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Apology From 13-Year-Old Brother

(Note that while this memoir recounts interaction between two underage brothers, it should in no way encourage acting out with anyone below the legal age. Any such thoughts should remain only in your fantasy life. What many adults don’t realize is that even seemingly simple sexual acts with youngsters can have surprisingly strong, life-long, negative psychological consequences.)

Another story from a client. This boy is kind of a prodigy, and my youngest client.

Last year, when I was 15, my dang-blasted 13-year-old brother, who I love deeply, but who used to flummox me at every turn, borrowed the front quick release mechanism from my bike – and didn’t tell me. Later that day, I rode my bike out of the garage, got about 20 feet down the driveway, and crashed all over the place as my front wheel lodged sideways in the fork. I bruised the back of my right hand, but otherwise wasn’t really hurt. But I was mad. It took me like ten seconds to figure out what had happened.

I came gunning for Kent. I think I was actually planning to hurt him. The thought pains me now, but in that very moment, I was not feeling brotherly at all!

I found him in his bedroom playing Nintendo stark naked. It was a warm day, and my parents, who are actually rather wealthy, would not let us turn up the air conditioning. They are kind of funny about spending money.

Anyway… There he was in his room, nude as usual, as was our custom.

Our parents were fine with that. We’ve all seen each other naked many times, even with boners. Well, not my mother, of course. But Kent, I, and my dad have all sported wood at one time or another, and it’s fine.

My parents have had the ‘birds and bees’ talks with us, and I think they know I masturbate, which is OK with me, but kind of embarrassing to think about in a way.

I’ve never seen them do anything sexual, although I’m sure they must – in their bedroom or somewhere, I guess. They do hug and kiss a lot. I mean a real lot!

So Kent was there with his little hairless three-inch woodie sticking straight up from his cross-legged sitting position on the floor, looking kind of well, cute, innocent?

As I’ve done some times in the past when I have been mad at him, I melted. I couldn’t yell at him as I was planning. In fact, my mouth was already open, and I had been rehearsing some choice words as I stepped through his open doorway. But instead, I just showed him the small damage on the back of my hand without a word. He knew right away what had happened.

He said, “Oh, oh, I meant to tell you that I had borrowed that bike part.”

I don’t know if it was his erection and his all-smooth little self that did this to me, or just what, but I was somehow a bit horned up. And you know how you’ll make inappropriate jokes, or generally make a fool of yourself if you are too horny. So, foolishly, I said, “Kent, now I can’t jerk off,” even though the damage to my hand was insignificant.

I guess it wasn’t too embarrassing to say that, really. He had caught me in the act two or three times although he had never seen me actually ejaculate. And I had seen him playing with himself, although not actually masturbating in the classic sense. I don’t think he had ever really done that yet, and hadn’t been able to ejaculate.

Kent, being the little angel he is, immediately said, “Jamie, I apologize! And don’t worry about the jerking off problem. I’ll jerk you off!”

I was flabbergasted, not flummoxed, for a change! So I took off my shorts and climbed onto his bed.

I wasn’t concerned in the slightest about taking my shorts off in front of him. But, as I reclined on top of his bedspread, and started to get erect, I started to feel kind of ‘funny.’ I can’t quite explain it. It was some sort of cross between embarrassment and pride. Like, ‘should I be growing a boner in front of my little brother?’

But, I really liked the moment he wrapped his rather tiny hand around my dick. It immediately felt warm, and, well… right. I was proud of how large my penis was compared to his. I usually didn’t care much for the small tuft of dark brown hairs growing around the base of my penis, but in that moment, I was very happy for him to see the hairs up close.

He started squishing my balls around, and I had to tell him to stop that. It felt almost on the verge of pain, as he was squeezing just a bit too hard, even though I didn’t lose my erection in the slightest. Then, he started wanking me up and down, and I had to tell him to slow down. He thought he had to go like a hundred miles per hour. First of all, I wanted it to last at least a couple of minutes. But also, he was pulling on the skin too hard, and it kind of pinched. After I showed him what to do, he became an empathetic genius. It’s almost as if he naturally knew exactly how to make me feel just right.

I spurted much too soon. When I came, he was fascinated by my sperm as it poured out all over his small fist. I don’t think he had ever seen a real, live ejaculation up close, or at all. Perhaps on the Internet, I don’t know.

Then, I did him. I found his little marble-like testicles in his evenly patterned snow-white scrotum fascinating. I was worried about squeezing them too hard, but he actually wanted me to massage them rather firmly. His penis was surprisingly small, but also surprisingly solid. Also warm. I moved his slight foreskin (circumcised, like me) up and down gently at first, and eventually worked my way into full-on stroking.

Because his dick was so small, I didn’t wrap my fist around it, but rather held it between thumb and forefinger. This went on for a while, then he said ‘Oh, keep doing that!” He then squirmed around quite a bit. He didn’t cum, but I think he orgasmed. He said he did. He also said he had felt that once or twice before, but never as ‘excellent’ as that, as he called it.

At the time, I wasn’t even sure if he knew what an orgasm was. Was he faking, just to make me feel like I had done something good for him? Or, was he really feeling an honest-to-goodness orgasm? I really couldn’t tell.

Over the next few days, I became very curious about that. A few days later, very much wondering about his evident inability to produce sperm yet, I carefully crafted a conversation around what had happened, hoping I could somehow talk him into doing it again.

In like two seconds, he told me that he really wanted to do it again. Well, that was alright with me!

With him laying on top of his bedspread, I jerked him off while pressing my first two fingers against his perineum, the area between his anus and under his scrotum, and after a few minutes, while watching his face scrunch all up, I felt the contractions. That’s when I knew he was having as much fun as I was.

After he came, I smelled my fingers which had been so near his ass, and to my astonishment, they smelled sweet. A very nice smell.

We have since jerked each other off many times. We have learned much from ProWank, including about prostate massage, and have been practicing that. My parents have a strict Internet policy.

They say we can ‘study’ as much sex as we want on the Internet, but only from two sources. One is Wikipedia, the other is ProWank.

Although they’re too tight with money, we love our parents, so we pretty much always respect their wishes.

Regarding the prostate massage, at first we didn’t know that you should use some sort of oil, and so it was difficult at first, but still enjoyable. Now, we use coconut oil and we’re old pros at it. His ass still smells sweet, especially combined with the coconut oil.

Recently, Kent has developed like three hairs coming out of the intersection of his penis and lower belly above his little balls. He also sort of ejaculates now. Oh, it’s only one little clear drip, but it’s progress!

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Mom and Daughter Give Step-Dad a Treat #4

By Spurtz

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Mom Katie: If you read the three previous installments of this story, you will know that I was very concerned that my fresh-out-of-high school daughter Jill was still a virgin. I got the warped idea that teaching her something about sex using my new husband Bill, her step-father, was a solution. I was partly right but mostly wrong. It started off by just exposing her to an erect penis in a hot tub party that I had suggested. Unfortunately once she had viewed Bill’s monster dick, she went crazy sucking him off right in the hot tub.

The next morning, Jill then suggested that we become a nudist family at home. Looking back, I now realize that she wanted to do that so she would have instant access to Bill’s cock any time she wanted. I went along with it because I felt guilty for letting everything get started. Before I even realized what was happening, she was getting Bill off three or four times every day. Masturbating him, blowing him, and mostly fucking him.

My solution was to bring our friend Steve into the picture. Steve was a young guy who Bill and I had started having threesome sessions with about a year ago while Jill was away at an exclusive all-girl’s boarding school. Jill had no clue about any of this. She had no idea that Bill and I were swingers.

Foursome Steve: I thought I had hit a home run when I hooked up with Bill and Katie. Katie was a terrific fuck and was probably the best looking woman I had ever been with. That is, until I met Jill. Additionally my sessions with Bill and Katie had led into some cock sucking between myself and Bill. I had never sucked a dick before but one of the natural things that MFM threesomes lead to is sexual contact between the two guys. It just happens and it’s so natural. And fun.

Then when I was introduced to Jill, I knew I had hit a grand slam home run. Katie was beautiful but Jill was drop-dead beautiful. And still a teen. And all that girl wanted to do was suck and fuck. She had her cherry taken by Bill’s big cock and now she was obsessed with big dicks. Fortunately my cock was about the same size as Bill’s and Jill would spend the entire day playing with it, if allowed.

Unfortunately, because I had a regular job, I was limited to evenings and weekends with Jill. Katie, for whatever reason, wanted us to only get together at her house. There was no privacy. We were free to do whatever we wanted anywhere in the house as long as there were no locked doors. Since neither Katie or Bill seemed to mind, I would fuck Jill right on the living room sofa in the presence of both of them. Sometimes Bill and I would take turns fucking Jill. Katie would never admit it, but I could tell she somehow secretly got off on seeing either of our big cocks stretching the vaginal lips of her teen daughter.

