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Back to Marshall’s Beach

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Hi Larry,

I went back to Marshall’s Beach the other day. It was just warm enough to be naked with not a degree to spare. Actually kind of cold when the wind picked up from time to time. There were only about 15 naked people and maybe six clothed people there. Even thought it was supposed to be low tide, it wasn’t that low. Usually people who want to play go to the far north end, but the tide wouldn’t permit it. So, I found a somewhat secluded spot as far north as I could go among the rocks and started jerking off. There was another guy in plain view. I decided not to care. He didn’t seem to care either, paying attention to his phone, not me.

I spent a lot of time edging, then in what I call ‘continuous orgasm,’ which some people call ‘dry orgasm.’ It usually comes in waves, and you get urethral contractions and everything, but nothing, or very little semen comes out, and you can do it for hours. Have you ever managed that?

Finally, starting to worry about getting too much sun, I started walking south, and came across a man about my age, early sixties, walking north. He was quite good-looking with curly white hair, which was obviously blond in past years. His penis was quite large, unlike my average pecker. We said ‘Hi’ then got into a bit of a conversation. It turns out we were both interested in some m-m contact.

We were in the more risque middle of the beach, not the north end. That kind of concerned me a bit. Although I’ve never heard of anyone being bothered I was still just a bit nervous to be doing something with another person on that part of the beach.

Near us and in plain sight was a young couple, man and woman who were just sunbathing, not doing anything sexual. But they did see me and this guy, and smiled in a sort of appreciative way. There was also a young man, maybe 25 – 30 who was only ten feet away, and he enjoyed watching us. He was partially behind a rock, so I don’t know if seeing us got him erect, but he was smiling.

Since I had been doing all that continuous orgasm stuff, I was rather satisfied, so I gave the guy a handjob. I was able to keep him in the dry orgasm phenomenon for a minute or so, but then another man and woman came walking along who were clothed. He felt shy, so pulled away to sort of hide his cock. In the process, he ejaculated.

We talked and traded phone numbers. The I dressed and went home. It was a very satisfying day.

At the top is a picture of me during the first part of my beach day. You can see I’ve spilled just a little cum in the sand. I had plenty more to go!

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  1. i want to go to that beach. i’ll wear a sweat shirt and UGGS boots.

  2. I’m looking for to help a few guys out –

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