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A Variation By An Older Couple

I had been reading a website called ProWank. Have you heard of it? I like it because it’s real.

Not a bunch of all-prettied-up young girls trying their damnedest to be all sexy, but real stories from real people. Some of the stories make me quite horny.

That’s the state I was in this afternoon when I got back from the office. I said “Hi” to my gray-haired, but still very pretty wife, took off my clothes, and laid down on our bed. She came in, and laid down next to me. I switched around so I could get to her feet, and gave her a sort of absent-minded foot massage. She loves that, so I try to do it often. Besides, it is sort of meditative. I get to process my thoughts, or at least sometimes. Other times, she gets in a big verbose whirl about her day, which, I have to admit, I tend to tune out more than I should.

After the footrub, I turned back around, and she reached for my scrotum with one hand. She tickled it very lightly, for a very long time.

Today, we didn’t talk at all. I love that. My penis became very hard, as it always does, and stayed that way for the whole ten minutes or so. Then, ever so gently, she tickled my frenulum, the bit of skin that hangs at the bottom side of the penis, just below the head. She has learned that the most unimaginably light touch is actually best. It gets me super hard, and I stay that way. She did that for several minutes.

Then she just ran her fingertips lightly over my glans, the head of the penis, over and over again. Finally, she wrapped the fingers of her left hand around my penis, and started gently stroking up and down, while lightly squishing my balls back and forth with her right hand.

All in all, the whole process probably took 40 minutes. At the end, I didn’t ejaculate. I no longer need to. I prefer not to. I like the meditative version that my wife and I do so often. Oh, I can cum, and often do. Just this morning, and again in the early afternoon, I had wanked myself to shattering orgasms in my office.

Why is it that after nearly 50 years of whacking off, the orgasms are still as good as, or even better than when I was a teenager?

My wife and I used to be sexual in the conventional sense. Along about in her early forties, her hormones shifted, and she lost all interest in most sexual activities. It wasn’t really a loss for me, because she seems to enjoy these masturbatory sessions of ours as much as I do. She as often initiates it as I do.

We’ve talked about it, and she, too, finds her side of the process to be very meditative and relaxing. So, we do it almost every day, and on occasion have done it as often as four times in one day. Is that crazy? I don’t know, and I don’t care!

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