Stepdad Bill: When Steve came on the scene, it did put a damper on how frequently I could fuck Jill. But he could usually only make it a couple of evenings during the week and then on the weekend. On those days when Jill knew there would be no Steve, she would be quite insistent that I get her off at least twice. I could tell Katie was not happy with how often my erect penis found its way into Jill’s sopping wet pussy. She seemed powerless to slow Jill down and I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. Katie and I talked about it and we resigned ourselves to the fact that we would just have to wait it out. At some point, the constant sex would get to be old hat and things would slow down. I secretly hoped it wouldn’t be any time soon.

Mom Katie: The amount of sex that was taking place in our house was astounding. The crazy thing was that on one hand I hated it, but on the other I secretly enjoyed it. I never understood why, but I got a sexual thrill watching the two men punish Jill’s body with their monster cocks. Surprisingly, even with Jill’s open pussy available to either man any time they wanted it, I wasn’t ignored. Both Bill and Steve went out of their way to make sure I was getting as much cock as I wanted. I wasn’t as insatiable as Jill, but usually one daytime fuck and one nighttime fuck was enough to keep me happy. And in between I got my share of having my pussy and asshole licked while masturbating those big cocks, sometimes both at the same time. Jill would sometimes join in and finger the guy’s assholes or help me lick up any excess semen that got spilled.

One recent morning the three of us were at the breakfast nook, nude as usual. I looked over at Bill and his cock was fully erect and sticking straight up, peeking over the top edge of the table. Although he spent a good portion of the day with a hard-on, it was unusual to see it standing proud this early. I asked him about it. I noticed it appeared to have more color than usual. I jokingly accused him of jacking off. Considering that Jill was eagerly available to jack or suck his cock any time he wanted, it would be odd for him to jack off. I have subsequently learned that even when a ready hand or vagina is available, men still enjoy some solo jacking.

Anyway, Bill responded that he hadn’t been jacking off and he had no ready explanation for the erection. Sometimes it just happened, he claimed. Jill was sitting next to him and she reached out and put the palm of her hand on the tip of his rock hard prick and started rubbing it in circles. When Bill’s cock was that hard, I knew that even the slightest stimulation felt incredibly good. Then Jill moved her hand down and gripped the shaft just under the head and started masturbating him. I wanted to tell her to stop. This was totally inappropriate. Seeing my teen daughter jacking off my husband at the breakfast table was just wrong. But I couldn’t force myself to say anything.

Daughter Jill: You have probably realized by now that I worship Bill’s monster cock. I love feeling how hard and soft it is at the same time. Although the best feeling is when his prick is buried deep in my teen cunt, or shooting a load down my throat, I also get off on jacking him off just so I can see the cum shoot out. I love it when that happens. The messier the spurts, the more I like it.

This morning his big throbbing prick looked unusually inviting. It wasn’t usually erect at the breakfast table so I looked upon this as a special treat. Even from my limited experience with just Bill and Steve, I knew that men could get extra horny at any time for no discernible reason. And I could tell this was one of those times. Bill’s cock was iron-hard with a deep purple color to the shiny head. The skin was stretched so tight on the head that it looked like it was ready to burst.

I looked at mom. It was hard to tell what she was thinking. I could tell she was horrified and turned on at the same time. She didn’t say a word and made no effort to stop me so I just kept jacking Bill’s beautiful dick like a woman possessed.

Before I even realized it was happening, huge spurts of semen shot out of Bill’s dick. And the more it spurted, the harder I jacked his cock. Stream after stream of cum jetted from his pulsating prick. The juice arced high in the air and then splattered down all over our morning’s breakfast. Three plates of bacon and eggs were covered in white globs of nut juice.

I looked at Bill’s face while I kept on jacking and he kept on shooting. His eyes were rolled back in his head and his lips were pulled tight over his teeth as the orgasm of the century hit the poor guy. Bill had snaked one arm around me when I first started jacking him off. He now pulled me tight against him and muttered to me, “Don’t stop, don’t stop.” And I didn’t. I was having way too much fun.

As the spurts weakened, Bill lifted his butt up off the bench and I attempted to point his dick out over the table so he could complete his ejaculations onto our breakfast. I say “attempted” because his dick was so freaking hard, I could barely move it from its upright angle. But he still managed to get all of his semen onto the table and not on his lap or onto the breakfast nook cushions. But quite a bit did end up on my hand which I eagerly licked off and swallowed.

Katie sat there in stunned silence. I grabbed some napkins that were on the table and proceeded to wipe any excess cum off of Bill’s dick. Normally I would have licked it off but there was also something extremely erotic to me when wiping a man’s cock clean with napkins or a washcloth. It really turned me on.

I got up from the breakfast nook and pulling Bill by his prick, I led him into the adjacent living room. I sat him down and then climbed on, inserting his still throbbing erect penis into my dripping wet pussy. I wanted to be fucked.

I called to mom and asked if she could fix a fresh breakfast for us while I enjoyed Bill’s monster cock invading my hungry cunt.

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Mom and Daughter Give Step-Dad a Treat #3

By Spurtz

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Mom Katie: If you have read our two previous stories you will know that I was very concerned about my daughter Jill. She was graduating from an all-girl’s high school and was still a virgin. I felt very strongly that she needed some preparation. After all, she was drop dead beautiful with a centerfold body. Men were going to be all over her and she had to be ready.

I enlisted her stepfather, my husband, Bill, to join us in a naked hot tub party. I just wanted to expose her to an erect penis in a safe environment. I never intended it to go much beyond that. Well, I sure misjudged the parties involved. Bill has a great looking 8-1/2-inch super hard penis and almost before I knew what was happening, Jill was sucking him off.

Once that happened, I kind of gave in to the inevitable and in our next session, Bill had his penis buried to the hilt in Jill’s teen pussy. I was actually ok with it as I felt that that completed the sexual initiation of my teenage daughter. Little did I know how naïve my thinking was.

Daughter Jill: After the evening where Bill and I fucked each other’s brains out while mom watched, I wanted more. I knew mom figured it was a one-off deal and her wishes had been fulfilled. Maybe hers had, but mine hadn’t. I wanted more of Bill’s dick. My first step in accomplishing my goal was to show up at breakfast the next morning in the nude. I suggested that the whole family adopt nudity. I knew Bill would agree quickly but I was a bit surprised when mom went along with it. My thinking was that I would have instant access to Bill’s cock any time I wanted it. And with me being in the nude all day, I knew his prick would be throbbing to an erection every time he looked at me.

Before the day was out Bill and I were making the beast with two backs on the living room sofa while mom went about cleaning the house. After about the third day where Bill and I were getting it on two or three times a day, Mom took me aside for “the talk.”

Stepdad Bill: Wow. I couldn’t believe the life I was living. Somehow my wife’s teen daughter wanted to have sex with me every chance we had during the day and then I was having my usual sessions with her mom at night. And so far Katie hadn’t seemed too upset. During the day, Jill was trying to invent new ways to get me off. Sometimes that consisted of very inventive ways to masturbate my erect cock. Jill loved to see me spurt and with my cock down her throat or buried in her pussy, she couldn’t see me cum. So there was always some masturbation involved in our sexual activities

Then other times she was happy sucking me off. She had a natural talent and gave some of the best blowjobs I’d ever had. But never a day passed where she didn’t want my prick buried in her teen pussy, blasting spurts of cum against her cervix. One thing she loved to do, usually just before taking my cock in her mouth, was to grasp the base of my erect cock and rub my cockhead all over her face. This was a huge turn-on for both of us. Another fetish she had, that I equally enjoyed, was to plant wet kisses all over the head of my cock.

Mom Katie: I had allowed this constant sex activity between my daughter and my husband to go on way too long. Knowing that I was responsible for getting it started, I felt that I needed to allow it to run its course. But instead of tapering off, it was increasing. Yesterday Jill got Bill off four times. She first jacked him off, then she fucked him, followed by a blowjob, and then fucked him a second time. This started off right after breakfast and the final fuck was about 8 pm last evening. And since I seemed ok with it, they made no attempt to do it behind my back. I admit that for some crazy reason, I got off on watching them. Seeing Bill’s thick cock bury itself in my daughter’s wet pussy was an incredible turn-on. When their bodies stiffened and they both cried out, I could picture streams of semen spurting from Bill’s dick deep into my daughter’s pussy. And I would have my own involuntary orgasm just from watching. And later that night, Bill would fuck me as if I was his very first conquest of the day.

Daughter Jill: When mom told me she wanted to have a talk, I knew that Bill and I had probably taken our sexual activities a bit too far. So I wasn’t surprised when mom asked me if we couldn’t tone things down a bit. I explained that this was all new to me and I was having the best time of my life. I added that it was probably a phase I was going through and if she could just put up with it for another few days, I was sure I would lose interest.

