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Three Weeks Into College

by Jenelle Watson

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I like to masturbate. Morning, noon, and night. Almost literally. At first it concerned me. I felt like it might be an addiction. Then, I realized I’m calmer and more balanced than anyone I know. I think it helps me, sort of like meditation. Hmm. Medibation, Masturtation. I’ll have to ponder that. So maybe it’s a good thing that I like masturbation. Besides, the hallmarks of addiction are that you mess up your social or financial life, and that’s not happening to me, so, I guess it’s all OK.

It was easy at home. I had my own room with a lock on the door, a sister in college, a younger brother who was always out playing sports, and both parents worked. I’d rub myself when I woke up before I got out of bed. I’d rub myself after school after finishing my homework. I saved the orgasm as a treat to be earned by completing the homework. Then, at night, I’d rub myself a little more, often falling asleep before getting off.

You can probably imagine, then, that I was becoming worried as the summer ended and my first year of college was about to start. How could I find the privacy I would need? I had actually applied to some local schools, so I could stay home where I could masturbate every day. Of course that’s silly, and ultimately, I ended up registered at a better college 500 miles away.

The first day of college arrived. I got off the Amtrak and took a local bus to the university. That wasn’t hard even with my big backpack full of stuff. It took a little walking around the campus and asking people for directions to find my dorm.

Finally, I was in my room, having signed in, gotten my meal pass and signed the various papers. It was just in time, because that damn pack was getting heavy and I was hungry. It was a bit strange eating in the big, mostly empty, cafeteria and not knowing anyone there. I had my phone so I read an ebook while I ate. A couple of girls smiled at me from a distance. I smiled back. I wondered who my roommate was going to be. Maybe one of those girls who waved.

I unpacked, while trying to imagine what the next day, my first day of school, was going to be like. After unpacking, I wandered around the dorm, looking in the communal bathroom, and then at places outside, secretly hoping for places that I might be able to masturbate in peace. I didn’t see anywhere in which the thought of trying to masturbate didn’t scare the bejeeperes out of me.

I knew my roommate could pop in at any moment, but with the door locked, I figured I could rub myself for a short while around 6pm. I tried, but I was thinking how when she arrives, she might unlock the door and barge in, not giving me time to cover up. Oh, how I wanted to get fully naked and really love myself for a good hour.

I went down the hall to the bathroom, but couldn’t face the idea of wanking in a stall. How inelegant! Guess what? I ended up orgasming in a stall.

It was around 8pm when Sandra arrived. Compared to my compact Asian self, she was a knockout. Tall, with long, straight strawberry blond hair, freckles, curvy but not fat, I could imagine the guys swarming all over her.

Oh, they seem to find me attractive too, but I don’t know why. Who’d want a half-Tongan girl with a pointy little nose, no lips to speak of, tiny tits, and overly-dark skin? Plus, I could never manage my ever-frizzy hair. But enough about me.

I did happen to notice that Sandra had big tits, too. I thought of her a ‘competition’ for a second, then had to laugh at my silly notion. There are thousands of guys here. The right one will come along, even for me, I thought.

Sandra had a big smile for me. She wanted me to call her “Sandi.” I could tell I’d like her right away, although I also had to resist the tendency to dislike her because she represented my loss of opportunity to masturbate. I wished I was from one of those rich families who could have paid for a private room in an off-campus house.

We talked way late into the evening, and the more we talked, the more it felt like she’d become a good friend. It was probably around 1am when we went to sleep. That was probably a mistake, because my first class was at 8am. As she got ready for bed, she slipped out of her jumper and farmer shirt, standing in front of me for a moment in nothing but bra and panties. Oddly, seeing her like that reminded that I’d like to masturbate.

Sandi went down the hall with her toothbrush, and I took the opportunity to do the best I could under my blanket, but she came back too soon. When she put the lights out, I tried once again to have an orgasm, but was self-conscious. I was concerned that I couldn’t sufficiently hide my motion under the blanket. Instead, I tossed and turned for a good hour before my body overcame my horny mind and let me sleep.

My fucking phone alarm didn’t work in the morning, and I woke at 10am. Sandi wasn’t in the room. I supposed she had managed to wake on time.

I had missed my first ever college lecture! I was so bummed out. Since the class was to run until 11am, I ran over, hoping to catch at least the end. To my absolute surprise, when I got there, the door was locked and the lecture had been canceled. It seemed the professor hadn’t arrived on campus yet, so I didn’t miss anything.

I had another class at 2pm, so you can bet I went back to my room, hoping Sandi wasn’t there, because I wanted desperately to do you-know-what. But, she was there. Damn, damn, damn!

The next day and the next passed pretty much the same way. I had classes, started to get homework, met a few girls that I liked, joined a study group, and found I had some people to join me in the cafeteria for meals. Sandi and I hit it off nicely, too. We didn’t talk quite so late as that first night, but we did talk a lot. We covered our families, we talked about boys in a general way, and she had some ideas for my hair that we planned to try out. She was raised Catholic, I wasn’t raised as anything.

I was getting hornier and hornier. I tried doing myself in the bathroom in a closed stall, but girls were always coming and going, and to me, it just seemed too obvious if I tried to masturbate in a stall. Under the blankets in our darkened room, well, I tried, but the mood was so wrong. First, I didn’t want to alert Sandi as to what I was doing. Second, I really like being totally naked, open, and on the bed, not in it, when I have my orgasms.

It got so bad that I started making stupid little quips to Sandi. Like one day I said something about boys always masturbating instead of paying attention in class. I guess it was supposed to be a little joke or something. Sandi was like, “Umhm.” Noncommittal. I suppose, in my dreams, she would have opened up into a nice conversation about masturbation, leading to what, I didn’t know.

On another occasion, I mentioned that in a psychology class, there was discussion about how in modern times, we have started to be more open about masturbation. As soon as I said it to her, I felt it was a mistake. How might she react, being from a religious family and all.

To my surprise, she said “Yes.” But that’s all she said.

