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A Rough and Wild Get-Together

This is another story from a client. Whereas I do enjoy a good, firm ball massage from time to time, I don’t get anywhere nearly as rough as some guys do…

So I went back to his house after a month and we had another session. I indicated he should lay on the single-wide mattress he had put on the floor and covered with a rubber mat and some sheets. I told him what I was going to do, and he was all for it.

The plan was to block his ejaculation. I have heard that with some guys, if you block the ejaculation, the orgasm lasts and lasts. I tried it with my friend once before, but there was too much oil on my hand at the time, and when he came, my hand slipped, and his sperm shot into the air.

This time, I intended to make sure I squeezed the tip of his dick closed good and tight. But first, some rubbing and some edging – oh, and some good ball squeezing as well. He loves all that. Sometimes I worry about hurting him, but he doesn’t seem to care about himself so much, so I just watch his face for indications of real pain, and when I see that, I back off, even if he seems to want more.

I worked on him for 20 minutes, the first ten of which, he stayed soft. BTW, he is about 34 years old, built like an athlete, which he is, fairly well tanned, with short brown hair. He shaves his crotch area, as do I. His dick is just bit under average size when soft, but normal size when hard. He has an adhesion on one side, which fascinates me. I’m guessing when he was circumcised, the skin on the side healed against the edge of the glans, and so it is grown or stuck there. It doesn’t affect him in the slightest.

Then we switched places. He played with me, and I was hard right away. I was planning to tell him I didn’t want to be particularly rough, but hadn’t said anything yet. He started by pinching my frenulum, [the bit of loose skin on the underside of the penis that runs about an inch from just under the head], and lifted my dick up by it. Boy, did that feel nice!

I’ll bet if someone just held my frenulum like that for a while, I could have an orgasm. Then he lightly tickled my dick and my scrotem, and that, too, felt great.

Next, he grabbed some oil and after working it into my genitals, he started in on glans rubbing. There’s no way to do that light. Or, I should say, if done light, but right, it makes one jump and squirm just as much as when done hard. And, the oil makes it more intense, not less, as you’d think the friction of the dry skin would be more severe. The oil is probably necessary to avoid chaffing, however.

So, he had me wiggling and squirming. And jerking. Maybe this is why people use the term ‘jerking off.’ Already, this was more intense than I had hoped for, but I didn’t stop him. It turns out I was really, really enjoying this. In time, his rubbing made me feel a bit like I would cum, and also like I had to pee, all at the same time. I was still squirming all over the place, but did not attempt to have him stop, or try to get away, because there was a certain pride that I was willing to ‘take it.’ Plus, it really did feel good, if even quite intense.

Before the feeling might have subsided, he changed tactic. He started gently squeezing my balls. But then, after a minute, he was squeezing harder and harder. I hadn’t wanted that, but now I craved more and more. It wasn’t really hurting, and made my prick even harder, if you can imagine that. Perhaps part of the hardness was because he was ignoring my penis entirely as he worked my balls.

While he was doing that, we had a bit of a conversation about ball squeezing. I had read somewhere on the Internet about a guy who had his wife squeeze his balls hard and hold them that way for a while. She squeezed and squeezed, and then let go. She, and then he, felt his balls, and they had become softer and smaller. Flabbier. Evidently, one can squeeze the blood or fluid out. It probably flows back out through the veins, back into the general circulatory system. I’m assuming it flows back in after a while when the balls are no longer compressed. Much like fisting, where a person’s asshole will stay stretched out for a few minutes afterward.

So of course, he and I agreed that he had to squeeze and hold my balls harder and longer. He held one ball in each hand, squished between thumb and first two fingers. Oh, it did hurt a bit, but in a most delicious way. Finally, I had had enough and so he stopped squeezing. He immediately palpated my balls and reported that he felt they were smaller and softer. I then felt them, and I think they were too. But it was a bit hard to tell.

Next time, we’ll probably do it harder and longer and see what happens.

