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Webcam Actress

I’m a confidence coach. This is another story from a client, transcribed pretty much verbatim. My thoughts are in square brackets.

“The reason I came to you is for more confidence, of course. I mean, in daily life. I’m sick of being pushed around just because I’m a petite female – and because I let people have their way, I guess.”

“Is there any place in your life where you are confident?”

“Yes, but not at first, and I’m hesitant to tell you about it.”

[Long silence in which I wait for her to fill the gap]

“Well, you see, I’m what you’d call a webcam performer. I started that because of two things: I needed the money, and I’m kind of a sex freak. I might be what most guys dream of – that I’m pretty much insatiable about sex. Some throw out the word “nymphomaniac.” I’m not quite that, because my urges are under control. I mean, my desire for orgasms doesn’t adversely affect my life. Quite the contrary.

You see, I found out that I could actualy get paid for masturbating online. Being a fairly attractive female [very attractive, with dark hair, an olive complexion, a very skinny short frame and a winning smile], I made a very unconfident start in playing online. At first, I was quite afraid to take off my clothes. I’m embarrassed to say that in my first shows, people paid money to see me totally nude, and I didn’t do it. Of course that’s poor ethics, but I was really scared to death. After a couple of days, though, I got bolder, and was well paid in consequence. Soon, I was having my several daily orgasms in front of a crowd, or for private viewers online, and getting paid for it. What a delight for someone like me!”

“That’s certainly evidence of great confidence!”

“In time, I realized that two lesbian women make more money online. I approached a young, a twenty-three-year-old woman I used to work with, and explained the whole thing over drinks one evening. I didn’t bring it up as if I was inviting her to go online with me, even though that was my plan. At first, she was like, ‘So, what have you been doing lately?’ And I told her that I’m a webcam model. I wasn’t sure she got it, so I came right out and said, ‘I get nude and masturbate for an appreciative, and well-paying audience online.’ As soon as I admitted that, I was prepared for her to throw her drink in my face or something like that.

“To my delight, she came right back with, ‘Wow, I wish I could do that.’ Of course that was the opening I needed, and I invited her to do a show with me and see how it goes. Months have passed, and we work together every day. At first, it was very sexy. Just looking at her was great, and then a few times a day, we’d get right down to business at the end of each show, eating each other out, rubbing each others’ pussies, playing with vibrators, pegging with a strapon, and all that. She initially thought that we shouldn’t actually orgasm online, because somehow that was too real, or something. I assured her that that’s way more than half the fun!

“But now, it has become routine. We both actually have to work a bit to have our orgasms, which just makes the shows all that much better. Oh, Cindy and I aren’t lovers, we just do our thing together online, to our mutual delight, but we do get along fine, and I don’t need confidence with her. But with everyone else in life. Like going shopping, if someone let’s say cuts in front of me in line, I want to be able to say, ‘Hey, get out of here,’ [and she laughs.] Or, like the hairdresser. I want my hair a certain tint, but she does it a bit different. Every damn time. I’ve got to get control of situations like that.

[I ask her whether I can write what she has told me for ProWank. She asks what ProWank is, and I tell her, even writing down the URL on the back of a business card so she can check it out later. She assents. Then the session starts in earnest]

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About the Picture on the Internet

You know about my crazy mother. She’s the cause of the picture on the internet. I was telling you about the one gay relationship I had. His name is Gary. Mom invited Gary and I to the nude beach, and he was all up for it, as was I, even though we just thought it would be a fun time on the beach in which we’d happen to be clothes free, nothing more. I should have known that with my mother, it’s never as simple as that.

So we get there, and it’s a warm but breezy day. We get our clothes off. Gary can’t stop complimenting my mom on how she looks. I have to admit, she is a hot chick. She started her usual talking all sexy bit. She wanted to know how big Gary was when erect. She finally talked him into showing her, right there on the beach in front of everyone. You have to know, it isn’t that kind of nude beach!

He started to wank himself to become erect. My mother, in the meantime, is lightly running a finger over one of her nipples, and moving her other hand around on her shaved pussy. Gary being erect, and my mom doing that was too much for me, and I became erect also.

There were like twenty people watching us at this point, some discretely from a distance, but about six came right up close, watching, smiling. One guy held up a phone and asked if he could take our picture. I was about to say “No way!” but Mom shushed me with a look, and said “Of course.” I felt like I was in a trap.

Mom instructed us to stand up, one guy on each side of her. She put one hand around each hard penis, and said “Smile.”

We smiled, and in that moment, history was made. Mom asked the guy to email her the photo.

The next thing I know, it’s on Mom posted it on her account. Me! Standing there next to Mom and Gary, with an erection, and my mother holding my dick. Now, I like porn as much the next guy, and browsing the web, I’ve stumbled across that picture a half-dozen times. Evidently it’s gone slightly viral. Every time it practically gives me a heart attack. I mean, I feel a shot of adrenaline every time I come across myself with a boner on my computer, just knowing that thousands of people have seen me like that.

I don’t know what to think. It scares me that anyone can see me all nude and erect. It also makes me proud. I’m not a half-bad looking guy, and that picture is rather bold. I mean, I’m there with my erection, and all is well with the world in that photo. I’m kind of OK with that.

But some day, one of my coworkers, someone from church, or someone I know is going to say, “Hey, I saw you on the Internet.” How am I going to feel, how am I going to react when that happens?

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A Night at the Masturbate-A-Thon

This is a true story. Not a client, but my own experience.

I was emailing a ProWank penpal about a video he had posted on the Internet. It was him masturbating that was pretty obviously shot by someone else, since it had panning and zooming, which would have been hard to do by one’s self while jerking off.

My email response turned into a fairly long-winded discussion of an evening I spent at the Masturbate-A-Thon in San Francisco, and so I thought I might as well go and paste it into a new story here. So here goes:

For those of you who don’t know, the Masturbate-A-Thon is an annual event held to promote healthy sexuality and promote socially-conscious charities. Like a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon or any similar activity, one gets pledges from friends, family, co-workers, etc, but in this case, not on how many miles you manage to run, walk, or bike, but instead, for how long you can jerk off.

At first I was reluctant to bring up my plan to participate, along with my request for pledges, among my friends and coworkers, but finally, I did. All were supportive, and I did get a half-dozen pledges. I also tried to talk them into attending, but they all chickened out.

I didn’t bring it up with my parents or sister. While I would have loved to, I was just too timid to do so. I did bring it up with my wife, who at first planned to attend with me. Then, a couple of days before the event, she backed out.

When I announced I was going anyway, she got mad at me! Well, you can’t have it both ways, I figured, plus, I was really, really excited about attending!

Anyway, here’s the email I sent the guy: How fun it would be to jerk off while someone films you! I’ve actually experienced that once, but not the way one would expect. I attended the Masturbate-A-Thon in San Francisco. You may have read about my experience here on ProWank. If you haven’t, the short version is that Nina Hartley, arguably the biggest porn star from the 1990s was there, still looking good as ever, and sort of headlining, along with a few others.

When signing in, we were all given the option of signing release forms and given wrist bands to indicate we were OK to be videoed for a professional-quality Internet feed and subsequent video. I went ahead and signed, even though I knew I’d never actually do anything in which I’d be filmed. Boy, was I wrong!

The event started off with everyone taking off their clothes and putting them in charge of some volunteers in a coat-check-like room. The place was warm, so it was easy to be naked.

It was a bit harder to be calm about it, being naked among around 120 other naked people of both sexes. In time it normalized and was great fun!

We were instructed that we would have to wank for 55 minutes out of every hour. We could take 5 minutes to pee, eat refreshments, etc. It didn’t matter if we were hard the whole time or not, as long as we were wanking. It didn’t matter whether we had orgasms or not, as long as we wanted to keep wanking.