Mom Katie: I initially agreed with Jill’s request to give it a few more days. But instead of tailing off, their sessions grew more and more heated with Bill fucking that poor girl in positions I didn’t even know existed. About the only thing they hadn’t done was Bill had not fucked her teen ass. But as big and as thick as his dick was, I wasn’t sure that would ever happen. Bill had anally penetrated me several times. And it did hurt at first but I later learned to love it. The anal cavity has way more nerve endings than the vagina, so the feeling of having a big cock up my ass was incredible and the orgasms were off the chart. But I digress.

My solution to slowing down the sex between Jill and my husband was to bring another person to the party. Jill was not aware of this but some time ago, Bill and I had discussed the idea of a threesome. How this came about was that once Bill started fucking my ass, I got a real craving to have two dicks in me. I jokingly made a comment to Bill about it and he said that it could be arranged. So what started as a casual joking comment soon blossomed into reality.

This was back when Craig’s List allowed sexual ads. Bill put up an ad that said “Sexually Adventurous Married Couple Looking for Well Endowed Young Man for a Threesome.” He included nude full body photos of both of us with our faces obscured. His huge cock was pointing to the sky and my terrific body was fully displayed. Jill got her centerfold body from me.

As a result of living in a large metropolis like Los Angeles, we got more responses than we knew what to do with. Bill never actually counted them but said it was more than eighty. A number of them could be immediately ignored. Bill’s great looking dick had attracted a large number of gay admirers. And there were the usual nutjobs who we knew right away were not what we were looking for. After winnowing the list down to about eight possibilities, Bill asked for photos. That cut the list down to three guys who he agreed to meet. First, just Bill met with them at a local coffee shop. That narrowed it down to a very nice young man named Steve. Because we had two other friends named Steve, we called him Threesome Steve. The final meeting included me, as I had the final say.

I was very taken with Steve. He was only 23 and very personable and intelligent. Good looking with a trim, athletic body. And a really great dick. We started seeing him on a regular basis and he was a terrific sex partner. And I got my desire for double penetration and it was everything I had imagined. And more.

Steve had never done any M2M stuff and neither had Bill, but once everybody was naked, things got heated and by our second session, there was a lot of cock sucking taking place between the two men. I also put their two cocks together and jacked them both off. At one point I even had both dickheads in my mouth at the same time.

Threesome Steve – When Bill called and set up a session, imagine my surprise when he answered the door totally nude and was already erect. I grabbed his dick and gave it a few friendly pumps as a greeting.

He explained that today’s session was going to be a bit different from those in the past. He went on to say that Katie’s 18-year old daughter was home from school and would be participating. I was quite taken aback upon hearing this. I knew they had a daughter who was away at a private school but being told that she was going to be part of our group sex session was quite shocking. Bill went on to tell me to get my clothes off, which I did.

Then the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life walked into the room, totally nude. Bill introduced us and when our hands touched it was like a bolt of electricity shot through my body. My cock instantly stood at attention and I could tell by the look on Jill’s face that she was impressed. She reached out and grasped my hardening prick and gave it a few loving strokes. I was totally in love. My prick is about the same size as Bill’s and it obviously met with Jill’s approval.

Then Katie arrived, also totally nude. She suggested that before any activities commenced that we needed to get acquainted.

Mom Katie: I was hoping that having a man available closer to Jill’s age might wean her off of her obsession with Bill’s cock. Steve was a very good looking kid and I knew his sexual performance equaled or exceeded Bill’s. The only downside was Jill had access to Bill’s cock all day, every day and that wouldn’t be possible with Steve. But at some point, Jill’s desire to be fucked several times every day would have to taper off. And if she still needed to have sex with Bill a few times a week, I could live with that.

As we all sat around the living room in the buff making small talk, I noticed Jill was doing a good job of keeping Steve erect. Then I made a suggestion. I knew Jill really got off on seeing cum spurt and I also knew from experience that Steve was a real cummer. He shot really huge forceful spurts when he came and I knew Jill would get off on that. So I suggested that she jack him off.

Daughter Jill: When mom suggested that I jack off my new friend Steve, I thought that was a really terrific idea. I was curious as to how much cum he could shoot and how powerful his spurts would be. So with mom and Bill watching, I proceeded to masturbate my new friend applying every trick in the book that I knew. At one point I even tickled his frenulum with my tongue while jacking the shaft. I was super tempted to take him into my mouth and suck him to orgasm but I really wanted to see him spurt. In between jacking his great cock I did suck it a few times but when I felt his body stiffen, I concentrated on furiously masturbating his monster cock. His prick was big enough that I could use both hands and soon the first spurt ejected from the tip of his rosy red dickhead. A couple of more strokes and the most powerful cumshot I had ever seen, either online or in person with Bill, ejaculated from Steve’s dick and arced out over the coffee table and landed on the tile floor, splattering in every direction, followed by several more equally powerful streams of jism. I was in heaven as I continued to pump out stream after stream of creamy juice. I honestly didn’t know a guy could cum that much. The lesser streams landed on the coffee table and then tailed off to weaker spurts that coated my hands and Steve’s thighs.

I looked at Steve’s terrific cock in wonder and then into his eyes and we both knew that something magical had taken place. With a practiced move, I quickly stood up, stepped over Steve’s legs and lowered my sopping wet cunt right onto his cum covered prick. With my knees tucked on each side of his hips, I started impaling myself onto his rigid member. As I rode up and down the length of his cock, not minding the tip banging against my cervix, I whispered in his ear, asking if he could cum again. He responded that with somebody as beautiful and as sexy as me, he could cum as much as I wanted.

With Bill and mom intently watching, I rode Steve’s cock until he filled me up with even more powerful ejaculations of semen. I then began kissing him and we exchanged incredibly erotic kisses. After a while I lifted up off of his rigid cock with his semen drooling from my cunt down all over him.

I looked over at mom and Bill and she was going down on him with one of the most vigorous blowjobs a person could provide. I’m sure that watching Steve and me had really turned them on. Within a minute or two, Bill was ejaculating a major load down mom’s throat. In the position mom was in, I could clearly see that her pussy was very wet and some juice was trailing down her thigh. I assumed she had orgasmed while sucking Bill’s cock. I had cum several times while Steve had cum twice. Poor Bill had some catching up to do. With that thought in mind I walked over to where he was sitting, determined to do my part to even things out for Bill.

I also had come up with a new name for Steve. He was now “Foursome Steve.”

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Mom and Daughter Give Step-Dad a Treat #2

By Spurtz

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Daughter Jill: If you read my previous story, you know that my mom Katie was very concerned that I was graduating from an all-girls high school and had never had any sexual experience. Her solution was to set up a naked home spa session including Bill, my stepdad. Her thinking was that exposing me to an adult male penis would somehow help prepare me for the future. She never intended for it to be anything more than just kind of a show and tell. However, things got totally out of hand very quickly and before the evening was over I had sucked Bill off and taken his load down my throat.

Mom Katie: I just wanted Jill to see an erect cock in the flesh. But once Bill was fully erect, my brain went into some kind of overdrive and I invited Jill to touch it. Bill’s 8-1/2-inch monster is extremely touchable and once Jill got her hands wrapped around it, she got carried away and went down on him. The next thing I know, here I am, her mother, cheering her on. Then to cap things off, Bill got so turned on that after shooting his load down my daughter’s throat, he jacked-off to a second orgasm and shot huge streams of cum to Jill’s delight. And mine too.

Stepdad Bill: I thought the whole idea was a bad one. But Katie was so convinced that a bit of sex education would be beneficial to Jill, that I got talked into it. I can’t deny that the idea of showing my stiff prick to a beautiful teen was difficult to object to. But things quickly got out of hand, although after it was over, nobody seemed all that upset about it. In fact, Katie felt that the session was so successful that she suggested we should take it to the next level. She didn’t specify what the “next level” might be but I could only think of one thing.

Mom Katie: Our initial outing of Jill’s lessons in sexuality was so successful that I was convinced that we could do more. I know hearing what happened sounds a bit far out for a family to do, but it all seemed so natural and so relaxed that I felt we had just scratched the surface. But the question was, is Jill ready for what I was thinking.

Daughter Jill: When mom asked me how I felt about what had happened, I was very honest with my response. I told her it was probably the most fun thing I had ever done in my life and I thanked her for being so willing to share Bill’s big cock with me. Then she really shocked me. She asked me how I would feel about Bill fucking me. She didn’t say “fucking,” but used the words “sexual intercourse.”

I don’t mind admitting that I had already developed a number of fantasies regarding having Bill put that huge cock inside of me. The only thing that had ever been inside of me was a vibrating dildo that one of my classmates let me use. Which had obviously taken my hymen so there was no concern there about any pain taking Bill’s monster prick.

Stepdad Bill: When Katie told me what she wanted to do, I expressed concern, when in reality I couldn’t wait to bury my prick in that teen pussy. I asked Katie if she really thought it was a good idea. She replied that my cock had already been down Jill’s throat and if we really were going to prepare her for her future ventures into sexuality, we really had no alternative. How could I argue with that?