I was frantically racking my brain trying to come up with a way to pry open the conversation further, and yet, I didn’t want to sound stupid, or horny. Not in front of my roommate, for gosh sake. At the same time, I was getting hornier by the day. I had even quipped some stupid stuff to some of the guys in my classes.

Suddenly, startling me out of my homework, she announced. “Yes, masturbation. I like it.” She said it calmly, like it was an intellectual concept, and nothing more.

I went for broke, but in a hoarse whisper, so people on the other side of the wall wouldn’t hear anything too personal, “So, you masturbate?”

She whispered back, “Of course. Doesn’t everyone?”

Wow! Sandi just said that! OK, I was thinking ‘Pry the conversation open.’ But what to say, exactly?

“Me too. I mean, I mastur… masturbate, too.” I practically stumbled over my own tongue as I whispered that. Plus, it was a stupid answer.

“Do you? I’ve been trying to do it when you’re not here.”

“Me too! But you’re always here!” I had to stop saying ‘me too. Geez.’

We laughed, but quietly, as if laughter would give away to the residents next door what we were talking about.

“You, know, if you need to jill one out, it won’t bother me. I mean, we’re all human, we have certain needs,” she whispered.

“Oh, yes. Same thing Sandi. Anytime you feel the need, never mind me. I’ll do my best to give you some privacy. Just let me know. Maybe a signal of some sort, and I’ll grab my phone and go read something somewhere.”

“Do we have to inconvenience each other to that degree?”


“Let’s say you want to get off. And I’m doing my homework. Why don’t you just do it, and I won’t pay any attention?”

“Well, that’s very nice of you, but I couldn’t. I mean, to do it in front of someone, even if they aren’t looking…”

“I couldn’t either.”

We both paused in contemplation for a while. Suddenly, I blurted, but still in a very quiet voice, feeling it was OK to say this now, “But what if we could?”

Oops, that was going too far.

I waited for a moment expecting to get destroyed, but she whispered back, “You know, I suppose we could. What would wrong with it?”

“I suppose we could end up becoming lesbians.”

“Really, Jenny? Are you worried about that?” she said a little louder.


We laughed, although perhaps somewhat nervously. The sexual tension in the air was so thick it clouded our judgment. We both knew where this was going, but the conversation would have to follow certain rules. We were kind of dancing around, seeing if we could permit something to happen that we both desperately wanted.

In a secret compartment of my mind, I really wanted to get naked with Sandi, and masturbate together. I mean, wouldn’t that be something?

“So what could go wrong, really?” I whispered.

“Nothing I can think of,” she admitted.

“I agree.”

“So, let’s do something.”


“I don’t know exactly. I know we have to do something about the masturbating problem. Right?”

“Quite right.”

I’m glad that Sandi is a take-charge kind of person. I just don’t think I could have taken the next step, no matter how important it was to me.

“OK, go lock the door Jen, and let’s just see what happens.”

I stood up to lock the door and nearly fell over. My knees were weak and shaking.

“Wait, I’ll be right back,” she said, while unlocking the door I had just locked. She went out into the hallway. I heard her asking people if anyone had a deck of cards. In a minute she was back.

“I borrowed this deck. Let’s take turns drawing cards, and whoever gets the lowest card has to take something off,” she proposed, while turning up the thermostat. It wasn’t cold in the room, but she wanted it warmer. I got it: A warm room would be more conducive to nudity, and it seemed we were going to do this thing.

At that point, not only were my knees weak, my heart was racing, and I was feeling kind of shaky all over. There was also a weird feeling in my lower stomach extending to my pussy. It was similar to fear, but wasn’t quite that.

“I don’t know.” Oh, no. I couldn’t believe I said that. Was my brain at war with myself? On the one hand, I totally wanted to do this. On the other, it was scaring me.


“Sorry, I had a momentary panic.”

“Thanks for admitting that. I did too. Do you want to go ahead? We don’t have to.”

I decided that taking care of the ‘masturbation problem’ was more important than a bit of fear. She felt the same way.

Sandi had me take off my sweater so we had on approximately the same number of clothes. She drew a card, and I drew a card. I lost the first round, and took off a shoe.

She lost a shoe on the next round.

I lost the next four rounds in a row, and ended up down to my bra and panties. If you can believe it, I did, and at the same time, didn’t, want to be the first one to reveal my tits.

Guess what? I lost the next round. I was reluctant, but I knew what I had to do, so as nonchalantly as possible, I unhooked my bra and dropped it on the bed.

I did not expect Sandi to draw in her breath, but that’s just what she did.

“Jenny, your breasts are beautiful!”

Wow, I didn’t see that coming! First of all, they’re too small. They don’t droop down, not even a little bit, the way proper breasts should. They’re just like little brown half-domes on my chest, topped by funny little almost-black nipples. But the part that really got me is that Sandi seemed sort of, well, lesbian in that moment. Actually, no, the part that really got me, was that I loved that she, a beautiful girl, liked my tits.

I had always thought I was straight. So, now, I had a new concern to ponder. What if I was bisexual? I decided to put that aside for the moment. Even though I was shaking with some sort of fear (or was it sexuality?), I wanted to savor the moment and whatever was going to happen next.

Then Sandi lost the next two rounds. First I got to see her breasts. I didn’t think I’d be so attracted to them. They were quite large, the way breasts are supposed to be. They were milky white, with many freckles leading down from her neck, but few on the lower portion of her breasts. She had little nipples, surrounded large pink disks. I wanted to reach out and touch them, but restrained myself.

She was the first to lose her panties. I was surprised to see that she shaved her nether regions. I had thought she was very conservative, being Catholic and all, and said as much.

“Oh, everyone shaves these days. It looks much nicer, don’t you think?”

I had to admit that her milky white slit really did look appealing, although I didn’t put it it quite like that. As I recall, my intelligent response was “Yuh.”

“Besides, it makes masturbating so much better.”