There was stage entertainment, videos, groups of men and women conversing, refreshments, live music, and some people showing off in various ways, such as walking around waving a huge erection, or showing how many orgasms they could have in a row. These latter people were all women. At the time, I, and most men, had no idea that guys could have multiple orgasms.

Most of the people were accomplished edgers. It was one of the early years of the Masturbate-A-Thon, and some things were still allowed that were ruled out later. Most importantly, it was sort of OK to reach out and wank another willing person, and so there was quite a bit of that going on.

Later in the evening, Nina was on the little stage, and asked whether anyone wanted anything special, and she’d volunteer to do it on stage. My hand shot up in in an instant, like an overly exuberant schoolboy. And she picked me!

So there I was in front of television cameras, being filmed live for an unknown number of viewers. The Masturbate-a-thon was a publicized event, and even though only around 120 people were brave enough to attend, I’m guessing thousands around the world were watching.

On top of that, the Masturbate-A-Thon had also set up a spectators gallery, in which clothed people could watch as an audience, paying $40 each for tickets. There were about 30 or 40 spectators.

I said I enjoyed testicle massage, a phase I was going through at the time. She had me sit in a folding chair, with my legs spread wide, knelt on the floor in front of me, and went to work, while a couple of cameramen zoomed in for a closer view. She was an expert, knowing exactly how hard to squish my balls between her thumbs and fingers for that exhilarating feeling, without crossing over into pain.

It was unfortunately over after only a few minutes as the next volunteer came on the stage. He got a ‘blow job’ from her as she bent the rules of the event a bit.

I didn’t cum while in her hands, wanting to save myself to participate in the Masturbate-a-thon as long as I could. In fact, I lasted 8 hours and 22 minutes, and was the second longest one.

A Japanese fellow using a fleshlight-like tool, and sponsored by the company that makes them, went another 20 minutes for the record.

I’m guessing if I had been able to keep going, he would have gone even longer – whatever it took to be the winner, whereas I was just enjoying a wonderful evening of entertainment and edging, initially with over a hundred people and then only a dozen or so people milling around at the end. It was so much fun, I also attended the year after, and the year after that. I would have attended every year since, but moved out of the area.

See also: More Accounts of the Masturbate-A-Thon.

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Confident Woman Online

By Jeremy Watson

Another story from a client, transcribed pretty much verbatim. My thoughts are in square brackets.

“The reason I came to you is for more confidence, of course. I mean, in daily life. I’m sick of being pushed around just because I’m a petite female – and because I let people have their way, I guess.”

“Is there any place in your life where you are confident?”

“Yes, but not at first, and I’m hesitant to tell you about it.”

[Long silence in which I wait for her to fill the gap]

“Well, you see, I’m what you’d call a webcam performer. I started that because of two things: I needed the money, and I’m kind of a sex freak. I might be what most guys dream of – that I’m pretty much insatiable about sex. Some throw out the word “nymphomaniac.” I’m not quite that, because my urges are under control. I mean, my desire for orgasms doesn’t adversely affect my life. Quite the contrary.

You see, I found out that I could actualy get paid for masturbating online. Being a fairly attractive female I made a very unconfident start in playing online.

[Very attractive, with long light hair, a tanned complexion, a very skinny short frame and a winning smile, she looks similar to the woman pictured above.]

At first, I was quite afraid to take off my clothes. I’m embarrassed to say that in my first shows, people paid money to see me totally nude, and I didn’t do it. Of course that’s poor ethics, but I was really scared to death. After a couple of days, though, I got bolder, and was well paid in consequence. Soon, I was having my several daily orgasms in front of a crowd, or for private viewers online, and getting paid for it. What a delight for someone like me!”

“That’s certainly evidence of great confidence!”

“In time, I realized that two lesbian women make more money online. I approached a young, a twenty-three-year-old woman I used to work with, and explained the whole thing over drinks one evening. I didn’t bring it up as if I was inviting her to go online with me, even though that was my plan. At first, she was like, ‘So, what have you been doing lately?’ And I told her that I’m a webcam model. I wasn’t sure she got it, so I came right out and said, ‘I get nude and masturbate for an appreciative, and well-paying audience online.’ As soon as I admitted that, I was prepared for her to throw her drink in my face or something like that.

“To my delight, she came right back with, ‘Wow, I wish I could do that.’ Of course that was the opening I needed, and I invited her to do a show with me and see how it goes. Months have passed, and we work together every day. At first, it was very sexy. Just looking at her was great, and then a few times a day, we’d get right down to business at the end of each show, eating each other out, rubbing each others’ pussies, playing with vibrators, pegging with a strapon, and all that. She initially thought that we shouldn’t actually orgasm online, because somehow that was too real, or something. I assured her that that’s way more than half the fun!

“But now, it has become routine. We both actually have to work a bit to have our orgasms, which just makes the shows all that much better. Oh, Cindy and I aren’t lovers, we just do our thing together online, to our mutual delight, but we do get along fine, and I don’t need confidence with her. But with everyone else in life. Like going shopping, if someone let’s say cuts in front of me in line, I want to be able to say, ‘Hey, get out of here,’ [and she laughs.] Or, like the hairdresser. I want my hair a certain tint, but she does it a bit different. Every damn time. I’ve got to get control of situations like that.

[I ask her whether I can write what she has told me for ProWank. She asks what ProWank is, and I tell her, even writing down the URL on the back of a business card so she can check it out later. She assents. Then the session starts in earnest]

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At the Y in 2046

I believe the year was 2045 or 2046. I was starting to get bit flabby, or maybe just concerned that I was becoming flabby, so I joined the YMCA. On the one hand, I knew what to expect, but the actuality of it was so much better than I had imagined.

The price was reasonable, only $795/month. I mean, anyone could afford that, and so the membership was diverse. We had everything from children to house husbands to policemen to professors. Men and women, of course.

Whereas the M in YMCA stand’s for “Men’s,” segregation of sexes has been long in the past. I mean, sometimes youngsters have trouble believing that public places such as restaurants had separate bathrooms for men and women. And that there were metal or plastic walls around each and every toilet. Weird, eh?

So, I joined in some activities. Weightlifting, pickleball, swimming, volleyball, and of course the latest hot new sport, smashbucket. I was only mildly surprised that pickleball and volleyball were generally clothes-free. Of course no one wore anything in the swimming sessions.

My first time with volleyball, I got a pretty good erection when looking at a thin, tall young lady. She had been lasered of course, as pretty much everyone was these days, except those who wanted to be different. I often found the few hairy people quite sexy for their exoticness.

She and I exchanged pleasantries between points. You might even say it was a bit of flirting, but nothing came of it. No surprise there. Neither of us felt any particular need. We weren’t horny. We were just having fun being silly. In fact, I was similarly silly with a couple of the guys there, including one guy who had to be ninety if he was a day. Still, sleek and fit, of course.

He started to bone up during part of the game also, and I think it was because of me. If so, I was honored, and it kept my erection bobbing around in front of me as I tried my hand at spiking and blocking. I was so poor at it that people laughed at me lovingly. We all had fun with the volleyball, including me.

Afterward, it was time to hit the showers. My erection had subsided by then. I entered the locker room and noticed a couple of guys jerking off while sitting on the benches or leaning against walls. There were some lounge chairs around, and one woman, perhaps around 40 years old, dark haired and a bit overweight was tickling a nipple with one hand, and rubbing her clit with the other, while arching her back in obvious ecstasy, and pretty much oblivious to everyone around, even the thin older woman and man who were standing over her, and masturbating themselves.

I sat on a bench opposite the two guys jerking off, and started to play with my scrotum a bit, which caused me to harden again. They took notice, and complimented me on my good looks. That’s a laugh, because I don’t look that great at all. I’m just an average guy, maybe less.