Daughter Jill: Mom got together with Bill and me and went over what she thought the next step should be. She carefully explained that it would be a very gentle session with Bill taking his time and that I was free to stop or slow things down any time I felt uncomfortable. Because mom had put me on birth control pills a few months earlier, she pointed out that no condom was necessary. Which I was pleased to hear. I didn’t want anything between Bill’s prick and my vagina. Mom went on to explain that the session would take place that evening in the master bedroom. I couldn’t wait.

Stepdad Bill: Katie had prepared the bedroom with candles and music. I wasn’t sure just what Katie’s role would be but I was pleased to find out that she would be right there. All three of us stripped down and Katie told Jill that in order for her to be properly prepared, that much foreplay would be necessary. Women love foreplay and I knew Jill would be no different.

Mom Katie: I had sort of briefed Bill on what I thought he should do. He had Jill lay back with her legs spread and got down and started kissing and licking her labia and clitoris. I saw his prick go to full hardness quicker than he ever had with me.

I had asked Katie if she had played around with any of the girls at her school, as casual sex between the girl students was known to be pretty common. But she swore that she had never done it. But she had been tempted. So her pussy and clit had never known the joys of oral sex.

I could tell that my husband’s tongue action was giving Jill pleasures that she probably didn’t even know existed. I also knew that eating pussy made his cock like a bar of steel. Then Bill really surprised me. He rolled Jill’s thighs and legs up to where her pink little butthole was clearly visible. The he stuck the tip of his tongue right in it. He proceeded to lick and kiss it while Jill literally cried out in ecstasy.

I sat back and watched in fascination as Bill worked over her clit and asshole. After more than enough foreplay, I grabbed a bottle of K-Y lubricant. Bill was up on his knees between Jill’s legs and his cock and balls, as well as his butthole, was right there for me. I poured a generous amount of lube onto my hand and grabbed his dick and thoroughly coated it with lube. While I was doing this, my other hand kneaded his nuts while I did a bit of tongue action on his asshole as well.

Daughter Jill: Omigod, I couldn’t believe how good it felt when Bill was lapping my slit and my clit. I felt my body clench hard as I experienced my first orgasm of the evening. Then when his tongue found it’s way between my ass cheeks, I was really shocked. I knew people did stuff like that because I had seen it in porn videos. But I thought it was just a porn thing. I didn’t think real people did anything that dirty and disgusting. But once you have a tongue probing your asshole, any thoughts that it’s dirty and disgusting are long gone. I loved it.

Stepdad Bill: I heard Katie whisper in my ear that it was time. As I moved forward the tip of my raging prick touched the folds of Jill’s pussy. Then I felt Katie grab the base of my cock and damned if she didn’t guide it right into her daughter’s slit. And as a bonus, she had a lubed finger right up my ass. Jill’s pussy was sopping wet from my ministrations and with my prick coated with lube, it slid right into her with no problem. What an incredible feeling!

Jill wrapped her legs around me and locked her ankles together behind my back. My brain told me to start furiously pumping my cock into that sweet teen pussy as hard as I could. But I knew that the plan was to treat the young girl like the virgin that she was. So my strokes were slow and gentle.

But I quickly learned that I wasn’t the only person doing the fucking. Jill’s body started slamming against mine and soon she was controlling the actual fucking. Then she cried out that she wanted me to roll over and put her on top. So I did. Omigod, now she was in full control and she was slamming her cunt up and down on my rigid prick as fast as possible. Katie just kind of sat back and watched in wonder, amazed to see her teen daughter turn into a crazed sex maniac.

I was overcome not only with the sensations her tight pussy was creating on my throbbing prick, but just the whole scene had me jacked out of my mind. Here I was laying on the bed with my wife watching while her teen daughter literally fucked my brains out. No way could I hold back. I felt the cum boiling in my balls and then that incredible feeling as it shot up through my prick and blasted the inside of Jill’s cunt. She let out a scream as her orgasm hit and I was right there with her.

Daughter Jill: When Bill’s monster prick slid into my body, it was the best feeling in the world. Even better than I had imagined. Even with my wetness and the lube on his cock, his thickness stretched the limits of my vagina. It even hurt a bit but in a very good way. But as he stroked in and out of me, the length of his cock was bumping against my cervix and that was uncomfortable. Especially once I took over slamming my cunt up onto his prick. But once we rolled over and I was on top, then I could control how deep his cock went into me and it felt fabulous.

I didn’t think he would last long. I never realized I was multi-orgasmic because when I masturbated myself it usually took quite a bit of action before I could cum. But with a prick inside of me, all bets were off. I probably had six or eight orgasms while we fucked. And when he came, I could literally feel each spurt of cum hitting the inside of my vagina.

Mom Katie: Watching Jill go crazy on Bill’s cock, I really couldn’t believe she had never been fucked before. But we had had many very long and deep discussions about sex and I knew this was her first time. But she was a natural and whatever guy ended up with her would be one lucky bastard.

I knew she was cumming over and over and I felt very happy for her. Finally, she collapsed on top of Bill’s chest and the two of them lay there totally exhausted. Frankly, I felt a bit left out because both of them had cum and I hadn’t. I didn’t see any way I could insert myself into what they were doing, so I had to hope that Bill would take care of me later that evening.

Finally Jill raised her body up and Bill’s wet cock slid out of her and plopped back onto his stomach. I watched her hold herself over his body with her arms and legs extended and I could see streams of semen drooling out of her pussy onto Bill’s cock. Then the little slut slid off of him and took his half hard cum covered prick in her mouth and sucked him clean. She had him all tidied up before I could get over to them and help out.

Now I was getting a bit worried. Had I created a monster that couldn’t be controlled? I knew instinctively that this one fuck was not going to be enough for Jill and I suspected the same might be true for Bill. I had opened the door and now I was worried I couldn’t get it closed.

But I thought I might have a solution.

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Mom and Daughter Give Step-Dad a Treat

By Spurtz

Step-Dad Bill: I married Katie about four years ago. She had a young daughter just starting high school. I wasn’t really looking for a ready-made family but Katie was everything I could possibly want in a life partner. Drop dead beautiful and whip-smart. Her daughter Jill was a terrific kid and I could see that she was going to grow up to be as beautiful and as smart as her mother.

Mom Katie: My first husband died in a car accident and I struggled as a single mom until I met Bill. He’s a great guy…everything a woman could ever want. Bill was a very successful business man and literally had more money than he knew what to do with.

Daughter Jill: When Bill first came into our lives, I really resented him. Nobody could take the place of my real dad, plus I didn’t like having to share mom with him. But Bill turned out to be a super guy and I grew to love him just like a real father.

Mom Katie: I wanted the best for Jill and with Bill’s money we were able to enroll her in a very exclusive all-girl’s school. I think she resented it at first but after making a lot of friends and getting a first class education, she actually really loved the school.

Step-Dad Bill: I was against sending Jill away to school. I thought she would resent being sent away and blame it on me since it couldn’t have happened without my money. But being the smart kid she was, she knew it was the right thing to do. She was currently home on holiday and would be graduating soon.

Mom Katie: I had some concerns about Jill. We shared no secrets and I knew she had never had any sexual experiences with any boys. Now she would soon be going out on her own totally unprepared for what she would be facing. With her looks and Playboy-centerfold body, the men would be all over her. And not having had any sexual experience, her hormones would be raging and I was afraid her natural sexual curiosity would have her spreading her legs for the first guy who came along.

Daughter Jill: I loved Bill but spending time in close contact with him during the holidays had made me a bit uncomfortable. I don’t think he was quite ready for the way my body had blossomed out over the past year and I caught him several times furtively looking me over. But I really couldn’t blame him.

Step-Dad Bill: Wow, I couldn’t believe the way Jill had turned into such an incredible looking woman. No longer a girl, every time I looked at her prancing around the house in her underwear or in a bikini at the pool, I could feel my cock twitch.

Mom Katie: I know this sounds crazy but I got it in my head that it was important that Jill learn about some of the actualities of sex before she was turned loose on the world. There was only so much I could teach her. If I was still married to her dad, I would not have come up with the idea that was swimming around in my brain, but Bill was not her real dad and I thought he would be perfect for what I had in mind.

Step-Dad Bill: When Katie told me what she was thinking, at first I thought she was crazy. But after she got into the details of what she was planning, my cock took over doing the thinking for me and it all seemed like a great idea. She thought it was best to work into it gradually, otherwise Jill might balk.

Mom Katie: My plan was to introduce Jill to nakedness first. Nothing overtly sexual. But I knew she had never actually seen a penis before. Of course, she had seen pictures and videos online but that pales in comparison to the real thing.

Daughter Jill: When mom first told me about the family doing a naked hot tub together, I thought she was joking. But then she explained that it would be a very innocent way to introduce me to actually seeing a man’s penis. I admit it. I was super curious about the whole sex thing. Not just seeing a man’s cock, but wondering what it would be like to hold it, even kiss it and suck it, and then best of all, having it enter me. Not that we would ever do anything like that with Bill, but I had to admit I really did want to see his cock. I knew from the bulge in his swim trunks that he probably had something worth seeing.

