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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

by Jeremy J. Watson

When I was five, my parents were killed in a car accident. I was in the car too, but lived. Thankfully, I don’t remember anything about it. I spent the next 11 years of my life in county shelters. What I know of family life, I’ve learned from television.

When I was sixteen, I was moved into a foster home. There were three other boys there, and we got on famously. One thing you learn when you’re an orphan is to make friends with the other kids quickly, so you don’t get your ass kicked too much. It didn’t hurt that I had learned judo as part of an anti-bullying campaign, while in a shelter. I became fairly good at self-defense.

The foster parents were kind of weird. They didn’t like electronic devices, so there was no computer in the house, and not even a television. I hated the lack of TV so much that I seriously thought about running away. Us Americans are all addicted to TV, and I was no exception.

I didn’t miss the computer, because most of the shelters had either no computers, or ones that didn’t work. Of course, I never had a cellphone of my own. That was the thing I wanted more than anything in the world. I knew one could do so many magical things with a phone. Take pictures, get directions, browse the Internet. I really, really wanted to browse the Internet. I had heard there are pictures and movies of naked people there. Just the thought of it gave me a hardon. More than once, I jerked off to the daydream of seeing movies of naked people fucking on my own smartphone.

I was very interested in sex. In my sheltered life, I never got anywhere close to the real thing. The closest I ever came was occasionally changing or showering with my various temporary brothers. Sometimes, I see one of the guys naked, and boy oh boy, I had to find privacy and masturbate as soon as possible. I had no idea whether I was gay or straight, but was starting to think I was leaning toward the gay side, since I did get excited seeing naked guys. The problem was, I had never seen a naked girl, so I had no idea how that might affect me. I’m probably the only guy in the whole USA who made it to age eighteen, and never saw a naked girl even in a picture. Well, I had seen some topless, but that was it.

One of the toughest things about being an orphan is when you turn eighteen. There’s no one there to push you on to college. There’s no money, anyway. You can’t even get someone to cosign a student loan. And you’ve got no job, or at least not one that will cover your expenses, but you’re out of the system at eighteen, with no support at all, and nothing you can do about it. Well, there’s one thing. You can join the military.

I thought I’d enjoy boot camp. I totally didn’t. When one signs up for the army, you don’t think about things like having to wake up at 6am, waiting in line for food, marching six miles, even when you don’t feel good, and being yelled at in front of a hundred men because you didn’t store your socks just right. Perhaps the worst, however, is not being able to jerk off for days on end. Even when you do get to have some ‘relief’ it is surreptitiously, in a bathroom stall, or under your blankets in the middle of the night. Then, you’ve got to figure out how to hide and dispose of the cum.

The only good that happened during the whole time was when we all had to prove we could swim. A few couldn’t, and they were given some rather brutal swimming lessons.

Anyway, the army doesn’t issue swimsuits. So, we all showered, naked of course, then entered a pool. I was hoping I wouldn’t get erect. That would have been terribly embarrassing. At the same time, I was hoping to see some of the other guys get erect. That didn’t happen either.

However, there was this one guy. He was big, round, had well-defined muscles, and he was black. Very black, like first-generation African.

He smiled at me. At least I think it was at me. It might have been at a guy near me. And, I could swear his cock was chubbed up maybe just a little bit. In any other situation, something might have happened. But not here. No way. That was the only experience of any sort in boot camp I enjoyed.

Fortunately, it was over after six long weeks. From there, we were deployed to a camp in Southern California, which was a delight, since it was 30 degrees out back home, and 25 degrees at the boot camp.
During the whole time in boot camp, I didn’t tell anyone that I was gay, or bisexual, or whatever the heck I am. I’m sure that would have brought down real trouble. I kind of thought some of the other fellows were like-minded, but in all ways, meaning, they weren’t going to out themselves either.

We spent two weeks in California, sort of like cattle in a holding pen. No one told us anything, although we all asked. I decided to enjoy my time. Other than calisthenics every morning, we had the whole time to ourselves. We were even able to spend weekends in San Diego. I went alone, and took in the sights, looking the whole time for ways to get off.

I asked around, and found out that there were some events, but no venues that anyone knew of. None of the events were going to happen when I would be in town.

I stumbled across an adult bookstore, and spent a few bucks in the video arcade. It was my first experience seeing naked people. I was shocked to see the people actually fucking. I would have been happy just to see them walking around naked at that point. and I was so excited I jerked off right there in the booth, worrying needlessly about being arrested the whole time. I thought again about a cellphone. I really wanted one, and knew I’d have one soon now that I had an actual income.

I took a cab to Balboa Park, and generally milled around until after dark. I took another cab to the base. Before leaving the park, I asked the driver to show me around the rest of the neighborhood. He stayed in the dark streets of the park. The cab driver was a heavyset, balding, older man. He asked me twice whether I needed to pee. I thought that was a bit weird, but just figured everyone has their own twists. Then he asked whether he could watch me pee. Now, that was certainly different! I was a bit weirded out, but not entirely unattracted to the idea.

Figuring that was probably the closest thing to anything sexual I’d get anytime soon, I agreed. He pulled into a quiet parking lot, and together we walked into a grove of eucalyptus trees. Somewhat hesitantly, I pulled down my pants. I could have just unzipped, but thought it might be better to be more ‘open.’

The cabbie didn’t say anything, he just stared at me through his rather thick glasses with a crooked grin. I freed my cock over the top of my pulled-down pants, and noticed it was slightly enlarged. I wasn’t sure whether I should be embarrassed by that, or proud. I wasn’t sure whether I should get fully hard for my weird new friend, or not. Not knowing, I started to pee.

He yelled, “Wait,” and then a moment later added, “Can I hold it for you?”

“Um, yes, OK, I guess.”

