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Cervix Plus or Minus

Starting from when I was around 13, there was a neighbor girl that I used to play with.

Sue and I were usually the best of friends, but sometimes the worst of enemies. That would last a day or two, then we were friends again.

We started playing ‘doctor’ and graduated to fully masturbating each other by the time we were seventeen. We’d do it for hours. I would cum in her hands, wilt, and then I’d ‘do’ her for a while until I became hard again.

In our early years, I couldn’t put any fingers in her. Her hymen was pretty much closed, with only a small slit and she didn’t want me forcing it at all. At seventeen, it had magically opened. I know she was still a virgin, so I figure it must have just been due to her masturbation with various objects.

One day we were playing with fisting. We had heard about it, and she wanted to try it. Of course I was totally willing! We got some lube – not knowing any better, we used coconut butter, but that worked out fine.

I was not able to fist her, but I got three fingers deep into her vagina. And I felt something. It was a lump of some sort in there. I became very concerned. I thought it might be a tumor or something. I didn’t tell her, because I didn’t want to alarm her.

Finally, a couple of days later, we talked about it, and she told me it was her cervix. Whew! I went from fear for her to delight immediately.

I didn’t really know what a cervix was, but I wanted to find out. She had somehow managed to ‘borrow’ a clear speculum from her mother, and we played with that one afternoon. What an education for me.

I wanted to stick something in the little opening in her cervix. We tried the back of a ballpoint pen. But she had me stop right away. It didn’t feel good. I did tickle the top of her cervix with a small, soft artist’s paintbrush, and she loved that. But what she really enjoyed was when I lightly tickled her clitoris with that brush while the speculum was inside her.

Fast forward a good many years. She and I went our own ways. She actually became a county sheriff, which was surprising because she grew into a beautiful, blond, soft, short, and fragile-looking woman.

I became a professor of computer programming languages. I responded to an online post to play with a guy. Little did I know, his wife came with the bargain. When I arrived at their home, I met him, and there was his wife, greeting me right alongside him. It turns out she wrote the ad, because she wanted to see her husband play with another guy. I was down with that! Play with him, with her watching – how excellent!

He was about 6’2″ and trim. A good looking guy. She was short and a bit rotund, but not bad! Very nice looking breasts from what I could tell. If she’d want to play with us, making it a three-way, that would be great, but if not, that would be OK too.

It turns out she didn’t play with us that day. I wanked him, he wanked me, he sucked me, and he wanted me to fuck him. I declined. I much prefer masturbatatory things. First of all, they’re much safer. She stayed clothed, but watched, commented, and we all had a good time.

A week later they invited me back. I figured it would be a repeat of last time. He was naked as he greeted me at the door, and said she was in the bathroom. I was wondering if that meant she was getting ready, perhaps putting on something skimpy. He and I went to their bed, and we started mildly fondling each other.

She arrived a few minutes later, totally naked, and freshly shaved and oiled all over. Now, her husband said he wanted to watch this time, as I fucked her. But, remember, I’m not into fucking.

However I was very happy indeed to play with her in every other way, and she was fine with playing with me. I fondled her breasts, and fingered her asshole a bit, before spending some time licking her clit. She was definitely enjoying the attention. She was getting close to orgasm, so I stopped. We all wanted to savor the afternoon.

She said she can have multiple orgasms, but not always. Sometimes, like a man, she becomes too satisfied after a good orgasm. So, she turned her attention to me. First with gentle tickling all over my body. Then she spent some time licking my right nipple while lightly stroking my ballsack. I let her know that I often like more powerful stimulation.

She started massaging my balls through my scrotum with here thumbs and first two fingers of each hand. Both balls at once, one per hand. First it was light, and delicious, but I let her know I wanted more. She started pressing more firmly. Every now and then, a testicle would slip out of her grip, like a wet bar of soap, suddenly slipping to the other area of my scrotum. That was great. Yes, it hurt a bit, but it was exquisite. She kept pressing more and more firmly. It never really ached, and only hurt when the balls slipped out of her grasp, but I became a bit concerned that I might get injured, so I asked her to do something else.

As soon as I did, I regretted it, because I actually did want more testicle massage. She went on to idly play with my peehole. I told her it would be wonderful if she’d try to put her skinny little finger into the hole – to see how far she could get it in. She grabbed some KY and went to work, pressing and twisting a bit. As the tip of her finger went in, she kept saying, over and over,'”Cool!”

Her husband is not very inventive, not much of an experimenter, and they never did things like this. She was almost as excited as I. As she continued to twist and press, it did hurt a bit, but not much, and suddenly, I felt a sort of pop, as her finger slipped in past the first knuckle. That scared her, so she rapidly pulled her finger out. Now that really hurt, but only for a moment. She started to press her finger in again, but I was getting too close to orgasm, so now it was her turn again.

She said she likes it rough, too, but her husband won’t comply. He’s afraid of hurting her. He concurred. I asked him whether if it gave her pleasure for me to be rough with her, he’d be OK with that? He said, sure, as long as I don’t go to far, and he, or she, would let me know if it’s too far. So she and I started to play while he idly stroked himself.

I put one finger, and then two in her butt. She seemed neutral about that. I couldn’t really tell if she liked it, and she didn’t say. So I slowly pulled out, cleaned my hands with disinfectant, relubed my right hand liberally with cream, and started putting more and more fingers in her vagina. Now, this, she liked. Very much! Not only did she tell me that verbally, but she started having some sort of reaction that seemed like orgasms. I couldn’t quite tell.

She was squirming, and I could feel contractions around my fingers, but whatever it was, it was ongoing. Not like a man’s orgasm which usually lasts less than a minute, and then is done. She kept squirming, contracting, and telling me things like “yummm!”

I got all four fingers in her, at which point her husband ejaculated. Shortly thereafter, he walked out, into the living room to watch TV or something. I called out, “Is it OK? OK if she and I continue?”

“Oh, heck yes” he replied. He walked back in, and told us that whereas he was done for the day, he wanted us to enjoy ourselves very much, and then walked out again.

She whispered to me, “Now we can really play hard.” I didn’t really know how to play any harder, so all i did was to jam my four fingers into her with a bit more pressure and try to add my thumb. She started wincing, although she didn’t say to stop or take it easy, but I quit trying to introduce the thumb. I started to think she might like me to play with her cervix. Maybe even put a finger in the os, the opening. That would excite me very much, and perhaps she’d love it too.