Step-Dad Bill: Our house has a terrific very private pool in the back yard. At one end was a large spa that would comfortably seat six people. Katie prepared some snacks and some drinks and the plan was the three of us would sit in the spa and get comfortable with our nakedness. I confessed to Katie that under the circumstances there was a very good chance that I would get an erection.

Her reply was that she hoped I did. Her reasoning was that a flaccid penis really didn’t go very far towards preparing Jill for sex. I asked her just how far should we go? Should I masturbate for Jill? She replied that we should just play things out and see where it goes. It all depended upon how receptive Jill might be.

Daughter Jill: When mom told me we were going to have a naked session in the hot tub, I couldn’t believe it. At first the idea repelled me, but the more I thought about it, I thought it could be fun. What’s the harm in seeing somebody naked? I had seen mom naked many times but seeing Bill would be a new and exciting experience. I didn’t actually say that to mom but she at least knew I wasn’t horrified by the idea.

Step-dad Bill: That evening we all went out to the spa where I had already turned on the jets and the temperature was at the recommended 104 degrees. We were all clad in bathing suits. Katie laid out the food and drinks and we all climbed into the warm water. We sat there for a while and then Katei stood up and declared that it was time to get naked. And swiftly took off her bikini. I wasn’t sure if I should go next or wait for Jill. But before I could make up my mind, Jill quickly removed her bikini and stood there for a few seconds showing off her beautiful body. That left me, so I stood up and quickly pulled down my bathing suit. Just the few seconds that I had to enjoy Jill’s fabulous teen body had caused my penis to start to thicken. Although still more or less dangling down, even mostly soft, it was still a good six inches long and quite thick.

Daughter Jill: Omigod, my mind raced. Bill’s penis was not only even bigger than I thought, it’s downright beautiful. And it looks like he might already be aroused. Did just seeing my naked body do that? It made me feel really proud and powerful that I could have such an instant effect on a man’s cock. Then Bill sat down. The water level was such that only the tip of his prick was above the water. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it and as I stared at the tip, I saw it slowly raise up until the entire cockhead was visible. I then realized that he was getting a full erection.

Mom Katie: I saw what was going on and was pleased for two reasons. One was that Jill was entranced with Bill’s dick, and two, that he had gone fully erect so quickly. I hoped that Jill got pleasure out of realizing the power she wielded. Not wanting to lose the thrill of the moment, I suggested to Bill that he sit up on the edge of the spa so that the full impact of his terrific penis could be enjoyed by myself and Jill. Bill looked at me disbelievingly but Jill never took her eyes off what she could see of his prick. Not hearing any negative comments, Bill followed my suggestion. And there it was. All 8-1/2-inches of man-cock sticking proudly straight up. I got up and sat next to him and Jill followed suit.

Step-Dad Bill: I had a hard time accepting the fact that I was sitting between my wife and step-daughter, totally naked, with a raging, throbbing, bright red, full erection sticking up from between my legs. It took all the will power I possessed to keep from grabbing that bar of steel and start jacking it.

Mom Katie: I looked at Jill and could tell she was totally entranced with seeing Bill’s huge penis. Knowing how much I wanted to wrap my hands around it, I knew Jill probably had similar thoughts. So I suggested that she touch it. She looked at Bill, probably wondering if it was ok with him. I knew the answer to that. Bill gave a slight nod. The next thing I knew, Jill had both hands wrapped around Bill’s cock and actually started jacking him off. I guess she had seen enough videos that she knew what to do.

Daughter Jill: I was shocked that mom so quickly invited me to touch Bill’s beautiful cock. How could I resist. I looked him in the eyes, knowing that no man could say no to a beautiful teen, and he gave me a small nod. I quickly wrapped both hands around his cock. I couldn’t help myself. I knew what came next. With both hands I started pumping the shaft. I looked at mom and she was smiling so I knew I was doing the right thing. There was no doubt how Bill felt about it. The head of his cock looked like a big purple plum and the more I stared at it, an overwhelming desire to suck it came over me. I wasn’t sure how that would go over with mom but I really didn’t care. I knew this was all her idea and she would just have to live with the consequences.

I leaned over and initially just planted a wet kiss on the head of Bill’s cock. And then I let my lips slide down over the bulging glans of his beautiful prick. Both mom and Bill let out large gasps as I’m sure they weren’t expecting anything like that from shy, sheltered, virginal Jill. I proceeded to suck on Bill’s cock with all the suction I could muster. I really wanted him to fill my mouth with his creamy semen. I was prepared to suck on his big cock as long as needed in order to get my reward, assuming neither parent made me stop.

Bill moaned in ecstasy and then I heard mom’s voice urging me on to suck that big dick and make him spurt down my throat. I settled into my routine, knowing that it could take a while. But I guess the whole scene was so erotically charged that Bill couldn’t hold back. And in a disappointingly short time, I felt Bill’s body tense up and then he began to chant, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. And sure enough, jets of semen blasted against the back of my mouth and into my throat. I had no experience so I didn’t know what to do. I tried to swallow as much as I could but the cum was spurting out of his cock faster than I could swallow. I felt some of it squirt out the sides of my mouth. I tried to pull off even though I really wanted to keep sucking his throbbing prick. But Bill cried out not to stop and tightly held my head and continued to pump his huge prick in and out of my teen lips. So I sucked him as hard as I could with the jism still coming from his prick.

Finally it was over although I would have kept sucking that magnificent cock as long as he could stand it. But I knew that after cumming, a man’s cock got super sensitive and all good things had to come to an end.

Step-Dad Bill: I don’t know if it was the unique experience of getting my cock sucked by a beautiful teen while her mother watched, or what, but that was the most mind shattering orgasm I’ve ever had. I looked down as my prick slipped from between Jill’s lips. As she sat up I could still see little spurts of cum bubbling out of the slit in my cockhead. Then Katie leaned over and started sucking off the residue of jism that drooled from my prick. Finally, when there was no more to be had, Katie sat up too. There the three of us sat. Too stunned by what had just happened to even utter a word.

Even after cumming down Katie’s throat, I was still super horny. I grabbed my still hard prick and started fisting it. Katie wanted to know what was I doing? I tried to explain that the experience had been so wonderful that I wanted to cum again. Katie had seen me cum several times in a row so she knew it was possible. She told me to go for it and let Jill experience what it was like to actually see streams of semen spurt from a dick.

So with both women intently watching, I jacked the shit out of my dick. I was so freaking horny that it didn’t take long before stream after stream of creamy semen shot out of my cock. The girls loved it. As I lay back, totally wiped out, mother and daughter took turns licking my cock clean of the excess semen.

Daughter Jill: I loved seeing the nut juice spurt out of Bill’s cock. I had seen guys cum on internet videos before but most of the time it would just ooze out. Bill’s jism was like it was shot out of a cannon. I was impressed that he could get off such a powerful second cum so quick after filling my mouth with jism. I was also surprised at how natural it all felt. I’m really glad mom decided to let me get acclimated to having sex with a man by providing Bill’s big cock for me.

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Jenelle’s Best Orgasm

Jenelle here, using my brother’s account. He thought I might like to report this, and he was right.

He and I had been talking about an experience I had recently had with a new boyfriend. I had been telling Jeremy about how this guy refused to fuck me, fearing pregnancy, or maybe STDs, so instead he put two fingers in my puss, promising he’d get me off big-time. He curled his fingers forward against the inside front wall of my cunt and just started rubbing rather firmly. It wasn’t even a minute before I was orgasming as hard as I ever had in my life. The only thing was, as much as I begged him to press even harder, he was afraid of hurting me. So, it was just one glorious orgasm, but it could have been two or more.

So, there I was telling Jeremy, and he offered to do it ‘right.’ How can a twin sister refuse that?

In moments, Jeremy was naked and sporting an erection, as was I. Well, I was naked, but no erection, of course.

However, I wasn’t going to need lube. I’m generally wet anyway, being of Filipino descent. Us girls have always literally left puddles after a good fucking, or even just a masturbation (Benefits of Wanking) session.

Well, to make a long story short, Jeremy went to town, and by God, he did press hard as he rubbed against the front wall of my vagina. It was hurting a bit, but that just made it better. I came. I came so fucking hard! It was the best orgasm, or series of orgasms actually, of my life. I swear it lasted over a minute as I was cumming in wave after wave.

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Mom’s Massage with Mattie

I’m in the first year of college. After considering my options, I went with the local university. Part of me thought it would fun to participate in dorm living, but the more sensible part wanted to keep my student loan down, and I’ve always enjoyed living with my family, so why not continue?

Like any college student, I have an assortment of classes, lectures, workshops, study groups and so on with a varying schedule. Even weekends. However, on Thursday afternoons, I have nothing, so I come home where it’s quiet and do some studying.