After a minute, so far as I can tell, they returned to normal. They felt great. A sort of feeling where I could notice them, notice their weight. Not a bad feeling at all. Not pain or anything like that. More just of a pleasant awareness of them. We switched positions again, and I worked him hard. I gave him some ball squeezing also. I squeezed harder and harder, until he started flinching pretty good. I’m guessing he could have taken more, but I was concerned to squeeze harder. He didn’t complain when I stopped.

He got some good, severe glans rubbing, which he loved. He seemed to like it when I jerked him up and down in the conventional manner with one hand while reaching under his balls and pressing in against the bottom middle of his dick near his asshole with the index finger or first two fingers of the other hand. He seemed to especially like that.

We went through a couple episodes of ‘Wait, I’m gonna cum if you keep that up,’ in which I’d stop stimulation for a minute, then continue.

I have been astonished at how small his peehole is, but since he expressed interest in urethral stretching, I grabbed some alcohol, put it on the tip of his dick and on my hands and fingers, then waited for it to dry. Then I put a bit of oil on the end of my right little finger and tarted pressing it against his peehole. To my amazement, I was able to eventually push and twist it in several millimeters. I could feel that peehole slowly widen and start to accommodate my finger. He was loving it. I pressed harder and harder. A couple of times, my first knuckle lost its strength and suddenly collapsed. If you don’t know what I mean, try pressing your little finger hard against a tabletop. You’ll find it is difficult to keep it straight and stiff. When this happened, he jumped. Evidently it hurt quite a bit. After the third time, I gave up.

While we were doing that, I mentioned that my little finger would be a good way to block his urethra while cumming. The problem was it wasn’t going in far enough to have done the job. No doubt he and I will work on that urethral stretching business more another time.

Then it was my turn again. He did the usual things to me, but then switched to the alcohol and little finger thing for me. My peehole is larger. Average size, I’d say, and he was able to get his little finger in to, but not past the first knuckle. Yes, it did hurt a bit, but deliciously. After a while, it was becoming too much, so I had him pull out.

I swore I wasn’t to do rough stuff this evening, but I was having a blast, and very glad I let him get rougher and rougher.

Now it was his turn again. I repeated many of the things I had done earlier. I added in a few minutes of prostate massage. As is his way, I did it rough, pressing upward fairly hard, while stroking his cock firmly up and down. I stopped after a bit, cleaned my hand, and then held the skin along his shaft down good and hard, which stretched it tight and made his glans quite shiny. This seemed to bring him close to orgasm, so I kept it up, keeping an eye out for when he might cum.

Remember, I was planning to squeeze his peehole shut to see if he would have an extra-long orgasm. But he didn’t cum with the holding the skin tight exercise, so I went back to ball squeezing, some scrotum pulling, which he liked, and general but rough stroking. And I kept it up for a very long time. Finally, he announced he had gone past a prime, and figured he probably wasn’t going to cum at all.

He offered to change places with me. Because he knew I’d do whatever he wanted, even if it took hours, he let me know he was entirely satisfied.

With me on the mattress again, he squeezed my balls again a bit, did more glans rubbing, and then started stroking me in earnest. As we had previously arranged, when I started to cum, he let go entirely. This is called a ‘ruined orgasm.’ The idea is that while I’m ejaculating, there is no touching at all, even though my body craves being ‘finished off’ in a big way.

The orgasm when ruined can be stronger or less strong than average. Factors are involved. My particular orgasm that evening was on the lighter side. But the magic is that after a ruined orgasm, one can sometimes stay hard, and shortly thereafter have another orgasm with or without another ejaculation. Experts can have several ejaculations with some dry orgasms mixed in.

I’m no expert, but this evening, after my ejaculation, I was able to keep going. I stayed entirely hard, and he resumed his rubbing. In about three minutes, I came again. It feels like not much jizz came out, but it was a super-strong orgasm.

Then, I was done. He tried to keep stroking me, but it was too much, and I had to ask him to stop.

So that was our evening.

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