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Inner Labia Pulling

As I sit here wanking away…

Were you hoping for a wank story? OK, there’s one starting right after this paragraph:

I’m wanking as we speak, remembering the various women I’ve been with. Most liked to shave or depilate their vaginas, for which I’m thankful. Therefore, it was easy to notice whether they had protruding inner labia, or hidden inner labia. Because, to my way of thinking, there are only two kinds of women in the world: Those who have long enough inner labia that they protrude slightly from their vaginas, and those who have hidden inner labia.

The thing is, I don’t know what the numbers are. Do most women have visible or invisible labia?

So, I’m asking whether you can tell us about you (or your mate) and we’ll have a small, unscientific look into the matter. Please tell us in the comment area below. Also, feel free to add any commentary you’d like about this.

When my twin sister got home for Christmas vacation from college, she related something that she and her roommate had been doing to each other that she thought I’d enjoy hearing about: They were masturbating each other, but with a focus on inner labia pulling.

She was right. I was immediately aroused. She then blew my mind by suggesting that she and I could experiment with pulling her labia. I was all for it, as she could tell the minute my pants came off.

I went to work on her right away, attempting to pull on her labia with my fingertips. I wasn’t very effective as my fingers kept slipping off her tiny inner folds, due to her wetness.

She, already being an expert, told me to wipe the slippery moisture off with a towel, which of course I did. Now, I had a better grip. I was able to pull, but gently. She said she wanted me to pull harder. I thought it might hurt, but she said it didn’t hurt at all.

Then, after a minute, she admitted it hurt a little bit, but that she was loving it. Evidently so, because after a minute she started squirming, and kind of pulsing, and moaning, obviously having an orgasm.

Unlike me, she is multi-orgasmic. I let go of her labia, and she practically screamed, “Keep going.”

I grabbed them again, one little flap in each hand between my thumbs and first fingers. Sure enough, she orgasmed a second, and I think a third time. I couldn’t quite tell on the third, but I believe it was one final, minor orgasm.

She then turned her attention on me. She wondered if boys have something similar. She tried pulling on my scrotum in various ways. She tried to get a grip on my perinatal area. She tried gripping the the skin of the area where my penis joins my body. All of this pulling on various parts of me were feeling great due to the attention, but not particularly orgasmic. However, when she tried pulling on the little tiny edges of my peehole, that really did something to me and to her delight I ejaculated all over her hands.

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