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Pornographic Online Cam Girl

by Jenelle Watson

This is a true memoir of my experience as an erotic webcam model. After avoiding the idea for a while, I reluctantly masturbated online as a solo performer. Realizing the potential, then I started doing shows with a variety of friends.

At first, I had trouble telling the occasional friend, relative or associate about my webcam experience. However, I believe good, truthful communication is much better than keeping secrets. When I told the story, everyone was fascinated, supportive, and said I should write a book. So here it is, with no details withheld.

Having heard the horror stories about student loans, I was trying to keep my expenses low in my third year of college. For the hundredth time, I asked my dad what I could do to earn some money.

My dad is wise, funny, resourceful, and quite a rebel, but not particularly wealthy. I kept asking him, expecting a different answer, but always getting the same answer. That’s the definition insanity, isn’t it? He kept saying to check out Craigslist. Not very helpful.

One day I asked him again, and to my surprise, he came up with a different answer. It was such a weird answer that I turned red in the face, and couldn’t think straight for the rest of the evening.

He started in by saying how being a loving father, he didn’t want me associating sexually with random boys. He came right out and said that.

I claimed I hadn’t ‘associated sexually with random boys.’ He put down his tablet, stared at me over the top of his glasses, and said one word, indicating he knew I was lying. “Really?”

“OK, Dad, I’ve done some things.”

“I know sweetie. I’m not trying to put you on the spot or anything. I don’t trust some of the guys I’ve seen you with, and I have a feeling you don’t entirely trust them either.”

He had a point. My last two boyfriends had betrayed me. One was already turning into a hopeless alcoholic, the other claimed to be faithful, but wasn’t.

“Dad, I don’t understand how this has anything to do with making money.”

“Hear me out, sweetie. I know you have a high libido. It’s an inherited thing. Anyway, what if you could get paid for it?

I stood up indignantly, on the verge of runing out of the living room. “You mean being a whore?”

“Not at all. I didn’t mean to shock you. What I was thinking about is something I saw online that intrigued me. It was a website where people masturbate on webcam. But here’s the thing, folks pay to watch. Think about it: You could have all sorts of orgasms, and be making money at the same time. The main thing, so far as I’m concerned, is you’d be safe.”

I was so flummoxed by that I could hardly speak. Being dark-skinned like my mom, who was born in the Philippines, it’s usually hard to tell when I’m blushing, but I’m sure you could have noticed it then.

“Dad, you’re fucking crazy!”

“I know,” he answered with a wry smile.

That was the end of our conversation. I ran to my room to get away from his weirdness. Oh, he’s been weird many times before, but never quite as goofy as that. Soon, the conversation was out of my mind as I got back to my homework.

I had not one, but two lectures the next day, so my mind was on aspects of psychology, my major. What my dad had said was all but forgotten.

The day after that, what my crazy father had said came back to me, and I almost took it seriously for a moment. I quickly realized how ridiculous the notion was. First of all, who’d pay to watch me? A skinny little Asian girl with breasts so small they aren’t boobs. They’re just tits. Little brown mounds topped with small black nipples. Oh, I suppose my face is alright, and I am proud of my long straight black hair that reaches to the top of my butt. But that’s my only asset. Anyway, there was no way in hell! I got stage fright just answering questions in classes.

A couple of evenings later, having taken a shower, I unwrapped my towel in my room, and looking in my full-length mirror, I turned this way and that. I’ve studied my naked self before, but this time, I was sort of imagining posing on a webcam with a hundred people around the world watching me. Crazy, eh?

The notion had a funny effect on me. I immediately jumped on my bed, putting my towel under me, and frigged myself to a rather powerful orgasm. Well, it was a fun fantasy.

A week passed. In the evenings, when my dad got home from work, and when I didn’t have too much homework, he and I talked, as we always did. I teased him about how he likes to watch basketball, a tall man’s sport, when he’s so short. We talked about the US president. We talked about the flooding in Florida. But we did not talk any more about his nutty idea.

He probably thought I had forgotten about it. I wished I had. The truth is, it was working its way to the forefront of my mind. Every single evening, I’d masturbate before I went to sleep. Of course I always did that, but during the past week, the fantasies I entertained were all about being naked and doing things in front of a webcam audience. I was beginning to believe I had an unexplored exhibitionist streak. Of course I’d never actually do such a thing.

But one night, I grabbed my laptop, and thought I’d take a peek at the website my father had mentioned. I looked for two or three seconds, and closed the lid, more forcefully than I intended. That was way too extreme. A minute later found me masturbating on my bed, remembering the horrible images. Go figure!

Before I reached an orgasm, I opened the laptop, and looked again. This time, I stared for quite a while. There were men and women of all descriptions and ages. My first take on it was, ‘How can these people do that?’ It seemed way too personal. I mean, I didn’t even like showering after gym classes in high school. I decided to drill down, to study a couple of the ‘performers’ on line.

The first was a woman who caught my eye because she was somewhat like me, although she was from Columbia. She was certainly not shy like me. First of all, she had no hair ‘down there.’ To me, that seemed twice as naked as someone who is hairy down there, like I was.

She was rubbing her clit, with her inner labia flapped open, and her camera was focused right in on her. I could even see her asshole. Hell, I had never even seen my own asshole. That stalled me out for a second. I took a closer look at her anus, realizing mine must appear similar to that. It was darker than her brown skin, and had slight radial lines, wrinkles, really, leading to the center. Oddly, I felt liquid flowing from my vagina, and I shivered for a second. I didn’t know why that made me suddenly so horny, but it sure did. I closed the laptop again, hopped back on the bed, making sure my towel was under me, and lightly ran my finger around my own anus. My, that felt nice. I had never really paid much attention to that part of me before, and thought I would certainly have to revisit that in detail someday soon. But for now, I couldn’t help myself. My clit needed serious attention, which it got.

The next evening, I was a bit more balanced about looking at that website. I expanded the views on several performers. I hit upon a dark haired white guy. I particularly like hairy chests, which he had in abundance. Like the other actors, or whatever you’d call these folks, I couldn’t believe he’d be so willing to get naked in front of God knows how many people, and masturbate like that. Such boldness! I was also fascinated by his penis even though I had seen plenty already.

Since entering college, I have had five guys you might call boyfriends. I fucked every one of them, and it was a lot of fun, but always scary, too. One time, a rubber broke. Fortunately, it broke as he was putting it on, not in me, but I swore off sex forever. That lasted a week. Another guy went rather crazy, squeezing my tits so hard that it hurt. I told him to stop, and he did, for a minute. Then he did it again. I got mad and threw him out. Thinking back on it, I was probably lucky. He could have become forceful and it would have been a bonafide case of date rape. But most of the experiences were quite enjoyable. Emotionally, I didn’t get close to any of those guys. Does that make me a nymph?