So I started feeling around with my fingers for her cervix. Funny that I hadn’t found it yet. And I was feeling around, and feeling around some more, and I couldn’t find it. Weird. So finally I asked, “Where’s your cervix?”

“Gone,” she said. Turns out she had had a hysterectomy several years back. I was disappointed for her, but on the other hand, I realized it didn’t seem to matter. She was having a great time.

I went back to the four finger stimulation, and added some rubbing of her clit with my other hand. She started doing that squirming and contracting thing again, and I kept going, rather hard, in my opinion. After a minute, she had a tremendous crashing orgasm. I felt a large amount of wetness as she released some sort of liquid, maybe urine, maybe something else. Whatever it was, it was clear as it started spreading out on the bedsheet, and had no odor.

I just kept up the stimulation until she grabbed my wrists and moved my fingers out and away. She was breathing heavy sighs, and her body was still jerking involuntarily for five minutes after.

We got together one more wonderful time. Then, I didn’t hear from them for a while. So I phoned one day, and found out she had gone off to Seattle to help her daughter with her new grandson. He was devastated. He told me that he was very worried that she wasn’t coming back. And sure enough, it’s been a year, and she hasn’t come back.

I asked whether it had anything to do with our three-ways. No, in fact they planned that, hoping it would put some zest back into their failing marriage. He came over one day crying. I did my best to cheer him up, and we ended up ejaculating all over each other.

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You Want the Car Keys?

Another story from a client.

I knew he planned to go out playing poker with his buddies again. I’m a lonely woman on Friday evenings when he does that. He comes home late, and just falls asleep. I hate that. So, one Friday, I invented a little game that changed everything.

I prepared before he came home from work. I should explain, we each have a bicycle which is our primary mode of transportation, by choice. But we do have one car between us for when we need to transport stuff or longer trips.

So, he wanted the car keys.

“Where are they?” he asked, looking in the little tray on the hall table, but finding it empty.

“Hot or cold,” I teased, letting him know I wanted to play a little game.

It took him a while, but he kept getting hotter as he guessed places closer to my body.

When he finally understood, his face actually flushed red a bit, and he meekly said, “Really?”

“Yup, and you have to get them. I’m not going to just hand them over.”

“OK, you little beauty, you asked for it!”

And with that, he carried me into the bedroom, and practically tore my clothes off. I made sure he was textile-free as well.

We pretended to wrestle, although if he had really wanted to, he could have thrown me down on the bed in one second flat.

He didn’t need any lube. He unceremoniously stuck his fingers in and got the car keys.

Normally, I orgasm fairly quickly, but this was ridiculous. As I felt his fingers wiggling around, and then the scrachy things being removed, I came instantly, and it was a strong, crashing orgasm.

Once the keys were removed, they were forgotten. He stayed home. We played, we showered, we dined, we watched a movie, we talked late into the night.

For some reason, he doesn’t go to those poker games any more.

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A Simple Ball Massage

I posted an ad on a local website asking for what I wanted.

I posted an ad with a picture of my dick and balls, the very picture you see above, and said I simply want a ball massage, nothing more, and didn’t want to reciprocate.

Just like a full-body massage, one feels quite refreshed and recharged after a ball massage.

You’d think with an ad like that, no one would respond. But six people did. One was obviously a nut case. Five seemed like good candidates. One was about my age, and sounded like he’d be just right, so I invited him over to my office.

When he arrived, we conversed a bit, we looked at porn for just a few minutes on my computer, then I showed him a video of a guy getting the kind of ball massage I wanted.

At that point, I brought a rolling office chair over to the sofa, indicated he should sit in it, I took off my clothes and laid on the sofa. He went to work. First, for a remarkably long time, he handled my scrotum very gently. For the first few minutes, I remained soft, then hardened up fully.

After a while, he started focusing more on my balls within the scrotum, eventually applying quite a bit of pressure with the first two fingers and thumb of each hand – one hand on each testicle. He built the pressure up slowly until it was just starting to be a bit painful.

I asked him to back off a bit, so now he knew the right amount. He was smart enough to know where to press on my balls, because as most guys know, there is a place where the epididimis joins the testicle that is more sensitive and would hurt if pressed too hard. Otherwise, the balls can take quite a bit of steady pressure without any pain at all.

Pain is not the objective for most people, certainly not for me. He kind of squished my balls back and forth. Sometimes, they squirted out of his grasp like a wet bar of soap, which felt rather nice. Like a little spike of surprise from time to time.

At the beginning, I was soft, but soon hardened up fully. He ignored my penis while focusing entirely on my balls. I asked him three times whether he was comfortable, not bored, and whether he wanted reciprocation.

He assured me he was comfortable, happy, and didn’t need or want anything. I’m bisexual, so I can understand in a way. He may have been a bit more gay than me. He was absolutely happy just to have an opportunity to handle another guy’s balls without any strings attached.

Well, I was ever so happy to have my balls handled with no strings attached. This must have gone on for around 40 minutes, and I was totally blissed out the whole time. He must have been getting a little bored finally, because he started brushing against my dick. Then he picked it up by the glans (head) and held it for a moment. He opened and studied the peehole momentarily.

He said it was a bit bigger than his. I’m not sure if he meant my whole penis, or the peehole. He let my dick go, then he lifted it by the frenulum – the little fold on the underside just below the glans. He gently stretched the frenulum as he continued to hold up my penis. He just pulled up – holding it without movement. This became orgasmic, and after a moment of this very unusual static treatment, I started squirting cum on my belly. We were done. I thanked him profusely, he thanked me profusely, and he went home, never to be seen again.

See also: Non-Sexual Male-Male Testicle Massage.

See also: Proper Testicle Massage.

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A Rough Time with Carl

I have a friend in his early 40s who, like me, is married and enjoys getting together with men from time to time. He likes rough, experimental play, and so do I, although I can also enjoy ordinary, lighter stimulation and as to the rough stuff, I more enjoy giving than getting. Here’s what we did the other day:

Carl greeted me at the door, totally naked as usual. He noticed I had a grocery bag, and asked what I had brought with a twinkle in his eye. I showed him – it was just some things I had hastily picked up at Harbor Freight (a tool store). I know he likes rough activities, and he mentioned an interest in buying some sounds in our latest email. So, I brought:

A pack of shrink wrap tubing in various diameters. These were flexible, thin, plastic tubes about a foot long (30cm), and varying in diameter from about 3/16-inch to 1/2-inch (4mm to 13mm or so).