“I’ll have to try that sometime,” and I really meant it. To think of myself shaved that way, and to see her in all her glory, gave me goosebumps and a big tingle in my pussy.

We didn’t play the last hand. I just took my underwear off.

“Wow Jenny, you’re beautiful!”

At first I was concerned that this was all going down a lesbian path, one I wasn’t ready for, but then I said to myself, ‘fuck it,’ and threw caution to the wind.

“OK, let’s wank,” she hoarsely whispered.

I laid on my bed, and she on hers, and we started rubbing ourselves. But it wasn’t right, somehow.

I whispered, “Something isn’t quite right, is it?”

She agreed. “I think I know what it is. We’re afraid to really let loose in front of each other. We need to overcome that.”

“I think you’re right, but how?”

“Jenny, I want to ask you a big favor.”

Holy shit. What was she going to ask exactly?

I want you to watch me masturbate. I want you to really witness my orgasm. Then I’ll do the same for you.”

I was relieved. I was imagining something different, like she wanted to start kissing, or I don’t know, full-on lesbian sex or something. Watching, I could handle. Truth be told, I would enjoy that. Te not only see a woman masturbate for the first time in my life, but to actually be invited to witness it.

“Sandi, I can do that.”

“Well, come over here.”

I went over and sat on the edge of her bed. Then, I accidentally took the thing to a whole new level.

“You know, Sandi. It might be nice if I see all of you. To really look at you.”

I had her stand up and turn slowly around for me. My heart did a little flip-flop as she turned around and I really looked at her beautiful, rounded, very white ass below her hourglass waist, for the first time. I liked the way her breasts laid against her chest. I noticed that her nipples were hard and pointy, and liked seeing that. I wanted more. I don’t know how it came over me, but it did: I asked her to spread her pussy lips so I could look inside. I asked her to show me her clit. I even asked her to turn around, spread her ass cheeks, and show me her asshole. She gladly complied with all my requests, while I melted into a puddle of horniness. Seeing those sights gave me chills and some sort of sexual energy, culminating in my tits, my pussy, everywhere, stronger than I had ever felt before. I couldn’t help slipping a hand between my legs as I stared at her.

Sandi then laid down on her bed, spread her legs out, and masturbated for me. It was a show for sure and I was happy to be the audience. Soon, she was bucking all over the bed, and had a strong orgasm, while trying to supress her instinct to cry out, and still quite possibly making too much noise.

I had never seen anything like it. It was ten times better than the best movie I had ever seen.

She laid on the bed for a good several minutes, recovering. When she could speak again, all she could say was “That was fucking amazing!”

By then, I had laid back down on my own bed, and was starting to frig myself earnestly. It had been more than I could take without doing something about it. But Sandi whispered, “Wait.”

I stopped. It seemed she wanted to have me stand up, turn around, and show her all my goodies like she had done for me. That was the moment in my life when I learned that I’m an exhibitionist. I just loved showing her, especially spreading my ass cheeks so she could see my almost-black little asshole. I had seen it once in a mirror, so I could visualize what she was seeing, and it made me even hornier than I was, if you can imagine that. The idea that here was this beautiful girl looking at me so intently, all of me, well, I can’t even put it in words.

I got back on my bed, now dripping wet. Within a minute, I had given myself a crashing orgasm. But it wasn’t enough. I kept rubbing, and had two or maybe three more orgasms in a row. I usually only get one.

We had another amazing conversation that lasted late into the night. But this time, it was all about what we had done. The general swing of the conversation was that it was fantastic, everyone should masturbate together, it’s very freeing, and so on. We went on to enumerate all the psychological advantages, many of which we had to make up.

By the time we had been in college three weeks, we routinely threw off our clothes when we came in the room, and freely, and easily wanked in front of each other. Knowing the other was watching, or at least present in the room doing homework or something, made the orgasms more intense.

Sandi had brought me a purple bottle of hair conditioner. It is one I had seen in the stores before but never paid attention to. She told me to use it. I did, and for the first time in my life, I felt like I had control over my hair.

She also introduced me to another product. On a quiet afternoon when no one was in the bathroom, she had me apply it to my pussy hair. It removed it all, leaving me as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I loved the look, and of course we both had to masturbate right afterward.

I was doing myself, stark naked on my bed one afternoon when she barged into the room in her usual blustery way. I was fine with that. Instead of sitting down on her bed, or in her rolling chair, she sat on my bed. I kind of enjoyed the extra closeness.

Then, she laid down next to me, with our shoulders touching. It was unusual, but I rather liked it. She felt like a sister, in a way, but more than a sister, someone I could masturbate around, which really is a special relationship. I was thinking that if she wanted to throw off her clothes, and come back on my bed and masturbate next to me, well, that would be OK.

She got up, threw off her clothes, and laid down next to me! I was delighted, and let her know with a simple, “Yes, OK.” She rubbed her clit. I rubbed mine. I could feel her shaking my bed. I put my fingers in my vagina, trying to reach that inside spot, and with my other hand, I was lightly massaging my right nipple. She did something similar. We orgasmed at the same time.

A moment later, she rolled over, hugging my back and putting her arm around me. We both fell asleep for a comfy little nap.

She woke first, and then woke me with an innocent little kiss on my lips. “I’m hungry, are you?” We dressed and went down to dinner, smiling contentedly all the way.

It was Sandi who instigated our first French kiss, and I was very OK with that. She, too, was the first one to reach out and kiss my vagina. I was very happy she did, because that meant it was OK for me to kiss her in the same way. Diving my tongue deep into her pink vagina and tasting her pussy juice for the first time was a delight.

We didn’t have any sex toys until she came back from a weekend with her parents. She showed me a sleek, purple, penis-shaped vibrator. I had heard about such things, but never seen one. “It was a gift from my mom.”

I was flabbergasted. I had the impression that her mother was a very religious woman and I said so.

“Oh, she is. She taught me to be a good Catholic girl, too, but she didn’t teach me to be dead.”

We laughed.