So, looking at this hairy guy on the Internet, watching him stroking his very erect penis, got me all hot and bothered, and sure enough, I was back on my bed, wildly masturbating again.

You probably guessed by now, that I simply had to experience this webcam thing for myself. My unconscious brain had raced ahead of my conscious self. I still hadn’t admitted that I was seriously considering doing this, yet I went out and bought a bottle of Nair, and removed all my crotch hair. Then gave my new, hairless body a crashing orgasm. My rationale was that almost all of the performers were hairless. Even if I never went on line, it was pretty cool, and now-a-days, it was fairly normal to remove all the hair down there.

One evening, when I was particularly horny, I thought I might actually give it a try. Still clothed, I set up a free account, so I could broadcast. Then I adjusted the lid of the laptop, and after taking a deep breath, then spending a full minute wondering if I was doing the right thing, I clicked the button, and my little camera light on the top of the laptop lit up.

For some reason, I was instantly scared to death. I clicked it again a second later and turned off the broadcast. During the tiny amount of time I was online, all you could see was the bottom half of my face and my chest. The angle of the camera was entirely wrong.

Reluctantly, I clicked the button again, and there was my chin, and my blouse, on display for the world to watch. Feeling the adrenaline, I adjusted the camera so it would be angled lower. But then I couldn’t see the screen. I scrunched down to see the screen, but then my face was in the picture. I clicked the camera off, knowing this wasn’t going to work.

If I was going to do this, and the jury was still out on that, I’d need a proper camera. Money being so tight, I decided to order a used one on eBay, rather than paying full price in a retail store.

I have to say, I managed to retain my sanity while waiting for the camera to arrive. I spent my late evenings studying that website, and others, and of course frigging like crazy afterward. Each and every time, I’d land on a guy, and seeing him masturbating, made me want to masturbate. It’s like when someone pukes in front of you, you feel like throwing up also. OK, bad analogy! A couple times, I’d zoom in on a woman masturbating, and that got me all horny too.

Many of the cam shows involved two or more performers. They were fun to watch, but I was already thinking in terms of my plans, and so mostly focused on single people masturbating. Yes, I did say ‘plans.’ I knew it was strange, but some part of my mind was truly entertaining the idea that I’d actually go on cam someday and masturbate.

Finally, the camera arrived. I plugged it in, and, nothing. It was supposed to come with a DVD to install a driver. I didn’t get that. I had to spend two hours online, finding the right software and installing it. It was frustrating, but I finally got the thing working. I aimed it around my room, and then finally sat in front of the computer with the thing hooked over the top, and aimed it at me, pretending I was filming myself naked.

However, I wasn’t naked. I was so shy that I didn’t even want to play with the camera while naked in case, somehow, I’d end up accidentally broadcasting.

Then some horniness took me over, and I simply had to video myself masturbating. Making sure my browser was not only not showing that website, but the browser window was entirely closed, I took off my clothes, turned on the webcam, and watched my naked self in a window on my computer. The camera angle wasn’t very good, and there was so much shadow you couldn’t really see much very clearly, but I had the distinct impression I didn’t look too bad. I was coming to believe that some of the other people who had been online weren’t even as attractive as me.

First, I circled my forefingers around my nipples, which of course made them stand out like little black pencil erasers, and watched myself, almost hypnotically, on the screen. Then, readjusting the camera, and then repositioning my desk lamp to get rid of the dark shadowed area, I put my fingers to my pussy, and started doing it. I became super excited watching myself on the screen as I did that, and had an orgasm almost right away, followed a few seconds later by a second orgasm.

It was a good thing I had covered my rolling chair with a towel, because I made quite a puddle. I have since come to understand that I put out a lot more girl juice than most women. I believe it is a Filipino thing. Some Asian women are evidently quite wet. Some even squirt.

A week passed. Oh, I played with the camera and enjoyed it in a sexual way. I orgasmed over and over, watching myself on the laptop screen. Several times, I was logged into the website, and all set to push the Go Live button, but I couldn’t do it. Every time I tried, my heart rate went up, and I began breathing funny. It was becoming a phobia. The harder I tried to tell myself that it was OK, the less likely I was to actually let it happen. Bummer! It would have been fun, to actually do that, and see if anyone in the world, some anonymous person, might want to watch me. I’m pretty sure I would have liked that.

After a week of that foolishness, I became frustrated, and quit even looking at the website. I just used the laptop the way it was intended, for studying. I even skipped my nightly masturbation a couple of times.

That would have been the end of it, except one day, my car got wobbly. I was going around a corner on the freeway, and the car started shaking back and forth. I slowed down immediately and the shaking stopped, but there was something definitely wrong. I found out at the car repair place that it was tie rod ends, and it was going to cost $320. Fuck! I really didn’t have that kind of money to spare, but it had to be done.

Of course that got me to thinking about money, and that reminded me what my dad had said over a month ago. That there was money in this webcam stuff. During my experimentation with the webcam, I had kind of lost sight of that. Right, the whole idea of the webcam was supposed to have been to make money.

Then a rather ugly thought came to me. My dad. How did he know about that website? Why did he know about that? He must have been on the site. And what would he have been doing? Oh my god, he’d be wanking, of course. My father!

I got the car fixed, having to ride my bike from the repair shop, to my classes, and back to the car shop. Bike riding is supposed to be good for you, but I’d rather take my car, thank you very much! But now, I was out some serious money. The supposedly $320 repair turned into $469. I had a new motivation for the stupid webcam thing.

I don’t know whether it was anger over my financial situation, or maybe simply letting the idea settle in my mind, but I went back online, and fired up my camera like an old champ. Of course I still had my clothes on. But I was broadcasting. After a few minutes, I had exactly zero viewers. This was no fun.

I reviewed in my mind what could go wrong. I was worried that classmates or old friends would see me online, and I’d be terribly embarrassed. Then I figured they’d be online, too. What would they be doing there? The folks I knew would never visit a site like this.

Or, what if a guy got all insane and wanted to come rape me? That was stupid. Of course there’s no way they could find me from my online presence. I could think of no logical reason not to do this.

Finally, pulling all my courage together, I took off my blouse. Still zero viewers. But that was to be expected. Of all the hundreds of people currently broadcasting on the website, probably fewer than twenty were wearing clothing. I was all set to take off my bra, then another thought came to me. ‘They’d laugh at my small tits.’ I know it’s ridiculous, but that’s what I was thinking.