One of the guys soon squirted cum into a towel with a grunt, and then went on into the showers. The other guy and I were just kind of idly jerking off when the tall young lady from volleyball with whom I had been flirting came in. To my delight, she bent over to get something out of a gym bag, showing me a great view of her asshole. Obviously, that was on purpose, a show for me.

Knowing an invitation when I see one, I reached out, and ever so lightly touched the exact middle of her anus. She said “Ummm!” At that point, she spread her towel on the floor, got down on here elbows and knees, and I spit on finger and started gently working my finger into her pretty, puckered anus. With my other hand, I started rubbing along her slit, which soon became damp, and I started pressing two fingers in. She encouraged me to continue as I crouched over her, and so I gave her a good hearty orgasm.

While that was happening, the 90-year-old gent came in and started playing with my asshole in the same way I was playing with hers. I encouraged him, and soon, he reached under me with his other hand and started gently rubbing my prick up and down. If I hadn’t already been hard, I would have surely erected then and there. I felt the old guy’s rock-hard penis occasionally brushing against my ass and right hip.

In due course, the young lady started bucking and had a second, wonderful orgasm, which along with the attention from the old fellow caused me to have an orgasm. After a minute of calming down, we both turned our attention to him. He laid down, face up on her towel, while we both knelt beside him, I gave him a blowjob while she gently massaged his balls. While this was going on, a 40-year-old woman had come over and was massaging the old guy’s temples and forehead, while my young friend reached her other hand to the woman’s vagina and was playing with it.

It took the guy a while to cum, but we were in no hurry, enjoying his enjoyment. Needless to say, no one even contemplated any sort of penetrative sex. That had been out of style for a good ten years. Oh, sometimes people do it, but with the changes in society’s attitude to public nudity and masturbation, no one, and I mean NO ONE feels the NEED to be sexual in that sense.

I’m so glad to be alive in this era. Everyone treats everyone equally. We no longer seek out skinny young people as was done back in the early 21st century. We’re equal, and we see each other that way. We’re no longer sexually repressed. Anyone can go nude anywhere, and when it’s warm, they generally do. Anyone can wank anywhere, and seeing that is common. You’ll see guys and girls of all ages jerking off at bus stops, picnic tables, even restaurants. Sometimes you see people doing each other, but more often it is just people enjoying themselves while participating or watching their surroundings.

When children read in their history books the way it was even just a few short years ago, they can’t believe we were actually that, well, puritanical. That was my first time at the Y. I go at least three times a week, and it is generally even better than that first session was. I have gotten to know some of the people by name. Some of us have gone to pubs together after our workouts, and we’re all becoming great friends.

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A Day at the Y

OK, so I’m a member of the YMCA. Some say it is not a ‘real’ gym, but it certainly works for me, and I much prefer $35 a month to $100 a month. I was there about a year ago, and as usual, after a good workout, I hit the shower.

There are men there of all ages, from small children through seniors. There are usually at least six guys in there. On this occasion, there were no kids but more than the average amount of men. As I recall, there were two gray-haired gents, one quite heavyset, a couple of guys my age, and bunch of guys who looked to be college age. I think they had just finished playing in a basketball league practice. All the guys except the heavyset fellow were quite athletic-looking.

I secretly congratulate him, however, for being willing to start working out and taking care of himself.

Anyway, at first I didn’t realize what I was seeing. One of the young guys in the shower was sporting a full erection, and acting as if nothing was wrong. I caught myself staring, and looked away, somewhat embarrassed.

Then I was thinking: Who should be embarrassed here? How about the guy with the hardon? Then, thinking it through a bit more: No, of course he should not be embarrassed. He was having a normal reaction, and was bold enough to let it be absolutely natural, there in the shower room. (Way to go, Dude!)

He may or may not be gay. Just about anyone can get an erection from seeing a bunch of naked people, of any sex. Or just having a private thought can often bring on an erection. Of course us men work on not having erections in inappropriate settings, and most have mastered it fairly well. But still, it is a wonder that men don’t get hardons at the Y more often.

So there I was trying hard not to stare at the fellow, and wondering why his buddies weren’t kidding him, snickering, or something like that. But they didn’t. I guess they were properly polite, empathetic, whatever. Good guys. I can imagine what my friends and I would have done at that age if one of us sprung an erection in a public shower with all men. It would have been Heckle City.

The plot thickened. The guy continued to shower, waving his erection around, seemingly proudly. Then a couple of other guys started to chub up. Then I swelled up too – well, a little bit. Barely noticeably, really.

The guy then took some of the liquid soap the Y is so fond of supplying, and applied it to his genitals, and gave them a good hard (if you know what I mean) washing. Right there, in front of everyone!

Finally, his friends started talking. First a simple, friendly, “Hey Kirk!”

Then, to my astonishment, one guy said, “Looking good there, Kirk.”

Now, in my day, that would have been construed by my friends as a gay comment. Of course we were all wrong to think that way, but that’s the way it was.

Some of his other buddies started saying similar simple little complimentary-like things. This seemed to encourage the heavyset older fellow. I happened to look back in his direction, and he was now fully erect also. And, to my utter shock, he was jerking off.

The first time I looked, he was just slightly pulling on his penis, but a couple of minutes later, he was stroking hard and fast. And no one seemed to care.

Next thing I know, a couple of the young guys were joining in the fun. I couldn’t quite tell with all the soap and water and all, but it seems one of them squirted almost right away. Within a few minutes, the others had ejaculated as well, right onto the shower floor.

Some of the guys didn’t participate. I don’t know why. Perhaps they just weren’t in the mood. Perhaps they had jerked off earlier in the day. Or, maybe they were disgusted, shy, religiously hung-up, or had similar issues. I certainly hope not, although I have to say I was one of them.

I was just too, je n’est ce quoi, to do that in front of people. My loss! Really! I wish I had the moment over again. In retrospect, I would have loved to been more in the moment. freer, less concerned with ‘what will people think,’ and wanked with those guys.

The moment ended all too soon, and one by one, the guys left the shower and dressed in the locker room.

I’ve been back to the Y many times. Way more often than usual. The excuse is that extra exercise is good for me, but I’m secretly hoping the situation will happen again. So far, nothing of the sort has happened at all.

Oh, I wish I was more of an exhibitionist. I mean, if I ever want anything like that to happen again, I may have to be the one to start things off. I have jerked off – at home – several times, imagining myself being the ringleader in the YMCA shower.

I come in. There’s just the right mix of guys in there. I purposely let my dick become erect in the shower, and everyone sees it. I then start jerking off, right there under the shower spray in front of all those strangers. No one shows disgust. No one expresses anything negative. In fact, in my fantasy, a couple of guys congratulate me, egg me on, and start participating with me.

Oh, I’d love that, but so far, I’m a million miles away from actually doing any such thing. I also unfortunately imagine that someone might express disgust, yell at me, even call the authorities, get me thrown out of the Y or something like that. Too bad, eh?

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Back in the Day

Back in my early days I stumbled onto something that got me more sex than anything I could have imagined.

It started with my father. He was a very good do-it-yourselfer, as was common with men of the 1960s. When I was eight, I snuck down into the basement to admire his metal lathe. In the way a little kid will do, I kind of innocently flipped the switch that turned it on. With a quiet hum, it started spinning. That scared the bejeepers out of me. I went running upstairs to admit what I had done. My father accompanied me back down to the basement, and simply turned it off.

So, when it came time to explore his darkroom equipment, there was no way I was going to touch anything. Until he bought me a camera at age twelve. That thing was practically bigger than I was. It was a 4 x 5 Speed Graphic, the kind newspaper photographers used in the 1940s through 1960s. I don’t know what he was thinking. That huge camera was a real misfit for me. The one in the picture above is very much like the one I had.