“My mother is becoming a modern woman, and knows that bringing such things as masturbation out into the open is good for society. Of course it’s the first time she ever discussed such things with me, and it was a bit shocking. Until now, she never even mentioned the birds and the bees.”

“Then she just up and gave you a vibrator?”


More laughter.

“Let me see that thing,” I requested.

I grabbed it and started running my hand up and down it, sort of like how I imagined a boy masturbates. That struck Sandi as funny.

Without deciding it, or speaking about it, we both found ourselves fully nude on her bed. “Let me introduce you to this thing,” she offered.

Sandi had me get on my hands and knees on her bed, exposing my whole bottom to her very nicely. I liked being in that position. It felt somehow naughty. I also liked the light breezy feeling of the slight air current in the room against my asshole.

She placed her hand against my vagina, then rubbed my slit a bit, building my horniness, and getting me wet. That’s not hard to do with me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m Tongan, if it’s generally an Asian thing, or what, but I get really wet down there. More than most women, as I understand it. Certainly more than Sandi. I usually have to put a towel under me when I masturbate so I don’t make a mess on the bed.

So she soaked her hand then rubbed it on the purple vibrator. She slowly stuck it in my vagina from behind, and I knew I had a brand new liking from that very moment. It felt so fulfilling. As I was relishing the new filling sensation, It suddenly occurred to me that she was fucking me. I was being fucked by Sandi’s vibrator. She hadn’t even turned it on yet. When that happened, I came instantly, twice.

The next day, we repeated the process, but with me sticking it in her pussy. I just started gently introducing it, and she kind of jerked, and asked me to stop. “Ooh, that hurts!”

I felt guilty for a second because I hurt her, then I realized I hadn’t really pushed or anything. It shouldn’t have hurt. Then I figured out what was wrong. Sandi was still a virgin. OK, well I am too, but I guess my hymen disappeared long ago. From what I had read somewhere, many girls pierce their hymens from early masturbatory activities, or sometimes they just get torn open from physical activities. Some girls don’t have much of a hymen to start with. Sandi still had enough of hers that the vibrator bothered her. I wanted to see, so I carefully pried open her vagina with my fingers, and took a look. Sure enough, there was kind of a sheet in there. It sort of looked like that little bit of tissue under your tongue, but divided in the middle. She was surprised, because she’d put her fingers in there many times. We figured the fingers slipped through the opening just fine, but the wider, more solid vibrator wouldn’t go without damaging that hymen.

She thought it might be best to keep it a while longer. I agreed, although I was thinking I’d have to be careful when I play with her from now on until she meets a boy or something.

I didn’t want her to miss out on the the nice toy her mother had gotten her, and that gave me an idea. I instructed Sandi to get back on her hands and knees on her bed again. I rubbed some of my own juice on the vibrator, and pressed it against, not her vagina, but her anus. She was instantly like, “Ooh, that’s great!”

I continued pressing, but it wasn’t going in, and she started kind of swinging forward, as if she wasn’t going to let it in. I think it might have been hurting her a bit. So, then, without thinking much about it at the time, I wet my own fingers with my slime, and touched my index finger to the middle of her asshole. It was a delight for both of us. I could tell she was particularly enjoying the new sensation, and I was kind of in love with her little, pink, slightly wrinkled asshole. Whereas mine is dark and kind of large, hers is very light and tiny, which I just couldn’t get enough of seeing. It also smelled surprisingly nice, more like a sweet flower than something gross.

After giving her plenty of time to get used to the feel of my finger against her asshole, I pressed just slightly. There was some resistance. I didn’t quite know what it would feel like to her, so I took it back out, put more juice on it, and pressed again. Suddenly, I found the right orientation, and it slipped in to my first knuckle. She was loving it.

I pulled out again, put yet more girl juice on my finger, and with a slight twisting back and forth method, I worked it all the way into her butt. While I was doing this, I was feeling strong sensations in my lower stomach and vagina. Just doing this to her was having a profound effect on me, too.

I pulled my finger all the way out. I did it slowly at her request, and she said it seemed much longer that it actually is. Then, ever so slowly, I worked two fingers into her anus. Having accomplished that, we then tried the vibrator again, and it went into her nicely. Shortly after I switched it on, she had a spectacular orgasm. Who knew that a girl could cum from something in her ass?

The next day, I found out myself just how true that is!

You’d think things couldn’t get any better, but first we had to have the stuffing scared out of us.

One day, we were playing with the vibrator in our room, and the door swung open. We had forgotten to lock it. Carter, a tall blond guy, not bad to look at, who I had been working on a project with, walked in. Why he felt he didn’t have to knock, I don’t know. Maybe because he had been visiting often, and on those occasions he came by, we were just studying or doing nothing in particular.

It was a girls’ dorm, but during the daytime, and even sometimes in the evenings, guys did come and go.

Anyway, he just burst in before we could react. Sandi was on her back sideways on her bed with her feet spread wide and on the floor. I was on my knees on the bed, with my butt facing the door. I was massaging her tits, and licking her cunt. That’s exactly what he must have seen.


That’s all he said, before he quickly left, closing the door behind him.

Although it was already too late, I jumped off, got in my own bed, and pulled my bedspread up to my neck. Sandi jumped under the covers on her own bed. We were freaked out big-time. We continued to freak out all evening, at one point, crying in each others arms. As we imagined it, the whole university would believe that Sandi and I were lesbians. They’d all hear about Sandi with her vagina being eaten, and me with my ass up in the air.

It took us literally a couple of days to calm down. We didn’t hear anything from anyone. I finally saw Carter in class, and he barely smiled before looking away. After class, I caught up to on the quad and asked what he was going to do about what he saw.

“Do? Why would I do anything?”

“Well, I mean, you saw Sandi and I there like that.”

“No big deal.”

Whew! I was starting to calm down in a way I hadn’t for two days.

“Are you going to tell anyone?”

“Hell, no. That was your private business.”

“Have you told anyone?”

“Absolutely not. You can rest assured.”