I brought a pack of sandpaper. Hoping that he still had the aquarium tubing we played with last time, and knowing the edges were too sharp, I was hoping we could smooth that tubing’s ends.

I found a spring-loaded gluing clamp. You can squeeze it open with one hand, then slowly release it on two fingertips. It has smooth ends, and squeezes your fingers just to the point of discomfort.

I also brought a real, heavy-duty C-clamp. This is a gadget with a screw-in pusher that could exude enough pressure to easily squish a man’s testicle if one wanted to.

We grabbed a mattress from one of his childen’s rooms who were out of town with his wife that day, and dragged it into the living room, in front of his big screen. He found some generic porn and started it playing.

I had him lay down first. I noticed that his crotch was more shaved than usual. Usually, he keeps the hair on his balls totally shaved, but the rest of that area just trimmed short. Today, it was totally removed, which I like. I started off with some very gentle tickling of his scrotum and frenulum area with the corner of a sheet of toilet paper. It took him a while to get hard, but I could tell he was very much enjoying it anyway.

After a while I let go of the toilet paper, and started fooling around with the toys. The first was the gluing clamp. Wrapping a washcloth over the tip of his penis to protect the skin from any sort of pinching, I slowly applied the clamp over the entire glans of his penis, Ever so slowly I loosened my grip until it was entirely clamped on his dick. He winced a bit, but took the full pressure, letting me know that he was totally enjoying the experience. After just letting the clamp hang there for a bit while I fondled his scrotum, I grabbed the clamp again, and shook it for a half-minute or so. He seemed to like that, but I could tell it wasn’t having any real effect.

Suddenly, I removed the clamp. He jumped. If you’ve never had the experience, being clamped is OK, but when it is removed, it is a momentary sharp pain. That can be a surprise, since you’d think removing it would simply relieve the sensation.

Then, I put the washcloth over one of his testicles, and slowly applied the clamp. I was able to let go of all the pressure, but I discovered the clamp had only grabbed his scrotum. The ball had scooted out of the way. So, I found a thin cord, and tied his balls so they were trapped in his scrotum. I tried applying the clamp with the washcloth again, but couldn’t see what I was doing, and again, the clamp missed the target.

With Carl’s permission, I tried again without the cloth. I was able to get his left testicle perfectly, and slowly, ever so slowly, released the clamp. He winced and bucked momentarily, but urged me to continue. Finally, the clamp was exuding it’s full potential on his left nut, which was squished down to about 1/2-inch (13mm) in thickness. Carl was in heaven, as he expressed to me, and as I could see by his now fully-erect penis.

We then took a look at the shrink wrap tubing, but both decided the edges were too sharp for sounding.

Instead, we worked on the aquarium tubing, and did manage to get one end smoother, but not as smooth as we’d like. The finest sandpaper was 120 grit. Carl found a leather belt, and we tried burnishing the end of the tubing, and that seemed to make it smoother. The other end of the tube, about 8 or 10 feet (3m) long, was cut at a bit of a diagonal, and we sanded it only momentarily.

We treated the tubing, my hands and Carl’s dick with alcohol, then let it dry. Using a liberal amount of lube, I tried to introduce the tubing into his penis. Just like last time, it was hard to start, because his peehole is particularly small. Finally, it popped through the opening. He jumped a bit. I started working the tubing down in, but he was sensitive, or more specifically, aquarium tubing isn’t really the best thing to introduce into a man’s urethra, and so it was slow going. I pulled it out to check progress, and it had gone in only about 4 inches (10cm). I lubed it again, and started introducing it back in again. Again, it took a bit to get it to pop into the opening. Once that was done, I put my mouth on the far end and applied some air pressure. My thought was that the pressure would precede the end of the tubing, kind of pressing the urethra open to ease passage. At one point, I blew a bit too hard apparently, because we could hear the air kind of fart out of his peehole, and he jumped. I asked if it hurt. He said ‘not really,’ it was just a surprise sensation.

Using the air pressure it did start going in better, and pretty soon, he said he could feel it pressing against his first sphincter. But at that point, I couldn’t press more. There was too much resistance in my opinion, and I didn’t want to cause injury. Trying more air pressure, I felt some vibration as the air pressed past his inner sphincter and into his bladder. He really liked that, but we were both concerned that it might not be a good idea to put too much air in his bladder. Besides, the air coming from my mouth might contain bacteria, and an operation of this sort should always be quite sterile. (In other words, don’t try this at home unless you are as crazy as Carl.) One can get a roaring infection from this sort of play, one that’s difficult to clear up, even potentially fatal.

Anyway, we figured we were done with the tubing. Now, it was my turn. I laid on the mattress, and he started doing similar things with me, starting with the super-light tickling with the corner of toilet paper. I got hard fairly quickly, which was nice, because of two things: 1) I often don’t get hard as soon as I’d like when playing with other men and 2) I had not been in all that horny of a mood when I arrived. I would have been content just to play with Carl the whole time, or so I thought when the evening started.

Carl then grabbed the gluing clamp, and placed it directly on my frenulum, grabbing all the skin on the underside of my dick just below the head. First, he pulled gently, lifting my dick up by the trapped skin. Then he started shaking the clamp, and the penis it was holding. Just shaking back and forth an inch, for quite a long time. It was great! I could have had an orgasm just from that if he had kept it up.

But he didn’t. After a couple of minutes, he abruptly removed the clamp. Remember what I was saying about clamp removal? That hurt! Oh, only for a minute, and not that bad. In fact, I believe it enhanced the experience.

At my request, he gave me a firm ball massage. I like it to hurt just a bit, and he has become an artist at it. He knows just exactly how much to squeeze.

Next he put on some oil (it had all been dry until now), and started in on some glans rubbing. I love this, even though it is almost impossible to take. It makes me jitter, squirm, and want to get away, yet on the other hand it is absolutely delightful. After a while it transmutes into a calmer, very enjoyable feeling. Kind of a cross between ‘gotta pee’ and ‘gonna cum,’ mixed in with an ongoing deep tickling sensation. One guy I did this to actually did start peeing, involuntarily, from the sensation. Even though the ‘gonna cum’ feeling is there, most don’t actually ejaculate. The sensation is so intense that it kind of shuts down the possibility of ejaculation. If one can stand it, it is most delightful.

