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Sadistic Massage Practitioner

Every now and then I get in a weird state of mind, and so I go to see my massage practitioner. She’s a good twenty years older than me at around 53 or 54 years old, but she’s very vibrant. This woman is almost sexy, in my mind. Oh, she could loose a few pounds, but her personality, her smile – to die for. If I was 20 years older, I could go for her.

Anyway, she starts out with an ordinary massage. Very comforting. After my second visit to her, we dispensed with the draping. I’m sure she’s seen lots of naked guys. And like me, probably most developed good, hard erections during her treatments.

She starts with my back, then my neck, working her way down my shoulders, then down my arms. Then she starts at my thighs and works her way to my feet, all the way to my toes. Then back up. She takes a bit of time with my ass. Typically, just before having me roll over, she’ll pull my ass cheeks apart and tease my asshole. She won’t actually touch it, but will stroke the area a half-inch away very lightly with her fingertips. If my penis wasn’t already crushed and hard under my belly, that would do the job.

Then I roll over. For some reason, with Beth’s treatments, my penis sticks straight up. Any other time when I’m hard and laying on my back, it pretty much flops against my belly.

Now, I’ll bet you were expecting me to say she then gives me a delightful handjob, and I cum all over the place. Nothing could be further from the truth. What she does instead as absolutely torturous.

She makes sure the palm of one hand is nicely oiled up. With the other hand, she wraps her fingers around my hard penis, holding it near the tip, but leaving the tip sticking out of her fist. Now, with that oiled hand, she starts rubbing her palm over my glans. I immediately want to scream, to jump off the massage table, to at least squirm. But she won’t let me.

Beth tells me that if I can’t hold still, she’ll restrain me. But I can’t take it. I’ve gotta get away. So, she stops, and ties up my wrists and ankles to the corners of the table with some scarf-like ropes she has. Now, there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, I can do.

She grabs my dick again and resumes the rubbing. I can’t stand it! But she doesn’t stop, and I can’t get away. Funny thing: Even though I can’t stand it, I’m loving it.

If I start to get used to it, if I start pulling against the restraints less, she changes the pressure or the strokes, or holds my penis slightly differently, and the impossible torture starts all over again.

However, in time, the feeling does settle down. In about five minutes, I’m not squirming so much, and it’s starting to feel nice. Very nice! It’s a sort of cross between a ‘gotta pee’ and ‘gonna cum’ feeling. For me, neither happens. Well, a few times, I did ejaculate. That was the worst. She kept rubbing! I started squirming all over again right after cumming. Every time that’s happened, I swore I wouldn’t do it again, but a week later, and I’m back in her office for more. On the times when I don’t cum, she stops after seven minutes. She has a timer. When it dings, she just stops. I don’t get to cum, and she’s done. Interestingly, I stay sexually charged up for at least the whole next day. More than just sexually charged. I feel like I think more clearly, have more energy, and the world has brighter colors.

Beth tells me some men involuntarily pee while she’s doing that. She also tells me that I’m not unusual. She has 20 or 30 clients who all say the same thing. They hate it, and they love it.

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