He reached out and gently grabbed my cock. It was starting to enlarge nicely. This guy’s timing was good. I was starting to truly need to pee, so I just went with the flow, pun intended. It took me a minute to get started. You get a bit bashful about releasing the sphincters when a strange guy is holding your dick. Plus, I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s a bit harder to pee when you’re erect, which I was, fully, by now.
When I finished, I was expecting something more. I don’t know what. Maybe he’d blow me, or he’d want me to give him a handjob or something.

Unfortunately, nothing of the sort happened. I don’t know if he was as shy as I was or what, but all that happened is that I pulled up my pants, we walked back to the car, and he drove me to the base.

Finally, we got our orders. We were going to Turkmenistan, just outside Afghanistan. When I heard, my heart jumped into my throat. At once, I was scared, and excited. It would be my first time outside the USA.

The trip over was strange. It started with an airplane flight to New Jersey. I thought we’d have some dingy gray military plane, but it was a commercial jet. Never having flown in an airplane, it was terribly exciting! I had no idea they accelerated so fast during takeoff. I felt very fortunate to have a window seat, even though it was mostly over the wing.

Looking down over much of the country, I saw endless mostly-green disks on the ground. The guy sitting next to me explained that those were ‘center-pivot’ irrigation fields, and explained how pipes rotate from the middle of a square field, spraying water in a circular pattern. I had no idea America was so big.

From there, we stayed in barracks overnight, then we were marched onto a battleship. The thing was huge! It took me three days to visit every part of the ship that I was allowed to see. On the sixth day, we stopped in the middle of the ocean.

A submarine rose out of the water next to us and over the course of more than an hour, was finally tied up alongside. I thought it was a nuclear submarine, but found out it was powered by diesel engines. I didn’t realize the American navy still has such things.

We went down a rope ladder, which scared the bejeepers out of me. Then we walked across the top of the sub, and entered through a remarkably small hatch. Evidently, everything and everyone who enters or leaves the sub, have to go through that hole.

Everything in the boat was tiny and crowded. After eating a meal prepared in a kitchen smaller than most peoples’ bathrooms, I was shown to my bunk which was the tiniest bed a person could possibly sleep in. It was easy falling asleep however. The drone of the engines was a bit loud, but very soothing.

I awoke thinking something had changed. Something was different, but I couldn’t quite tell. Then, waking more fully, I realized what it was. The engines had stopped. Instead, there was a kind of whishing and clinking sound coming from everywhere, especially the wall next to my bed. Were we underwater?

It turns out that during the night, the sub had submerged. I was instructed to go back to the tiny dining area, where I found it quite crowded. There were fifteen of us soldiers there, plus our new sergeant.

In a booming voice, he introduced himself as Sgt. Michael Drogue and explained our mission. I had been wondering about that. The guys who were in the bunks around me had been wondering also. It was to be a bizarre mission, indeed.

The submarine was going to surface at night near an island just off the coast of Turkmenistan. We were to board rubber rafts and row to the island. We were to be quiet, and under no circumstances use a cigarette lighter or do anything that would draw attention to us.

Once landed, we were to pitch tents and arrange supplies that had already been left for us on the island. Further instructions would be given at that time.

I’m sure all fifteen of us were thinking, “What in the world?”

It was exciting. I was thinking we were going to do something like Navy seals or something. Something very important, no doubt.

It happened just as explained. We rowed over in the rafts. We had to be not only dark, but quiet. We couldn’t even whisper to each other. Considering the sounds of the ocean itself, that seemed a bit extreme, but who am I to question the army?

We found ourselves on a small, sandy beach on a warm night. I think it was around four or five in the morning. Sgt. Drogue told us we could talk, but no shouting. We deployed the supplies, assembling one large tent which was to be the headquarters, and seven little two-man tents. We were all given sleeping bags, pillows, food rations, and other things, like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

As the sun came up, Sgt. Drogue explained the rest of the mission. I was somewhat disappointed, expecting something more like ‘Mission Impossible’ or something.

Among the supplies were fifty Onan generators, and several hundred five-gallon cans of gas. We were going to pack them up to the top of the one and only mountain on our little island. I couldn’t imagine putting one of those huge generators in a backpack, and the other guys were looking at each other, like “Really?”

Then the sergeant explained that first, we were going to disassemble the generators into two halves, the engine and the electrical portion, which were roughly equal in weight.

After a hearty breakfast of rations – which I rather enjoyed, actually, – we started up the hill with our first load.

Some guys join the army to see the world. I thought I was well on track, being deployed to Turkmenistan right away. Whee! But then, it turned out to be not so good. For the next week, along with all the other guys, turned out to be packing engines, generators, and cans of gas up that damned mountain. It was quite a walk. Two miles, of rocks, occasional skinny trees, bushes, and more rocks. Every footstep mattered. The entire trail was littered with broken rocks, so we had to be careful about twisting ankles or falling the whole way up. Going down was no better. The trail was so steep in places that it hurt our knees, plus somehow, it seemed more likely we’d slip and fall going down than up.

And fall, I did. Right on my fucking butt. Fortunately I was near the bottom of the hill, and although it was painful, I was able to walk back to camp. The sergeant pointed me to James, who was just one of the guys, but had also had some minor medic training.

James wanted me to pull my pants down so he could examine my butt. I wouldn’t have been so reluctant, except it was in our clearing in front of all the other guys. OK, I had showered naked with these guys, and they’d seen my butt before, but somehow, this was different. I felt shy, and so hung back after he asked me to pull my pants down. A stern stare from Sergeant Drogue convinced me I’d better do it.

So, I pulled them down, showing the my bruised ass to James, and unfortunately, everyone else in the company too. James had me lay face down on a cot someone had dragged out, and poked at the right side of my butt.


“Oh, sorry. It looks like a bruise. Nothing more, but a doozie nevertheless. ” Then, to no one in particular, “Look how large that black and blue spot is.”

A couple of guys looked up from the card game they had recently started, staring right at my exposed butt for a second, then probably embarrassed, they looked away immediately.

“We’d better do the usual stuff, since you’re here,” James stated.

I was like, ‘Huh?’