Carl didn’t let me calm down. As soon as he saw me settling in, he’d change his grip a bit, vary the pressure, or use some stroking of the sides of my glans to keep up the intensity of the sensation. To my great satisfaction, he kept it up for perhaps ten whole minutes. (Or, in metric: 10 minutes.)

At this point, I had to pee, and we were excited to try our experiment again. We took the tubing and went into his bathtub. He put the smooth end of the tube a good 6 inches (15cm) into his dick, and I tried to put the sharper end into mine. It kind of stung at one inch (2.5cm) in, but I kept trying, and finally got it in about 4 inches (10cm). I let out some pee, but it didn’t go in the tube for some reason, but rather squirted out around it, spraying on Carl’s belly and on the shower wall. I gripped the end of my dick better, and tried again. This time, I could feel, and we could see the urine shooting down the tubing. But it kind of hurt, and oddly, the urine was flowing in flutters. I guess the diagonal end of the tubing was being alternately opened and closed as my urethra was pressed against it by the pee pressure. I pulled the tube out just a few millimeters, and that seemed to solve the problem. The pee pressure was still a bit painful on the inside of my dick, but it was flowing. The tube filled fully, and we could see the pee going into Carl’s bladder. He said that at first he felt kind of an internal farting sensation as the air from the tubing flowed in.

We were able to only get a couple of ounces in because the tubing was hurting my dick to the point where I thought it might be injurious, so I quit. We removed the tubing, and I finished my urination by peeing into the bathtub. We cleaned up our urine soaked feet in the tub, and dried off. Carl stepped up to the toilet, and had a long, high-pressure pee. I had been wondering what it would be like when he peed with his small diameter peehole, and was surprised to see a wide, robust stream. We finished cleaning up and returned to the mattress in the living room. So, as to the urine transfer experiment, we’ll have to work on our engineering, and perfect it another time. We certainly enjoyed the experience, however.

We got him back on the mattress, and I performed a number of operations including testicle massage, frenulum pulling and glans rubbing, all of which he enjoyed. But he wasn’t fully hard. I knew what he wanted, and was happy to provide: I slowly worked my fist into his butt until I was fully in, while simultaneously stroking his penis. Soon he came with a nice, strong orgasm. I had been wanting to notice whether I could feel his orgasmic contractions with my hand fully in his rectum, but no, I could not feel the contractions there. I was surprised. I did, however, feel strong contractions with my other hand which was holding his dick.

After he came, I left my hand in his anus and continued stroking his penis, but slowly and very gently, watching his face for a reaction. It was intense, and he was able to take it, to enjoy it, for about two minutes, until it was just too much. I slowly removed my hand and we cleaned up again.

I asked him whether he was ‘too done’ because as you may know, after a man ejaculates, sometimes the mood changes. But no, he really wanted to see me cum. Well, I was only too happy to comply!

And now, it was time for the main thing I had requested. The last time we played, he tried pushing the tip of his little finger into my penis. It had hurt, but felt amazingly nice at the same time. This time, I wanted him to go beyond what he had done last time. His finger only went part way to the first knuckle last time. I was hoping to get past the first knuckle. He applied alcohol, let it dry, then oil, and started in. I was hoping he might get his finger in past that first joint, and I’d cum while his finger was in there. Blocked cum always intrigues me. Years ago, I thought it was impossible or at least dangerous, but no, it’s OK.

So, he pressed and he twisted, and although it felt stingy at times, it was great. My penis was hard as a rock, which made his job easier. But as hard as he and I tried, the finger would not go all the way in. We took our time, and a couple of times, I had to have him stop momentarily, so i wouldn’t ejaculate. I had him continue each time after only two or three seconds. The best way to do edging is to get very close, but let off only for a very short time before continuing, so the orgasmic feeling remains. With practice, one can be in continuous orgasm for minutes at a time. Oh, it wasn’t that way this night. It was more stop and go, but I was certainly enjoying having my peehole fucked by his finger.

Suddenly, it was too much, and I started cumming! It was a remarkably intense orgasm, and I was bucking up and down so much that I accidentally pulled my penis off his finger tip, and came all over my stomach. He tried to keep stroking me, but only after a minute or so, it was too much, and I asked him to stop. Next time, I’m going to try to last longer after cumming.

It was a great evening, even though we never used the C-clamp. We talked about a couple of things as I put on my clothes, said our goodbyes, and I headed home. We’ll do it again soon, and I’ll keep you posted.

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Inner Labia Pulling

As I sit here wanking away…

Were you hoping for a wank story? OK, there’s one starting right after this paragraph:

I’m wanking as we speak, remembering the various women I’ve been with. Most liked to shave or depilate their vaginas, for which I’m thankful. Therefore, it was easy to notice whether they had protruding inner labia, or hidden inner labia. Because, to my way of thinking, there are only two kinds of women in the world: Those who have long enough inner labia that they protrude slightly from their vaginas, and those who have hidden inner labia.

The thing is, I don’t know what the numbers are. Do most women have visible or invisible labia?

So, I’m asking whether you can tell us about you (or your mate) and we’ll have a small, unscientific look into the matter. Please tell us in the comment area below. Also, feel free to add any commentary you’d like about this.

When my twin sister got home for Christmas vacation from college, she related something that she and her roommate had been doing to each other that she thought I’d enjoy hearing about: They were masturbating each other, but with a focus on inner labia pulling.

She was right. I was immediately aroused. She then blew my mind by suggesting that she and I could experiment with pulling her labia. I was all for it, as she could tell the minute my pants came off.

I went to work on her right away, attempting to pull on her labia with my fingertips. I wasn’t very effective as my fingers kept slipping off her tiny inner folds, due to her wetness.

She, already being an expert, told me to wipe the slippery moisture off with a towel, which of course I did. Now, I had a better grip. I was able to pull, but gently. She said she wanted me to pull harder. I thought it might hurt, but she said it didn’t hurt at all.

Then, after a minute, she admitted it hurt a little bit, but that she was loving it. Evidently so, because after a minute she started squirming, and kind of pulsing, and moaning, obviously having an orgasm.

Unlike me, she is multi-orgasmic. I let go of her labia, and she practically screamed, “Keep going.”

