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Another Version of a Visit to Marshall’s Beach

Another visit to Marshall's Nude Beach

Here’s the Main Marshall’s Beach Page

I wrote an email to a friend telling him of my day at Marshall’s Beach in San Francisco yesterday. For those who don’t know, that’s a nude beach just below the Golden Gate Bridge. It is just north of Baker Beach, a world-famous nude beach. Marshall’s is separated by a rock outcropping, and is difficult to access at the end of a long, steep trail. Stairs have been built all the way along, so it’s not a dangerous trail, just long. As I understand it, not much of a sexual nature happens at Baker Beach – normally, but Marshall’s, especially at it’s northern end, only a hundred yards from the bridge itself, is ‘anything goes.’ I believe many people are confused between Baker Beach and Marshall’s either not knowing that Marshall’s exists, or believing that Marshall’s is Baker Beach. It is often mistakenly called “Marshall Beach.”

Anyway, here’s my email to my friend:

Hi Fred,

So, I went to the beach yesterday. It was a little chilly walking down the 320 stairs. I didn’t see many people coming up or down on the way, so I was concerned that the beach would be mostly unpopulated.

I got to the bottom, and the bluffs interfered with the slight wind, so it wasn’t at all chilly on the beach. It was just right.

There weren’t many people around, maybe 50 total. However, I could tell things were different than the times I had been there in the past.

First, just at the bottom of the stairs, at the south end of the beach, where everyone wears clothes, was a beautiful young woman laying face down on a towel, she was fully naked, evidently without a care in the world. Did she know that’s the usually clothed end of the beach? She got up, ran to the water, and started playing in the shallow waves. Twenty yards further along was a male-female couple sitting against some rocks, also fully nude. There were also about ten clothed people sitting or milling around. I took off my clothes and put them in my pack right away. In the past, I had always worn clothes until past the ‘conservative’ south end of the beach.

I walked north. I went all the way to the rocky section that I’ve been learning is where people play. I saw a few naked people along the way. One guy was nursing an erection, just idly stroking a bit. I gave him a smile and a thumbs up as I passed, and he returned a big smile.

In the rocky section, there wasn’t as much action as I had hoped for, but there were two older guys standing, hugging, and giving each other little handjobs, or more just fondling each other’s erections, really. One was remarkably hairy. I’m not much into hairy guys, but still, it was exciting to see their unabashed erections. Then there was a guy standing behind a tall rock wanking. He was kind of hidden, but visible enough that when I passed it was obvious what he was doing.

I laid my towel on a rock, sat down, and started wanking. It didn’t take long, and I brought myself into my fairly recently discovered dry orgasms state. I was in view of the two standing guys and the wanking guy. A half-dozen clothed people walked by. It was exciting having an erection and jerking that they could plainly see. Oddly, I didn’t feel self-conscious or shy at all. I was having a good time.

One thing you might find particularly interesting is just how public my wanking was. I’m not normally an exhibitionist, but in certain circumstances I can really get into it. Like at the Masturbate-A-Thon, a few years ago, where I masturbated along with 120 other people of all sexes. The thing is, I’m sure people driving south on the Golden Gate bridge, if they looked down at just the right time, would be able to see me there. The distance is sufficient that they wouldn’t be able to see who I was, but they’d know I was naked, and masturbating.

Not only that, but a large container ship went slowly by eventually crossing under the bridge. I’m sure the crew, if they looked over the edge or from the bridge, could clearly see me jerking off there. That ship was close enough that they could see every detail if they wanted to, especially if they had binoculars.

A great-looking naked guy who appeared to be Mexican or Central American, walked back and forth in front of me a few times. It looked like he was wanting to participate, but didn’t quite know how to approach. When he got close enough at one point, I simply asked him whether he’d like a handjob. He politely declined, but continued to walk around near me for a while. I guess he was just enjoying watching me.

Then a very interesting person walked by, stopped ten yards away, and just kept putting his or her feet in a tide pool. I couldn’t tell the sexuality of the person, which to me, is always exciting. S/he was wearing a jacket with a hood, sunglasses, and a bandana around his/her nose and mouth. The jacket fell to just below the crotch, revealing slim, smooth legs. The person was rather small. The toenails were painted. I found this person very sexy.

S/he hung around for a while, as I resumed my wanking. Finally, I walked over and said, “You look like a scientist studying tide pools.”

The person laughed. I was starting to figure out that this was a male. I asked whether he would like to play. He said, “You can blow your load on my ass if you’d like.”

I thought that was rather strange, but you know when it comes to sex, each to their own preferences. I followed him up to an area by the bluff, which ostensibly hidden, was actually in full view of everyone. The person removed his jacket revealing a very nice body. Slim, smooth, very feminine, and yet not a shemale by any means. We spent some time touching each other’s erect genitals. He was uncircumcised and grew to a nice erection in my hands.

After a while, he turned around, giving me a nice view of his very nice, small, smooth ass. I spread his ass cheeks with one hand, and lightly fingered his crack, then his anus with my other hand. He was enjoying it. We didn’t talk much, but through his posture, I could tell he wanted me to go ahead and cum on his ass. So, I stroked myself a little more grandly for a moment, and then did exactly what he seemed to want. Letting cum fly on the top of both ass cheeks. It was a very nice ejaculation for me.

I asked whether he’d like something in reciprocation. He said, “No, sorry,” as if he would be disappointing me if he didn’t want anything, but I was relieved. I wouldn’t have wanted him to ask for a blowjob, because as you know, I’m not an oral guy. However, I would have gladly offered a handjob.

I started walking back to the south end. I noticed more people had arrived. Along the way, I saw several unexpected things, where from what I have seen in the past, the people are typically naked, but non-sexual. This time, there was a guy wanking, a couple of guys fondling each other’s penises, two women sitting and kissing, with their hands between each others legs, and a foursome of guys. Two of them were engaged in hands-and-knees buttfucking, and the other two were sitting, watching, and jerking off. All were erect. As you may know, even though I’m more heterosexual than homosexual, I always enjoy seeing erections, especially in public settings. Walking further, there was another beautiful naked woman, this one Asian, just walking along. I came across another guy wanking, and there were about ten other naked people further up against the rocks. I couldn’t make out what they were doing, but most seemed to be involved in some sort of activities beyond just walking or looking at the surf.

So, that was yesterday at the beach.

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