I couldn’t do this. I almost turned off the camera. But then I became angry with myself. I was such a fucking prude. I was stopping myself from earning money. I was even stopping myself from having fun. This could be a joyous experience. I remembered having thought that I might be a bit of an exhibitionist. I remembered hearing many of the naked people online laughing, and seeing them smiling. They were having a great time, and here I was, a scared little chicken shit brat. What was I even studying psychology for, if not to help people overcome things like this? Well, it might help if I had some experience with confronting a fear of my own.

That was the thought that got me going. That, plus being angry with myself for all this stupid stalling. I took off my bra. I stood up, and took off my skirt, and my panties. There! I was naked, and the camera was still going.

Zero viewers. That was surprising. I was expecting, well, maybe a dozen, anyway. Some of the top performers would have like 4,000 concurrent viewers. But I had zero. I brushed my fingertips over my nipples, something I had learned by watching online, and that made my nipples become erect. I started to move my hand to my crotch, felt weirdly embarrassed, and shut off the camera.

That was it. I was done for the night. Maybe forever. This wasn’t working. No one, not a single person saw me there, and it was a good thing.

Five minutes later, I was back on. I can’t tell you why. My unconscious must have taken over. I repeated the thing where I ran my fingertips over my nipples, and kept doing it for a while. The camera was set up in such a way, all that could be seen was my upper body with my little tits.

A viewer! Someone was watching me. ‘Oh my gosh, I hope he isn’t a perv,’ I was thinking, and almost shut the camera down again. Thinking better of it, I sat there, and resumed lightly rubbing my left nipple. My other hand went to my pussy, but that wasn’t visible online. I was wondering who my viewer was. I imagined it was some tall, white, hairy guy, and I felt a chill of horniness. You know the kind of thing: I felt almost an electric shock from the tip of my head to my feet. My pussy was wet, too.

While I was contemplating that, I got a second and third viewer. Wow! I felt many things at once. I was kind of embarrassed. Viewers were seeing me in my birthday suit. My tits were too small. Yet, this was exciting. I wondered who my viewers were. What were they doing? Were they all guys? Were they jerking off as they watched me? Oh, I could almost have an orgasm from that thought. Could I have an orgasm while being watched by random anonymous people? That would be interesting. I thought I might as well try.

Feeling emboldened, I stood up, so my vagina was live, on the Internet, for the first time in my life. No matter that only three people were viewing it. I was becoming hornier by the minute, knowing someone, anyone, was watching.

I placed my fingers where they would do the most good, and within seconds had a beautiful, squishy wet orgasm, right there on the camera.

Settling back in my chair, I lowered the camera, and pushed the chair away from the desk a couple of feet, so viewers could see more of me. Well, not my face. That was out of the picture. But the whole rest of my skinny, naked self was there for the world to watch.

Eight viewers! Well, that many people deserved a show. I started rubbing my clit again. I’m not one to have multiple orgasms in a session usually, but that evening I did have a second orgasm and it was quite powerful. There’s something about being watched that is very empowering, if you like that sort of thing, and I was realizing that I did enjoy being watched.

Not knowing exactly how to proceed, I turned off the camera, and went to bed. I hadn’t made any money, and I never got more than eight concurrent viewers, but I did get eight. I had masturbated in front of eight strangers. How cool is that?

I did pretty much the same thing the next day, and again, didn’t make any money, and only had six viewers, but I decided if nothing else, this would make a great hobby. Of course I needed money, but that left my mind as I was ‘performing.’ I’d certainly do this even if I had to do something else to make money.

And that’s the way it was turning out. In the course of the next few weeks, I went on cam every evening, never having more than 19 viewers, and never making even a single token, tokens being things you can exchange for real money. I was going to have to get a job. What a shame. If my time hadn’t been stretched thin before, now it was really short, because I was spending an hour a night on cam, and I wouldn’t have wanted to give that up. I was worried it was becoming an addiction.

As a psych major, I knew well the signs of addiction. If you’re doing something that interferes with your personal or professional life, you’re addicted. I decided I wasn’t, at least not yet. I was still doing fine in school, I had friends, going out to pizza now and then with people I really liked, and I didn’t have a professional life. The friends thing was kind of interesting. I didn’t currently have a boyfriend, but that was by choice. There were two girls, Bethany and Alexis, also majoring in psychology, that I could talk about anything with. They were both besties. We often arranged study groups together. But the one thing I couldn’t tell them about was this webcam stuff. No way in hell!

The webcam stuff was failing miserably, in terms of making money. I hadn’t made a cent. I studied what the performers who were getting over a thousand viewers were doing, but couldn’t find anything definitive. I decided it would become a hobby, and I would begin searching for an ordinary part-time job, like bagging groceries. What a shame that it would cut into my webcamming time.

I went online one day, feeling a bit crazier than usual. I arranged the camera aimed at my bed, rather than the chair, and got on my hands and knees, facing away from my camera. The audience, such as it was – a handful of viewers at best – would be treated to a good close view of my asshole and the bottom of my pussy slit. I don’t know why I did that, exactly. I guess I was feeling more exhibitionist than usual, and wanted them to see the most private part of me, my asshole.

So, there I was for a good half-hour, with my butt in the air, the camera zoomed in, and I was sort of rubbing my clit with one hand from time to time. Most of the session, I was just contemplative. I was really quite stationary. I was doing this for me, knowing no one would be watching, or a few people at most.

When I was done, I got up, walked over to the computer, and had to look twice. There were 117 watchers, and I had over a hundred tokens! That was so fucking unexpected, I thought it was a fluke. There were also some IMs asking me to do more. Some were impolite, but some seemed quite earnest. One guy – I assume – wanted me to put a finger in my butt while in that position. I decided to comply. Why not?

I got back on the bed, with my ass in the camera, and started fingering my butt. I hadn’t really done that before, and it felt rather nice. First, I lightly touched around the hole itself. Then, I stuck my index finger in a little bit. After a short while, I was trying to jam two fingers in. It wasn’t too hard, because I had coated them with my copious girl juice. I jammed the two fingers in all the way, and it felt stretched, and a bit pinchy, but overall quite desirable. I then tried three fingers, but my anal skin must have been getting irritated, because it was beginning to feel stingy.

I got up, returned to the computer, and suddenly understood my career was made! I had 326 viewers, and when my tokens were converted, I’d have $42. A good part of that, looking over the scrolled messages, was from the guy who requested the finger thing. $42 isn’t much, but I knew that with experimentation, I could learn to increase that number tremendously.

OK, I was back in business. I put as many hours in as possible, realizing that like any job, the more I worked, the more I made. I was careful to attend all my classes, pay attention, and do all my homework. I didn’t want to be stuck camming forever, plus I did have a love for psychology. More than that, I imagined myself becoming a professional shrink, and I liked the idea. So, I did stay focused on my education.