On Thursday afternoons, my brother and sister are still in school. My dad is at work. My mom is often home, but she’s usually in her studio. She’s a sculptor. She often works with nude models. I’ve stepped into the studio a few times and seen some of the models. I try to be nonchalant, but I do get a charge out of seeing them, and often go to my room and have a good wank with the memory of them fresh in my mind. Is it too revealing to say I’ll as often jerk off to the male models as the females?

One time, I saw a guy I don’t know but who I’ve seen around the university, posing with an erection. Oh my, I had a good wank after that! He didn’t bat an eyelash at my arrival, as if being nude and erect in front of people is just normal for him. I made a mental note to look the guy up and try to make friends with him. My mom was sketching the guy, prior to working with the clay, and seemed perfectly OK with the guy being erect. How cool is that?

In case you’re wondering, in the final sculpture, there was a leaf over his genital region, and no visible erection.

So, on this particular Thursday, she had changed her regularly scheduled massage session from her usual Wednesdays. I don’t know why. Maybe the masseuse was busy on Wednesday or something.

Mattie, the massage practitioner, does house calls. She sets up her massage table in our family room and goes to work on Mom. I’ve never actually seen these massages, because I’ve been at school.

So, on this day, I came into the family room looking for my tablet, which I had left there the evening before. Boy oh boy, what I saw!

There was my mother, laying face-up on the table, stark naked. There was Mattie, massaging my mom’s breasts. Yes, her actual boobs, which I have to admit are quite shapely. My whole mom is a good-looking woman. Very good looking. If I was 40-something, and not her son, and if she wasn’t married to Dad, I’d be interested!

At first, I didn’t realize I had intruded. Mattie saw me right away, and looked a bit like a thief caught red-handed. I was just going to turn around and tip-toe away, but since she was looking right at me, I had to say something, right?

“Oops, excuse me.” – That was the best I could come up with.

Hearing my voice, my mom said, “Oh, it’s no big deal. I’m just getting a massage.”

“Well, I’ll just slip away…”

“No, it’s OK. You can stay.”

What does one do in a situation like that? I said I’d just get my tablet and leave.

“Mattie, this is my son Paul. Paul, Mattie.” My mom made the introductions.

“Oh, hi,” I said.

Mattie had lost her deer in the headlights look, and started something I didn’t expect. She started conversing with me. “Paul, if you ever find yourself massaging a woman’s breasts, this is how you do it. Generally, you want to be gentle, but some women, such as your mother, like rather deeper massage. When you can feel the slightly granular-feeling breast tissue deep inside, you’re getting it right.”

“Oh, OK.”

My mother, naked though she was, looked at me, like as if this was an everyday occurrence. I became transfixed. I know I should have left the room at that point, but I didn’t.

Mattie was evidently done with my mother’s breasts and took a step further down the table. Then she started on the unthinkable. She started massaging my mom’s vagina. Right there in front of me. And my mom was not only OK with it, she was kind of blindly staring right at me, smiling blissfully, and moaning gently.

Mattie continued. I was just glued in place, staring, not knowing what to think. I have to say, I did feel an immediate stirring in my pants. I’m not entirely inexperienced with women, but to see my own mother getting her vagina massaged, that was, well, simply amazing!

My mother tensed muscles, started panting, and practically screamed as her orgasm hit her.

I was finally getting ready to leave as Mom calmed down, when she quietly said, “Mattie, do you have time to do Paul, too?”

“Why yes, I’d be delighted.”

To cut a long story short, I received my first-ever massage, let alone a happy ending massage, right there in front of my mother. At first I was embarrassed to have her see me naked. She hadn’t seen me with at least underpants on since I was like five years old.

Fortunately, the first part of the massage was with me face-down on the table. My mom probably only saw my junk for a moment as I removed my pants.

The massage felt really nice, and I felt my penis wanting to become hard under my belly. I was amazed that Mattie was willing to spend quite a bit of time first massaging my butt in general, then lightly brushing her fingers right over my anus. If you’ve never had that done, get someone to do that for you. It’s amazing! After a while, Mattie asked me to roll over.

I was super-embarrassed when I had to roll over. By then, my dick was super-hard. I had really willed it not to, but you know biology. At the same time, I was kind of expecting that since Mattie had given my mother an orgasm, perhaps that was on the agenda for me also. So, maybe an erection was OK under the circumstances. I really wasn’t sure. My mom didn’t say anything. She was just staring lovingly, the way mothers do, and smiling. I also wondered if Mattie would think I was a perv or something. But, hadn’t she just given my mother an orgasm?

It took me a few minutes to settle into my embarrassing situation, and realize that instead, I could just soak it all in, and maybe even be proud of my obvious masculinity. My penis was standing straight up, not laying against my stomach as it usually does when I masturbate. I must have been super-excited and therefore super-hard. Sure enough, I got my orgasm, squirting my cum a good foot in the air under Mattie’s ministrations.

After Mattie left, my mother and I didn’t discuss what had happened. In fact, I needed some space to process, so I took my tablet to my room, walking through the house still naked, holding my clothes in my other hand. In my room, I couldn’t focus on my studies. My mind was just replaying the afternoon over and over again.

An hour later, my mom knocked on my door. “Shall I book us another session for next Thursday?”


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My Dad Jacks Off For Me

By Spurtz

My mom passed away when I was a little girl of twelve and I have been living with my dad ever since. Over the years, with just the two of us living close together, modesty has kind of dropped by the wayside.

My dad has a very time consuming job and unfortunately he has little time for socializing and meeting women. As a result he very rarely dates.

I have seen him masturbating in front of his computer late at night after he thinks I am in bed asleep. I’ve never been able to get close enough where I can get a really good look at his dick as much as I would like. I’ve just seen glimpses of it but enough to know it’s pretty big. At least big compared to most of the dicks I’ve seen on online sites.

Several times when we are watching a TV movie at night, I’ve managed to masturbate my clit without him realizing it. That’s one advantage of being a girl. With a blanket over my lap, I can work my clit pretty good without being obvious about it. And when I cum, I don’t make a big mess like boys do. I’ve been a bit concerned about the smell. If he has noticed anything, he hasn’t mentioned it.

One morning I came into the kitchen while dad was making breakfast. I was shocked to see that all he was wearing was a T-shirt. His dick and balls were clearly visible. He saw the look on my face and laughed. He said he hadn’t showered yet and didn’t want to get dressed to make breakfast and then have to get undressed to shower. He apologized if I was offended.

I told him it was no big deal (even though it was) but I wondered to myself what was so complicated about pulling on a pair of shorts?. But I didn’t say anything because frankly I was thrilled about seeing dad’s manhood proudly on display. The only thing that would have made it better was if his penis had been fully erect. Now that would have been a sight to behold.

I was wearing a housedress with nothing under it. Feeling a bit bold, I quickly removed my dress telling dad that if I was also nude maybe he would feel more comfortable with his nudity. His eyes lit up seeing me totally bare

Once he had finished preparing breakfast, we sat in a booth in the kitchen to eat. Normally we would sit across from each other but this morning I slid in next to him. I’m fairly well developed for my age and I noticed dad was having a tough time trying to ogle my tits without me noticing. He obviously was getting an eyeful because I noticed his dick was getting bigger. Pretty soon he had a full-fledged hard-on and I must say it was very impressive. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

He saw me looking. More than looking, really. More like staring. He apologized profusely and said he couldn’t help it. I told him I was flattered that being next to him could cause that reaction. I saw that his foreskin had rolled completely back, exposing the smooth purple head of his prick. It may have been my imagination but I thought I could actually see his monster dick throbbing. It was sticking straight up and every so often it would twitch and actually slap back against his stomach.

I could feel myself getting wet and was thankful the dinette booth had plastic seating.

I felt sorry for my dad. I knew that having his dick fully engorged like that must be difficult for him. I worked up the nerve to say something I thought he wanted to hear.

I told him he should go ahead and take care of it. He looked at me in wonder and asked if I was serious. I told him that it would just be our secret and I knew that when men got that hard, relief was desperately needed.

He wrapped his hand around his prick and started stroking it looking at me like he felt he was doing something wrong. I told him it was really hot and I loved watching. That seemed to satisfy him that it was ok and he started really working that big dick. This was too much for me and I began openly rubbing my clit in a practiced manner that I knew would bring on an orgasm fairly quickly.

I was hoping that when Dad’s penis erupted with cum, that the sight of it shooting out would bring on my own orgasm. I couldn’t think of anything more erotic than a father and a daughter reaching their climaxes at the same time.

Dad was grunting and panting as he furiously stroked his cock. My fingers were circling my clit at an equally frenzied pace. I could not believe what a wonderful sight it was to see dad’s huge cock being pummeled by his fist. I desperately wanted to wrap my hand around it and make him cum but I knew we weren’t to that stage yet.

Dad’s body was bucking and thrashing in an orgiastic frenzy as he screamed out “I’m cumming….” And sure enough the spunk shot out of his dick like a firehose. It shot straight up and then splashed back down all over his chest, tummy, hands, cock, balls and a half-eaten plate of scrambled eggs. At the same time I felt the strongest orgasm of my life hit me right in the cunt and I did a bit of screaming myself.