“By the way, nice butt,” he offered, with a toothy smile, as he walked away.

I can’t even begin to tell you how relieved I was. And so was Sandi when I told her. In retrospect, she and I made a small thing into a huge deal in our hysteria.

A few days later, as Carter and I were working on the project, which involved going over a spreadsheet from a psychological study, we got to talking about just ordinary things. I thanked him for not telling anyone. At that point, he revealed he’s gay, and as such, respects everyone’s sexual preferences. I started to tell him that Sandi and I aren’t gay, but caught myself. Why should I distance myself from him and his lifestyle? Wouldn’t that be like calling a black person black to their face? I’m almost black, and have seen the look directed at me from a few white people. Furthermore, so what if Sandi and I were gay?

He said that even though he’s gay, he did feel a twinge of something seeing the two of us.

I left it at that, but was intrigued by his last statement. A couple of days later, I started something that was so out of character for me that I’m wondering to this day what led me to it.

I was hatching a plan. First I brought it up with Sandi, and to my surprise, she was on board with it. So then I approached Carter. I told him that we’d be honored to have his presence next time Sandi and I masturbate together. The thought had horned up her and I big time. I just hope that Carter wouldn’t be offended, or disgusted by our invitation.

Stammering a bit, I brought it up.

Carter declined. I was so disappointed, and kind of embarrassed too, for mentioning it to him. I told Sandi later that day, and she, too was disappointed.

About three days later, just finishing the project and thinking I wouldn’t see much more of Carter, who I still found quite attractive, he asked whether I remembered asking him about a masturbation session. We were the only two in the classroom at the time, and he just came right out and asked that! But, I didn’t know why. I was hoping it wasn’t going to be something awful. Like, maybe he was going to lecture me on not offending gay people, or something.

“Well, I have this friend…” he started. He’s bisexual, or at least I think so. I’ve been trying to get in his pants for a while.”

I cringed at the way he said that.

“He and I have talked about masturbation quite a bit. I keep trying to steer him from mere conversation to masturbating with me, and then from there, who knows? Well anyway, I’m thinking, if he was invited to get naked with some girls, he might find that acceptable.”

“Sandi and I would have to meet him. I mean, maybe he’s creepy.”

“Would I be interested in him if he was a creep?” he asked with a smirk.

“Oh, I guess not, but we’d still want to meet him.”

“Fair enough. How can we arrange that?”

“How about tell him that there are two girls who masturbate together all the time, and we’ve invited you, but you don’t want to do it with us alone?”

“Hey, that’s not bad!”

Meanwhile, I was kicking myself for saying that. Too out there. I started thinking some more.

“But, don’t tell him our names or anything about us. All you can say is we’re on campus. He only gets to find out who we are when he actually arrives.”

“If he arrives.”

“Right. I’ll leave that in your hands. Go ahead and extend the invitation however you want to do that. If he’s interested, we can meet in my dorm. Let him know that there’s a 95% chance we won’t do it with him. That way, his expectations won’t be too high if, well, if he’s a creep.”

Carter laughed, and then took off. I didn’t hear from him for two more days. Our project was done.

A text came in. I get so many texts, I don’t pay much attention and I have the dinger thingie turned off. So, it was hours before I saw it was from Carter. “He says yes.”

For some reason, my heart went into my throat. Sandi was on her bed right near me, and so I told her. She was quite excited, “Really?”

After a whole bunch of texts with Carter acting as a go-between so this guy wouldn’t learn our identities, we figured out we could all meet the next day at 4pm.

Even though I rubbed myself to three orgasms that night, I didn’t get much sleep. I just kept playing possible scenarios in my head. They ranged from delightful, seeing a real penis for the first time in my life, to dreadful, having the guy get crazy, leave the room in a frenzy, than then telling everyone that Sandi and I were just too weird. I even imagined a couple of violent scenes, like the guy being drunk and trying to rape us. Far fetched and stupid I know, but that’s one of the thoughts I had.

What a fucking long day it was until 4pm! But the time finally did arrive. Sandi and I had done our hair, our nails, put on clothes as if it were a date. Silly, I know, but that’s what we did. We kept making up scenarios, mostly good ones, and telling them to each other.

At 4pm, on the dot, there was a knock on the door. Sandi opened it, revealing Carter and a guy named Zack. He was what I heard referred to in a movie once as a “Cool sip of water.” This guy was quite tall, thin, kept his hair and beard short, and a strong jaw. He had sparkly dark eyes and a smile that would win over a prison guard during a riot. He was also so black he must have been full-blood African.

What came to my mind at that point wasn’t politically correct. I’d heard that black men can have large penises. I was trying to imagine what it might look like.

Carter introduced Zack, and the four of us talked about generalities. We all skirted the issue, trying instead to see if we had any professors in common. Then, we discussed the change of seasons. The small talk went on ridiculously long.

I couldn’t take it any more. I blurted out, in a sort of a horse whisper because of our thin walls, “Well, we accept.”

Sandi gave me some dagger eyes because I hadn’t consulted her, but in a second she melted into a friendly, accepting look, so I knew she was on board.

“So how do we do this?” Carter asked.

That froze the conversation. There’s no doubt it was the elephant in the room. I had no idea what to say.

Finally, Sandi rescued us, She started working out some plans. “First, we have to agree that what happens in this room stays in this room. I just don’t want anyone knowing what might happen here today.”

There was assent from everyone.

“Everyone has to understand that this is just a personal masturbation session. We are simply a group of people working off the tensions of college life. Everyone masturbates. We just happen to want to do it together. Nothing wrong with that, right?”

More murmurs of assent.

Carter then added another rule, “So boy’s can’t touch girls and girls can’t touch boys.”

Oh, Carter, you crafty devil! He didn’t say that boys can’t touch boys.

Then we had a moment of silence, but not because anyone was praying. No, we were all just trying to figure out how to break the ice and get this party started.