So, finding out that the butt in the air thing worked well, I repeated the performance many times. I began adding other tricks to my trade. I found, to my original disbelief, that undressing too soon is costly. You end up making more money if you start out in bluejeans, slowly revealing that you’re wearing a thong, then eventually wearing just the thong, then going topless, and playing with your boobs, even if they are small ones. Finally, teasing that you’ll be removing the thong, and after literally ninety minutes, pulling the thong off, and getting all masturbatory.

I spent a lot of money on one of those OhMiBod things. These are pink, battery powered vibrators that you can stick all the way in your pussy or ass, leaving only a little tail sticking out. They are Bluetooth controlled, so you, a partner, or anyone, anywhere on the Internet can control the power, frequency and pattern of vibrations you’re getting. I had seen that many of the cam performers were using them, and thought it must be essential. The first few times I tried the thing, it was super-powerful, giving me full-body tingles, and crashing orgasms. In the end, I discovered that it is too common. It’s overdone. I made more money without it.

Another good tactic was to take requests. Some were downright crude. Viewers asked for things like peeing on my office chair. I think not! However, some wanted to see me pee. Doing it in a cup was OK, and when I did that, I found it quite profitable.

My dad had said more than once that drinking a lot of water is good for one’s health. Now I had an excuse. I wanted to do the peeing thing several times a day. Furthermore, holding your pee for a very long time, and then letting it go, well, it makes you incredibly horny.

I continued to have orgasms, but I made it a point to dole them out carefully. If I had a six hour block of time for camming, for instance, I didn’t want to have an orgasm two hours in, and then be out of the mood for the next four hours.

Actually, it wasn’t quite like that. Occasionally, I’d stay in the mood, and be able to have additional orgasms, no problem. More often, I would lose the mood, but keep acting on cam. After a half-hour or so, I’d be all horny again, and couldn’t wait to allow myself another orgasm. They’d be carefully timed. If I had orgasms at the right times, I made more money. I also learned to ham them up.

Being shy by nature, my first on-cam orgasms were quiet. I didn’t even move very much. Then, I learned to moan loudly, even shout, and wiggle and squirm all over the place. It wasn’t entirely acting, I loved letting myself go like that, and discovered the orgasms were much stronger.

One day I went too far. I shouted something like, “OH FUCK!, OH FUCK!” really loud as I was cumming. A moment later there was a knock on my door. It was my father, asking if everything was alright.

“I’m just camming.”

“Oh, OK.”

Yes, he knew what I was doing. He suggested it, remember? Still, I would have been embarrassed if he came in and saw me performing. I hadn’t thought to lock my door, so I’m very thankful he didn’t barge right in.

I had a terrifying thought: What if he was downstairs, on his tablet, watching me?

‘Well, fuck it,’ I thought. ‘Let him enjoy, if he wants.’

A couple years later I asked him about that. He told me he purposely didn’t visit that website any more. He was afraid that he would see me. He then said that if he had seen me, he probably would have freaked out, even though it had been his idea, and put a stop to it right away.

So, now, I wasn’t making a fortune, but enough to cover my tuition, books, and even put the occasional gallon in my car. This was way cool! And to think, I almost ended up bagging groceries or cleaning houses or something.

As time went on, I graduated from college. The camming continued. You’d think I’d get bored doing the same thing every day, but somehow, I was loving it. Maybe it was the promise of a couple of orgasms every session that kept me going. Maybe it was shy me, being bold on camera. I did enjoy the idea that thousands of people had seen me naked. I was now regularly doing the whole thing – everyone could see my face, and I was fine with that.

Until one day when Gil, a guy I had been casually dating said he had something he wanted to ask me. I was like, “Sure, anything.”

“Well, I was on this website,” he said sheepishly.

Suddenly, my face turned three shades of red, and I could hardly speak in a normal voice.

“Maybe I shouldn’t watch such things. I saw this girl online. She looked just like you. You wouldn’t be ‘CrazyGirl,’ would you?”

My heart was in my throat. How should I answer that?

Thinking fast, and using some of the things I learned in all my psych study, I turned it around.

“You were on that website?” forgetting that I was letting on that I even knew what it was.

He became hesitant, and seemed for a moment like a deer in the headlights.

Before he answered, I bombarded him with another question. “Have you ever gone on camera?”

That one he felt comfortable in answering, and in the process, more or less admitted that he was indeed a viewer on the site. “No, I haven’t been on cam.”

Gil was a fairly honest guy, and even though I was still freaking out, I had to ask, “Would you? I mean, if you were all horned up, let’s say, and had the opportunity to go on camera, would you do it?”

“Yeah, maybe.”

Suddenly, I had the strangest idea. In order to pull this off, I had to be honest. It was time, anyway. It wasn’t right to keep my big secret from Gil. He and I hadn’t fucked yet, but I liked him, and I knew it was only a matter of time.

Interestingly, I had hardly even thought about sex with guys, let alone actually be with someone, since I had taken up the camming business.

“Gil, I have an idea.”

“Oh, Oh!”

“No, really. You might like this, I mean if you’re man enough to do it.”

Just like I figured, that entangled him.

Then, winging it, without thinking it through, I leaned over and gave him a big smooch, which turned into some serious kissing, with our tongues doing what tongues to in such situations. It was the first time I had even kissed him like that, and it was quite nice.

Gil wasn’t much to look at. He tends to wear preppy sky blue sweaters, high-quality shirts, pants and shoes, and usually wears some funky horn rim glasses. He keeps his hair short, and shaves all his facial hair. He seems quite studious. But if you get past that, you’ll notice he is taller and thinner than average, and has a strong, basketball player sort of appearance about him.

During all that kissing, as we became reclined on my bed, I noticed a definite solid artifact pressed between our lower bellies.

Finally, I broke the embrace so I could launch into a home-made presentation. I didn’t say it very well, but whatever, right?

“Yes, that was me online.”

He gasped.

“That’s how I’ve been earning my living.”

I didn’t get into the details of how as a newly-minted psychologist, I hadn’t attracted any private clients, and in California, one has to put in a 2,500-hour, generally unpaid internship before one can be employed by institutions.

“So, Gil, It isn’t making me a fortune. That’s why I’m still living with my dad. And, I have student loans to pay back. What I’m trying to say, is I needed to come up with a way to make more money. The online camming is already working well, but could be expanded. I’m thinking of trying it with a partner. Now, it would be an experiment, because it might not work for various reasons…”

“Are you saying?… Are you inviting?…” he broke off, not able to finish the sentences.