We both collapsed in post-orgasmic bliss. I actually leaned over and put my head in dad’s lap. His dick was still pretty hard and I managed to wedge my head between his dick and stomach, ending up with my lips pressing against his shaft. I gave it a wet kiss and then moved up to the head and gave it a nice sloppy wet kiss, cum and all.

Dad warned me that I was getting cum all in my hair and all over my face. I told him I had to take a shower anyway so no big deal. Then I told him he needed some cleanup help himself and took the head of his still throbbing prick in my mouth and sucked all the cum off. Then I proceeded to lick up whatever stray cum I could find. His pubic hair was matted with semen and I left that for the shower to take care of.

There were a few stray strands of semen drooling from the tip of his penis so I put the head back in my mouth and sucked ol’ dad dry.

It was obvious from this morning’s shenanigans that there would be much more to come. I was in love with dad’s big dick and knew that some serious penis worship would be coming his way down the road. And knowing what a giving man he was, I knew that I would be learning all the ways he could repay me.

Then our doorbell rang. We lived in an apartment. Dad pulled his t-shirt down as far as possible while I quickly put my dress back on. He went to the door and opened it but not fully and stood behind the half opened door, keeping his exposed cock out of sight.

It was our busy-body next door neighbor wanting to know if everything was OK. She said she heard a lot of screaming. Dad apologized for having the tv on too loud and promised it wouldn’t happen again. The woman left and he closed the door. As he walked back to the kitchen I saw that his dick was still half hard and a strand of semen was dripping from the end.

I told him that some additional cleanup was needed as I fell to my knees.


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Too Playful at the Nude Beach

I suggested we all go to the nude beach. I didn’t really think they’d say ‘yes.’ But I should have known. As many of you married guys know, when you marry, you get the whole family.

Now, Mae’s family has always been fun-loving. Take their names for instance. My wife, who is 26 years old, is Mae. Her sister, younger by four years, is June.

Their Mom, Sue, is 47. Sue is still a great looking woman. Her dark blond hair has a few streaks of gray in it, which makes her look dignified in my opinion. She is an all-natural, all-organic person, as is Mae, so she won’t dye her hair. Sue might be considered a bit heavy, but I call her curvy.

My wife Mae might be almost heavy, too, but being short, it looks good on her. She, too, has darker blond hair. No gray streaks, of course. Her breasts are big and full, and quite firm. I can never get enough of gently squeezing them, which she calls a ‘massage’ and we can do just that for hours.

Her sister June looks different. If they didn’t have the same mouth and nose, you’d think she was adopted. June, is skinny, with a bit darker skin, and dark brunette hair. She is only around 5′ 2″ also, like the rest of her family.

So, we went to the nude beach. Now, you may know that not all nude beaches are the same. Some are quite open in what’s allowed, others are conservative. There are no signs saying ‘no sexual activity,’ but at our beach, that’s pretty much understood. There are some almost militant people there who feel that they have to protect the beach from a political change in wind, which could close it to public nudity. Those people will act like Karens if something happens of which they do not approve.

So, it was a warm, early afternoon, the tide was low, everything was perfect. I was looking forward to seeing June naked. Now, I really appreciate my wife, but I have to say, June sexually excites me – from a distance. We’d never act on it, of course.

We spread a big blanket 50 feet from the nearest other nudists and about 30 feet from a young non-nude family. 50 feet in the other direction was a pair of nude elderly men. I’m guessing they were a gay couple. The people around us were doing the usual things. Drinking sodas, reading books, just laying around and talking.

I was a bit reluctant to strip in front of June, and especially Sue. Evidently, they were reluctant to strip in front of me, too. It took Mae to break the ice. She took off her bikini as casually as if she were in our own bedroom. Fortunately, Sue followed her lead. I was kind of afraid that no one would strip naked.

That happened to me once at a nude beach. I took off my stuff, and my companions kept their shorts on the whole time. I felt, well, naked! Vulnerable. But now Mae and Sue were stripping, and all was well.

Sue’s breasts are kind of flat and sag down a bit, but I’m not complaining. She’s still quite a looker, and always joking around, which makes her great in my book! The hair on her pussy was neatly trimmed and a bit darker than the hair on her head. She had underarm hair, and a thin coating of hair on her legs, which surprised me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an all-natural woman. Now Mae may be organic and all, but she does shave. Even her pussy.

June took off her bikini. I was delighted. She is beautiful, like a super-model. Like Mae, she shaves everything. The only critique might be that her boobs are somewhat small with pointy little tiny nipples, but I’m not complaining. Mae’s nipples are not much darker than her natural skin, but big around. Same with Sue.

I was so excited by seeing the women, that i forgot to pull down my shorts. They started teasing me about that, especially June. So, with a bit of trepidation, I put my thumbs in my waistband, and pulled down, and stepped out of my shorts and underpants.

The women all started tittering. They seemed to like what they saw – an average size guy with an average size set of equipment. I shave down there, which Mae loves, but the other two knew nothing about that. Most men don’t shave, and so the other two were somewhat surprised. June instinctively reached out to touch my smooth scrotum.

Before she could quite reach it, Mae laughingly yelled, “Hey, don’t you dare touch my husband.”

June replied with “Or what?”

Mae said, “Or I’ll.. I’ll…” She was stuck without a plan. Then, evidently without thinking it through, she shocked us all by saying, “I’ll stick my sandy finger in your ass.”

June reached out with both hands, and cupped my balls. Mae playfully attacked her, and the next thing you know, they were both rolling around wrestling in the sand. Mae actually tried to carry out her threat. A couple of times, she almost reached her index finger into June’s crack. Then she did. June stopped dead in her tracks, while Mae slowly, carefully pressed in a bit. After a few seconds, Mae pulled her finger out, put it in her mouth, coating it with saliva, and then resumed her work, pushing her finger fully into June’s ass, while Sue cheered them on.

I must say, as fun-loving as that family is, I didn’t see that coming! It seemed to me this isn’t the first time, they’ve all played naked. I wondered whether John, the girls’ father, and Jason, their brother have played with them. I’ll have to come up with some way to invite them all to the beach on a day when the guys aren’t running the shop.

Seeing people stick fingers in asses has always been a big turn-on for me, and Mae must have known that. For now, my dick was starting to grow. I was concerned to be seen in that condition on the beach. To my horror, Sue saw me with my half-erection, and she casually reached out, and lightly pinched the tip. That’s all it took for me to go to full-mast.

The sisters stopped wrestling and watched, as Sue started non-chalantly stroking my penis. I laid back in the sand on my elbows with my back arched. My emotions went from horrified from having an erection in front of everyone to absolutely enjoying Sue’s attention. Mae and June egged her on. “Mom, that’s great. Go for it!”

In literally thirty seconds, I was spurting sperm all over Sue’s hand. A few minutes later, we were all playing Frisbee as if nothing unusual had happened. Perhaps for that family, it wasn’t all that unusual. I must tell you, I am absolutely delighted with my wife, and the family that came along in the bargain.

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Exploits of a Grower, Not a Shower

We believe you’ll enjoy this memoir sent to us by Dallas, also known as CalusUse on Wikimedia Commons. Click here if you’d like to send us a post to be published on

Dallas, His Wife and Daughter, Grower, not a Shower, Flaccid and Erect
As you can see, I’m a grower, not a shower.
CalusUse, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

I grew up in a normal functioning family that accepted open nudity at home. With my mother, father and two sisters I always tended to be the exhibitionist in the family. I remember being quite young, prepubescent and I wanted everyone to see my “new penis”. I felt quite proud and never tried to hide my erections. As we reached puberty and grew into our teens, we moved away from total family nudity only seeing each other nude while in the bathroom. I continued to be totally nude quite often around the house when we didn’t have company. I often walked around with an erection which always caught the interest of my two sisters. Our mother also took notice of their curiosity for my erections and told me I had to go to the bathroom or my bedroom to take care of it after she caught my sister who was two years older than me holding my erect penis while I was attempting to pee outside on the back patio.

Going ahead a few years I’m now in college and we had a favorite beach that was unofficially clothing optional. Our group of friends six guys and seven girls started out with our bathing suits on but we quickly went over to the total nude area. The women were quite shy initially and nervous, the men threw caution to the wind as guys so often are quite comfortable nude.

I was one of the first to lose my bathing suit and be nude and by the time the women started to undress I had very firm erection. I’m what they call a grower not a shower. So, when I’m flaccid and in a cool temperature area I’m around 40mm (1.5”) in length and when I have an erection, it grows to 190mm (7.5”) long.

This of course drew a few giggles from some of the men and women. Being the exhibitionist that I am it made my erection even firmer. Some of the men also started to arise to the occasion. The women were trying not to stare but it was obvious that they were quite curious. To put things into perspective this was good friends only and not a sexual encounter. I was able to maintain a firm erection while we were splashing about in the rather chilly ocean however the cold water caused my scrotum to tighten up so much my testis disappeared. We were all having naked fun in the sun playing Frisbee.