I grabbed them again, one little flap in each hand between my thumbs and first fingers. Sure enough, she orgasmed a second, and I think a third time. I couldn’t quite tell on the third, but I believe it was one final, minor orgasm.

She then turned her attention on me. She wondered if boys have something similar. She tried pulling on my scrotum in various ways. She tried to get a grip on my perinatal area. She tried gripping the the skin of the area where my penis joins my body. All of this pulling on various parts of me were feeling great due to the attention, but not particularly orgasmic. However, when she tried pulling on the little tiny edges of my peehole, that really did something to me and to her delight I ejaculated all over her hands.

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A Rough and Wild Get-Together

This is another story from a client. Whereas I do enjoy a good, firm ball massage from time to time, I don’t get anywhere nearly as rough as some guys do…

So I went back to his house after a month and we had another session. I indicated he should lay on the single-wide mattress he had put on the floor and covered with a rubber mat and some sheets. I told him what I was going to do, and he was all for it.

The plan was to block his ejaculation. I have heard that with some guys, if you block the ejaculation, the orgasm lasts and lasts. I tried it with my friend once before, but there was too much oil on my hand at the time, and when he came, my hand slipped, and his sperm shot into the air.

This time, I intended to make sure I squeezed the tip of his dick closed good and tight. But first, some rubbing and some edging – oh, and some good ball squeezing as well. He loves all that. Sometimes I worry about hurting him, but he doesn’t seem to care about himself so much, so I just watch his face for indications of real pain, and when I see that, I back off, even if he seems to want more.

I worked on him for 20 minutes, the first ten of which, he stayed soft. BTW, he is about 34 years old, built like an athlete, which he is, fairly well tanned, with short brown hair. He shaves his crotch area, as do I. His dick is just bit under average size when soft, but normal size when hard. He has an adhesion on one side, which fascinates me. I’m guessing when he was circumcised, the skin on the side healed against the edge of the glans, and so it is grown or stuck there. It doesn’t affect him in the slightest.

Then we switched places. He played with me, and I was hard right away. I was planning to tell him I didn’t want to be particularly rough, but hadn’t said anything yet. He started by pinching my frenulum, [the bit of loose skin on the underside of the penis that runs about an inch from just under the head], and lifted my dick up by it. Boy, did that feel nice!

I’ll bet if someone just held my frenulum like that for a while, I could have an orgasm. Then he lightly tickled my dick and my scrotem, and that, too, felt great.

Next, he grabbed some oil and after working it into my genitals, he started in on glans rubbing. There’s no way to do that light. Or, I should say, if done light, but right, it makes one jump and squirm just as much as when done hard. And, the oil makes it more intense, not less, as you’d think the friction of the dry skin would be more severe. The oil is probably necessary to avoid chaffing, however.

So, he had me wiggling and squirming. And jerking. Maybe this is why people use the term ‘jerking off.’ Already, this was more intense than I had hoped for, but I didn’t stop him. It turns out I was really, really enjoying this. In time, his rubbing made me feel a bit like I would cum, and also like I had to pee, all at the same time. I was still squirming all over the place, but did not attempt to have him stop, or try to get away, because there was a certain pride that I was willing to ‘take it.’ Plus, it really did feel good, if even quite intense.

Before the feeling might have subsided, he changed tactic. He started gently squeezing my balls. But then, after a minute, he was squeezing harder and harder. I hadn’t wanted that, but now I craved more and more. It wasn’t really hurting, and made my prick even harder, if you can imagine that. Perhaps part of the hardness was because he was ignoring my penis entirely as he worked my balls.

While he was doing that, we had a bit of a conversation about ball squeezing. I had read somewhere on the Internet about a guy who had his wife squeeze his balls hard and hold them that way for a while. She squeezed and squeezed, and then let go. She, and then he, felt his balls, and they had become softer and smaller. Flabbier. Evidently, one can squeeze the blood or fluid out. It probably flows back out through the veins, back into the general circulatory system. I’m assuming it flows back in after a while when the balls are no longer compressed. Much like fisting, where a person’s asshole will stay stretched out for a few minutes afterward.

So of course, he and I agreed that he had to squeeze and hold my balls harder and longer. He held one ball in each hand, squished between thumb and first two fingers. Oh, it did hurt a bit, but in a most delicious way. Finally, I had had enough and so he stopped squeezing. He immediately palpated my balls and reported that he felt they were smaller and softer. I then felt them, and I think they were too. But it was a bit hard to tell.

Next time, we’ll probably do it harder and longer and see what happens.

After a minute, so far as I can tell, they returned to normal. They felt great. A sort of feeling where I could notice them, notice their weight. Not a bad feeling at all. Not pain or anything like that. More just of a pleasant awareness of them. We switched positions again, and I worked him hard. I gave him some ball squeezing also. I squeezed harder and harder, until he started flinching pretty good. I’m guessing he could have taken more, but I was concerned to squeeze harder. He didn’t complain when I stopped.

He got some good, severe glans rubbing, which he loved. He seemed to like it when I jerked him up and down in the conventional manner with one hand while reaching under his balls and pressing in against the bottom middle of his dick near his asshole with the index finger or first two fingers of the other hand. He seemed to especially like that.

We went through a couple episodes of ‘Wait, I’m gonna cum if you keep that up,’ in which I’d stop stimulation for a minute, then continue.

I have been astonished at how small his peehole is, but since he expressed interest in urethral stretching, I grabbed some alcohol, put it on the tip of his dick and on my hands and fingers, then waited for it to dry. Then I put a bit of oil on the end of my right little finger and tarted pressing it against his peehole. To my amazement, I was able to eventually push and twist it in several millimeters. I could feel that peehole slowly widen and start to accommodate my finger. He was loving it. I pressed harder and harder. A couple of times, my first knuckle lost its strength and suddenly collapsed. If you don’t know what I mean, try pressing your little finger hard against a tabletop. You’ll find it is difficult to keep it straight and stiff. When this happened, he jumped. Evidently it hurt quite a bit. After the third time, I gave up.

While we were doing that, I mentioned that my little finger would be a good way to block his urethra while cumming. The problem was it wasn’t going in far enough to have done the job. No doubt he and I will work on that urethral stretching business more another time.

Then it was my turn again. He did the usual things to me, but then switched to the alcohol and little finger thing for me. My peehole is larger. Average size, I’d say, and he was able to get his little finger in to, but not past the first knuckle. Yes, it did hurt a bit, but deliciously. After a while, it was becoming too much, so I had him pull out.