“Yes. I know I’m not being romantic here, but guys like that right? You guys like coming right to the point? I’ll bet you’ve been thinking of fucking me.

He reared back, and brought his hands up, as if to protest, but I kept on going.

“So, lets go ahead and fuck, but we can do it on cam, and both of us could make some money.”

I had to wait a really long time for his reply. One of the things a psychologist realizes is to wait in such circumstances. To not fill conversational gaps. Then, when the other person feels the silence, he or she will often speak a deeper truth than intended.



“It’s too weird.”

“OK, suit yourself,” I said, but I’m sure my cheeks were red. I felt really embarrassed for even bringing it up.

After another long wait, he said, kind of quietly, “Well, maybe it would be kind of fun.”

‘Kind of fun?!’ I was thinking. Geez, I’m talking about fucking his ass, and he’s reluctant, and only thinks it might be kind of fun!

Then I thought about it, trying to understand his response from his perspective, another psychological trick. And guess what? That’s probably how I would have responded. It was too weird of a proposition to answer excitedly. There’s something about preserving dignity, or saving face, or something.

I had a notion that I thought might be profitable, and it would be fun, too, if only Gil would agree. I proposed starting with strip poker.

Gil agreed, pretending to be reluctant. Or maybe he really was reluctant. Who knows? We decided to go on cam at 4pm the next afternoon. That would be 7pm in the east, which I have found is fairly profitable. Later is better, but then, I thought this session of ours might last a long time.

I was as excited as a kid preparing to go to Disneyland. I hadn’t actually fucked in a long time. But that wasn’t the big part. The really cool thing was having a friend to play with online. I felt what I had been doing, although adventurous and enjoyable, was also lonely, even with all those people watching.

What’s kind of odd is that Gil and I didn’t know each other that well. He just happened to be ‘convenient’ when I began thinking of experimenting online with a partner.

I couldn’t sleep the night before, and had a very rare masturbating session while not on cam. It was oddly soothing. I finally fell asleep after orgasming. The next day day dragged on and on. I went on cam at 10am, and it seemed to last forever, but I made my usual money, and that was nice. I ate a late lunch. Finally, it was 4pm, and the doorbell rang.

It was the mailman, requiring a signature for a package. A new battery for my laptop.

At about five minutes after four, Gil arrived. I invited him into my bedroom. Being the gentleman he is, he left his shoes next to the doormat, tromping into my room in his white socks. Quickly assessing our clothing, I took off my shoes, too, so we’d begin approximately even.

We started playing strip poker. I have to tell you, the boy was nervous. I didn’t expect that, but I should have realized. I mean, look how long it took me before I could go on cam. I wouldn’t have been surprised if Gil would have freaked out at some point and bolted from the room.

I told him, right on cam where everyone could hear it, that he shouldn’t worry. You get used to it, and almost forget there are viewers. Not only is that absolutely true, but I though people hearing that ‘out there’ would understand that this was not a setup. It was a for-real first time for Gil.

I lost a sock. On the next round, Gil lost a sock. I lost my other sock, then he lost his. Then he lost again, and had to remove his T-shirt. He lost yet again, and pulled off his shorts, revealing that he wears jockeys. They were quite white. I thought I could make out the shape of his penis behind the cloth. I thought it might be partially erect, but I couldn’t quite tell.

It was time for me to loose something, but it didn’t work out that way. He lost the next hand, and to my complete surprise, he pulled his white underwear right down, and stepped out, as his uncircumcised penis kind of bobbed up and down. I was even more surprised to find he had no hair in that area.

“No hair!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, I prepared.”

Wow, Gil was a man of surprises. He didn’t appear to be all that frightened. For me, I could understand. I had become used to camming. At a few times, I had over 500 concurrent viewers, and it no longer fazed me. I understand now how celebrities like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber can perform in front of tens of thousands of people, or millions on TV. You get used to it, and it becomes normal. You almost forget about the watchers, and when you do realize they’re there, you’re proud, not scared.

But Gil was a Justin Bieber already, standing before the camera with his penis sticking up at a 45-degree angle, and not hiding anything. Not only that, a moment later, he hammed it up. He turned around, leaned down, spread his ass cheeks with his hands, showing the whole world his butthole.

I checked the viewer count. We already have over 300 watchers. This early in a session, that was unprecidented. We had made some money already as well. I was becoming terribly excited. What a nice spin it would put on my business to do this regularly with a friend. And we hadn’t even come to the best part yet.

I turned around and showed my asshole in the same way, then turned facing the camera again, and gave the world, or at least 300 people, a good close up of my pink, spread labia.

Before we went on cam, I told Gil about the best places in the room in regards to the lighting, and so the camera would show good angles. I told him about how everything in cam world should take an extraordinarily long time because it is more profitable. Beyond that, I didn’t discuss what we planned to do. In my mind, I assumed we’d end up doing ordinary intercourse. But the funny thing is, I couldn’t bring myself to talk about that part, and evidently, he couldn’t either.

Gil and I sat side by side on the edge of the bed, one of the better camera shots. He leaned toward me, and I leaned away. It was instinctive because he was still relatively a stranger to me. As soon as I noticed what I was doing, I quit leaning, and let him come do whatever he planned. I thought he was going to kiss me, but instead, he licked my ear. Weird, eh?

Because we were on cam, and because it felt rather nice, I let him continue. Actually, it did feel surprisingly nice. No one, of all the several guys I had fucked, did that. It sent chills through me from head to toe. I certainly didn’t expect that. He kept licking and licking, at times putting the tip of his tongue in the hole itself, resulting in super-loud cracking noises as the air pressure changed. Still, it was remarkably enjoyable. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his shaved, white, uncircumsized penis sticking straight up in his lap. I found it rather attractive, sending more chills through my body. But, because we were on cam, I couldn’t even touch it yet.

788 viewers!

After a long time, he backed away for a moment. I turned to face him directly, and we instinctively got into a sideways hugging kiss. It also had to last, as our viewers built up, and I was very glad it did. Because, even though I was very much looking forward to fucking Gil, this was super-fun too. We were Frenching, and then he pushed me down on the bed. Clutching the remote in one hand, and watching the laptop, I adjusted the camera to follow us.

We began rolling around on the bed, with his super-hard penis occasionally being squeezed between my legs and his stomach, or his legs and my stomach, or both our lower stomachs. At one point, he was behind me and we were spooning. I felt his cock pressed against my ass crack. Not in it, but pointing upward toward my back. Gil didn’t know this, but one of my best erogenous spots is the top of my ass crack. Weird I know, but that’s the truth. If someone touches me there, if they run a finger lightly up and down toward the top of my ass crack, I’m in heaven. It isn’t orgasmic, but it is super-nice.