Before I could react, he gently placed one hand on each ass check. It felt surprisingly nice to be touched there, but also hurt on the right side. He paused for some reason, keeping his hands lightly on my butt cheeks. Oddly, I felt a slight stirring in my cock. No worries, I was laying down on my belly. No one could see anything.

“Someone bring me the med kit,” James yelled.

I figured he was going to put a salve on my bruise.

A moment later, the small kit arrived. James dug around for a minute, then pulled out a small tube. It was like a toothpaste tube. He unscrewed the cap, and some sort of clear gel appeared on his fingertip. His hands returned to my butt cheeks, and he spread them apart. The thought that he was now able to clearly see my anus excited me. I felt additional stirring in my cock.

“Can I get a little help here?” Three guys practically jumped to help James, but one guy, a tall blonde named Carl, was the quickest, and approached my cot.

“Carl, will you hold his ass apart, please?”

Now I was confused. At once, I was apprehensive, yet excited. Good thing I was still laying on my belly. But, now, I needed to start seriously working on making my erection go down. What would I do when this was over if it was still hard? I’d have some serious explaining to do.

My time in the orphanage, and what little reading I could do taught me that most guys are quite homophobic. Even if they might be gay themselves, they have to act like they’re not. Some even get violent in situations that they consider ‘gay.’ Me, in a camp full of guys, with an erection, would probably be really bad news.

The thought of the trouble I’d be in started to loosen my erection, or so I was hoping, anyway. Meanwhile, what the fuck was James up to?

I felt Carl’s warm hands on my butt cheeks. Again, it hurt on the right side, but in general, it was a remarkably nice feeling. No one had ever touched my butt before, and here was a good-looking guy with both hands firmly on my butt. James instructed him to spread me open more.

I winced due to the bruise, and Carl, detecting my discomfort, repositioned his hands so his right hand was away from the bruise. The bruise was on the outer hip area. He moved his hands more toward the middle, and in order to spread me open, he placed his hands further into my butt crack. Again, the cock stirred.

Suddenly, I felt something cold right in the middle of my butthole. I couldn’t see, but I was pretty sure that was James’ finger pressing against my anus. Instantly, whatever was left of softness in my cock was replaced by a full, raging erection. It was uncomfortably trapped under my belly. But I had more important things to think about. James had his finger against my anus! In a way, this was way exciting. But at the same time, it was weirder than hell.

I have no idea what the other guys were thinking, but James seemed to feel the need to say quietly, almost muttering to himself, “We might as well do a digital rectal exam to make sure you haven’t injured anything in there.

Oh, wow! It suddenly occurred to me what James was doing. We both knew there was nothing wrong with me internally. He was gay! Or at least, he really wanted to play doctor with a guy. Trying not to smile externally, I completely relaxed. I knew that whatever he did next was on him. I was just the ‘patient.’

The card game was abandoned, and everyone in the camp seemed to have gathered around me. They were offering small, quiet questions, like “That’s called a digital rectal exam?” “What are you looking for specifically?” “So, you’re a medic?”

James offered no answers. Instead, he focused on the job at hand, and slowly he pressed his finger further and further into my butt. It felt a bit scratchy, but overall was a rather fantastic feeling. I knew in that moment I’d like more of that in the future, whether in a medical setting or otherwise.

He continued to press, and pretty soon, he had it all the way in. He then curled his finger or something. I couldn’t quite tell, but what an exquisite feeling! I felt sort of like I needed to pee, but it was different. He was pressing on something that felt remarkable. He massaged his finger around on that area, and I was loving it, even though also just a bit freaked out.

“Prostate’s fine.” he announced.

Slowly, he withdrew that finger, and I could swear it was a foot long. I was so sad it was over so soon.

But it wasn’t over.

“Roll over,” James commanded.

“Um, I can’t.”

“Why not?”

Trying to think fast, I said, “Well, personal reasons.”

After a second or two of contemplation, trying to figure out what I meant, James said, “Oh, don’t worry about that. We’re all adults here. We’re all men.”

The sergeant, who was in the circle of men, issued another one of those stern looks. This time, he had to say something, too. “Son, let the medic do his job. We want to make sure you’re alright. The army takes care of its men.”

What could I possibly do? Nothing. There was nothing I could do about it. So, I turned over, wincing again, at the literal pain in the ass. This was the worst moment of my life. I was now naked from the waist down, with a giant erection, in front of fifteen men, who were staring at me intently.

It didn’t dawn on me right away that I wasn’t in trouble. None of these guys were going homophobic.

Sergeant Drogue told me, loud enough so everyone could hear it, “Under the circumstances, an erection is normal.”

James then stuck his hands under my shirt and started feeling my belly, totally ignoring my erection, which was bobbing slightly up and down to my heartbeat.

Next, he pressed his fingertips into the creases just above where my legs join my body. I knew he was checking for hernias. He pressed a bit deeply for my tastes. It was slightly painful.

What he did next was so unexpected that I still jerk off thinking about it to this day, many years later. James simply grabbed my rock-hard penis, and moved it so that he had better access to my balls. My, that felt nice! It only lasted a second, but lives on in my memory forever. During all my time in the shelter and foster homes, I had never even had a real medical checkup. Oh, there had been some ‘exams’ but they lasted like thirty seconds, and consisted of a stethoscope on my chest, blood pressure cuff on my arm, and a tongue depressor in my mouth, generally followed with an injection or two.

James started feeling my balls. He started gently, but then squeezed fairly firmly. I expected it to start hurting, but he didn’t squeeze quite that hard. I guess he was feeling for lumps. I believe he could have finished that part of the exam in a few seconds, but he went on and on, essentially massaging my balls. It was starting to feel awfully nice. I could sense an orgasm coming on. I was both embarrassed, and excited. It’s a strange mix, I know, but that’s what was happening.

I don’t know what would have happened if I had ejaculated in front of all those men. I never got to find out. Suddenly, James was done, the men went in their separate directions, and I was left alone, to pull up my pants over my sore ass.