Still, he encouraged me to play with it, and provided some film. I learned to take pictures. They weren’t very good, most being too dark, too light, or out of focus.

Of course one of the first pictures I took was a close-up of my little erection. As soon as I developed the negative, I destroyed it, being all worried about it being somehow wrong.

You see in those days, cameras weren’t like the camera on your smartphone. Every picture had to be manually set up. One had to gauge the amount of light, typically using a device called a lightmeter, and then turn a knob to make sure the picture would be in focus. Furthermore, you didn’t just click away, taking several pictures in a series. Oh no, to take a picture, I had to pull out o 4 x 5 inch cover slide, snap the shutter, put the cover slide back in, remove the film holder, flip it over and put it back in, ready for the next shot.

Sure, there were roll-film cameras, and even 35mm cameras by then, but that’s not what he got me. What was he thinking, really?

Then there was the whole developing business. With your digital camera or smartphone, your picture is instantly available, ready to text, email, whatever you want. Not so with photography in the 1960s. I had this big vertical projector called an enlarger. After developing negatives from the film, I’d put one in the enlarger, focus it on an easel on a tabletop, set up the exposure and focus, then put a sheet of paper in the easel and expose it to light from the enlarger for a few seconds. This all had to be done in near darkness. I had a dim orange light called a safe-light, that allowed me to see what was doing without ruining the picture.

I found that orange light very sexy somehow. I spent many an hour not developing pictures, but rather admiring and rubbing my penis in the dim light. My parents never came down to the basement except on wash day.

OK, so was that it? Expose some light-sensitive paper, than take a break to wank? No! Now I had to put the exposed sheet of paper in a tray full of a chemical called developer. I agitated the sheet back and forth with a pair of bamboo tongs. When the picture was fully developed, I lifted it out, and set it in a tray full of another chemical called stop bath, being careful not to touch the tongs to the chemical, since just a drop or two would kill the developer. Next the picture went into a final tray containing ‘fixer.’

Now was I done? Nope. From there, the picture had to be set in a sink and washed with water for 20 minutes, and then into a dryer. There. Now I had a picture!

The reason I’m telling you all this is really about the darkroom. One afternoon I invited my friend Debbie Cornwall to keep me company in the darkroom. While I was working away, she got off the stool on which she had been sitting, came over, and kissed me. You see, the dim orange light, must have affected her the same way.

I was annoyed. After all, I was only 13 years old. What did I know about kissing?

She was not the last girl, or boy, that I invited into my basement darkroom. Even though kids developing their own pictures was not unheard of back in the day, it was rare, and my friends enjoyed watching the process.

Fast forward about five years and at age eighteen, I had figured out what kissing was all about. No longer annoyed, I did a lot of kissing in that darkroom, and eventually lots more, which I’ll tell you about shortly.

I thought of myself as dorky. A kind of skinny techno-geek, and perhaps my friends thought that way too. However, I was such a crazy person that I accidentally developed a winning personality. The car I was driving, my dad’s car, was an old Land Rover, a fun jeep-like thing, which went around mostly topless in the summer. I took to wearing mechanics boots because they felt good and safe to me with their steel toes, and because I thought they made me look like a mechanic, which thought I might like to become. Well, within six months, most of the boys in high school weer also wearing mechanics boots. Then, I got a Stetson hat somehow. I think someone gave it to me as a joke. I started wearing it, along with plaid shirts and bluejeans, and the next thing you know, all the kids had Stetsons and cowboy clothing.

My father’s Land Rover, I drove it more than he did.

I wasn’t trying to be cool. It just turned out that the kids thought I was, especially the girls. I was still inviting them into the darkroom, but by then were doing a lot more than kissing. It’s just good luck that no one got pregnant.

One day, my good friend Michael wanted me to take some pictures of him. I was like, “Sure, why not?” But here’s the thing: He wanted to be stark naked. It felt weird to me, but remembering all the photos of naked women in the Popular Photography magazine articles, I felt that’s what photographers do – take pictures of naked people. It didn’t occur to me those were all women, and Michael was a guy.

So I took his pictures. By then, I had a smaller camera that used rolls of film. I developed the negatives, then hung them up to dry. So there was a long strip of 12 pictures of Michael totally without his clothes.

When my dad came home from work, and saw the strip of negatives, he went nuts. This normally fun-loving and mild-mannered guy was all carrying on about ‘homosexuality’ and things I hadn’t really heard before. For some reason, he was mad about Michael’s pictures.

My dad settled down after a day or two, and probably figured his son was going to turn out gay, and maybe that was alright. My dad was always cut and dried like that. It most likely didn’t occur to him that I might end up bisexual, ar maybe even straight, after seeing the pics of Michael.

Mike got his pictures, and to my amusement, he was showing them to the other kids in school. Even now, that’s a super-bold move. He didn’t have an erection in the pictures, but still, they were full-frontal.

John, one of Michael’s friends wanted me to take some naked pictures of him. I was like “No way” after the strangeness from my father. He talked me into it, plus the $20 he offered didn’t hurt. Back than, that would buy a lot of film.

We went out into the woods. He took off all his clothes, and posed this way and that. He was erect the whole time. Silly me, I didn’t really understand that. I mean, sure, I’d been erect many times, even masturbated almost daily, but being erect in front of another guy? Weird!

His penis started to go soft but he wanted to stay erect. He asked me to help him. At first I didn’t understand, but before long, I was touching the first penis in my life that wasn’t my own. It had an almost electric-like shock on me. Within a moment, without intending to do so, I had the tip of his penis in my mouth and was very much enjoying running my tongue around his glans. He came. I nearly chocked, but managed to swallow it all, without really tasting his semen.

I had a lot to think about that night, as I masturbated myself to a crashing orgasm. It became almost an obsession. I wanted to know what his cum actually tasted like. I got that opportunity around a month later. He and I became wank buddies.

Meanwhile, Cindy, a super-sexy, huge-breasted girl that I really admired from a distance, had also seen Mike’s photos. She wanted a nude photoshoot. A girl, a real live girl, was offering to get naked in front of me! Holy mackerel! Of course we arranged that. My parents always went out on Friday nights, so I invited her to my room. She got naked, and I took her pictures.

That was enough for me. I mean, sure I would have loved something more, but I didn’t dare even touch her. What would she think of me? I needn’t have worried. As I later found out, Cincy was a true, card-carrying nymphomaniac. She reached out. She started by suggesting I get naked, show her how to work the camera and she’d take pictures of me. I wasn’t so sure that was a good idea, but I went ahead with it. It was such an emotional high, or maybe a roller-coester getting naked in front of her. I was scared, horny, everything all at once. I was erect immediately. She reached out, and the next thing you know, I was the one getting a blowjob. Heaven! Except, I came right away. She spent a good few minutes trying to get me hard again, but I was too freaked out. I believe we would have fucked if I had been able to get it up again.

Cindy and I became ‘a thing’ for several months. I was so proud to be seen with her, let alone the feeling of hugging her naked body next to mine for hours at a time after intercourse.

We were young. We broke up. Why? Because I had become so enamored of the girls that I couldn’t keep it zipped up. By now, I had 3 girls a week paying me actual money to take their pictures. Oh sure, most wore bikinis or were otherwise not naked, but I was in heaven, and had plenty of opportunities. I took advantage of those opportunities at every turn.