We had to change position, because the viewers couldn’t really see anything. I got up, he got up, then he pushed me down sideways on the bed, so my feet were on the floor, and my crotch was pointing right at the camera. He knelt on the floor, and started to lick my vagina and suck my inner labia into his mouth. I was loving it, but we couldn’t keep it up, because from the camera angle, the action wasn’t very clear. Even my tits were blocked by his shoulders and head. They did see his ass however.

Glancing at the monitor, I saw someone had requested a good view of his asshole.

Without saying much, we both thought ‘OK,’ and he spread his legs and changed his position slightly, while I zoomed in with the remote. Now, viewers could view his asshole in detail, with a few straggly hairs that he must have missed while depilating, and his balls hanging below. I found the view, as I was studying the monitor, quite attractive. I had an urge to suck his balls into my mouth, and maybe even put a finger in his ass.

1,280 viewers!

I decided to do just that. I got up while he acted momentarily confused. I walked behind him, adjusted the camera, and then sticking my finger in my vagina, and making a show of it, because viewers like that kind of detail, I coated my finger with girl juice. Then, with him still kneeling against the bed, and his ass wide open, I swirled my finger around his asshole, not touching the opening itself. He said, “Yummm,” so I knew I was on the right track.

I kept the light near-anal touching going for a while, and then started pressing right in the middle of his anus. Pretty soon, my finger was going in. I twisted it back and forth a bit, then got it all the way in. He appeared to be loving it.

Now, it was time to give the public something more, so I had him lay on the bed, and bring his feet over his head, holding his legs up with his hands on the back of his thighs. That wasn’t quite it, so I had him turn 45 degrees sideways. There. Now people could see what I was about to do. I brought my face in close, smelling his wonderful, musky, male fragrance, and lightly licked his smooth scrotum. He must have deplated, or maybe even lasered, because I didn’t feel stubble with my tongue. The texture of his scrotum was delicious. It may have had a mild taste too, although I couldn’t quite tell. I kind of sucked it into my mouth, feeling one testicle popping in past my lips. He jumped a little bit. I’d have to remember to be gentler.

I gently squished his testicle around in my mouth, pressing on it with my tongue. Without words, but with his body language, he let me know he was loving that.

After a while, I spit it out, and did the same with his other testicle, noticing that his penis was quite long. I didn’t know whether it was longer than average, or just seemed that way, but in any case, I was quite attracted. Realizing that would be in me soon, I felt my knees weaken. It’s a good thing I wasn’t standing at the time.

As I continued to suck on his balls, I put a hand around his glorious tool, and began naturally stroking it slowly up and down.

“Woah, hang on.” he said more loudly than was necessary.

Realizing he was about to cum, I dropped him like a hot potato.

Gil must have had some experience in the girl department, because he then turned his attention to me. He started by kissing and licking my neck, then worked down to my left breast. From there, he blazed a trail down my side, to my stomach, then bypassing my pussy, he went down the top of my left thigh, and ended up at my toes, still kissing and licking. He disregarded the camera position, so sometimes we were half out of the frame, but at that point, I didn’t really care. He then moved up my other foot, and ended up on my upper thigh, teasing me, and the whole crowd, now numbering over 2,500. That was way more watchers than my previous record. He kissed me near my pussy, but not on it. This guy knew what he was doing.

I came out and asked Gil, without thinking it through, where he had learned to treat a girl so well. Perhaps not remembering that the whole world could hear us, he said, “My older sister.”

I don’t know if he had actually forgotten that a couple thousand people were listening, or whether he was perfectly aware, and doing it for show. I made a mental note to ask him more about that later.

Those three words had an unexpected effect on me. It made me twice as horny as I already was. Lots of juice was flowing out of my vagina, and I so wanted him to hurry up and begin kissing my vagina.

Instead, he backed away and grabbed a little packet off the night stand. Standing so the camera could show his penis very clearly, he slowly, ever so slowly, unrolled the condom onto his penis. Shortly thereafter, we were fucking like there was no tomorrow.

Suddenly, there was a mild bang downstairs, and Gil froze.

“What was that?”

“My dad came home.”

“Oh, no!”

“No, he isn’t coming in here. He knows.”

“He knows,” I assured him, adding, “I mean he knows what I do for a living, but he doesn’t specifically know you’re here.”

He remained frozen, thinking about it for a minute, then without a word, he resumed pumping in an out, fucking me resolutely.

I think Gil had intended to last all day, but he only made it about ten minutes before he messed up the inside of the condom. Trooper that he is, he tried to stay in me for several more minutes and give me an orgasm, but it wasn’t happening.

Pulling out rather abruptly, he positioned me so the camera had a good view, then proceeded to lick my clit. He kept licking from within my slit, probing his tongue deeply, to a point above the top of my vagina. Then repositioning me again, he lengthened the strokes so each one began from my asshole and ended up past my clit, It didn’t take long. I came hard. I didn’t even have to exaggerate for the camera. I had a screaming, shuddering, orgasm. The contractions were so strong they felt like someone was mildly kicking me from the inside.

You’d think he would have stopped at that point, but he kept going. For a moment, it was intolerable. I was done. But I wasn’t done, and he knew it. Relentlessly, he kept gently licking away, never adding more pressure, and lo and behold, I came again. And a minute later, I came again. That last orgasm was kind a double, or a single that lasted longer, and seemed to have two peaks.

Finally we were truly done, we thanked the viewers, now numbering a fantastic 3,400, and turned off the camera.

We hugged together on the bed, and fell asleep, with him spooned behind and holding me tight in his arms.

It turned out that we each made a little over $200 for that performance.

I was all set to do it the next day with Gil, but he said that he’d need two days to recover. So, I performed alone. The whole time I was working, showing my whole naked, sexual self to the world, the only thing I could think about is how much more fun it was with a friend. Not to mention, more profitable. Why, if Gil and I worked out all the kinks, angles, or whatever, we’d make a small fortune. I was surprised that he wouldn’t want to do it every day, all day long, but I’d take what I could get.

So, I needed some more partners. Maybe some women, since I didn’t currently know any guys, or at least guys I liked and trusted, other than Gil. How in the heck could I get them? I thought about simply taking some of my girlfriends out for drinks, and saying something like “Hey, I perform on webcam. Do you want to join me?” Obviously, that would be too forward. I couldn’t come up with any elegant or safe way to do it. It would kill me if I asked someone I knew, who would then be shocked and totally decline.

I thought of Craigslist, and with a quick search, I found a section called Gigs | Creative Talent, where photographers and videographers were advertising for models. Some of them were quite pornographic, so I thought that was the place to put an ad.