Part of me wanted to tear off my clothes, get Sandi’s clothes off, and then just start demonstrating how it’s done in front of the two guys. That actually would have been pretty cool, but there’s no way I could bring myself to do that.

Finally, Sandi made what I thought was a bold move. “When Jenelle and I started ‘playing’…” and she emphasized that word, we used a deck of cards.”


“We can play strip poker, but let’s just do blackjack instead.”

Everyone was in agreement. That sounded like a sensible way to start.

Sandi grabbed the deck of cards she had borrowed several weeks before, and never returned. We assessed the amount of clothing everyone was wearing, and determined that if Carter took one thing off, we’d all be even. He took off his belt. No one had considered that an item, so we made him take off one shoe.

Then the game started. I was feeling quite excited, with a sort of almost sickening chill in my lower stomach, a quiver in my vaginal area, and a bit feverish and shaky.

There was a time late in the game when I still had most of my clothes. Carter was down to his boxers, and Sandi and Zack had two items of clothes each. They each had panties or briefs plus their T-shirts.

Oh my, I noticed that with both Carter and Zack I could see their penises outlined in their underpants. I had the impression they may be erect, but didn’t know enough about the matter at that time to be sure.

Wearing more clothes, I was feeling sort of like I was being left out of the party, and almost wanted to take some things off to even things up.

I shouldn’t have worried, As luck would have it, and oddly coincidental to the time I played with Sandi, I lost the next four hands in a row.

So, guess who was totally naked among three clothed people? Right! I was very concerned about taking off my bra, but even moreso to take off my panties. Everyone was unabashedly staring at me. I was horrified and excited at the same time. My pussy, always tending to flow with too much girl slime, was so wet I could feel it starting to run down my legs. I’m pretty sure the others saw it. There’s no way I could tell them I wasn’t sexually excited.

If you’ve never done it, try getting naked in front of clothed boys sometime. It is the most exquisitely embarrassing, and yet freeing feeling in the world.

While this was happening, I was wishing I hadn’t depilated the area, because that made me even more naked, and at the same time, I was glad I had removed the hair. Go figure!

Conrad was the first to lose his underpants. Sure enough, that thing of his was erect. I could tell because it was sticking out at a 45-degree angle, just like I had seen on guys on the Internet. I noticed he had no hair down there either, like me. Maybe he used the same depilation product. There is obviously a direct connection from the eyes to the vagina, because seeing him like that, my vagina was practically pulsing with something, desire maybe?

I was thinking that among us, Zack was the shy one. I was mistaken. As soon as Conrad’s boxers came off, Zack didn’t wait for his turn. He just stepped out of his briefs, revealing another yummy erection. His was different than anything I had seen in pictures. It was blacker than he was. So were his balls, what I could see of them, being partially hidden by a thick mat of curly black hair. I guessed he was uncircumcised, because the tip of his penis was pointy. I think his foreskin covered the whole tip, and was sort of bunched up at the end. I had a huge urge to touch it, to hold that glorious thing in my hand, and find out what it felt like.

Zack, meanwhile was staring at Sandi, who had volunteered to step out of the rest of her clothing also. The moment he saw her tits, he involuntarily let out a low, quiet whistle. Somehow, I had been assuming he was an experienced sexual expert, but seeing him practically drooling like that, maybe not.

So there we were, the four of us naked and nervous, but horny too. Conrad was on the foot of Sandi’s bed, just sitting there cross-legged with his penis sticking up, unattended. Zack, was scrunched up at the head of her bed against the wall, as if he didn’t want to get very close to Conrad. He too, had an erection. Sandi and I were sitting in the middle of her bed, with our feet on the floor, and with about six inches between us.

It was awkward. No one knew what to do next. No one was saying anything.

Zack said, “Sandi, I love your tits!”

“Thank you. I love your… um, cock.”

We all laughed. It seemed to break some of the tension.

Conrad, being a gentleman and perhaps detecting that I had felt ashamed of my small little breasts, added, “Jenny, your tits are beautiful.” It sounded like he really meant it, and it made me feel nice. Cared for.

What I didn’t realize is just how much he meant that. He then shocked me by asking, “Would it be OK if I touch them?”

No one bothered to remind him of the rule that boys can’t touch girls.

“Um, sure.”

He stood up. My eyes were on his penis which sort of waved in front of him as he approached me. Then he turned around and sat on the bed, on the other side of me from Sandi. Ever so gently, he just touched my nipples with his fingertips.

Zing! I got and electric shock right in the vagina. It was surprisingly specific and strong. I also noticed the most delicious tickle where was touching my super-hardened left nipple. With his other hand, he did the same to my other nipple. I was approaching orgasm. Unfortunately, within seconds, he went back to his bed.

As Carter sat back down, he put one hand on his penis, and pulled the skin up and down a couple of times. Boy, did that look good! I wanted to touch it too.

Sandi must have been thinking something similar, because she got up, then knelt on the floor in front of Zack, and without saying a word, she put her fingertips on his penis. She started moving her hand up and down. He leaned back and said, “Oh, yes!” in a breathy, whispery voice.

So much for guys and girls not touching each other.

Knowing Conrad was gay, but really wanting to touch that magical-looking thing of his, I decided I had better ask. So I did. “Conrad, would it be OK if I touch your penis?”

“Um, yes… Actually…” and then I was thinking that he was going to change his mind. “Actually, it would be really nice.”

I came over, and the first thing I noticed was how he smelled. Kind of like a mix of a trace of aftershave and soap. Very sexy! But his penis, oh, I so needed to touch that. Gingerly, I reached forward, and wrapped my fingers right around it.

Oh, my god. What have I been missing out on until now? He felt hard and soft all at the same time. His skin moved so easily, yet his penis was hard, like a bone. Now I understood the term boner. I could feel his heartbeat inside it.

There was something instinctual in me. A bodily reaction like I really, really wanted that inside me.

“Oh my, you’ve just made me rethink this whole gay thing,” he whispered jokingly.

“So, maybe you’re bisexual.”