I swore I wasn’t to do rough stuff this evening, but I was having a blast, and very glad I let him get rougher and rougher.

Now it was his turn again. I repeated many of the things I had done earlier. I added in a few minutes of prostate massage. As is his way, I did it rough, pressing upward fairly hard, while stroking his cock firmly up and down. I stopped after a bit, cleaned my hand, and then held the skin along his shaft down good and hard, which stretched it tight and made his glans quite shiny. This seemed to bring him close to orgasm, so I kept it up, keeping an eye out for when he might cum.

Remember, I was planning to squeeze his peehole shut to see if he would have an extra-long orgasm. But he didn’t cum with the holding the skin tight exercise, so I went back to ball squeezing, some scrotum pulling, which he liked, and general but rough stroking. And I kept it up for a very long time. Finally, he announced he had gone past a prime, and figured he probably wasn’t going to cum at all.

He offered to change places with me. Because he knew I’d do whatever he wanted, even if it took hours, he let me know he was entirely satisfied.

With me on the mattress again, he squeezed my balls again a bit, did more glans rubbing, and then started stroking me in earnest. As we had previously arranged, when I started to cum, he let go entirely. This is called a ‘ruined orgasm.’ The idea is that while I’m ejaculating, there is no touching at all, even though my body craves being ‘finished off’ in a big way.

The orgasm when ruined can be stronger or less strong than average. Factors are involved. My particular orgasm that evening was on the lighter side. But the magic is that after a ruined orgasm, one can sometimes stay hard, and shortly thereafter have another orgasm with or without another ejaculation. Experts can have several ejaculations with some dry orgasms mixed in.

I’m no expert, but this evening, after my ejaculation, I was able to keep going. I stayed entirely hard, and he resumed his rubbing. In about three minutes, I came again. It feels like not much jizz came out, but it was a super-strong orgasm.

Then, I was done. He tried to keep stroking me, but it was too much, and I had to ask him to stop.

So that was our evening.

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P-Spot Stimulation

“How can I learn to massage the P-spot on a man?”

For those who don’t know, the P-spot is about 2 inches (5cm) inside the anus against the front wall of the rectum. Pressing that spot compresses the prostate gland, which when done just right gives a delicious, sexual, gotta-pee-like feeling. Since the prostate stores semen, some can be squeezed out through the urethra even though the man doesn’t ejaculate. Sometimes, a man can orgasm from P-spot stimulation. That tends to be a bit different, a more full-body orgasm.

It does take some practice to massage the spot just right for maximum pleasure. A man can usually barely reach the spot with his own fingers. Some will use a tool such as a kitchen utensil with a blunt handle or a devise called Aneros.

However the best way to learn to massage the P-spot is to enlist the help of a volunteer. This can be a friend, coworker or family member. Anyone who might enjoy the pleasure without being geeked out about the possibility of encountering a little poop or thinking it is ‘gay’ in some sort of negative way.

As to poop, it usually doesn’t happen. The anal area is reasonably clean between poopings. One can also use rubber gloves, or an enema to clean the anal passage before engaging in P-spot stimulation. Playing with an enema can be enjoyable in its own right.

Aneros, available on Amazon

See also, Spots.

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My girlfriend came home with a bunch of cucumbers in various sizes. She warmed them in water, then explained her plan to me. She wanted me to coat them with coconut oil, then squeeze them into her pussy, working up to the biggest size she could take.

As we started, with me totally ignoring my erection, I was afraid of hurting her. She was wincing, moaning, and occasionally yelling out, but she kept insisting she wanted more. I should mention that’s she’s always been multi-orgasmic and orgasmed a couple of times during this process. I could feel her contractions as I held on to the ends of the cucumbers. I worked up to the biggest cucumber we had, which was maybe two inches (5cm) in diameter. She was able to take it’s full width, but she wasn’t satisfied.

She wanted me to try the same thing, but in her butt. There, she could take only a 1.5-inch (3.5cm) cucumber before she called it quits. She orgasmed from that also.

Then she announced it was my turn.


She was serious. She started with out smallest, pickle-sized cucumber and slowly pushed and twisted it into my ass. It hurt, so I asked her to take it out. A minute later, I realized it hadn’t hurt that much, and for some reason, I really, really wanted more.

I asked her to push it back in, and this time it hurt hardly at all, and felt very nice. She then worked up to the two-incher (5cm), and as she slowly pushed that in, it didn’t hurt at all. Oddly, I wanted more. I wanted to try a huge cucumber, but that was the biggest we had. Suddenly, without my penis having been touched, cum was spurting out of me in one of the more intense orgasms of my life.

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My Adventures with Sex Toys

By Michael Lowe Wright

Originally published on

The following is kind of raw and honest about some very personal stuff. It may be too much information for some visitors; if that’s you, or if you’re under legal age, you really should go read something else instead.

One of my hobbies/interests is exploring the use of sex toys for personal growth. I was reviewing adult toy items on Amazon and realized there is stigma around admitting to using them for sexual pleasure. Lots of people don’t have a human partner, and for those who don’t sex toys are absolutely essential for personal recreation and release of tension. No one should feel shame and be unable to talk about enjoying their own sexuality.

So I wrote this. I’m really exposing myself here, so to speak, and I want to talk freely about my use of sex toys, no matter how embarrassed I may feel sometimes about it being out there for everyone to read. If one person feels better about themselves, or less burdened by guilt, or less afraid to use sex toys, then I’m OK with it.

I’ve lived alone and without any serious relationships for a long time; that’s not what I’d have chosen for myself but it’s the hand I’ve been dealt, and for the most part I’m content with it. I’m blessed to have known true love more than once in my life, and not so blessed to find that I’m incapable of being a good partner – in large part because, as it turns out, I am and always have been nonbinary/gender fluid. One compensation is that I’m able to explore my sexual nature deeply without concern that I’m being selfish. For this reason, sex “toys” are, for me, tools to aid in that exploration. As many have before me, going back into the dim reaches of human existence, I’ve learned that sexual energy and consciousness can lead a person into not only ecstasy but also useful knowledge about their “spirit body” (that virtual us where stomach butterflies live) and from there into self-knowledge, peace of mind, and healing past trauma. For me, as a poet and an observer of life in general, these experiences give insight and inspiration unavailable elsewhere.