I had a little trouble coming up with wording, finally settling on “Webcam actress needed for very pornographic sessions.” I then went on to say any reasonably good-looking girl would do as long as she had a sense of humor, and didn’t suffer from stage fright. I was offering $50/hour.

I received exactly zero responses. Gil read the ad, and said I forgot to mention this was to perform with another female. Otherwise all the women were probably scared off, thinking I was a male masher. Good point.

Gil and I performed again, and it was great.

A woman named Leslie responded to my ad. I invited her over for an interview. She came over wearing a long housecoat. Stepping into my living room, she opened the coat, revealing that she was wearing only red lengerie underneath. Nice touch! We talked, and I discovered she was very likable. She also seemed like the perfect contrast for me. She was big, curvy, not really fat, and had big boobs. She was also a flaming redhead. I thought it was probably her natural color, because she was quite freckled. Since she was the only respondent, I went with her.

I was a little nervous, never having done it with a girl before. What I consciously told myself was that I’d make a bigger profit with a girl. I had seen some lesbian cam shows on my website, and they were making good money. The real reason, one I wouldn’t admit to myself, is that I had fantasized about having sex with a woman, and here was the perfect excuse.

Oddly, as the time of our first performance approached, I was twice as nervous as I had been with Gil.

One of Leslie’s attributes is that she is very gregarious, outrageous even. I figured that would be a great addition to my shows. We started out playing strip poker, as I had done with Gil. She lost everything first, and I just took off my panties so we’d be even. She wasn’t at all hesitant about showing her glory to the world.

We kissed, and it wasn’t half bad. We kept it up for a long time, for the camera, of course, but I was really enjoying it. I don’t know if it was imagination, but she tasted good. I could tell something about her personality, because she kept sticking her tongue deeply into my mouth. I was fine with her being a leader, taking control.

And, boy did she! Pushing me laughingly down on the bed with my feet on the floor, and my crotch clearly visible, she grabbed something out of an old-fashioned carpet bag she had brought. I didn’t understand what it was at first, but when I suddenly figured it out, I was like, ‘No fucking way!’

I wouldn’t say she insisted, but I argued a little bit, knowing that I’d end up giving in. But I had to at least pretend to object. This contraption of hers actually did make me quite nervous. Beginning to sit up, I said, “You first, Sweetie.”

“Un, uh,” she responded, pushing me back down on the bed, and then lubed up the stainless steel gadget. She took the remote, and fumbling a bit, got the camera lined up for a nice close up. Then she unceremoniously jammed the thing right into me. Wow, that opened my eyes. It would have been more comfortable if she had gone in slowly. Plus, the damn thing was cold.

In retrospect, that jamming in cold quick routine is actually very sexual, although perhaps a bit torturous for my tastes.

She ratcheted the speculum open, and it began to feel really, really nice. It took a moment to get used to the extreme stretch, and Leslie knew this, because she paused for a while so my body could acclimate. Pretty soon, I wanted more stretching. I could feel a slight cool breeze swirling around inside me, and if that isn’t a huge turn-on, nothing is! Leslie added to the effect by blowing light puffs of air into my wide-open vagina.

I glanced over at the laptop, and there was my cervix, on display for the whole world, or specifically, 3,224 viewers! That was too much for me, and without my clit being touched at all, I started orgasming. The fucking speculum was pinching on one side, and that hurt, which only made the orgasm stronger. I felt my body pulsing against the immovable object, and while I was worried about an injury, it was still the strongest orgasm of my life.

Immediately afterward, I wanted the fucking thing out, immediately! Leslie must have been familiar with the effect, because she complied, ratcheting it down slowly, then taking it out. I was at once relieved, and couldn’t wait to try it again.

We spent the next hour with her showing me how to put that thing in her. I was delighted to view the inside of a woman for the first time. I reached my finger in and touched the opening of her cervix. She said that it was uncomfortable when I tried to press my finger in, so I stopped. I later learned from personal experience, that pressing anything into the opening of the cervix, for most women, results in an instant dull ache.

What she did want was for me to put a finger in her peehole. I was reluctant, but she insisted. Plus, I thought it would be good for business. First, I had to coat my finger with hydrogen peroxide to sterilize it. She said that what she called “urethral play” can cause infections if one isn’t careful. She wanted me to dab a little hydrogen peroxide right on her peehole as well. I found touching her there absolutely fascinating, and got a twinge in my own pussy, already horning up again.

Starting with my little finger, I pressed it against her peehole, thinking there’s no way it would fit in that little, tiny hole. What I discovered is that the female urethra is very stretchy, and soon my little finger was buried to the first knuckle. That wasn’t enough for her. She wanted me to pull out, put more lube on my finger, and push it back in, while twisting back and forth a bit. I felt a restriction farther in, and she was in some sort of heaven, saying it felt like she had to pee, but better. I was curious, and knew in that moment, I’d have to have someone stick a finger in my peehole. The restriction was her sphincter. She told me there are two of them, close together, and once you get past them, you’re in the bladder.

I couldn’t get in quite that far. Leslie had a limit. She was kind of wincing as I was trying to gently force my way past those sphincters. She wanted me to keep going. I pushed a bit more, and she said, “Ooh, stop!” She said she’d have to work up to it slowly, which I guessed meant she was wanting more of this in the near future. Camera or not, I was all for it! We ended the session with me licking a vagina for the first time in my life, and with Leslie’s insistence, I gently nibbled on her clitoris. That drove her over the edge, and arching her back, but surprisingly quiet for a change, she had a very nice orgasm.

As you can imagine, Leslie and I made quite a bit of money.

I told Gil all about it, and he became so horny he could hardly stand it. I could see it in his eyes. Of course, when you’re a professional cammer, there’s only one response to that. We went online, and showed his horniness to the world.

Days passed, all lucrative and fun. Gil kept insisting he wanted to do a three-way session with Leslie. I wasn’t sure I wanted to share him. Or share her, for that matter. He was also super interested in the whole urethral play thing.

Knowing what I do of human nature from my studies in psychology, I knew that threesomes are troubesomes. I wanted a fourth, then it would work out well. It seemed to me another guy would be the answer. The problem is, I wasn’t sure Gil would be OK with another guy. I know that many men are homophobic. They have a big thing about that. I guess it’s upbringing.

So, I told him, that if Leslie was accepting of the idea, I’d find a guy and we’d have a foursome, and yes, with urethral play and all. I was all set for a loud protest.

Instead, he said, “Cool!”

