ It took me most of a year to fully recover from the shock.”

Talk about shocked! I thought I knew Michele pretty well, but had no idea she had that in her past. A lesbian activity, to boot. I was starting to fall in love with her even more after hearing that. I was somehow proud of her for telling that story.

Derek won the next round, and what he said was a bit of a shocker, as if I wasn’t still recovering from Michele’s revealing story. Derek said, “Is it warm in here?” Come to think of it, the temperature was a bit high. Either that, or Derek, who had been studying hypnotherapy, may have caused us to think so.

Then said, “If everyone is in agreement with it, we’ll each draw a card. Whoever gets the lowest card has to take off all of his, or her, clothes.”

Everyone yelled at once, with strong variations of ‘No fucking way!’

“OK,” he answered calmly, “One right of refusal per person.”

I’d think he would have been embarrassed for bringing it up. I also misread the room. I was thinking everyone was pretty horny. But what did I know?

Donna won the next round, and in my opinion, she saved the day, or made the day. “Derek, you take everything off.”

I was sure, even remembering the way he greeted me on the first day, that he would refuse to do that in front of the two women. Instead, he simply said “OK,” and before anyone could say anything, he was out of his clothing, stark naked on the bed, sitting next to Donna as if it was business as usual. I suppose it was for him.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to glance. His penis was small and soft. I couldn’t say the same for mine. I noticed mine was becoming stiff, and straining within my underwear. I doubted anyone could notice.

Michele won the next hand, and shocked us yet again. “Donna, touch Derek’s penis.”

“Hell no! Well, oh, what the fuck,” and with that, she reached into his lap, and gently patted his penis as if it was a kittycat. You know, just tapping it on the head for a moment.

We all laughed yet again.

I won the next round, and found myself desperately trying to think up what to request, and who to pick on. Ah, OK, “Michele, tell us something else shocking.”

“OK,” she answered sweetly, almost immediately. After thinking for a moment, she said, “I’m really attracted to the human anus. I love seeing assholes, of either sex.”

We were all stunned into silence. I was thinking ‘Wow, I can really get down with this girl. I’m so happy to be finding this shit out, because I’m going to start playing with her right away.’ Then I added this thought: ‘If only I had known sooner. I’ve been an idiot for weeks.’

Derek was the first to break the silence. “Michele, that’s great. We’re so proud of you for speaking so honestly on such a ‘private’ topic. The world needs more people like you.” He started to climb on his high horse about his philosophy, but Donna stopped him in the nick of time.

Michele won the next hand, saying, “Jerry, take off all your clothes.”

I was like ‘No way!’ but to my own surprise, I didn’t say that. I thought for the briefest moment, remembering many things at once. One was that philosophy of Dereck’s, which I found rebellious and refreshing, and closer to the truth than the things that govern our society now. I was also realizing this was the perfect opportunity for what might turn out to be a very sexual afternoon. It was sort of up to me to break the ice. Or, I could be a wet blanket, and ruin it for everyone.

“Um, OK,” and I then took off my clothes. As I was pulling down my briefs, I suddenly realized what a huge mistake I was making. I had forgotten about my woodie, and there was no way out, now. I had to continue, didn’t I? I went ahead and pulled them down, and my now fully-hard penis sprang up at a 45-degree angle.

Michele gasped. I’m not sure, because I wasn’t paying attention, but I think Donna did too. Now, I’m average down there, just as I’m average in every other way, but it may have looked slightly larger because I do trim the hair in that area. It is my one concession to high libido. Removing that hair makes masturbation just that much nicer.

My ‘secret’ was out in the open now, quite literally.

To everyone’s credit, no one made fun of me. No one said anything.

Donna won the next hand. “Michele, suck Jerry’s dick.”

“I’ll use my right of refusal,” Michele said, then added, “Just kidding,” as she was already getting down on her knees in front of me.

This was too good to be true. Sometimes life is like that. It’s like a loose dog on a busy downtown street I once saw. A child had dropped an ice cream cone. The dog saw that and immediately ran over and ate it up. It was a totally unexpected treat. The dog didn’t think about theory or anything else. He simply enjoyed the ice cream. Now it was my turn!

She lightly kissed the tip of my hard penis with closed lips, and I thought that might be it. Fortunately, she was in the mood for something more. She opened her mouth, and took a good several inches of my penis right in, applying actual vacuum. You may know that blowjobs aren’t necessarily ‘sucking dick’ at all, but they can be! I was starting to get that ‘gonna cum’ feeling, and knew it was not good timing. The afternoon promised to offer a lot more, but not if I ejaculated. Then I might have trouble enjoying more, and worse, I might end up spoiling it for my friends. As much as I regretted it in the moment, I pulled out, saying, “Oh, my!” in such a way that I hoped she understood the only reason I backed away was to avoid orgasming.