Fast forward to now: I’m a professional photographer. Photoshoots are no longer $20, and I no longer use chemical photography. I left that behind years ago. My clients are mostly couples. Some want regular lingerie photos. You know, nothing overt, but very suggestive. Some, however, want the whole works. I mean they want to fuck, and they want close up photos of fucking, sucking, even anal intercourse. Especially the guys. I get guy couples, and the occasional single guy who goes all out. In general, it seems guys are less restricted in terms of their sexual expression. Guys or girls, I’m having a great time and being well paid. I never grow tired of this line of work.

Hey Dad, if you can hear me up there, thanks for the Speed Graphic!

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A Foursome at the Photo Shoot

My third wife is a real looker. Early 40’s but could easily pass for 30. She was probably looking as good as she ever has or ever will. Because she felt the same way, she contacted a professional photographer about shooting some nudes so she would have something to look back on when she got old and wrinkled. She wanted the photo shoot for free, assuming any photographer wouldn’t mind spending a few hours with a naked beauty.

It turns out that many women seek out this type of photo work for the same reasons that Alicia did. She called on the photographer in person so he got a good idea what he would be seeing once she got her clothes off.

She invited me to go with her because I guess she was concerned about being alone and naked with some strange guy. I had no problem with it. Turns out she had nothing to worry about because the photog had a young female assistant working with him. The photo shoot was scheduled for a weekend at his studio so they wouldn’t be interrupted by customers.

Once at the studio I was quite surprised to see that the assistant was early 20’s and a real knockout in her own right. The photographer, Stu, was about 35 or so and very trim and fit. I’m quite a bit older than my wife in my mid-50’s.

Alicia started the shoot off wearing some sexy lingerie. Bikini panties with a see-through lacy top that didn’t do much to hide her breasts. She had already gone over in detail what she was looking for with Stu the photographer. Stu had several props in the studio but the main item was chaise lounge that Alicia posed on. After Stu took quite a few photos, Alicia took off the top and more photos were taken. Next to go were the bikini panties and she was totally naked and looking damn good. She’s Asian and has a beautiful golden glow to her skin and is extremely photogenic.

I sat on a chair at one side while Stu and Alicia did their thing. In many of the poses Stu was shooting her from the side while from my position I was looking directly at her vagina and asshole. The assistant, whose name was Jill, adjusted the lights under Stu’s direction. In moving around she also got a very good look at my wife’s charms. Jill was wearing short shorts and a skimpy halter top. Between her and my naked wife, my libido was kicking into high gear.

Alicia knows my moods and when Stu and Jill were busy doing their thing, she would slip a finger into her pussy just to tease me. Then she would part her pussy lips and give me a good look inside.
I couldn’t help myself but my prick swelled to a full erection. Stu kept coming up with new poses that got increasingly explicit. For example, he had a tall stool and he had Alicia lean over and rest both elbows on the stool with her face in her hands and her ass sticking up. Then he positioned his camera behind her and got a great series of shots of her beautiful ass with her rosebud asshole clearly showing along with her puffy vaginal lips peeking out between her thighs. I had moved into position where I could clearly see her cunt. It might have been my imagination but it looked wet to me.

Alicia is an incredibly sexual woman and by far the best sex partner I’ve ever had. That includes two previous wives and countless girlfriends. Sex was very heavy in the air in the studio and it took all of my will power to keep from unzipping my pants and taking my hard cock out. I could tell that the whole scenario had both Stu and Jill sexually aroused. I could see a good sized lump in Stu’s pants and Jill seemed to be giving off some sexual signals that weren’t there earlier.

Then I got the bright idea of suggesting that I join Alicia in the photo shoot. At first I was hesitant to bring it up. After all, it was her deal, and she might not want me horning in. But Stu had already taken just about every photo of Alicia’s naked body that was possible and I knew he was only prolonging the shoot so he could keep looking at her.

So I got brave and I proposed to Alicia first that I join her. My excuse was that we both should have some mementos of us together. She looked at Stu and asked if it was alright. He said she could do whatever she wanted but maybe he should send Jill home. Jill immediately spoke up and said she was OK with it. She had seen naked men before.

So I quickly disrobed and when I pulled my Jockey shorts down and my cock popped out and slapped back against my stomach, I could tell from the looks on both Jill and Stu’s faces that this might be a bit more than they bargained for. I think they both might have been expecting a flaccid dick to show up and weren’t quite ready for 7-inches of hard throbbing cock to be on display.

I moved over next to Alicia and her hand immediately went to my erect prick. She slowly and lovingly stroked it. My fingers found her clit and I worked it a bit. She then asked Stu if he would be ok with it if we actually performed sex with each other. She was obviously as horned up as I was. Stu again replied that we could do whatever we wanted.

Alicia then told Stu she would like to get some photos of her masturbating me. So I laid down on the chaise lounge and she kneeled between my legs and went to work on my dick. Stu instructed her to first pull the skin on my cock as far back as it would go and then hold it with her hand at the base while he clicked some photos. Then he had her slide her hand just up under the head and hold it again. Since these were still photos, she couldn’t actually jerk me off or her hand would just be a blur. I noticed that Jill had gotten up right next to the action so she didn’t miss a thing.

Then Alicia told Stu she wanted some photos of her sucking my cock. Same procedure. Take my cock to the balls down her throat and then more still shots of her tongue on the head of my prick. Stu happily clicked away and Jill kept feeding him film magazines that snapped onto the back of his Mamiya 645 Pro camera.

Alicia looked at the tent in Stu’s pants and the tense look on Jill’s face. My wife then shocked the hell out of me. She suggested that both of them would probably be a lot more comfortable if they shed their clothes. Her reasoning was that the two of us would probably be more uninhibited and more comfortable if everybody in the room was naked.

I could see doubt cloud Stu’s eyes, but Jill stripped off her clothes in an instant. Stu couldn’t be the only dressed person in the room so he began to reluctantly take off his clothes as well. When he got to the point of removing his boxers, I tossed out some encouraging words and down they came. Not surprisingly, his cock was rock hard and a very decent size. Very thick with a prominent head. I could tell that now that once he actually had his clothes off, he was comfortable being naked with an erect penis.

I checked out Jill’s body. She had a great pair of natural tits with no sag. Not too big but just perfect to my eye. Alicia had a great pair as well but being Asian they weren’t that big. But the advantage was that despite her age, they were still nice and perky.

Alicia wanted Stu to get more photos of her sucking and licking my cock and balls. So she went to town on my dick once again and every time Stu would reload his camera, she would go to town with some vigorous sucking. So much so, that I was afraid I might blow my load.

At one point she looked at Jill, who was intently watching, and asked if she would like a turn on my cock. I saw her eyes light up. Jill looked at Stu, I guess for approval, and he gave a slight nod. The next thing I knew, a fresh set of lips were sliding down my prick. Jill definitely knew how to suck dick. She squeezed my nuts and even ran the tip of her finger over my asshole.

Poor Stu. He was snapping away, trying to hold the camera with one hand while he stroked his dick with the other. Alicia came to the rescue and took his throbbing meat in hand and pumped away. She stood behind him and did a reach around, one hand on his dick and the other squeezing his nuts.

The poor guy must have been horned up way more than Alicia realized because after only a couple of minutes of stoking his cock, streams of semen jetted out all over the floor. Jill saw the cum flying out of his dick and actually gave the poor guy some shade for cumming so soon. Here comments were between sucking my dick to the balls.

Stu told her not to worry. He figured he had at least two more orgasms left in him. Jill lifted her mouth off of my cock and fell to her knees in front of Stu and took his dripping penis in her mouth. She sucked away until every drop of jism was drained from his prick.

I bent Alicia over the chaise lounge and ran my prick right into her cunt from the back. She was already so turned on that her pussy was sopping wet and all seven inches of my cock buried itself into her tight cunt. As I fucked away slowly I felt a pair of hands on my butt cheeks and then a wet tongue found its way right into my asshole. Wow, I had no idea Jill was such a hot little slut.