It took some doing to find a good male actor on Craigslist. I interviewed several, and they all creeped me out. Finally, a guy who was a bit over forty years old came along who appeared very sincere and likable. I didn’t mind his age, and thinking of my demographic, decided he might enhance my profits. Charlie, was not super-tall, but not short. He was bearded, his short dark hair was graying at the temples, and his clean cut face, with a strong, square jaw was very attractive. His blue eyes sparkled. Plus, he had a great sense of humor. How could someone not like this guy? I was so worried that when I mentioned Leslie and Gil’s interest in urethral play, he’d back out. He rubbed his chin, looked at me, glanced at the floor, then back at me, and said, “Why not?” Then he added, “I’m kind of afraid of infection, so you can tell your friends that I’ll ‘do’ them, but don’t want to be done.”

I thought, correctly, that Gil and Leslie would be good with that. We arranged a session, and everyone met at my house. I was a little embarrassed for my dad to see three guests come over that I was going to cam with, but I got over it.

Leslie somehow managed to get a handful of catheters. I went to the drugstore and got alcohol, KY jelly, and more hydrogen peroxide. Before we went on cam, Leslie told us we had to be very careful to be sterile. She also said that the lining of urethras, especially in men, are very fragile, so we must proceed with caution.

We did the strip poker thing again. The online viewers love that. Soon, we were all naked, Gil was erect right from the start. Charlie, not so much. In fact, his circumcised dick, in a small nest of straggly hair, was small and soft.

Leslie reached over and began kissing not Gil, and not Charlie, but me. That left the two guys acting like they didn’t know what to do. I was about to say something, like maybe instruct Leslie to go to one of the guys and I’d go to the other, but then Gil leaned over and kissed Charlie, who didn’t seem to mind. Not one bit. They got to embracing, and I didn’t see much for a while, being quite nicely involved with Leslie, but when I did glance back at the guys, I noticed they were both quite erect.

Leslie brought out her carpetbag, producing the catheters. She decided to show how it was done on a guy, using Gil as a model. He was so excited he was shaking a bit. She had him lay on the bed, and as I zoomed the camera in, she covered her hands with alcohol, shook them to dry off, then got him all sterile with the hydrogen peroxide. She opened a catheter packet, and teasingly slowly, brought the tip of the tube to the tip of Gil’s dick. In time, she slipped the tube in a quarter inch. Taking her sweet time, she slowly passed it in about four inches. Gil was kind of bucking and wincing slightly, but when she kept asking him he said, “No, it doesn’t hurt.”

I think he was wincing in anticipation of pain. She then pulled all four inches back out, relubed the catheter and pressed it in farther. Much farther. I didn’t realize that the male urethra is around a foot long. At one point he said, “Ooh, I feel like I’m gonna pee.”

“It feels that way, but you won’t,” Leslie said. She held it there for a while, not only so Gil could bask in the nice sensation, but to tease the viewers. Meanwhile, I had somehow gravitated to giving Charlie a nice handjob. Then I switched to a blowjob. He was really enjoying it, but kept asking me to stop for a few seconds, so he wouldn’t blow his load.

Right on cam, educating thousands of viewers in addition to myself, he explained that he was ‘edging.’ He was getting very close to orgasm, but not going over the edge, so he could enjoy the session for a much longer time than if he ejaculated.

Watching Leslie, I saw that she had pushed the catheter beyond Gil’s sphincters, because it rapidly slipped in several more inches.

At that point, she gave him a handjob, and he was starting to go “Ah,” and “Ooh.” Somehow, she knew just when to stop. So, Gil, too, got his first lesson is edging.

He asked, “What happens if I cum with this catheter in place?”

“Let’s find out,” Leslie answered, and proceeded to stroke him in earnest.

As he started bucking and protesting, “I’m gonna cum!” she kept right on going. You could see his perineal area pulsating and a moment later, the thick white fluid emerged out from around the tube.

She pulled the catheter out slowly, and he said it stung a little bit.

As the tip flopped out, it was slightly pinkish, with a touch of blood.

I was thinking, ‘That can’t be good.’

Then it was my turn. I really, really wanted to experience a finger in my peehole. Fortunately, Leslie was willing to comply. Repeating the alcohol and hydrogen peroxide treatment, she prepared me, then I felt her finger touching my peehole. That, in itself, was a special moment that sent shivers through me from head to toe. Then she began pressing her little finger in. It kind of stung. I wasn’t sure if I liked it, and then pretty soon decided I didn’t, so I asked her to stop. She pulled it out slowly, and as she did so, I had a spontaneous orgasm. That was unexpected, but delightful.

We spent a total of three hours online, and in the end, there was a lot of fucking. Leslie and I got mini-fucks from both Charlie and Gil. They kept pulling out before it was too late, and we were able to delay orgasms for a long time. Then Charlie buttfucked me, and at the same time, Gil buttfucked Leslie. It did something to me watching them, even as I was receiving the same treatment myself, and I had a large, loud, crashing orgasm.

Gil had ejaculated in his condom while his penis was in Leslie’s asshole, but Charlie hadn’t cum yet. I would have thought Gil was finished, but he loudly announced he wanted Charlie’s penis in his ass. Charlie was very happy to comply. Putting on a fresh condom, he pressed his rock hard penis into Gil’s butt while Leslie and I watched with big eyes. Soon, Charlie was leaning all back and groaning, having himself a great cum in Gil’s ass.

For the next two days, Gil said that pissing stung like hell. I was worried about him, but it cleared up on its own, as Leslie said it would. Still, he was done with urethral play. We never did that again. However, we did everything else under the sun.

A year later, my friend Alexis texted me, letting me know that a boyfriend of hers had turned her onto the website, and she recognized me there. At first I was terribly embarrassed. Thinking it over, it occurred to me that she had admitted she was a viewer. Wondering if she masturbated to actors on the site, made me horny. Then, I realized she had seen me nude, and being all sexual. I’ll bet she masturbated to me. That simultaneously scared the bejeepers out of me, and gave me a sexual shock of anticipation.

It took all the courage in the world, to text back, but we got in an conversation, in which she admitted that she had masturbated while watching me, and found the whole thing very hot! I went from embarrassed to feeling honored and was becoming hornier by the second.

I asked her whether she had ever shown herself online. She hadn’t, and thought of the people who did, even me, as minor celebrities.

One thing led to another and she joined our little group. Oh, it was so fun getting all sexy with Alexis the first time. She has a thing about anal fingering. She loves having fingers stuck in her ass, and our viewers love it too.

That was four years ago. The five of us, plus three others jokingly think of ourselves as a ‘theater group’ and have performed regularly ever since. The others gave up their jobs, making more as cammers. I never did pursue a career in psychology, although I could someday. But why would I want to? This is much more fun!

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