Derek won the next hand, and in a way uncharacteristic for him, said, “Donna, take off your top.” That surprised me in its crassness. With all his philosophy and all, it seemed out of place.

Donna must have agreed. Her response was, “Top off? What about the rest of me? Do you realize there’s a double-standard in our society? Why is it that men can play sports, go to the beach, or whatever, and can take off their shirts, but women can’t?”

“Bravo!” Derek replied, delighted that she was espousing part of a philosophy similar to his own.

Always being slightly nerdy, I got going on a topic I had been thinking about. “You know why that is? It’s because there’s such a difference in the way women are built. Some have small breasts, some large. Pretty much all women have the sense that their boobs are not up to standard. It’s a big aspect of body dysmorphia…”

“Don’t even get me started on that.” Derek interjected quietly.

“Anyway, way back when, it became the thing to cover one’s breasts so that each woman who thought her own tits didn’t look right, could keep her ‘problem’ a secret. Society rolled with it, until it evolved into what we have today. Now, no woman can go topless in public without shame. And that’s the real shame.”

“Thanks for the lecture.” Michele said, causing everyone to laugh.

Looking at Donna, I saw that she was indeed disrobing, and in a moment she was as naked as Derek and I. She was quite a site with her red hair and freckles. I noticed that the freckles tapered out about half-way down her boobs. Her nipples were surrounded by large pink disks. Her breasts themselves hung nicely against her lower ribcage. She kept her vaginal hair trimmed. I was intrigued that it was darker than the hair on her head.

“Not to be a party-pooper…” Michele uttered quietly, then took off her own clothes. Now, I was really impressed. I knew she was a beauty, but her small body, with a tight, smooth little ass, and her relatively small breasts topped with dark, almost black nipples caused a major stirring in my groin.

So there we were, four naked college students in a dorm room. Me with a huge erection. Oh, and Derek too. Somehow in the process, he became hard. I noticed his dick was bigger than mine. I had already known that, but now that I was here with the girls, it was more obvious to me. That caused me to understand something more about body dysmorphia, now that for the first time in my life, I suffered a small bout of it myself. It is a miserable thing, isn’t it?

In my musing, I had forgotten that we were playing a game. Michele had won a hand, and said, “Jerry, show me your asshole.”

It was weird, and totally unromantic, but who cared? I was super-horny at that point. If she had asked me to lick ice cream off the sidewalk, I would have done it.

I got sideways on my bed, on my hands and knees, so my ass was up in the air and facing everyone, demonstrating my wares. All three came close, and took a real, honest look. Somehow, and this may be difficult to explain, I was proud to be showing myself in that way.

I felt something brush along the side of my anus, maybe an inch away. I felt more of it. Then I understood. Michele was gently rubbing her finger around the edges. It felt amazingly good. Not orgasmic, but something that I could enjoy for hours.

No one was speaking as Derek reached into his desk drawer, and brought out a tube of lotion and handed it to Michele. She stopped running her fingertip around my asshole for a moment, evidently lubing her finger, then touched it to the very center of my anus. It was cold, but oh, so delicious! No one had ever done that, so I had no idea how nice it could feel.

She wasn’t done. She started applying a little pressure, and I felt her finger penetrate. The feeling just kept getting better! She continued applying gentle pressure, twisted back and forth a bit, and in a moment, I felt her knuckles touching the underside of my scrotum. If my penis hadn’t already been rock hard, it would have sprang to attention in a second.

I couldn’t so much hear, as sense the mood in the room. Everyone was super-eroticized at the moment. I hadn’t been seeing anything, due to my position on the bed.

In a couple of minutes, Michele pulled her finger out. She withdrew quite slowly, and it was the strangest thing. It felt like her finger was a foot long.

I switched around so I was sitting on the bed. What I saw shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did. Donna was sucking on Michele’s tits, who had started fingering her own vagina with the same finger, I assume, that had been in my butt. Dereck was putting a condom on his penis. I guessed he was going to fuck Donna. I gathered the card game had ended, to be replaced by whatever it was we were doing now. I was delighted at the course of the afternoon’s activities, even though I had no idea what was going to happen next. The thing that did happen was certainly not what I expected.

Michele was now kissing Donna like there was no tomorrow, and had one hand in Donna’s vagina. She broke away just long enough to tell me to get back on the bed in the same position. I was all for that, and returned to the hands and knees position right away.

Derek gently pushed me so I was turned around on the bed, then he climbed on behind me. Believe it or not, I still didn’t know what was coming next.

