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Fulfillment with Ben Wah Balls

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Ever since I was young, I’ve been a horny girl. I’ll admit it. It started with my twin brother. He said he wanted to know something about fucking, since he had never done it. I was reluctant to even talk about it at first. Then he showed me some sites on his tablet. Seeing those guys with erect dicks really did something to me. Especially the gray-haired gents.

You’d think I’d be attracted to guys my own age, but for some reason, I particularly like guys with at least a little graying around the temples. Show me an old fellow with long hair and a flowing white beard, and I’m just gone. Just the thought of such a guy sends my right hand down into my undies.

Anyway, my brother, Kevin, after hinting around for a while, came right out and asked if I’d like to practice fucking with him. By the time I’d seen some of the old guys on his tablet, I was sold. Kevin solidified the logic for me by saying, it would be better if we had some practice with fucking before we had to do it with strangers. Kevin and I are really close, at least from what I can tell by my friends and what I see on TV. Some of them tease, argue, and even yell at each other. Kevin and I have seldom argued. I suppose the credit goes to our parents.

It was awkward at first. Kevin suggested we play strip poker and the looser of each hand would have to take something off. It was taking too long, so we switched to strip blackjack, and then just a coin toss.

He lost big-time, and his underpants came off while I was down to one sock, my bra and panties.

Seeing his dick was absolutely fascinating. Oh, I’d seen plenty on the web. Who hasn’t? But a real, live erection right there, as he sat on the edge of my bed. That was really something! I felt that wet feeling coming on. You know you’ve got it bad when you feel a drip actually running down your labia and curving around to your anus. That was me at the moment.

For solidarity with Kevin, or at least that’s what I told myself, I just pulled off the rest of my clothing.

“You’re shaved!” he exclaimed. Well, yes, I had been shaving. My mom showed me how, and told me that I should. She didn’t add ‘because it will make masturbation better,’ but I kind of knew that’s what she meant.

Then it occurred to me, he was shaved too. Cool! But that was kind of minor in comparison to what I was seeing. His boner was sticking straight up, and kind of throbbing. I couldn’t resist, so I reached out and wrapped my fingers around it. It was surprisingly warm. I wasn’t expecting that. It was also oddly soft and hard at the same time. The skin was loose, but it was quite hard underneath.


Oops, I guess I was squeezing it kind of firmly, trying to understand just how hard it was. I had heard that they fill with blood. That’s how they get hard. So, I was surprised that if it was some sort of balloon like thing, that it could be so solid like that.

When he yelled, I let go. He asked me to put my hand back. He said it felt remarkably comfortable to have my hand around his penis. After just a few seconds, I felt a sort of pulsing feeling, and then I saw his sperm shoot out, and land on my fist and on his stomach.

It didn’t seem yucky at all. I found it super-interesting.

I was all set to try fucking, but to my extreme disappointment, almost wordlessly, Kevin put his pants back on and left my room. What the fuck?

An hour later, with my parents still out shopping, he knocked on my door and apologized. He said somehow he lost the ‘spirit’ right after he ejaculated. I didn’t fully understand, but a year or so later, I got it. Guys ‘lose it’ after they ‘lose it.’

A few days later, we reconvened in my room, and that time, with quite a bit of clunkiness, we did manage to fuck, and it was very, very nice. I had no idea that having a penis in your vagina could be so remarkably filling. Although stretched a bit, it didn’t hurt, like everyone says it does, to lose your virginity. I guess all my masturbation had already stretched my hymen. Kevin came right away again, and once again, he was immediately finally done, leaving me in my room, all horny. I gave myself a strong orgasm.

The next time, I made him lick my vagina. He wasn’t much into it, but I explained I needed an orgasm too. After he was doing it for a while, he got into it. I think as I was approaching orgasm, he felt a sort of empathetic response. The whole time, his penis was very big and solid. After my wonder orgasm from my brother, I let him fuck me. Hell, I would have begged him to fuck me at that point. Again, it was super comfortable. I was disappointed when I felt that slight pumping sensation within me, knowing he was all spent again. On the other hand, it’s exciting having a man’s sperm inside you, even if it is just your brother.

Oh, yes, at my mother’s insistence, I’ve been on the pill for a while. It’s a little-known fact that for some women, it can reduce menstrual cramps.

My brother and I did it a few more times, then he acquired Jenny, his girlfriend. I love her like a sister, but I also slightly resent her, because I lost my fuck-buddy to her.

It took me a few months, but I finally worked out the balance between becoming known as the school slut and on the other hand, getting fucked by a lot of guys. Yes, with condoms, of course. I’m not stupid. I did stay on the reputation-safe side, so my reputation is still good. Yet, I have had three guys who are friends-with-benefits. I tell them I’m not ready to fall in love. One of them, Jason, laughed, saying that’s what the man is supposed to say.

In between fucking, which hasn’t been nearly as often as I’d like because it’s so hard to arrange times in places when you’re my age, I’ve really gotten into jilling, you know, masturbation. I started out just rubbing my clit, but it didn’t take me long after fucking with Kevin to figure out that what I really like is that fulfilling feeling of having something inside. I’ve tried hairbrushes, and a few odd kitchen tools, but then I got a hold of some ben wah balls.

I can’t tell you how I got them. OK, sure I can. I was hanging with Maureen. She’s my best friend. I thought she might be turning lesbian. She kept hinting, and while I was a bit put off by the idea, there were moments that I think I might like to try something with her. Anyway, she kept talking about sex and masturbation. I believe she was trying to get me horned up so I’ll play with her. She even kissed me sometimes. I put up with it, because she really is a special person. Anyway, at one point, when I told her about the fulfilling feeling, she told me about her ben wah balls.