We took a refreshment break and sort of sat around on our towels or just stood talking. A few of the women draped a towel around their shoulders and dried their hair. In the group of thirteen only five of us were completely shaved in the pubic area. Myself and one other man and three women. Back then it wasn’t as common to have your pubic hair clean shaven. That really added to the curiosity in our group.

Sara, not a student but a cousin of one of our friends was also one of the women who was clean shaven or should I say waxed. Sara was quite slim with very firm perky breasts. I love her tan lines that made it look like she was wearing a see-through white one-piece bathing suit. She had been keeping her eye on me and said she had never seen a man keep an erection for this length of time.

Being ginger haired with very light skin, I had to be careful of too much sun exposure so I suggested that we walk over to a part of the beach where some trees would give us some shade. Once over there Sara removed her towel from her shoulders and asked me if I wanted her to apply some sunscreen on me.

Sure, I said and she started with my back and shoulders then she moved around to the front of me and again with nothing on but a big beautiful smile, made a comment about how long I’ve had my erection and was it painful. I told her that it isn’t painful at all but it does feel really great to have an erection even when it’s not in use.

She said that I should put sunscreen on my penis because, as she put it, we don’t want to get that “guy” sunburned, do we as she started slathering sunscreen on my penis and scrotum. She commented on how smooth I was. That was it. I couldn’t hold back a second more and I ejaculated all over her hands and legs. We burst out laughing and I told her that now the spell was broken.

I said my poor penis is now going to make a disappearing act. She asked what I meant and I told her I’m a grower not a shower meaning that my penis is quite short when it’s limp holding up my two fingers to show her the length that it will be real soon. She laughed and said I don’t believe you.

A few minutes later, she believed me. We both started laughing and she said I need more sunscreen down there. I agreed and said I can’t have too much sunscreen down there the way I burn. She proceeded to rub the lotion all over my penis, scrotum, perineum area and buttocks. She again made a comment about my very light almost nonexistent body hair even though I only shaved my groin area.

She told me being so smooth like that is a real turn on. Sara had never seen an uncircumsised penis before and was just in awe at how the foreskin could move over the glans and back so smoothly and easily. My flaccid penis shrunk back but if you pulled at the foreskin, it would stretch out 3 to 4 inches past the glans. Even with a full erection I showed Sara that my foreskin could still be pulled over the glans but would roll back once I let go of it. Sara marveled at this ability.

We did a little kissing and softly touching each other but Sara was not interested in starting a new relationship as she was engaged in a committed relationship with a planned wedding the following May.
It seems as if we talked about everything in the world and a few hours latter it was time to head home. It had been a great day. We said our goodbyes and hugs. Parting with words like we should do this again and see you real soon.

I never heard back from Sara. Her cousin told me that she did get married the following May and has a young daughter now. She also said that Sara asks about you and remembers the great day we had together and that she felt so safe and comfortable with me while totally nude.

Fast forward several years. I married a great woman; Kathy and we have a beautiful daughter Lisa. Lisa was a very calm baby.

As a family we were very open about nudity. We did a lot of camping always looking for those clothing optional beaches. We joined a nudist resort club and for several years that was where we spent our summers. I did have to be careful of my spontaneous erections. Just like most nudist clubs ours had a very strict rules about blatant male erections. You had to leave the area or cover your erection with a towel.

Times were changing and the nudist clubs and resorts started losing members and closing down.
As Lisa started into puberty, she slowly stopped being nude around the house except for going from her room to the bathroom. She didn’t keep her bedroom or bathroom doors closed but she no longer wanted to go to our nudist resort or go to clothing optional beaches. We understood that and respected her privacy. She told us that she was very comfortable with our nudity around the house or in our swimming pool frequently joined us on the patio or pool in her bathing suit.

Lisa soon went off to college. When she came home for the Thanksgiving weekend, we noticed that she had really matured and had a very self-confident manner about her. She was really enjoying her first away from home experience.

One evening while I was showering, she came into the bathroom, sat down on the chair and asked me if we could talk.

“Sure,” I said. “What’s on your mind?”

She giggled nervously and asked if she could talk to me about my penis. I was surprised by the question and replied, “Sure Lisa. What would you like to know?”

I quickly rinsed off and came out of the shower and while I was standing right in front of her while toweling off my hair, she said that she has a friend, not really a serious boyfriend but we sort of play around. Don’t worry dad, safe sex only. I’m sure she saw the relief on my face.

Then Lisa said that his penis looks so different than yours, saying I know it’s because he’s circumcised and his foreskin was removed at birth.

“Why weren’t you circumcised?” she asked.

I started to explain that when I was born my parents could make that choice of circumcision of not. I then stated I’m really grateful that my parents left me intact telling her that there are hundreds of very sensitive nerve endings in the foreskin. Keeping it clean is a very important daily routine. I started to tug at my loose penile skin and stretched it out. Lisa just stared and looked mesmerized by how long it would stretch over my glans. Having just finished a warm shower, it measured out at around four inches past the glans. I said that your mom always calls it the hood.

I could feel myself getting aroused and had a flashback memory of those many years ago while skinny dipping with Sara. The blood pumped into my penis and in a matter of seconds I had a very firm erection. Lisa is just starring at my penis and exclaimed that she had seen me nude many times with an erection but didn’t realize that it was that big. My foreskin had retracted quickly behind the corona and my penile papules were showing quite prominently. I explained to Lisa that I have a very loose foreskin and that some men require a little help to roll it back when they get an erection and that even with my erection, I was able to manually pull my foreskin completely over my glans.

Lisa asked me about the bumps on the back edge of my corona and I explained, as I rubbed them that some men don’t have papules but they are very sensitive and add to the man’s pleasure. I mentioned that I believe that they were leftover from when men were evolving. She said her friend didn’t have papules and his glans was very smooth.

As I finished drying myself Lisa didn’t take her eyes off of my penis which was still maintaining an erection. I positioned myself to give her the best view being the exhibitionist that I am.

The bathroom door was open and a voice asked if this was a private meeting. My wife Kathy, Lisa’s mom was standing in the door way.

“Come on in Mom,” Lisa said. “I was just asking dad about his penis.”

We all burst out laughing. Now Lisa and my wife are looking at my penis. I thought I was going to explode when my wife grabbed my erect penis firmly and started to stroke it slowly. A few drops of precum formed on my meatus. Lisa was giggling and starring just waiting for me to explode. Mom said Okay guys it’s my turn in the shower and with that she quickly let go of my penis and said you are on your own.

I went to our bedroom to get dressed and Lisa followed me in there and asked me if I was going to masturbate as my erection was still firm and the precum was starting to drip. She said that she would like to watch me if I was. I said sure why not. I was a little nervous about this and as always when I get anxious, I try to use humor. Okay I said but no video. We both laughed. I laid down on our bed and folded the towel next to me. Lisa moved right to the side of our bed and watched earnestly as I slowly stroked my engorged penis and lightly rubbed my very firm scrotum. I could feel the ripples and wrinkles on my scrotum and I starred at Lisa’s face enjoying her watching me.

I was right at the point of no return when mom walks into the bedroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around her head and asked with a laugh, am I too late for the lesson. Mom stood right beside Lisa as I spurted the largest load of ejaculate in my life. I could feel my orgasm pulse though my body and it seemed to go on for several minutes. I had never felt an orgasm so intensely.

Lisa said, “Mom, did you see dad’s eyes?”

Kathy started laughing and picked up my towel to clean up my ejaculate that had spurted everywhere including on Lisa’s arm.

Lisa said, “I’m okay Mom. I’ll take care of it.” I could see Lisa holding her arm so as not to let the ejaculate run off as she left our bedroom.

Kathy then closed the bedroom door and asked, do you have anything left for me? I said yes baby lets do it. It was great sex with Kathy. I just love going down on her especially if she is completely hairless and freshly showered which she normally is. I can help her have several orgasms by oral stimulation and by then I have a very firm erection ready to come again.

Sunday afternoon Lisa was packing up to return back to college. At lunch with us Lisa said thanks so much for being the best parents ever. She mentioned that her college friends find their parents boring and controlling.

We said our good byes as one of her friends pulled into the driveway for the journey back to school.
Latter that evening Kathy and I were talking about when Lisa was a little care free girl. Now a grown woman. During our reminiscing I told Kathy about my college days and my encounter with Sara. Kathy said she was jealous because her collage days, in her words were quite boring. You found excitement because you were a little exhibitionist and with that statement, we both started laughing.

Kathy suggested that we go to bed and show off your exhibitionism.

While I do say that I’m an exhibitionist, I only do that where the people around me don’t mind or care that I’m nude. I’m not the type to shock or threaten people with my nudity.

Here are more of my pictures on Wikimedia Commons: CalusUse’ (Dallas) Pictures