I felt a fingertip against my anus again. I knew it was Derek this time, and I was cool with that. Remarkably cool. I actually wanted him to put his finger in my butt. Very much! He silently complied. Once it was in all the way, he then curled it downward, toward the front of my body, massaging that area inside, and it felt quite strange. Like I had to pee, but I didn’t pee. He kept stroking that area lightly, which I later came to understand was my prostate gland, and it continued to feel pee-like, but really nice, unlike anything I had ever experienced. My penis was still rock-hard, and I was worried I’d cum too soon, but something else was happening. I was feeling some fluid moving up through my urethra. I wasn’t orgasming, but something was moving up. I figured, correctly, that his wonderful massage was forcing the fluid in my prostate out through my dick.

All too soon he pulled his finger out. He did it quickly, and that too, was a new experience for me. It made me open my eyes wide. It didn’t hurt, but was shocking. Lubing up some more, he then started pressing his finger in again, to my delight, but then I realized it was two fingers. It hurt a little bit, kind of a pinching feeling, but that was quickly replaced with a remarkably nice stretching feeling. He pulled those fingers out, then I felt something larger, something blunt, against my anus. His penis! He was pressing his penis against my ass.

You’d think I would be disgusted, but just the opposite. I was delighted. My momentary thoughts, fragmented though they were, caused me to wonder whether this was gay, then realize I didn’t care, or even have to care about that. And, in my mind at the time, I thought that if the two women were watching, which they were, and cheering too, then it wasn’t so gay after all. All that was quickly pushed aside, as I felt his seemingly huge penis making its way into me. At first, he pressed gently but insistently. All of a sudden, I felt something almost like a ‘pop’ as the tip made its way past the opening. Oh, it did hurt a bit, but that was so minor I barely noticed compared to the beautiful stretched feeling I was getting. I wanted him to hurry up and go all the way in. He did, but he did it slowly.

Once he was all the way in, he started going in and out, but only a half-inch or so. I felt his balls slapping against my own balls. That did it. It was more than I could take. I orgasmed big-time, moaning embarrassingly loudly, and spraying cum all over the bedspread.

Derek and I collapsed in a heap, as the two girls went to town on the other bed. Michele proved that she does indeed like assholes of both sexes, as she fingered and licked Donna’s anus, bringing her to a crashing orgasm.

You’d think I’d be done. With me, and most other guys, most of the time, as I understand it, once we ejaculate, it’s all over. We lose the mood. Not that day. Fifteen minutes later, after Derek climbed off me, I was hard, and raring to go again.

Without a word, Derek handed me a little packet. I tore it open, put the condom on. It took me a couple of minutes, due to inexperience. Michele knew what was up, and got on Derek’s bed on her hands and knees. So, it was going to be today, after all, I was thinking, astounded and delighted. Without further ado, I started by touching Michele’s vagina with my forefinger. Finding it very wet and slippery, I rubbed some of that lube on my rubber-covered penis, and pressed it against her slot. It took me a while to find the right angle, but once I did, I drove it home with more force than I intended.

Michele kind of jerked, and I thought I had hurt her.

“Oh that’s fucking amazing!” she said. I pumped in and out several times, but became inspired to do something even more amazing. Or at least I hoped she would think so. I pulled out of her love canal, and then pressed my dick gently against her lovely brown butthole.

She said, “Mmmm!” so I knew I was on the right track. The moment I was in all the way, I lost control and orgasmed all over the place. I must have had the right effect on her, because before my contractions were finished, I noticed she was yelling incomprehensible things, and I felt contractions around my penis. She was orgasming!

While we had been doing that, Derek and Donna were having fun of their own.

All in all, it was the best afternoon of my life, up until then. Things got better.

First, the four of us started doing this regularly. One time, Derek and Donna invited another guy. I wasn’t so sure it was a good idea, but the five of us ended up having a great time. It turned out that this guy, Zachary, was bisexual and not offended by any experiment any one wanted to try.

Zack wanted to know if he could bring a friend. One thing led to another, and we frequently had as many as eight people in our room. It got so we were falling behind in our studies. We were also concerned about disease. In a recent session, a couple had been fucking without protection. Neither Derek or I wanted to be responsible for that, or unwanted pregnancies, or anything of the sort.

Derek and I talked and planned. We had more planning sessions with Donna and Michele. We decided to designate Wednesday evenings at 7pm as what we called “Fuck-a-Doodle” time. We decided anyone can do anything to anyone else, as long as it didn’t include penetration by anything but fingers or tongues, but only with the recipient’s permission. The whole campus was invited.

We didn’t put up flyers, or advertise it in any way, but it caught on quickly. We started having as many as 12 people in our little room. One day, a wealthy fellow who had joined our group a couple of times offered use of his house, a mile away. I don’t know whether his parents lived there, but if so, I never saw them. Pretty soon, we were having weekly parties involving up to fifty people.

I was disappointed when we graduated. The tradition continues to this day in one off-campus home or another, but having graduated, Michele and I moved on to other things including raising our children.

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