Over the next few days, no one said a word about what had happened. I tried to think back, and make sense of it. It was pretty obvious in retrospect, that it was more of a sexual thing than a medical thing. It was also obvious that the guys, every single one of them, enjoyed watching. Come to think of it, I didn’t notice at the time, but if my memory is correct, some of the men had bulges in their pants.

We got done hauling the equipment to the top of the mountain. The last thing we hauled up was our camp. All the tents, supplies and food had to be carried to the top. Then the next phase of our deployment began.

What we had up there was a radio station. There was a sixty-foot antenna, and some electronic equipment. We were told that it was for what’s called “VLF,” Very Low Frequency communication with submarines. We didn’t know anything about it. Whoever or whatever was broadcasting did it from elsewhere. Our equipment relayed the signal into the ocean. Our job was to keep the station powered up.

We had fifty little engines powering fifty little generators. We had to keep forty of them running at any given time. You’d think that would be easy, but it was nearly impossible.

Keeping them gassed up was easy enough. We worked out a schedule for that. But the damn things had defective seals. One after another, the engines would start leaking oil around their crankshafts. We’d have to take them apart, install new seals, then put them back together. It didn’t take us long to learn, and at first the sense of accomplishment was strong. Here I was, an engine mechanic!

But within weeks, we came to hate the job. It was always the same. Engine after engine. And they each took so long, it left us little time for leisure.

The leisure time would have been better if we had cell reception, or internet on the mountain, but we did not. There was little to do.

I don’t know about the other guys, but I spent part of my time tromping off into the woods, and then jerking off. Privacy was assured, since there was no one on the island but us sixteen guys, and we could walk downhill in pretty much any direction, and find bushes or rocks to hide behind and have a good solo time.

I jerked off almost every day, except on the days twice a month when we hiked down the mountain to get new supplies. On regular days, we worked from 8 am until 5 pm, and after 5, our time was all ours. Or at least technically. Those fucking engines took too long to fix, and so sometimes we didn’t get done until after dark. So, I’d go off into a private space with a flashlight.

Noticing that when I ejaculated, very little material came out was starting to worry me. Due to my strange upbringing, I had never seen anyone cum, so I didn’t know how much sperm to expect. I was fairly certain it was more than I was producing. As the days turned into weeks which turned into months, I became more and more concerned, until I was sure that there was something wrong with me.

Finally, I couldn’t stand not knowing what was wrong any more. I wanted to ask some of the guys, with whom by now I had made pretty good friends, but it was just too personal of a thing to bring up.

The one guy I trusted was Sarge. One day, I sheepishly came to his tent, and asked if he had a moment.

“Sure, son.”

I didn’t want to talk with him there, since we could be overheard, and so asked whether we could go on a walk. He looked a bit annoyed, but agreed.

As soon as we were out of earshot, he asked what was up. I decided I couldn’t tell him, and muttered something like, “Oh, it’s nothing. Never mind.”

“No son, I know you have something on your mind. Now spill it. That’s an order.”

“It’s really too personal.”

“What could it possibly be that’s so personal? There are no girls here, so I know you didn’t get someone pregnant,” he laughed.

“No, nothing like that.”


“OK, so look…”

As I was hesitating, he said, “Jeremy, son, there’s nothing you can shock me with. I’ve heard everything, and probably done whatever you’ve done, more than once.”

“It’s not something I did, exactly.”

“Private Watson! Out with it!” he shouted.

“Sir, do you promise to keep it confidential?”

“Always, son.”

“So, when I cum, I don’t think enough sperm comes out.”

At that point, I knew my cheeks were three shades of red. What I didn’t expect to see is that Sergeant Drogue’s face reddened up, too.

“Oh, I see.” he said quietly and contemplatively.

“Well, how much comes out, exactly?”

“I never really measured it, but I don’t think it’s the right amount.”

“Well, um… well, OK, here’s what we’ll do.”

Then he stopped speaking for a very long time. Finally resuming with, “Son, you see that rock over there, the one we could sit on?”

“Yes sir.”

“I want you to go over there, remove your clothes, and show me.”

“Really, Sarge?”

“I think so Watson. I know this is bothering you. I have a sneaking suspicion… Well, let’s just say I think I can put your mind at ease, but you’re going to have to trust me.”

“OK, sir.”

As if the whole incident with James hadn’t been weird enough, now I was being asked to jerk off by my commanding officer.

Oh, he wasn’t all that commanding. I mean, Michael Drogue was in charge, and he had good control over his men, but he was a humorous, personable guy most of the time. I was starting to think of him as the father I never had. But to jerk off in front of him? How weird was that?

Friendly though he may be, there was no denying Sgt. Drogue when he wanted something done. I knew what I had to do.

It was a nice warm day, and so taking my clothes off was easy. Actually, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but do it, I did. Soon, I was stark naked in front of my father-figure sergeant. For some reason I can’t explain, my penis was hard even before my underwear came off.

Sarge said nothing. I sat on the rock enjoying the warmth of the rock against my naked butt, and the warm sun beating down on my whole body. Sarge just stood next to me, remaining fully clothed, of course.

I started wanking, and within minutes, my dick was soft as a noodle. I guess the situation was just too weird.

“I think I’m going to have to help,” was all he said.

He knelt in the dirt in front of me, and took my penis in his hands. That felt shockingly nice. It almost was like an electric shock. In just a few seconds, I felt something like adrenaline. My heart was pounding, but my penis was starting to harden of its own accord.

Under Sarge’s gently probing fingers, I became fully erect. He began stoking my uncircumcised skin up and down, and within twenty seconds, I shot out some sperm, It was one of the strongest orgasms of my life, but produced only the usual small amount of sperm. Go figure!

“Well, son, that looks like a normal amount to me.”

“Sarge, are you just saying that to make me feel good?”

“No son, that’s totally normal,” he added as I grabbed some nearby dry leaves, and started mopping the cum off my belly.

I think he could see I didn’t totally believe him. “OK, look. This will be confidential, understand?”