“Not really, but I must say, I don’t mind attention from you.” As he was saying it, he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking at Zack. Practically drooling, I’d say.

Sandi had started moving her hand up and down on Zack’s penis. Suddenly he said, “Woah, let go!” She backed away immediately, looking shocked. Meanwhile, he spent a minute or so with some kind of inner struggle. You could see him tensing all up and expending some energy. Then I understood, he was trying to keep from orgasming.

I was startled. Had she done something wrong? Had she hurt him or something?

“I was gonna cum.”

Conrad explained. “Us guys aren’t quite like girls. Most of you women, as I understand it, can have multiple orgasms, one after another. With a guy, once we cum, once we ejaculate, we wilt like flowers, and are no good anymore.”

Sandi asked, “Forever?”

Conrad laughed. “No, for at least fifteen minutes, but we may lose the mood for a whole day. So, we don’t want to cum too soon.”

I was wondering if I should let go of Conrad’s penis. It felt awfully nice, and I wanted to keep touching it. I didn’t see him tensing up like Zack did, so I assumed it was OK. I started moving my hand up and down. It just came instinctually to me, and then Conrad asked me to stop. I assumed because he was maybe getting ready to orgasm too, but it might have been because of being gay, he wasn’t that into it. Yet his penis was hard, so I was confused.

Zack then said, “While us guys recover a bit, would you girls mind putting on a show for us?”

Wow, I liked that idea!

“What kind of show?”

“Whatever you’d like.”

I looked at Sandi, who was still kneeling by Zack. Her eyes sparkled with excitement.

Being bolder now, I came to Sandi, who at the same time stood up. We sat down together on my bed again, and started kissing. I was very aware that the guys were watching, and that made it better. While our tongues were dancing in each others mouths, I felt her hand on my left breast, and then her fingertips messing with my little nipple. I melt when that happens. Continuing to kiss, I returned the favor, fondling one of her nipples.

She then started kissing my face rather than my mouth, moved down to my neck, and then planted a row of kisses to one nipple. She sucked it and ran her tongue over it briefly, which set off another set of tingles in my vagina. She didn’t linger. Instead, she continued in a southerly direction, eventually landing on my vagina. It was easy to do, because, knowing what was coming, I had opened my legs wide.

Certainly, we were putting on a show for Zack and Conrad, but we were so incredibly charged up, that they could have walked out, and we wouldn’t have noticed. Now, Sandi was sticking her tongue between my inner labia. It would be only seconds before she found my clit, and I couldn’t be responsible for what would happen then.

Yup, she found it, and I started bucking and shaking all over the place. I was in the throes of an orgasm that kept going. That was the first time in my life I had one of those. It just kept going and going, and I felt it throughout my whole body, even the top of my head. I’m afraid I yelled quite loud. Perhaps the people in the neighboring rooms had an idea what was going on in here.

I kind of lost consciousness for a moment as I calmed down. The next thing I remember seeing was something I would not have expected in a million years. I looked over at Sandi’s bed, and there was Zack, fully reclined. Leaning over him was Conrad, who happened to have Zack’s penis in his mouth.

It certainly looked gay to me, yet Zack didn’t seem to mind. Good for him, I was thinking. And great for Conrad, because I knew this was exactly what he wanted.

I felt an obligation to do something for Sandi, but more than that I really wanted get all over her. It would make me as happy as it would her. But she was gone. Where did she go? Oh, she had somehow managed to move from my bed to hers and laid down next to Zack during my mental absence. She and Zack were kissing big-time. Conrad was still sucking his penis.

It didn’t take more than another minute for Zack to start arching his back, kind of bouncing up and down, and moaning way too loud. He must have been orgasming in Conrad’s mouth. This was very exciting, but I remember thinking I missed out on seeing an ejaculation. I had never seen that, and there was a scientist in me that wanted to know what that looks like.

Leave it to me to be logical, when perhaps something classier would have been better. I just came right out and asked whether I could rub Conrad’s penis until he ejaculated.

He declined and I felt kind of badly, but only for a moment. He offered to jerk off for us instead. That would do fine, I figured.

Sandi and Zack had been hugging like spoons, but now they sat up, switching their focus to Conrad, who was now sitting on the edge of the bed, and stroking his bald, hard, white, amazing penis.

As if it were a technical demonstration, he said, “OK, now.” His hand moved slower, and then five squirts of thick white fluid flowed out of the top, jumped a couple inches in the air, and then fell against his hand and his stomach. His facial expression was strange. I’d have to say it was a kind of joyous contortion.

I continued to watch, as he wiped up the stuff with a couple of paper towels. I noticed his penis was getting smaller and sort of wrinkly looking. I glanced over at Zack, and his penis was really small, mostly hiding in his little forest of black hair.

Sandi hadn’t had an orgasm yet, and it felt like my job to take care of that, which I was excited to do. I instructed her to get on her hands and knees. I fished around in the nightstand drawer finding the vibrator. I was thinking I’d put it in her vagina, but remembered that she’s still a virgin, so instead, I lubed up her ass, slowly stuck a finger inside, then a second finger. I was getting her ready to take the vibrator in her ass.

She was saying, “Yes, yes,! so I knew I was on the right track.

I hadn’t been paying attention to Zack who seemed to be rummaging around on the floor in his pants pockets. Suddenly, he was beside me, and there he was with a boner again. The boner looked odd out of the corner of my eye. Kind of reddish. I discovered he had unrolled a blue condom onto it.

He said, “Sandi, may I?”

“Yes, please!”

Taking my place, and kneeling behind her, he placed the tip of his penis against her vagina. He did not push it in. Instead, he just kind of rubbed it around a little bit. I think he was hoping she would develop some lube, but she’s never been one to get wet like I get. I found some lotion and handed it to him. He put some on his fingertips, and coated her pussy, then put some on the condom. I noticed that his penis was sticking straight out and very hard.

I remember thinking that while it was long and hard, it wasn’t any bigger than Conrad’s, busting the myth that all black men are well-endowed.