So please understand that what I talk about here may not be useful to couples seeking some bedroom fun advice – I’m doing this to share what I’ve learned and the experiences I continue to have because I think not only do they have value in their own right but also because they shed light on the roots of some of my creativity and motivation.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chastity Cage ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Michael Lowe Wright and his chastity cage

Michael Lowe Wright in his chastity cage

When I recently saw several women comment online that all men should wear a chastity cage routinely, I realized that was something I needed to try, so I could understand what they were talking about. I bought one from Amazon and was amazed at how comfortable it is to wear. That’s how it came to be one of the two “toys” that have become vital parts of my life. I reviewed the one I bought at Amazon and pretty much said it all there, but wait! there’s more. That one rusted and I had to buy an otherwise-identical stainless steel one to replace it. [Because of a constriction in my urethra, I’m still unable to insert the matching catheter so that’s going to have to wait for another day. I’m fascinated by the idea of my maleness being (temporarily) so completely shut down: caged, intubated, and unable to move or respond to anything – but to be honest it’s also kind of terrifying.] I’ve learned to get the ring on and off fairly quickly now but I had to do it a few times first – one doesn’t want to squish the tender parts!

Since I’m always naked at home*, it’s very strange to suddenly have an implacable, heavy metal cage clamped and locked onto my crotch in full view; it’s humiliating to be seen wearing it and to always have it there in my lap drawing attention. On the positive side, since it can’t be ignored I have opportunities to talk about why I’m wearing it. I also want to be transparent about wearing the cage when I’m in public, so any time I do I lock a chain around my left ankle as a signal to anyone who knows.

For me the value of the chastity cage lies in its ability to completely subvert my lifelong privilege and expectation of being able to interact with my male organ – it’s locked in a cage that in turn is clamped onto my scrotum. It’s not only that I can’t touch or play with myself, my most private area has been taken over by a piece of unyielding and uncaring metal; and it’s there all the time. These devices don’t keep you from feeling aroused, they only keep you from doing anything about it. That energy has to go somewhere, and I use controlled yoga breathing and guided imagery to direct it towards healing both body and soul. I enter states of bliss and ecstasy that leave me feeling energized and cleansed. That energy remains in my body for some time after, enabling further meditation and healing later.

Wearing it transforms my daily life, too. The only time I’m not conscious of being caged is when I’m asleep. I’m always aware at some level of the unrelenting pressure of the ring around my scrotum and the weight of the metal. All this together creates a sense of unreality in contrast with the “normal” times when I’m not wearing it, and a heightened level of awareness and sensitivity – again firing my creative energies.

Currently I’m experimenting with wearing a ‘collar’ that consists of only the base ring of a chastity cage. It’s still locked onto the big ring as securely but most of my penis is exposed, yet still restrained by the ‘collar’. This eliminates the issue of difficulty urinating cleanly and makes keeping the device clean a lot easier, while not really allowing me to otherwise use my penis. In some ways it’s more challenging to wear than the full cage – it’s possible to have an erection but it becomes engorged and uncomfortable; I can touch and hold it but I can’t masturbate. It’s possible I’ll be wearing this a lot more than the full cage.

The other thing I’ve done is to bend the pins slightly on the attachments so that they snap into place on the big ring and will stay put without a lock. It makes cleaning and swapping attachments much easier.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Dildo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Like many men, I’ve always enjoyed anal play but was ashamed to admit it until I acknowledged that I’m nonbinary/gender fluid. Then I realized that not only is there no shame but that I was really wanting it. So I bought a lifelike dildo from Amazon (see my review) a couple of years ago. It’s identical to my own organ but two inches longer. It’s a good fit, feels quite natural and good, and now I don’t know how I lived without it. If the number of people who ‘liked’ my review is any indication, I’m far from the only person enjoying this wonderful fake penis. It wasn’t until I had it filling me and, in a sense, having its way with me that I began to fully understand the mind-altering experience and joy of submission. Since I’m always naked, having it inside me can and does happen on a moment’s notice.

It’s the combination of the chastity cage and the dildo that really takes things to another level, though. I’ve worn the cage for up to three weeks at a time, and during that time I’ve had no physical outlet for sexual energy. Adding a good fucking with the dildo – and getting fucked is very different from the masturbation I’ve always had available to me – takes me to places of ecstasy and delight like nothing I’ve ever known. I should add that, as you can see from the photo above of me naked wearing the cage, getting fucked while wearing it can happen very easily and at any time – and does. (I say ‘fucked’ because this is no sterile application of a tool, it’s an active engagement with a realistic human penis.) That feeling of perpetual vulnerability to their imminent use is one of the best things to come out of my adventures with these sex ‘toys’ – knowing that I can be thrown into a state of heightened awareness at the drop of a hat.

I’ve been wanting a second dildo without the fake scrotum at the base, and recently Amazon had one for four dollars, so I bought it. I wanted to be able to leave it in place and wear it for a short while occasionally. This one is effectively a bit shorter and the glans is smaller than my other one so it’s not as much fun to use but should be fine for just wearing it.

Anal intercourse can, of course, be somewhat messy. It helps to eat a high-fiber diet and have regular movements, which increases the likelihood of the bowel being empty. When in doubt I use a glyerine suppository that generally cleans things out within about an hour. The result is that there is usually no or almost no mess involved. Nobody likes to think about this aspect but it’s easily enough to discourage someone from pursuing an otherwise delightful pleasure, so it’s worth the effort to prepare. I usually try to be prepped by early afternoon so there’s almost no delay between deciding to use the dildo and having it in place.

Dildos available on Amazon


Most of my life I thought of myself as a cis male, albeit a dysfunctional one, with a strong female side. Now that I understand I’m really neither simply male or female internally, I’ve realized my female side has been pushed down and not allowed full expression. The chastity cage prevents me from masturbating but I can still press on the glans and create sexual sensations, making it function more like a clitoris. Add to that having to be fucked to replace the masturbation and I find my female side is loving it. I’ve committed myself to letting “her” take control of my body and my life; I want to dress in short skirts and tank tops, wear simple jewelry, feel attractive, and have men wanting to fuck me – and doing it. At my age I don’t feel like much of a catch but just going fully into that space for a while heals my soul – I have a lot of years to make up for. I’m not killing off my male side here, only expanding the range of my experience and gaining more insight into what it means to be a human being. It’s all material for the poet and philosopher in me.