I didn’t know what he was about to tell me, but I agreed that it would be kept secret.

“Let me show you what’s normal.”

I was thinking… No, it couldn’t be. Sarge would never…

The sergeant started climbing out of his clothing. He wasn’t bad-looking for a guy over forty, even though he could lose a few pounds. He was rather attractive in his own way. Square jaw, short military hair, somewhat tall of stature. And hairy. This guy was hairy all over. His back and chest looked more like a bear than a human. I rather liked that.

As he sat down on the rock next to me, I studied his penis. It was sticking straight up. Not quite as large as mine, but it was still a sight to see. Even though I had ejaculated just moments before, I found myself feeling horny again, looking at this nice man.

Maybe his penis was as large as mine. It was circumcised, so I think that made it look smaller. It was the first circumcised cock I had ever seen. I very badly wanted to reach out and touch it, But of course I couldn’t.

Sarge started stroking his cock. “I’m going to show you a normal amount of cum, then you can judge for yourself whether you’re normal.”

I had all I could do to close my mouth and avoid drooling as I watched my sergeant jerking off on that rock here in Turkmenistan. Not only did I want to touch his cock, I wanted to jerk off again, but thought better of it. I had this crazy notion that if he wanted to kiss me, I wouldn’t mind.

He kept jerking and jerking. Nothing happened. “Um, Jeremy?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Do you think you could lend me a hand here?”

Call me thick, but it took me several seconds to figure out what he was asking. Once I did, I’m sure a big smile came over my face, and he smiled back, eyes crinkling, in return.

I got off the rock, and knelt in the dirt in front of his awesome body. I didn’t realize I had thought of it as awesome, but I did. I reached out, and touched a dick for the first time in my life. My own dick rose in response, and I’m sure the sergeant noticed.

I started stroking my superior officer. I was delighted to feel his very soft skin moving over his very hard shaft. It was surprisingly warm, too. I was fascinated by how much tighter his skin was than mine. I mean, it was still loose enough to move up and down, but didn’t cover over the tip of his dick at all.

An urge came over me, which I’d like to say I avoided. I didn’t. I felt the need to put that beautiful circumcised penis, with its exposed shiny, pink head in my mouth. I didn’t ask, and should have. I just did it. I leaned forward, placed my lips around that glorious tip, then sucked the thing in as far as I could, almost gagging in the process.

As that happened, I started coming to my senses, and became very concerned. Sergeant Drogue, just said, “Hmmmm!” in a way indicating his delight, so I guess it was OK. Very OK!

“Wait,” he suddenly shouted. I released his dick from my mouth immediately.

“I wanted you to see how much comes out,” and with that, he stroked his very hard penis three or four times, arched his back moaned loudly, and started shooting cum onto the ground.

Sure enough, it was only about the same amount as I always get.

I was relieved that I didn’t have some sort of ‘condition’ but I’d think about that later. Right now, my mind was full with what had just happened.

Sarge was sitting on the rock kind of shivering, even though it was warm outside, as he cleaned up the sperm.

“Oh, my, Jeremy, that was spectacular!”

As we walked back to camp, we didn’t have much to say about what had transpired. He was mostly talking about a baseball game he wanted to set up on the beach next time we went down for supplies. He wanted it to be between us, and the guys from the supply ship.

As the next supply day approached, Sarge indicated that there was a surprise in the works and it wasn’t a baseball game. I was dreading it, knowing it probably meant more engines to keep running, some men might be leaving, or new chores of some sort.

I was partially right. As we approached the beach. there was much more than the usual palettes of supplies. There were palettes of metal bars, and another with a bunch of electronics. Worse, there were another fifty fucking generators and a couple hundred more cans of gasoline.

“Oh, no!” we all groaned as we approached. There was something else. There was a group of men. As we got closer, I counted sixteen in all. And surprise of all surprises, one was a woman!

Once we arrived, everyone started talking at once. Our sergeant and their sergeant, a short, thin fellow named Franklin York, quieted us, then explained the situation.

We were going to double in size. The navy had decided that the army’s VLF system wasn’t powerful enough. So, we were going to disassemble the antenna, add the new metal bars, and make a much bigger one. We were installing a new transmitter, and it would require a hundred generators. The good news is that with 32 of us, it would be easier to keep eighty of them running at all times.

My eyes kept going to the gorgeous woman. Even in her army fatigues, she was a sight to see. You could see her dark red hair bunched under her cap, and her eyes sparkled from within her freckled face, even from the distance I was from her. She was jostling and joking with the guys around her just as if she was a man. The scene reminded me of how we must have looked when we first arrived on the island. No one knew anyone, but we did our best to joke and be friendly.

Her eyes met mine for a moment and I felt an electric shock. I didn’t look away immediately, but held her gaze. She seemed to smile a bit. My, oh my, she was a beauty. Tall for a woman, she was just a bit shorter than most of the guys. She was thin, but I noticed a significant bulge in her chest area. My dirty mind immediately tried to imagine what her breasts looked like under that shirt.

All of us original sixteen were delighted with the turn of events. Even Sarge was smiling, though he must have known what was coming days before.

Some of the guys were elbowing each other, and talking about the woman. Some of it was shockingly crude. Oh, I had heard the guys say things like ‘cunt’ but now they were using that word when referring to a specific person – that redhead. It didn’t seem right. They were betting each other how long it would take to get into her pants and things like that. It bothered me. I didn’t know much about women, but I knew they should not be talked about like that.

Before long, we were all trekking up the mountain. It happened that she fell in next to me for a good bit of the walk up. She had one of the generator halves, and it didn’t seem to be a burden for her. Some of the guys were complaining about the weight, but not Shirley. That was her name. A good, old-fashioned name. Shirley McEnroe. Since the hike took an hour, I found out a bit about her, and she learned that I had been an orphan.

Shirley grew up on a farm in Ohio. She said she thought she ‘hated’ it and couldn’t wait to get out to see the world. She hadn’t been outside of Ohio until she joined the army.