Then Stu came over to where I was fucking Alicia and slid his hard prick into her mouth. Jill also grabbed my nuts and rolled them around with her hand. I couldn’t take it anymore and shot a huge load of cum deep into Alicia’s womb. It felt incredible. And the more jism I pumped out, the more incredible it felt. Finally I pulled out and Jill immediately grabbed my wet cock, soaked in Alicia’s juices and my semen, and sucked me dry.

Stu pulled his prick out of my wife’s mouth and rolled her over onto her back and knelt between her legs and rammed his hard cock right into her sopping wet pussy. All thoughts of any more photos were long forgotten. Despite having orgasmed just a few minutes previously, before long Stu was screaming in ecstasy as another load of semen was pumped into Alicia’s willing pussy. Finally, exhausted, he pulled out and flopped onto his back next to my wife.

Now it was my turn for clean-up duty. I knelt next to Stu and took his wilting prick in my mouth and sucked away. His prick pulsated and I felt a small weak spurt of semen come into my mouth. I swallowed greedily and sucked away, hoping for more, but Stu was done for the moment. Jill had found a folded up moving blanket and spread it on the floor and she and Alicia were in the 69 position sucking each other’s clits and pussies like there was no tomorrow.

Stu was one orgasm ahead of me so I needed to catch up. I went over to the two writhing bodies on the moving blanket and slid my dick into Jill’s pussy, right past my wife’s tongue. After about five pumps I pulled out and slid it into Alicia’s mouth where she eagerly sucked me for a few strokes and then grabbed the shaft and inserted it back into Jill’s waiting cunt. We went back and forth until I couldn’t take it anymore and focused on fucking that young girl’s sweet tight pussy. I was so jacked up and horny that my rigid cock exploded in Jill’s cunt and I flooded her with a giant load of love juice. She cried out and said she could feel each jet hit her womb.

The four of us lay there, totally exhausted and wondering how the day had managed to turn into such a mind-blowing fuck fest. But I don’t think any of us were done yet.

(Author’s note: While this story is a fantasy, my wife did go to a nude photo shoot that I attended. Although no sex took place, I had been very tempted to join in. My wife did fuck the photographer behind my back at a different session that I did not attend.)


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Mom and Daughter Give Step-Dad a Treat

By Spurtz

Step-Dad Bill: I married Katie about four years ago. She had a young daughter just starting high school. I wasn’t really looking for a ready-made family but Katie was everything I could possibly want in a life partner. Drop dead beautiful and whip-smart. Her daughter Jill was a terrific kid and I could see that she was going to grow up to be as beautiful and as smart as her mother.

Mom Katie: My first husband died in a car accident and I struggled as a single mom until I met Bill. He’s a great guy…everything a woman could ever want. Bill was a very successful business man and literally had more money than he knew what to do with.

Daughter Jill: When Bill first came into our lives, I really resented him. Nobody could take the place of my real dad, plus I didn’t like having to share mom with him. But Bill turned out to be a super guy and I grew to love him just like a real father.

Mom Katie: I wanted the best for Jill and with Bill’s money we were able to enroll her in a very exclusive all-girl’s school. I think she resented it at first but after making a lot of friends and getting a first class education, she actually really loved the school.

Step-Dad Bill: I was against sending Jill away to school. I thought she would resent being sent away and blame it on me since it couldn’t have happened without my money. But being the smart kid she was, she knew it was the right thing to do. She was currently home on holiday and would be graduating soon.

Mom Katie: I had some concerns about Jill. We shared no secrets and I knew she had never had any sexual experiences with any boys. Now she would soon be going out on her own totally unprepared for what she would be facing. With her looks and Playboy-centerfold body, the men would be all over her. And not having had any sexual experience, her hormones would be raging and I was afraid her natural sexual curiosity would have her spreading her legs for the first guy who came along.

Daughter Jill: I loved Bill but spending time in close contact with him during the holidays had made me a bit uncomfortable. I don’t think he was quite ready for the way my body had blossomed out over the past year and I caught him several times furtively looking me over. But I really couldn’t blame him.

Step-Dad Bill: Wow, I couldn’t believe the way Jill had turned into such an incredible looking woman. No longer a girl, every time I looked at her prancing around the house in her underwear or in a bikini at the pool, I could feel my cock twitch.

Mom Katie: I know this sounds crazy but I got it in my head that it was important that Jill learn about some of the actualities of sex before she was turned loose on the world. There was only so much I could teach her. If I was still married to her dad, I would not have come up with the idea that was swimming around in my brain, but Bill was not her real dad and I thought he would be perfect for what I had in mind.

Step-Dad Bill: When Katie told me what she was thinking, at first I thought she was crazy. But after she got into the details of what she was planning, my cock took over doing the thinking for me and it all seemed like a great idea. She thought it was best to work into it gradually, otherwise Jill might balk.

Mom Katie: My plan was to introduce Jill to nakedness first. Nothing overtly sexual. But I knew she had never actually seen a penis before. Of course, she had seen pictures and videos online but that pales in comparison to the real thing.

Daughter Jill: When mom first told me about the family doing a naked hot tub together, I thought she was joking. But then she explained that it would be a very innocent way to introduce me to actually seeing a man’s penis. I admit it. I was super curious about the whole sex thing. Not just seeing a man’s cock, but wondering what it would be like to hold it, even kiss it and suck it, and then best of all, having it enter me. Not that we would ever do anything like that with Bill, but I had to admit I really did want to see his cock. I knew from the bulge in his swim trunks that he probably had something worth seeing.

Step-Dad Bill: Our house has a terrific very private pool in the back yard. At one end was a large spa that would comfortably seat six people. Katie prepared some snacks and some drinks and the plan was the three of us would sit in the spa and get comfortable with our nakedness. I confessed to Katie that under the circumstances there was a very good chance that I would get an erection.

Her reply was that she hoped I did. Her reasoning was that a flaccid penis really didn’t go very far towards preparing Jill for sex. I asked her just how far should we go? Should I masturbate for Jill? She replied that we should just play things out and see where it goes. It all depended upon how receptive Jill might be.

Daughter Jill: When mom told me we were going to have a naked session in the hot tub, I couldn’t believe it. At first the idea repelled me, but the more I thought about it, I thought it could be fun. What’s the harm in seeing somebody naked? I had seen mom naked many times but seeing Bill would be a new and exciting experience. I didn’t actually say that to mom but she at least knew I wasn’t horrified by the idea.

Step-dad Bill: That evening we all went out to the spa where I had already turned on the jets and the temperature was at the recommended 104 degrees. We were all clad in bathing suits. Katie laid out the food and drinks and we all climbed into the warm water. We sat there for a while and then Katei stood up and declared that it was time to get naked. And swiftly took off her bikini. I wasn’t sure if I should go next or wait for Jill. But before I could make up my mind, Jill quickly removed her bikini and stood there for a few seconds showing off her beautiful body. That left me, so I stood up and quickly pulled down my bathing suit. Just the few seconds that I had to enjoy Jill’s fabulous teen body had caused my penis to start to thicken. Although still more or less dangling down, even mostly soft, it was still a good six inches long and quite thick.

Daughter Jill: Omigod, my mind raced. Bill’s penis was not only even bigger than I thought, it’s downright beautiful. And it looks like he might already be aroused. Did just seeing my naked body do that? It made me feel really proud and powerful that I could have such an instant effect on a man’s cock. Then Bill sat down. The water level was such that only the tip of his prick was above the water. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it and as I stared at the tip, I saw it slowly raise up until the entire cockhead was visible. I then realized that he was getting a full erection.

