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Create Your Own Story

Hi Folks! Jeremy and I would love to hear your stories. Please write a story in the comment area below, or you can send direct to me using

You do not need to identify yourself but you can if you wish. Your story can be a true memoir, how-to information, fiction, or whatever you want. It would be great if you could let us know whether it’s true or fiction, however. It can be from any perspective.

The length can be anything from a sentence to a complete ebook.

If you’d like to include video or pictures, that would be great. Email them to us.

Please don’t send any copyrighted material unless you are the owner. Don’t send pictures of anyone without their full permission, and the knowledge that their pictures may be copied throughout the Internet. Once a picture is posted on a website, it can be impossible to get rid of it.

Let us know whether it is OK or not to edit your story.

We can’t pay anything for your submissions, and do not guarantee to publish every one, but we’ll do our best to publish anything that’s of reasonable quality.

6 thoughts on “Create Your Own Story

  1. I grew up in a very open and liberal home… nudity was the norm and sex was not a taboo subject. I have a LOT of memories written down about my very unusual youth. HOWEVER, there’s the ‘youth’ issue. I actually have a life time of adventures but most started back when I was small. I don’t mind sharing them with you folks but is that something you can put on your site, even anonymously?

    1. Thanks so much for asking whether stories that happened in your youth can be submitted. For the most part, they can. It’s not like photos or videos, where one must be very careful about showing underage people. However, if your story is not up to the website standards, such as an adult who is trying to get a kid drunk, or rape, then of course it cannot be published. Best bet is go ahead and send anything you’d like published to, and we’ll print it if we can. – Jeremy

  2. Fantasy wife story

    I leave work a little early one afternoon to surprise my wife and have a quite evening at home. As it turns out I’m the one to get the surprise.

    As I walk in the door I look towards the office expecting to see her at work in front of the computer. But then out of the corner of my eye to the right of me I sense movement and a some subtle noise. As I gain my senses to what I’ve just come home I see my Honey Bunny on the sofa with her pants off, shirt pulled up and one hand teasing her beautiful nipples and the other one between her legs rubbing her honey pot.

    “Now this is a sexy surprise” is all I can manage to say. Without slowing down she whispers “ I so glad your home I need some help” . “ What ever you need I in” I say. “ Suck my nipples so I can use both hands down below” she asks. With that I drop my work stuff, lose my coat and very enthusiastically get to helping. As I feel her nipples getting hard between my lips I can’t help but look out of the corner of my eye to watch her fingers enthusiastically working the pleasure spots between her thighs. I feel my own excitement building. I see her fingers getting wet and hear her breathing began to get into a sexy low rhythm.

    As this goes on I can’t help but think, I don’t want it to stop but I also can’t wait for what I believe we both know what is next. Just then she whispers in my ear the words I’ve been waiting to hear.” I need my vibrator”. Reluctantly releasing her nipple from my lips and tongue I ask if I should get it? “ No let’s go up stairs.” She says.

    I make my way to my feet then as I take her hand, I first suck her wetness off her fingers before helping her to her feet. As we make our way up stairs I am dropping my clothes as quickly as possible.

    When we get to the bed room she strips her top off and has vibrator in hand and between her legs as I shed the last of my clothes and shoes. As I get into bed I fumble for the lotion then apply it to her already in use toy. “ Can you suck my nipples? “She asks. Oh absolutely. I think to my self. But the words don’t come out I just start where I left off down stairs. As I am enjoying her nipples and she her vibrator, she asks if I can help down below too? Now this is music to my ears. With some extra lotion I now begin to tickle between her beautiful ass cheeks. I can tell from her moans and breathing she is starting to build to climax. Although I don’t want it to end I do love the ending! As I now am massaging her back door I feel the beginning of her first mini orgasm. Just then very quietly she says between breaths “ put it in” my stomach flips with excitement. I know I am going to experience her amazing climax in the most powerful, beautiful and intimate way possible. As I slowly work my way in I feel both out hearts beating with excitement of what is to come. A few minutes later we are both rewarded with her incredibly wonderful orgasm.

    The muscle contractions are so good I hate to feel them subside, but as they do I slowly let my finger slip out of its warm, wonderful location. At this point she is spent but manages to roll over exposing her behind to my hard-on. As I slip between her cheeks and am enjoying the feel of her back side. She says “I guess I don’t have to tell you I was masturbating before you got home” with that I explode.

    As our breathing slows we drift off for a nap.

    Later I am awaken by a familiar sound…………..

    I printed and left this story for my wife under her pillow.

    The next day I was out in my shop working on something. My wife calls me and says in a coy voice “Can you come in? I need some help with something ………

    1. Excellent story. Thank you! I’ll add it to the main collection at ProWank, and then remove it from the comment section here.

  3. I look forward to seeing what your audience thinks. Thanks

  4. My wife and I are very open about our masturbation habits. While she is only a bit curious about my solo time, I am obsessed with knowing everything about her solo time and her orgasm.It might even be to the point of being a fetish. Lucky for me she will usually take care of herself 2-3 times a week. Usually after I go to work . Of course we do it together as well. She will usually tell me later that evening while we are watching tv. The best though is when we are in public. Like in the middle of a movie at a theater or as we are eating at a restaurant. When I go solo my thoughts are always of her getting off with her vibrator. We are both in our 60s have been together 30+ years and are more open and excepting of each other’s needs than ever. The other night while we were playing. She was using her wand on herself and playing with her nipple. I was fingering her ass and sucking her other nipple. She asked for something bigger in her ass. Usually I switch to my thumb at this request. But this time I said do you want a vibrator in your ass. We have never tried that before. At first she said no, but then asked do you think I would like it? I said absolutely and retrieved one out of my bed side table. As she continues to use her wand on her pussy I start to slip the other vibrator in her ass. I slowly move it in as she asks for more and deeper. By the time it’s all the way in she has the biggest orgasm I have ever seen of her. She was quickly spent after that. I know she truly enjoyed it because she has been masturbating more then usual and for longer. I love to feel, hear and and be a part of her orgasmic bless.

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