At that point, one of our original team interrupted, saying, “Yeah, ‘See the world!’ All we’ve seen so far is this fucking island,” and laughed derisively.

I asked why she had enlisted, and was surprised by her answer.

“I like men, lots of men,” was all she said.

A couple of guys walking near us went, “Woah!” I didn’t quite understand.

“Jeremy, are you any good at fighting?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, do you have experience taking care of yourself?”

“Actually, yeah. So you know I grew up in an orphanage, right?”

“Right, you told me.”

“Well, they had this anti-bullying program there. We were allowed to learn judo. It’s a pretty cool thing. First, it’s not about going after people. It’s about protecting. If someone comes after you, there are ways to use their own actions against them.”


“Like, if someone is attacking you, you can step aside, and all the force that was directed at you propels them beyond you, and into a wall or something. You can even give them a little push to help them on their way.

“Cool! Did you get any good at it?”

“Well, I was able to study for about a year and a half before they moved me to a foster home. I was very disappointed to give it up. I was told I’d probably win the city championship if I had entered, but I couldn’t enter.”

“Why not?”

“Ah, being an orphan has its disadvantages. No one would drive me there, and I wasn’t allowed to go on my own.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, what a shame. You might have become the next Jackie Chan.”

“Oh, I doubt it.” and I laughed.

“But you can protect yourself?”

“Unless someone comes at me with a gun, I’m pretty well covered. Like, when I was in middle school, and had just started the judo lessons, there were these two guys who had cornered a girl in the hallway. Why no teachers interrupted, I don’t know. But they weren’t treating her nicely. They were calling her every name, and insisting that she screw them. I mean, they wanted her to go out in the woods with them right then, and they were claiming they’d hurt her little brother if she didn’t. She was all in tears, and they were pulling on her hair, trying to drag her down the hall.

I kind of stepped in, and one of the guys ended up with a sprained ankle. The other guy was holding his face kind of funny, like I might have seriously injured him, and he was all crying and everything. They pretty well knew they could never bother that girl again.


“But judo’s not my thing.”


“I could never afford lessons and everything it takes to get really good. I do sometimes fantasize about winning championships and all that.”

“Say listen. Being the one girl among 31 guys, I’m going to need a protector. You understand, right?”

“Yup, that I do understand.”

“Would you be my protector?”

“Yes, to the degree I am able.”

“It would mean sticking near me as much as you can. Are you willing to do that?”

“Shirley, I’d be honored!”

She smiled.

We arrived at the top of the hill, dropped the stuff we were carrying, ate rations, and went right back down.

On the way down, Shirley, walked with James, and I wasn’t able to hear what they talked about. I noticed they laughed several times, and a strange feeling welled up in me. Up until then, I liked James. Now, I wasn’t so sure.

Shirley had said I should stick near her, so I hurried on ahead, catching up with them in a few minutes.

“Hey, Shirley! Hey, James!”

“Hello there, Jeremy!” she said.

They quickened their pace slightly, ignoring me after that, and continued chittering about something or another. This part of the trail was too narrow for three people, so I fell back, feeling kind of grouchy.

As evening approached, we were back in camp at the top of the hill. All 32 of us decided to celebrate, and we started a bonfire. Shirley and James sat very close, toasting marshmallows. I very much wanted to get in on their conversation, but it didn’t seem right.

That night, James’ tent mate asked me to help him put up another pup tent. I knew why, and seething inside, but trying not to show it on the outside, while James took Shirley, evidently quite willingly, into his tent.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t have fantasized, or made my conversation with Shirley into anything more than it was. Still, I felt something like an idiot. Maybe if I had said a few things differently. Maybe if I had made more out of the judo experience.

At breakfast, she smiled at me from a nearby table. I couldn’t really make eye contact with her. I felt like calling her the names I had heard men use, and hadn’t liked. I slowly realized I was jealous, and laughed out loud at my silliness.

We had two more trips down the mountain and back up. On the first, Shirley walked with another guy, Kevin. I was starting to understand what she meant when she said, “I like men, lots of men.”

Geez, wasn’t she worried about disease or anything?

On the second trip up the mountain, she pulled up alongside me. I was carrying a five-gallon gas can, she was carrying five gallons of drinking water. My back was sore. She seemed to be doing fine, with a spring in her step.

“Hi Jeremy.”

“Oh, Hi, Shirley,” I answered without enthusiasm.

“So dude, you know how I said I like men?”

“Yeah, I can see you really do.”

“Have you ever heard the term nymphomaniac?”

“I think so. That would be you, right? A woman who likes lots of men?”

“Sort of. It’s more than that. I like sex, especially with men. It started with my brothers. We always played doctor after we hit a certain age. I don’t want you to get any wrong ideas. I’m not monogamous. I’m not going to be anybody’s ‘girlfriend.'”

“OK, whatever.” I was disappointed. I guess I had fantasized after that walk together. She said she had wanted me to be her protector. I guess that was just her trying to flatter me.

“But Jeremy, I’m serious about needing a protector.”

“Yes, it’s OK. I’d protect you in any case.”

“I totally believe you. I can sense right away that you’re a really good man. And the surprising thing is the way you were brought up. Who would have figured?”

“I’ve thought about that a lot. No one really cared about me. No one told me not to run out in the street, or about drugs, or anything, really. I don’t even know how to dress properly. Like I can’t tie a tie. I buy all the wrong size clothes. You get the idea. But as far as values, I’m proud to say I have some, at least a little bit. I think it came from watching television. I used to watch Leave it to Beaver, My Three Sons, Family Affair, and reruns like that all the time. They aren’t like a lot of modern television. They’re safe and comfortable.”

“Yes Jeremy, you are a good man!”

“Hey Jerry… can I call you that? Have you ever been fucked? Had sex, I mean?”

“No. It’s something I think about all the time.”

“Me too. I mean I think about it all the time.”

“Well Jerry, I want to stay in your tent tonight.”

The moment she said that, my reaction wasn’t what you’d think. It wasn’t one of joy, or success, or even conquest. It was outright fear, mixed with a tinge of excitement.