Mom Katie: I saw what was going on and was pleased for two reasons. One was that Jill was entranced with Bill’s dick, and two, that he had gone fully erect so quickly. I hoped that Jill got pleasure out of realizing the power she wielded. Not wanting to lose the thrill of the moment, I suggested to Bill that he sit up on the edge of the spa so that the full impact of his terrific penis could be enjoyed by myself and Jill. Bill looked at me disbelievingly but Jill never took her eyes off what she could see of his prick. Not hearing any negative comments, Bill followed my suggestion. And there it was. All 8-1/2-inches of man-cock sticking proudly straight up. I got up and sat next to him and Jill followed suit.

Step-Dad Bill: I had a hard time accepting the fact that I was sitting between my wife and step-daughter, totally naked, with a raging, throbbing, bright red, full erection sticking up from between my legs. It took all the will power I possessed to keep from grabbing that bar of steel and start jacking it.

Mom Katie: I looked at Jill and could tell she was totally entranced with seeing Bill’s huge penis. Knowing how much I wanted to wrap my hands around it, I knew Jill probably had similar thoughts. So I suggested that she touch it. She looked at Bill, probably wondering if it was ok with him. I knew the answer to that. Bill gave a slight nod. The next thing I knew, Jill had both hands wrapped around Bill’s cock and actually started jacking him off. I guess she had seen enough videos that she knew what to do.

Daughter Jill: I was shocked that mom so quickly invited me to touch Bill’s beautiful cock. How could I resist. I looked him in the eyes, knowing that no man could say no to a beautiful teen, and he gave me a small nod. I quickly wrapped both hands around his cock. I couldn’t help myself. I knew what came next. With both hands I started pumping the shaft. I looked at mom and she was smiling so I knew I was doing the right thing. There was no doubt how Bill felt about it. The head of his cock looked like a big purple plum and the more I stared at it, an overwhelming desire to suck it came over me. I wasn’t sure how that would go over with mom but I really didn’t care. I knew this was all her idea and she would just have to live with the consequences.

I leaned over and initially just planted a wet kiss on the head of Bill’s cock. And then I let my lips slide down over the bulging glans of his beautiful prick. Both mom and Bill let out large gasps as I’m sure they weren’t expecting anything like that from shy, sheltered, virginal Jill. I proceeded to suck on Bill’s cock with all the suction I could muster. I really wanted him to fill my mouth with his creamy semen. I was prepared to suck on his big cock as long as needed in order to get my reward, assuming neither parent made me stop.

Bill moaned in ecstasy and then I heard mom’s voice urging me on to suck that big dick and make him spurt down my throat. I settled into my routine, knowing that it could take a while. But I guess the whole scene was so erotically charged that Bill couldn’t hold back. And in a disappointingly short time, I felt Bill’s body tense up and then he began to chant, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. And sure enough, jets of semen blasted against the back of my mouth and into my throat. I had no experience so I didn’t know what to do. I tried to swallow as much as I could but the cum was spurting out of his cock faster than I could swallow. I felt some of it squirt out the sides of my mouth. I tried to pull off even though I really wanted to keep sucking his throbbing prick. But Bill cried out not to stop and tightly held my head and continued to pump his huge prick in and out of my teen lips. So I sucked him as hard as I could with the jism still coming from his prick.

Finally it was over although I would have kept sucking that magnificent cock as long as he could stand it. But I knew that after cumming, a man’s cock got super sensitive and all good things had to come to an end.

Step-Dad Bill: I don’t know if it was the unique experience of getting my cock sucked by a beautiful teen while her mother watched, or what, but that was the most mind shattering orgasm I’ve ever had. I looked down as my prick slipped from between Jill’s lips. As she sat up I could still see little spurts of cum bubbling out of the slit in my cockhead. Then Katie leaned over and started sucking off the residue of jism that drooled from my prick. Finally, when there was no more to be had, Katie sat up too. There the three of us sat. Too stunned by what had just happened to even utter a word.

Even after cumming down Katie’s throat, I was still super horny. I grabbed my still hard prick and started fisting it. Katie wanted to know what was I doing? I tried to explain that the experience had been so wonderful that I wanted to cum again. Katie had seen me cum several times in a row so she knew it was possible. She told me to go for it and let Jill experience what it was like to actually see streams of semen spurt from a dick.

So with both women intently watching, I jacked the shit out of my dick. I was so freaking horny that it didn’t take long before stream after stream of creamy semen shot out of my cock. The girls loved it. As I lay back, totally wiped out, mother and daughter took turns licking my cock clean of the excess semen.

Daughter Jill: I loved seeing the nut juice spurt out of Bill’s cock. I had seen guys cum on internet videos before but most of the time it would just ooze out. Bill’s jism was like it was shot out of a cannon. I was impressed that he could get off such a powerful second cum so quick after filling my mouth with jism. I was also surprised at how natural it all felt. I’m really glad mom decided to let me get acclimated to having sex with a man by providing Bill’s big cock for me.

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Beach Threesome

By Spurtz

I Hit the Nude Beach with Two Lesbians.

Some back story is necessary. I met Charli after my third divorce and we were together for over 14 years despite the fact that I was much, much older. She is bi and during our time together she had frequent dalliances with other women. This never bothered me because it never interfered with our relationship.

Charli was heavy into the L.A. nightclub scene and many of the women she met up with were very famous celebrities. From what I have been able to learn, I think just about every twenty-something female celebrity is bi-sexual. Casual sex between women is much more accepted than that by men.

Charli and I had a terrific relationship. The sex was as good as it could get, plus we also had a great times together eating out, going to the movies weekly, attending various shows and events, and just having a helluva good time together.

Then she met Amanda. Another great looking gal, she was several years younger than Charli. Amanda is always perfectly put together. Hair, nails, clothes….you name it. They moved in together and that pretty much was the end of my sexual relationship with Charli. But the three of us did a lot together. Movies, eating out, and casual time at my house. Every once in a while I would get some alone time with Charli and we would relight the old fires. But that was rare.

Charli had always explained me to her friends and to Amanda, as her step-dad. Her real dad had died some time ago and her mother had moved to the east coast. So I had supposedly married the mother but after a few years we divorced. But Charli and I remained very good friends. Anyway, that was the cover story that held up to this day.

Everything came to a screeching halt when I moved to Florida. Charli and Amanda have made two cross country trips to visit me, however. On the most recent one I had made up a list of things to do and one was to visit a local nude beach. I figured no way in hell would they do that but to my great surprise and delight they wanted to do it.

Now you need to know that every minute I had ever spent around Amanda it was always as the older laid back step-dad. There had never ever been even so much as a comment about anything of a sexual nature. So the fact that I would be on the beach with her, and both of us naked as jaybirds, was going to be quite an adjustment. I knew from previous conversations with Charli that Amanda had not always been gay. She had some male relationships in the past but was now firmly locked into Charli.

I had decided ahead of time that I would steer things in a sexual direction if it was at all possible. Which shouldn’t be that hard laying there with two naked women and my cock hanging out.

I popped a Viagra before we left because I knew from experience that just the slightest influences would produce a very nice erection. And what better way to get things started than with a hard cock? I had no illusions that anything overtly sexual would take place. I was just hoping I might get the gals to fondle my prick. But I knew I was probably dreaming.

We arrived at the beach. This particular beach has a couple of miles of perfect deserted sandy beach. Nothing but sand and ocean. It was an unusually nice day so there were quite a few nude people there. So we walked way down the beach until it began to thin out. We picked a spot and spread out our blankets and erected a large umbrella to give some shade from the sun. The closest any other people were was about 60 feet away.

We were all in our bathing suits. Both the girls in skimpy bikinis and as I suspected, Amanda had a body to match her beautiful face. Charli was equally attractive but not as buxom as Amanda. It was now time to strip. Nobody seemed to want to be first so I took the initiative and shucked off my shorts. Charli paid no attention but I saw Amanda stealing a look at my dick.