Here’s some poetry that grew out of these experiences:

Four Revelations

*I have a binding commitment to live clothes-free as much as possible, and I’m always naked at home in warm weather.

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Trapped Cum Play

I met Shonna at a bowling alley. We got to talking among the noise of all the people and the crashing pins. She was about my age and quite good-looking, although I try not to notice such things.

Since my last girlfriend moved to Chicago, I’ve decided I don’t need a relationship just now. Too complicated.

But this woman, well, the conversation flowed nicely. It became personal. Too personal to be discussing among all those people, so we took it out into the parking lot. It was just a bit too chilly, so we jumped in her car. Weird and kind of forward, I know, but it was cold outside.

She started asking me about my masturbation habits. The funny thing is, I’d normally be way to shy, but at this point in the conversation, it was kind of OK. She told me she gets off several times a day. She said she likes it kind of rough. I admitted I like it kind rough at times also. She admitted to having bisexual fantasies. So did I.

One thing led to another and we ended going to her apartment. When she opened the door she yelled, “James, I brought you a surprise!”

My heart leapt into my throat. Who was James? Maybe her dog or something? No, a guy came bounding down the stairs. He wasn’t bad looking. Tall and thin – and naked! And, erect!

I’m not an idiot. I realized I had been set up. Perhaps I should have been angry, or maybe afraid. I mean these were total strangers to me. But, no, I felt everything was going to be alright. More than alright. I frankly wouldn’t mind a nice threesome.

It wasn’t long until Shonna and I were as naked as James and all three of us were hugging together on their big bed. My god she was a good-looking chick!

Shonna stopped rolling around and hugging for a monent, explaining to James that I admitted liking rough sex also. He smiled in delight and asked whether I trust him. Could he do anything to me as long as it wasn’t super-painful or harmful? Just the fact that he asked somewhat assured me that these folks would be OK. Still, the whole situation was as scary as it was erotic.

While Shonna watched and kind of lightly touched herself, James had me lay on my back and then started in on me with nice gentle testicle massage. That’s something that’s not been done to me very often. In fact, I don’t think anyone ever specifically massaged my balls. I was really liking it. I had already been erect for a few minutes, but now, I felt my cock straining at it’s absolute full length. He slowly massaged harder and harder, with one ball between the thumb and first fingers of each of his hands. He was rolling my compressed balls slightly back and forth. It was starting to hurt, but I was loving it. I was loving it so much I was starting to get that ‘gonna cum’ feeling. I was about to tell him to stop, but he seems to have sensed my situation and quit on his own.

This is where it gets crazy. He explained the plan, and although it scared me so much my body was shaking a little bit, I was very excited to give it a try.

He brought out a little tube of Krazy glue. I was like, “No, that’s insane. What if I can’t get the glue off?”

Shonna explained that with a bit of coconut oil, the glue releases it’s grip. She said she has had her inner labia glued together, and they played with James having his scrotum glued in various ways. They always were able to get the glue off.

So, I let James put a little glue on my peehole, and within seconds my urethra was glued shut. He then added a second then a third layer of glue. Meanwhile, having him put the glue on my dick, and holding it this way and that as he inspected his work was feeling just wonderful. If nothing more had happened that day, I would have been happy.

But more did happen! Once the glue was all set James announced, “I want to watch as you fuck Shonna.” I was happily shocked. I knew this gluing was leading up to something, but I didn’t realize. I mean, I just felt super-lucky. I had figured maybe James or maybe Shonna give me a handjob or something leading up to me nearly ejaculating again, they’d remove the glue, then, I don’t know, maybe oral sex or something.

Instead, this is what happened. Shonna got on hands and knees presenting her pussy to me. Kneeling behind her, I also had a great view of her anus. I just love female anuses. Male too, truth be told. She then invited me to put my penis in her very wet pussy. It slipped right in. I swear I stroked back and forth in her no more than six times before I orgasmed. I was scared to death about the cum being blocked, and at the same time, as sexually exhilirated as I had ever been. The ejaculation started. It was unlike any of my life. I felt the trapped cum being compressed within my cock. That seems to have not only caused the ejaculatory contractions to be stronger, but they just kept coming. I believe they lasted twice as long as usual.

Meanwhile, Shonna had been rubbing her clit with one hand, and as my penis was still erect in her, and as the contractions were finally subsiding, she started having contractions of her own as she orgasmed. This felt a little different than usual intercourse. I could really feel her contractions. I thought it was because maybe she was orgasming harder than most women, but it was more likely because I still had cum compressed within my urethra.

I stayed hard all the way through her orgasm and for a couple of minutes afterward. She just stayed in position, and so did I. As my penis started finally wilting, Her vagina ejected me. My erection didn’t go entirely down. I think that’s due to the cum keeping my urethra expanded.

Oddly, my cock started to itch. The itch became quite noticeable. James told me that’s because the cum is a bit alkiline, while piss is acedic. The urethra isn’t used to cum being held inside and reacts slightly. In any case, I wanted that glue off – right now!

But it was not to be. Shonna wanted to play with my penis first. She pressed her fingers off and on against my urethra. I could feel the cum squishing back and forth within. Then, more forcibly, she started squeezing my penis from head to where it connects with my body, forcing the cum down, back into me. She continued pressing downward, through my ballsack, then just ahead of my anus. I felt the cum kind of going blurb, blurb, as it was forced through my sphincters and into my bladder.

James came to the rescue with his coconut oil, and sure enough the glue let go, as a little remaining cum spurted out of my peehole.

Shortly afterward I had to pee. Both of them followed me into the bathroom to watch. Normally, it’s difficult for me to pee in front of an audience, but by now I really had to go, so it was fairly easy to pee into their sink. Toward the end of the flow, I felt a kind of chunk, chunk feeling as globs of cum flowed out with the last of my urine. The two of them were delighted to see that.

As you can imagine Shonna, James and I have become the best of friends, and we have done several three-way rough and crazy sex experiments since then.

Note: We don’t know whether this may be harmful in some way. Perhaps a person could have an allergic reaction to the glue, or maybe it’s carcinogenic. Maybe one could be glued so tightly that it won’t release, or maybe one could injure their urethra with trapped cum. So recreating this experiment is not recommended. Better to enjoy this account, then devise your own harmless ways to have orgasmic delight.