It was easy to get my tent mate out for the night, since there was the one spare pup tent, and he preferred privacy, anyway. I think we both typically masturbated under the covers, but neither ever talked about it.

Shirley said she’d be over around 9pm, and at 9:10pm, having looked at my watch about a hundred times, she was a no-show. Bitterly, I figured that was that. I had gotten all clean in the miserable cold water shower some of the guys had rigged from a creek, brushed my teeth and was all set for whatever might happen. But, now all that was left was to turn over and go to sleep.

“Zich, zich, zich.” She gently scratched on my tent flap. My heart leapt with joy, mixed with fear as I let her in.

The moment the tent flap was zipped up, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. Instinctively, I pulled away. I wasn’t used to people coming into my personal space. Then, realizing what that must have felt like to her, I said, “I’m sorry, I’m not used to, well… anything!”

She laughed, and kissed me again. This time, I stayed put. She started by kissing my cheek, and then worked her way to my lips. I felt an electric shock as her lips touched mine, and responded automatically, pressing softly back. I felt something pressing against my lips. What? Did she have a third lip or something? No, it was her tongue. Ah, French kissing. I had heard about that, and so I enthusiastically let her in. It was a very comfortable feeling, her tongue in my mouth. I was a bit awkward at first, not evening knowing to tip my head to one side, but soon, we were doing a serious tongue dance in each other’s mouths. It was so nice, I could have almost settled for a night of that, but of course I knew something even better was coming soon.

She broke away, and started pulling off her fatigues. I watched dumbfounded, seeing this beautiful girl by the dim light of my flashlight aimed at the top of the tent.

“Aren’t you going to join me?” she asked.

Realizing I was staring at her, and not taking my own clothes off, I followed suit. When her bra came off, I stopped again, just admiring her perfect breasts. They were large and freckled, just like her face, except the very front part, for a couple inches around each nipple, was milky white. The nipples themselves were small pink protrusions, without much of a disk around them. I had seen a couple pictures of topless women, and had seen the ones in the arcade that time in San Diego. By comparison, she was remarkable. And she was real. Right here in my tent.

Before I could fully appreciate her tits, she had removed her underpants, revealing a mat of reddish hair, slightly darker than the hair on her head. I expected the sight would take my breath away, but it didn’t. I might have even been slightly disappointed. I don’t know what I was expecting, but not so much hair, for sure.

I had to remove my underwear now, and I was slightly hesitant. I knew it was OK, but all my life I had been trained to keep my clothes on, so now, it felt funny, almost wrong.

Mustering some bravery, my pants came down, revealing my own uncircumcised penis, with its own thin mat of scraggly brownish hair. I guess I should have been erect at that point, but I wasn’t. I was completely flaccid.

Without giving me time to form any more impressions, she rolled on top of me, pressing her glorious breasts against my chest. I felt her hot breath on my face as she resumed kissing me, and felt her legs weighing against mine. Having someone lay on you was heavier than I expected, but also heavenly. In a minute, her continued kissing and laying on top of me did the trick in the penis department. I felt it being compressed as it hardened between her lower stomach and mine.

She broke the kiss, turned her upper body kind of sideways, and started kissing my left ear. I didn’t know what to make of that, until a few seconds, when I realized it was very, very erotic. Now, my penis was rock-hard.

I squirmed under her, freeing my penis, and kind of awkwardly putting it against that mat of hair of hers.

“Woah, big guy,” she said, crawling off me. “We need protection.”

I was surprised, thinking, ‘like a bodyguard or something?’ Then I figured out she meant a condom. I hadn’t thought. Stupid me. I didn’t have one. Oh fuck. I mean, no fuck. There’d be no fucking after all. And I was so looking forward to it!

“Here, I’ve got one.” She started rumpling in the pocket of her pants next to the cot, and came up with a small packet which she tore open.

“C’mere.” As I crawled toward her, she leaned toward my dick, and started unrolling the condom on me. It felt so good. So terribly good. Suddenly, bang, I came. I ejaculated as she was unrolling the condom.

“Really?” she said.

“Oh, I’m afraid so.” I groaned.

It’s OK Jerry,” she said, trying not to sound disappointed. I knew she was.
Fortunately, for both of us, she had a back-up plan. “Jerry, would you kiss me? Down there, I mean?”

“Yes.” The funny thing is, I didn’t really want to. I was feeling almost queasy. But I knew she would want to be satisfied. I didn’t know anything about women’s orgasms at the time, but figured they weren’t much different than with men.

She instructed me, and soon, I was in a position to run my tongue over the slit of her vagina. The only problem was finding it. It took me a good couple of minutes, to part the hair, and find the actual slit. I was getting curly hairs in my mouth, and was starting to feel that I wasn’t having a good time anymore. On the other hand, I wasn’t going to disappoint her. No way. So I carried on, and with her ongoing whispered instruction, I found her clit, and was soon licking away like an old pro. I noticed that she was exuding some liquid, and I rather liked the mild taste.

After perhaps five minutes, which I was now finding enjoyable, with her moaning “Oh, yes Jerry!” and similar things, she started shaking all over, and as her voice became louder and higher in pitch, she had an orgasm. I felt all her muscles tense.

With me, it would be all over after that, so as she calmed down, I quit licking.

“Oh, more, please!” she begged.

I resumed licking, and she had another orgasm. In the meantime, something happened to me. My penis, of its own accord, became rock-hard again. At one point, she reached out, and discovered that I was erect again and still wearing the rubber. Without any words, she adjusted the condom so it was fully unrolled into position, then she guided my penis into her vagina. I felt the inside of a woman for the first time in my life. It was wonderful. Everything that everyone had ever insinuated. I’d like to say we fucked for an hour straight, but unfortunately, I came again. Way too soon. I lost my erection, fell out of her, and apologized.

“No apology needed, that was great!”

“What about the other guys? Surely they’re more ‘expert’ than I am.”

