We are Jenelle and Jeremy J. Watson. Our friends, and that includes you, can call us ‘Jen’ and ‘JJ,’ and some people call Jeremy ‘Jerry.’ Supposedly, we are fraternal twins of Asian descent, in our early twenties. But we aren’t really. We aren’t even real. We are the brainchild of a guy who prefers to remain anonymous.

You would think that a proponent of masturbation as a cure for many of society’s ills would be proud to identify himself on this website, to show how much be believes in the cause. To lead the charge of openly promoting masturbation. It would be like John Hancock writing his signature large on the American Declaration of Independence. However, there are a few crazies in the world. Whereas most people resonate with the message, and a few stay resolutely but politely opposed to such a brave new concept, there may be someone who would like to harm the author. Therefore, he won’t reveal himself. At least not today.

You’ll find that the stories are truly fiction, even the ones that claim they aren’t. Some are based on true events, and all make an attempt to impart good moral values. You’ll see no self-destruction such as smoking or excessive drinking in the stories. You’ll see no one torturing, hurting, or bothering others.

You may be surprised to discover that much of the fiction goes beyond the bounds of solo sex. That’s because these stories are here to provide material for your masturbatory fantasies. They are a tool for you to use. Fantasizing about things you’d never actually do is a healthy way to clear your mind so you can be happier and more resourceful. It’s like meditation, but even more effective. Enjoy!

The memoirs, on the other hand, are very real. For instance, the Masturbate-A-Thon, Body Electric, and the SF Jacks were actually attended by the author, not by Jeremy or Jenelle.

The informational articles are solidly researched, and by no means fiction. Learn. Have fun. Spread the word! Tell everyone about Together we can make the world a better place.

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  1. Can I sign up for update emails?

    1. That’s a grand idea. I don’t have anything in place for that yet, but I’ll certainly look into it. Thanks for the suggestion. – Jeremy

  2. Is there a Ladies Tank Leotard that I could wear if I want to Cum?

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