Both girls stripped and the three of us sat down. I thought the two girls would sit together but they surprised me and sat on either side of me. We all broke out the sun block and started lathering it on. When I got to my cock, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to get a sunburn on it, so I took particular care to rub it in. I apologized to the girls saying I didn’t want them to think I was playing with my dick. They both laughed.

We took turns doing each other’s back and both girls rubbed it all over their tits. Charli had obviously been doing some nude sunbathing because her tits were pretty much the same color as the rest of her body while Amanda’s beauties were much whiter.

The three of us laid back and enjoyed the ocean air on our bodies. My prick had already plumped up a bit from applying the sun block. I reached down and began lightly stroking it and it quickly became fully hard. Charli noticed what I was doing and hoarsely whispered to me wanting to know what the hell did I think I was doing?

I answered back that I was doing something that felt really good and not to worry about it. This brought Amanda’s attention to my fondling and she looked at my now fully hard cock. I had brought a small bottle of KY lubricant and while the two girls watched, I drooled a few drops along the underside of my prick as it lay along my stomach. Then I proceeded to take my forefinger and run it up and down my frenulum.

Charli was quite shocked at what I was doing and said something along the lines of “Stop doing that.” I just kept sliding my finger up and down the lubed ridge of my frenulum and I don’t mind telling you that it felt fantastic.

I responded by saying, “If you were a true friend, you would be doing it for me.”

“Forget it,” was the response.

Then Amanda shocked the shit out of both of us and said, “I’ll help you out.” And leaned over and ran her finger up and down my throbbing cock. I saw the look on Charli’s face and knew she was pissed. “Amanda,” she cried out, “you can’t be playing with my dad’s dick.”

“He’s your step-dad, not your dad,” Amanda retorted. “Give him a break. He’s entitled to some fun at this stage of his life and if we can make him happy, who are we hurting?”

At that point, Charli figured she might as well go with the flow and cupped her hand over my nuts and began kneading them. Over the next few minutes the girls took turns stroking the underside of my cock, the most sensitive place on it. With all that blood rushing to it, my cockhead was a bright purple and even the shaft was a bright red. The damn thing looked like it was about to explode. It was, but in a different way.

Charli knew that I liked my asshole stimulated when my prick was being jacked and I felt her other hand making its way down to my butt. I raised my legs to give her better access and felt her lubed finger slide into my butthole. While Amanda continued to stroke my frenulum, Charli kneaded my balls and plunged her finger in and out of my asshole. It was too much. I told Amanda to press down harder and go faster. She did and then the semen erupted from the head of my prick and shot up onto my stomach. The jism just kept spurting and spurting. Stream after stream of my man juice kept exploding from my prick covering my stomach and chest with some of it making it up under my chin. Thankfully Amanda has been pressing down on my cock while stimulating it. Otherwise I probably would have had a face full of cum.

I reached over into my backpack and pulled out a wad of paper towels and began mopping up the cum. Both girls remarked about how much semen had shot from my cock. Amanda wanted to know how it felt and I told her it was probably the best orgasm of my life.

I finally got cleaned up and I could tell that what had just happened had really turned on both women. I could see it in their eyes. Amanda couldn’t take her eyes off my still erect cock and Charli was rubbing her clit with abandon. I figured at that point I had nothing to lose so I quickly related how I had fucked my second wife on a beach in the Bahamas by getting in the spoon position and entering her vagina from behind. I told them how we were able to do that on a beach with people nearby and nobody suspected. And if they were willing, I would be happy to fuck them both.

Amanda surprised me again by being the first to respond. “It’s been years since I’ve had a cock inside me and I figured it would never happen again. But I don’t mind telling you that my cunt is burning up right now and I can’t think of anything better than having your cock inside me.”

I looked at Charli and she nodded her head. But at the same time she had a doubtful look on her face. “You think you can cum two more times after that monster orgasm you just had?”

“Only one way to find out,” I replied.

I had Amanda lay on her side and I spooned her from behind. My cock was rock hard and I had smeared a bit of KY on it. I had a bit of trouble finding her slit but Amanda reached down and helped guide me in. I proceeded to slow fuck her, not going too fast for fear of other beach goers suspecting what we were doing. I knew the beach was patrolled by members of a local nudist club who had been instrumental in having it declared a legal nude beach. They went to great lengths to make sure no funny business jeopardized that legal status.

Charli got on the other side of Amanda and proceeded to suck on her titties and also fingered her clit while I slowly pumped in and out. Charli told me later she wanted to get down and lap Amanda’s clit and maybe tongue my dick and balls but was afraid that might appear suspicious to anyone who might look our way.

Despite having just had a monster cum, the fact that I was actually fucking Amanda while Charli also participated really turned me on. And way sooner than I ever expected, I was pumping stream after stream of jism into her sweet pussy.

After I was completely drained, I slipped my cock out and Amanda grabbed it and gave it a few final pumps to eke out every drop of semen.

Then it was Charli’s turn. But I needed a moment of respite. We popped some Cokes and while drinking them, Amanda said she had forgotten how good a dick could feel. Charli gave her a dirty look but then laughed and said she was looking forward to the experience as well.

Labels on sexual proclivities are mostly useless. I titled this story calling the girls lesbians but in reality they were way more bi-sexual than true lesbians. Both of them definitely liked dick.

I was still on a sexual high and ready to go again. The fact that I was about to fuck Charli was one helluva turn-on. Despite the fact that we had screwed each other thousands of times, it had been a couple of years since the last time and I was ready to go.

We positioned ourselves just like I had with Amanda and I guided my rock hard cock right into one of loveliest pussies I’d ever fucked. It was sopping wet. Amanda was now in front of Charli and I was somewhat shocked when I felt her get a good grip on my nuts. The way we were positioned my head was behind Charli’s but looking right into Amanda’s face. I really wanted to kiss her while I pumped my cock into Charli but I knew that would really annoy the hell out of Charli.

Amanda looked me right in the eyes and said, “Fuck that tight pussy real good daddy.”

After already having cum twice, this one took a little longer but that was fine with me. It could never be over too soon. Charli was a small girl, only 5’ 2” and 110 pounds and had a tight pussy to go with that size. I could feel her flexing her crotch muscles gripping my dick as I slowly stroked in and out. She had practiced that on me a lot back when we were fucking on a regular basis. It felt great.

But all good things must come to an end and all too soon I felt things starting to happen. Amanda had let go of my nuts and now had a two fingered grip on the base of my cock and was actually jacking me off while I was fucking Charli. It felt fantastic. Then I felt the semen churning in my balls and shooting up my cock. I murmured, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” as I felt several separate forceful shots exit my prick and slam into Charli’s cervix. I kept pumping into her until I knew I was finished. I pulled out. My wet dick still drooling a few stray strings of cum. I saw Charli and Amanda locked together smothering each other in wet kisses. At that point I knew I was no longer needed.

The three of us lay there totally wiped out. Or at least I was. Then Amanda surprised me once more. “When we get back to your house,” she said, “we’ll all have a proper threesome where we don’t have to worry about somebody seeing us.”

I looked at Charli’s face to see if she was on board with that idea. I really couldn’t tell for sure but I thought I did see a bit of a smirk.

But I had to laugh. Back when the two of them had settled in as a couple, I had half-seriously suggested we do a threesome with Amanda. Charli looked at me aghast and said, “That could never happen in a million years.”

Author’s Note: This story is 100% true…except all the sex on the beach is wishful thinking. The girls will be visiting me in a couple of months and a visit to the nude beach is on the list of possible things to do that I sent to them. So maybe my dreams will come true.