“I haven’t fucked in a year.”

“What?” I didn’t understand.

“I like blowing guys, and giving handjobs. I like receiving all sorts of manual and oral things. But I reserve fucking only for very special guys.”

I was honored beyond anything I could describe.

Time went on, and the deployment continued. Whereas Shirley and I had signed up to see the world, and only saw an island off the coast of Turkmenistan, we were happy. This goofy little radio station camp had become our home. We had thirty great friends, although occasionally there was some jealousy. It wasn’t what you might believe.

The guys never knew that I was ‘getting it’ while they were getting only blowjobs and handjobs. They did realize that Shirley and I were close. They could not quite figure out what the relationship was, however. They were getting all this attention from her, so what was I? A boyfriend, or just a friend? I didn’t bother to explain, letting the guys handle the mystery any way they wanted.

The jealousy took two forms. First it was in me. It took me quite a while to be alright with Shirley doing anything sexual with the other men. The other problem was Sarge. He asked me repeatedly whether I’d join him in further jerking off activities. I kept putting him off, and he was starting to get a bit gruff toward me.

One night, with her permission, I sent him Shirley. I told her to let him know her visit was a gift from me. She had given him a great blowjob, and had received a good clit and anal fingering in return. They were both happy.

Sure enough, Shirley did need a protector. Sometimes, there’d be beer in our bi-weekly shipments. We’d duly haul it up to the camp, then some of the guys would get downright crazy. Why Sarge or Sgt. York didn’t stop them, I don’t know. They’d drink like six beers in a row, and be stinking drunk.

One night, a guy came to Shirley, insisting that she have sex with him.

She said, “No, when you’re sober, I’ll be happy to give you a blowjob.”

I was nearby, and I heard the guy start begging with her. But she was solid on that. No way would she enjoy herself with a drunk guy. Suddenly, I heard some scuffling, and looked up just as Shirley yelled, “Jerry!”

The man had her head tucked under one arm and was trying to drag her away. My judo training kicked in nicely. I started by acting strange, like a monkey, to distract him. He let her go, and came running, or more like staggering, toward me. That’s exactly what I wanted. At the last second, as he lunged, I simply stood aside, letting him fall face first in the dirt. He got up, and came back at me from the other direction. I hated to do it, but he had to learn a lesson. As he passed me again, I ‘forgot’ to get my foot out of the way. He landed hard, with an audible “Oomph.” He didn’t get up. The poor guy broke his arm, had to be helicoptered off the island, and got court-marshaled with a thirty-day sentence in the brig. He deserved it.

A thought started brewing in my mind. I talked it over with Shirley, cringing somewhat in case she thought I was being too crude or something. I told her that since she’s enjoying sexual activities with all these men, since she had literally done something with every single one of them at least once, that it might be fun to do something with everyone at once.

I was worried she might slap me or something. Instead, she smiled in her big, beautiful way, and said, “Fucking great idea!”

We hatched a plan. It took quite a while to work out the details. Finally, we figured out the best way to announce it was to simply announce it. For that, we got Sarge to make the official speech.

“Gentlemen. Our very own Shirley and her friend Jeremy offer a very special evening for anyone who wants to participate. They’re planning a handjob and blowjob orgy. You are all invited. That means, and I want you to hear this clearly, NO FUCKING. We want to keep this clean and safe. But if you guys can handle everything but fucking, you’ll have a grand time! The orgy is to be here, around the bonfire, at twenty-one hundred hours this evening. Clothing is not allowed. Repeat. Do not wear clothing to this event.”

Shirley and I knew that sucking off or wanking thirty guys would be too much for her to handle by herself, although I’m sure she’d enjoy trying. We were hoping I could offer to ‘do’ some of the guys, taking the load off her. We were also hoping that some of the guys might be content to do each other.

Evening came, and all the damn generators were running well, so everyone congregated around the campfire right on time. Shirley was the first to arrive. She was stark naked, taking the pressure off the guys. Otherwise, who would have been bold enough to be the first naked one out there? Boy, she was a pleasure to see all naked, outdoors, by the light of the fire!

Sarge was the next to arrive, naked as the day he was born, and already sporting a hardon. I almost laughed. How would the guys ever relate to him as an authority figure after this? But then again, I had sucked his dick, and I still thought of him as an authority.

In no time at all, there were thirty-one naked men, and one naked woman in our little clearing. We had arranged a bunch of cots, blankets, and even some homemade chairs, so there was plenty of opportunity for comfortable positions. Shirley went right to work, starting with Sarge, since he was the first to arrive. I had never witnessed her working on anyone else, and found I was quite attracted to the scene. She was on her knees while he stood. He was getting the blowjob of his life.

I couldn’t help myself, and started idly jerking my hard dick right there in front of everyone as they performed. It was sort of like the first dance at a ball, where the honored couple have the whole floor to themselves for a few minutes.

I enjoyed the proximity of all the naked men around me, but hadn’t really noticed what was happening around me as I watched the sergeant and Shirley doing their thing.

Frank was pulling on Jason’s dick! Jonathan was sucking Paul. Oh my god. My buddies were all gay or bisexual, or at least most of them. If only I had known sooner!

Before Sarge came, Shirley stopped, so he could continue to enjoy the evening. Sarge walked over to me, and as casually as if it were office work, he knelt in the dirt and started sucking my dick. My sergeant!

Shirley had gone on to work on a reclining guy with a massive erection, giving him an handjob he wouldn’t soon forget.

The evening was a spectacular success. It opened doors of all descriptions. After that evening, Shirley continued to play with her fill of guys, always with enough energy to fuck me every evening that I so desired. But, beyond that, the private spots around the mountain were no longer required. Guys would come out into the clearing, and just wank in front of whoever might be around. We’d take breaks while rebuilding engines, and maybe give a guy a blowjob, or a good jerking. Sometimes, three guys would get together in a clump and play. Since the island was a warm place, we seldom saw each other in fatigues any more. We were a bunch of naked, happy soldiers. Go figure!

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