I had never heard of such things. They’re two balls, loosely connected together that you put in your snatch. Just the sensation of walking around with them inside can give you orgasms. She loaned me her ben wah balls, giving them to be right after homeroom one day. I was worried all day long that somehow someone would discover them in my backpack, and I’d be in all sorts of embarrassing trouble. I finally made it home that afternoon, and couldn’t wait to try them.

I jilled a bit, getting good and juicy, but found them difficult to slip inside. Finally I got them in. It wasn’t as spectacular as I had expected. Then I put my clothes back on, and tried to live a normal afternoon. It was difficult having orgasm after orgasm while keeping a straight face during study group, and at dinner with my family. I still wonder if my mom knew what was going on with me.

Three days later, Mo wanted them back. It was a huge disappointment for me. And, it wasn’t like I could just go out and buy some. Can you imagine what would happen if I ordered some online, and my dad opened the package? Plus, I don’t have a credit card. So, no ben wah balls. Bummer!

It was back to hairbrushes and the occasional guy, when it could be arranged. Actually, I was starting to realize that fucking around with these dudes was becoming problematic. They all wanted to fall in love with me. Geez, you fuck a guy once or twice, and you get a million texts from him, and your phone doesn’t stop ringing. Yuck!

Then one day at WalMart, I saw something very interesting: It was a toy for cats. It’s a hollow ball, with a bell inside. The bell is smaller, so it wobbles around when the ball is moved. I’m sure you know what I was thinking. A few days later, I walked the huge long way to WalMart so I could buy one of those balls when my family wasn’t with me.

They were sold out! It was one of the biggest disappointments of my life! I walked home dejected. Stopping at Foster’s Freeze didn’t even help.

A few days later, I walked back again, and to my absolute delight, the cat toys were back in stock. I bought one, as well as a feathered kitty toy that I had no use for. That was to camouflage what I was buying. I wouldn’t want anyone to figure out what my purpose for the ball would be.

Oh my, I couldn’t wait to get home. So I didn’t. I stopped at Foster Freeze. Not to buy anything, but to borrow their bathroom for a minute. I tore open the package, and finding myself already lubed up, I slipped the ball inside. It was a bit big, so it took a minute to get it to squeeze in, by God, I almost orgasmed right then and there. I figured I’d have to take it back out right away. Jingling all the way home wouldn’t do. But as I walked around the bathroom a little bit, I discovered that the bell sound was entirely muted by my body. How cool is that?

It took a bit of bravery on my part to step out of the bathroom with that thing still inside me. I felt as if the whole world must surely know what was happening. But step out I did, and I continued my walk home.

Oh my God! I’ve never experienced anything like that walk. Although the sensation was very slight, I could feel that bell rolling around in the ball, inside my lower belly. My knees literally crumpled a little bit three or four times on the walk home as I orgasmed.

When I got home, I had to take the ball out, since I was overly-orgasmed. I probably would have fainted if I had a few more orgasms. If you’ve ever had a fairly large ball in your puss, you may know the difficulty in getting out. I enjoyed that process, too, even though it scared me a little bit until it popped out. I thought I had to dig it out with my fingers, but I found a little push from inside does the bulk of the work. My little private joke is ‘I’m delivering a baby bell.’

It’s been a couple of months now, and I wear the thing routinely. I wear it to school, and especially to volleyball. What a sensation that is – jumping around with a bell in your pussy!

I also bought a second one. First, I wanted to find out if I could get two inside. Like, twice the fun, right? But no. When I tried two, first it kind of hurt a bit. I guess the second one pushes the first up against my cervix or something. The other problem is that the second one keeps falling out. Maybe I could strengthen the muscles to hold it in someday.

Since I couldn’t use two, the least I could do is return Maureen’s favor. I gave her my second bell ball. More than that, I offered to help her try it out.

Between classes one day, I told her what I was wearing. You should have seen how big her eyes got! I then invited her into the girls bathroom, and showed her my second bell ball. Just as I thought it would, what I bravely told her next, absolutely delighted her, even though I was cringing as I said it, worrying that maybe I had read her signals wrong. I told her I would give it to her, but had to ‘install’ it personally. Obviously, she could have put it in on her own, but I thought my little notion was a good one. Gosh, was it!

That very afternoon, her parents were out. We went up into her room, and I brazenly took off all my clothes right away. She practically fainted. Recovering, she took off hers. The next thing I knew, we were rolling all over her bed, kissing, French kissing, and pressing our tits together like there was no tomorrow.

I didn’t realize that simply touching another woman’s breasts could be so, well, spectacular. It sent tingles through my whole body. And, I got another shock as she ever-so-gently tickled my nipples with her fingertips, and then her tongue. I was instantly transformed from a heterosexual to a bisexual.

I can’t even find words to tell you how incredible it is to have another woman’s fingers on your vulva, your clit, and especially your asshole. She stuck a finger in my ass, and I had an instant, crashing orgasm! She said she could feel the bell ball in me with her fingertip.

It took us a while to getting around to putting the bell ball in her. I mean, we didn’t even do it that day. We were just too taken up with our new found lesbianism.

But we did get a bell in her, and it was so fun during the classes we shared to glance across the room, and know that your friend, who is returning your glance, has a bell in her pretty vagina, just you do.

That’s it. There’s probably more to this story, but I haven’t lived it yet. So far, I haven’t worn a bell when I’m with guys. I’d like to introduce them to the concept. I know they can’t wear a bell like us girls do, but maybe in their ass? Hell, maybe in my ass. Mo did try pushing a bell ball into my ass the other day, but we couldn’t get it to fit. She has a theory that if she slowly stretches my ass with her fingers, she may be able to get it in.

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  1. Once that bell ball was up inside y0ur pussy, how did you get it out? I assume it didn’t come with an attached pull-out string.

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