College Tales

Stories Involving College-Age People

Many of the memoirs and stories you’ll find here are pretty far removed from solo sex. There’s no harm in fantasizing about any sort of sex. A good wank while daydreaming about even the most ‘wicked’ scenarios will help keep you from actually acting them out. The better the fantasy, the better your meditation-like results will be, because it breaks looped thinking. So, here you go, free stories to fuel your masturbation fantasies!

18-Year-Old’s Erotic Medical Exam – Male point of view

Actor’s Junto

Balls On Fire – Female-administered BDSM

Basketball Spray – Gay POV sports memoir

Basketball Coach’s Experiment – Male point of view story

Becoming A Porn Star – Female point of view

Bold One – Male point of view

Boy’s Mother is a Dermatologist

Boy With Erection Problem

Brother’s Handjob – female point of view

Budding Astronomer – female point of view

A Butler for Little Miss – Female point of view

College Roommmate Wanking

Coming Out In the Locker Room

Crazy Girl – Female point of view

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Military Erotica, male point of view, bisexual

Falling in a Cold Lake with an Old Dude

He Came To Me – Bisexual male/male, story

Horrible Roommate – Lesbian, bisexual, female point of view

How Ugly Lawrence Gets The Girls

In Front of 621 People – Male point of view

Kyle’s Massage

Laying On of Fingers – Female point of view

Literally Attacked By Four Girls

Mother Fixed a Problem with My Penis – Memoir

My Girlfriend’s Gay Brother

My Horny Sister – Male point of view

Naked Dorm Living – Bisexual, male point of view

Nurse – When Your Mom is a Nurse
Enema, when your mom is a nurse

Nudist College Family – Female point of view

Nursing School – Bisexual, female point of view

Odd Sports Physical

Paying For College The Crazy Way – Female point of view

Prudish in America – Male point of view, medical

Relieved – Unintentional lesbian action

Sondra’s Crazy College Roommate

Street Performer – Female point of view

Three Weeks In – Female point of view

Twister – A College Roommate Story

Unexpected Bisexual Exposure

Vaginal Itch – Incestual female POV story

Voyeur’s Strange Sighting

You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Both, third-person

Young Male Massage Practitioner – Heterosexual, Bisexual, male point of view

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