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Benefits of Masturbation

In this website, we’re striving to normalize discussion of sex, and especially masturbation. People ought to be able to discuss such things, don’t you think? Of course we all need to know about, and practice safe forms of sex. And what could be safer than masturbation?

You won’t catch a disease, you don’t have to associate with someone you may not like (just to have sex), and you can do it on your own schedule. Jerking off is underrated. In fact, it is still stigmatized in our society. Some people think it is somehow dirty, or against their religion, while others feel it is something only for people who can’t get ‘real’ sex. For instance, in the UK, someone who is not up to par is called a ‘wanker,’ as if that’s a bad thing.

Can you imagine what a wonderful world this will be when masturbation is considered normal and OK by everyone?

I am so glad to be in the 21st century! Until the end of the 20th century, masturbation was seldom discussed, and it was considered ‘bad.’ How bad? It depended on who you asked. There are still some people who say it should never be done. Imagine that!

There were reports of babies having their arms tied in cardboard carpet tubes so they couldn’t touch their genitals. Boys and girls were punished in all sorts of ways, from grounding, having privileges taken away or hand slapping, to boys having their balls slapped with a ruler. Almost all youngsters went through their teen years thinking they were doing something ‘bad.’ That they were bad people because they couldn’t stop doing what was ‘bad.’ We can only imagine how much that tore down kids’ confidence, how it destroyed an important element of their self-esteem.

Who would these people be if they had their full confidence? How many young adults took to excessive drink or drugs, did not get a full education, had unsatisfying relationships, and made bad decisions due to lack of self-esteem? How many more did alright, but did not become as great as they could have been?

Now, I’m guessing that most of those parents who punished their children and frowned on their friends who masturbated, secretly did it themselves. And these parents had low self-esteem, as did their parents. And it went back generation after generation into pre-history.

Back in the day, and to some degree even today, people had to sneak. It took me a few years before I could jerk off in front of my own wife – and before she would wank in front of me. What a delicious time it was after we broke that ice! At first we were typical in that we snuck around, and only had ‘regular’ sex with each other. And, how much better we were as a couple when we could be totally free with ourselves and each other. Breaking the masturbation barrier in our marriage allowed us to more easily break other barriers. It opened up good times. It had been the only secret we kept, and then there were no more secrets.

In the current era, all sorts of barriers are starting to be broken. In a recent study, 95 percent of men said they masturbate, and 89 percent of women. Almost everyone has free access to the Internet, with all the porn and education we can eat. These days many teenagers, but not all, are not only allowed to masturbate freely, it is encouraged. Some can more freely experiment with their friends. It is talked about openly. At the same time, sexual abuse is also talked about, and so the kids, and the adults, are informed. Soon, I believe, sexual abuse will disappear forever, to be replaced with healthy sexuality, and masturbation in particular.

Taking what may seem like a crazy look into the future, you might imagine a day will come when you can stroll along any beach, sit at a bus stop, or watch TV with your friends, and you may see someone jerking off with no concerns in the world about being seen by someone else. In fact, you may do it yourself. It’s starting to happen already. Masturbation scenes have been shown on national TV such as in episodes of Big Brother.

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