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My New Girlfriend Is Highly Unusual

My new girlfriend looks normal enough. Actually, she’s a knockout, with flaming red hair that she likes to keep in braids. She says ‘Like Anne of Green Gables.” She really does look a lot like Anne. Even her name is similar: Allison. She’s thin, and active, and has a great sense of humor, which you wouldn’t expect from an accountant.

She’s independent, doing the books for three businesses here in town.

Although she seems so normal on the outside, other than her wild Anne-like looks and quick, active style, in bed, she’s something entirely different than what I’ve experienced with my other girlfriends, and the one guy I hooked up with for a while.

She doesn’t care much for fucking. That’s the truth! Oh, she’ll do it from time to time to suit me. She prefers anal intercourse. She wants me to buttfuck her if we’ve gotta fuck at all.

But what she really wants, craves even, is anal fingering and fisting. Pretty much every time we play, which is almost daily, it starts with her giving me a quick but very satisfying blowjob. I cum, she swallows. All is heaven. But then it’s her turn, and I have to admit, I’m happy to comply.

She starts by getting on her hands and knees on our my massage table. I lube up her whole anal area. I always try to include her pussy in that. I want to get some lube, and my fingers in her twat. But she kind of squirms away. She wants me to hurry up and put my index finger deep into her tight little asshole. And tight it is. She’s a redhead, as I mentioned, which includes very light skin. She has freckles over her face, shoulders and upper chest, but nowhere else.

Her anus, in the fold of her skinny little butt (which I love), is small, and pink. Most women, as you know, have a brown coloration in a one-inch radius or more around their butts. Not Allie. She’s pink, and small. Her pink area is only half as big around. She has light radial wrinkles leading away from her anus for about 1/2-inch. I find it very attractive. It smells nice, too. Not at all what one might expect, but instead, very sweet. But, if you’ve ever smelled a girl’s butt, you already know that.

So, I get a finger in there, and then she wants two. Then three. We see how far we can go with it. I work on her very slowly. Generally, when I get two fingers in, she has her first orgasm. Sometimes, I have to put my other arm around her back to keep Allie from throwing herself off the table in her orgasmic bliss.

On most occasions, I get four fingers in, and that’s all she can take. While they are in there, she goes into a state that is hard for me, as a man, to understand. She seems to be in some sort of continuous orgasm, or in waves that keep coming over her every minute or so.

During a good night, which has been happening more and more lately, I’ve managed to get my whole fist in her butt. The moment it slips in past the widest part, she screams. Not in pain, but in sheer orgasmic delight.

Now, it would hurt her if I pull it out, but what happens is she instructs me to wait until she’s in another orgasmic high, then just pull my fist out fairly rapidly, which evidently makes her orgasm even stronger.

You’d think we’d be done, but often she gives me a long slow handjob, and I end up cumming again. Then we kiss, we hug and we fall asleep. Once we both fell asleep while I had one finger in her butt.

We both thought fisting her vagina would be fun. We tried it one day. I could only get four fingers in. She didn’t like it, and we haven’t done that since.

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