Then, he started pushing it into her. I felt very honored to be two feet away and seeing this in person. I was glad for our fluorescent lights in the ceiling, because I was relishing every detail.

She kind of yelped. Ah, right, her hymen. He seemed to push right through it, and she said, “Oh, wow!” but in a way that indicated she was in ecstasy.

Zack started pumping in and out.

The next thing I knew, Conrad was on his knees behind Zack, and had a condom on his penis also. What was he planning? I couldn’t even contemplate it. Well maybe I could, but I had trouble believing what I was seeing.

He didn’t ask. He just pressed his penis against Zack’s anus. Zack didn’t pull away. In fact, he seemed to press back against Conrad’s dick, while at the same time, maintaining himself inside Sandi.

It wasn’t long before Conrad was all the way in Zack’s ass. Suddenly, Sandi started yelling. Zack started yelling, and a moment after that, Conrad started yelling. They were all orgasming, and I got to see it. It was the best scene I’d ever witnessed, but it wasn’t a video. This was right here, and I was part of it.

In time, my three friends pulled apart. Zack took the rubber off, and then wiped off the creamy goo with a paper towel. It was interesting to see him pull his foreskin back and wipe the tip of his penis. He seemed to cringe a bit when he did that. He explained that a man’s penis gets very sensitive after fucking.

Now, maybe I’m an odd duck, because I enjoyed that afternoon without any regrets at all, even though I was less involved and didn’t get fucked, but, oh I was so happy!

Word got around that Jenelle and Sandi’s room was kind of a sex temple. After Zack and Conrad, some of their friends, and some of our friends started coming by. Then friends of friends made our acquaintance. It became easier to masturbate and more sexual things as well in front of these people. Some of them were quite shy, others were able to disrobe and do all sorts of wondrous things right in front of us.

At first the Sandi and I were very concerned. We didn’t want to be known as sluts or something. Slowly, we came to realize that we were actually known more like sex goddesses. That’s surprising for someone like me who is so eccentric looking, but I was quite proud of the situation.

What happened made homework difficult to manage, but we did alright. Generally between 7pm and 9pm every night, we’d have some people come over, and masturbate with us. After the first month or so, we decided that for the sake of safety and sanity, we’d make it a point to enjoy more masturbatory things, and less of the pentrative stuff. However, the exception to the rule was Sandi and Zack. They became a couple, and had special privileges in our room, which became known on the campus as the “masturbatorium.” Their priveledges allowed them to fuck in the presence of whoever was in the room. However, even those two love birds often did other things, such as he’d suck her clit, while she might give him a prostate massage.

All in all, during the remainder of the school year, we had about twenty regulars, and maybe thirty more people who came through the masturbatorium and played. We’d have guys doing girls, girls doing guys, guys on guys, and of course girls on girls, and sometimes groups of three, four and more, doing who knows what. We had a guy who just loved having his testicles massaged really hard. I didn’t understand that, but it made him happy. He’d wince and moan, and whoever was massaging those balls of his would stop for fear they were hurting him, but he’d ask them to continue.

We had a girl who just couldn’t get enough of anal orgasms. She wanted anyone and everyone to stick one or two fingers in her butt. She’d get all wet to where the pussy juices were just running down her legs, and she’d end up having orgasms with no other stimulation, just the fingers, or sometimes a vibrator in her butt. I don’t mind telling you that girl was me.

That wasn’t all. I also got a boyfriend. There was this shy, red-headed, somewhat goofy computer major named Randy, who came by the masturbatorium one time. He wasn’t very tall, and he was terribly skinny. His hair was long and unruly, just like mine. He was reluctant to participate, and all nervous, but the other, more experienced people in the room put him at ease. The first time he came by, he seemed delighted by all the activity around him, but wouldn’t let anyone, boy or girl, touch him. Not even kissing. He jerked off, said ‘thanks’ and left.

He was back two days later, and he let me give him a handjob. Afterward, we talked quite a bit. After everyone else had left, and while Sandi quietly worked on her computer, he and I just kept talking. He came by again, and did my favorite thing: he put his finger in my ass. Afterward, we kissed and kissed, and hugged for a very long time, eventually falling asleep together on my bed. I was starting to fall for this guy.

Early on, the TA came by, and we thought we were busted. So much for all the sexual freedom and fun we had been experiencing. But no, the TA hinted that she, too, would like to play. She became one of our best friends, particularly enjoying anything oral. That was her thing. She sucked me many times, causing crashing orgasms. I’d suck her lovely vagina also causing her to buck and scream for minutes at a time. She was also, from what I’m told, an expert at giving blowjobs.

Like all good things, it had to come to an end – for the summer. We reconvened the next year, and did the whole thing all over again. For another year, we struggled to get our homework done because the room was always so busy. To my utter amazement, Sandi and Zack were still together at the end of the second year. Even though they did masturbatory things with the other people, they reserved fucking for themselves, and it was starting to look like they were going to marry.

That was five years ago now. My husband, Randy got a remarkably high-paying job in Washington State, and of course I went with him. I started selling flowers, and ended up becoming a florist. Oh, and I’m pregnant!

I heard that Conrad became the city manager of a small town in Oregon. He has a guy he lives with. I don’t know the details.

Every now and then I get an email from Sandi. She and Zack are in California and doing great.

We’ve exchanged a couple of emails about a business idea. We may never do it, but then again, well, maybe. I’d sell my flower shop in a heartbeat if we really decided to do this business. It would be a professional masturbatorium, a place that the public could come to to masturbate together. To keep it legal and uncomplicated, we’d limit the allowed activity to masturbatory things. I could imagine something like this: People come in, pay their $18, get a locker and a towel, wander around an area with sofas, beds, chairs, and maybe other furniture, and just casually masturbate themselves, or other customers, have a good time, and go home satisfied and happy. Of course, I’d be our best customer.

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  1. What a great story. My own college days were so boringly unexciting it makes you want to cry.

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