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Continuous Orgasms

How To Have Continuous Long-Lasting Orgasms – For Men

Copyright 2017, Jeremy J. Watson

I’m going to teach you a technique that you may not believe is possible, until you end up doing it yourself. Not only might this seem impossible, but until you experience it, you may not understand how remarkable it is. This is good for one’s physical and mental health, possibly even life-changing, and certainly pleasurable.

I’m talking about continuous, long-lasting orgasms.

Of course you know that plain old masturbation is not only pleasurable, but has many healthy benefits. It keeps you from becoming so horny that you make mistakes, such as hooking up with someone who is troublesome, just so you can have a sexual outlet.

If you’re married, it keeps you from bothering your wife when she doesn’t want to be bothered or looking for action outside your marriage. If you’re single, it keeps you from risking disease, hitting on someone who doesn’t want to be hit on, or telling off-color jokes in the wrong places and times.

Just wank instead, and you’ll be more balanced. Research has proven that it helps keep your prostate healthy, and your blood pressure low.

Masturbation, especially the kind we’re talking about here, can be very meditative, allowing you to clear your mind, stop worrying in circles, balance your emotions, sometimes even come up with inventive solutions that only come to an unencumbered mind. I sometimes think it should be called medibation or masturtation.

It can also help with self-esteem. Feeling satisfied, and that you are control of your own needs, is satisfying. Especially these days. It used to be that masturbating was socially unacceptable. In the last twenty years or so, people have started discussing, accepting and joyously partaking of masturbation. Some people even participate in circle jerks or masturbation parties. Among most modern people, it has gone from something bad, to something good. And it’s about time, don’t you think?

Experiencing the Results

So what’s the deal with this continuous orgasm thing? Let me do my best to describe a typical solo session, and then I’ll tell you how it’s done.

I’m feeling horny, and have an hour to spare. I get naked and comfy in my recliner. I’m imagining my latest fantasy, and start jerking off. It takes me a few minutes, but my penis becomes nicely erect. I masturbate some more, and start to get ‘that feeling.’ The feeling slowly develops into full-blown orgasm, contractions and all, but no fluid escapes. I keep mildly stimulating myself, in the way I’m about to explain, and I just stay in the orgasm. I feel it deep in my belly, I feel it in my balls, my urethra, even in my back, legs and chest. After a full minute, the orgasm is stronger than any ordinary orgasm. That’s not all. It keeps going. Two minutes, three, sometimes even five minutes. I’m in heaven. Finally, I let the feeling subside, and may, or may not do it some more later on. I’ll certainly do it again tomorrow. Sometimes, I ejaculate at the end. Usually I don’t. Either way, I’m satisfied. This is so much better than the way I used to do it!

With Friends

By the way, this is also great to do with friends of either sex. I’ll tell you more about that later on.

A Little Warning

Just to cover myself legally, I want you to know the following things:

I am not a medical expert. Take nothing in this website as any sort of medical, health, or any kind of advice.

Apply your own common sense and research if you want to modify or experiment beyond the techniques you read here.

I am assuming you are in good health. While masturbatory things generally lower blood pressure, during the act itself, blood pressure can be higher. If think you may have any health issues that could be triggered by these techniques, first consult a medical professional.

This is so good, there may be a risk of mild addiction. If you find yourself jeopardizing your job or your relationships because you spend all your time with these techniques, it is time to explore other options.

Some Basics

In order to understand what’s to follow, you have to know the difference between orgasm and ejaculation. Ejaculation is actually squirting out some fluid. Orgasm is the feeling associated with ejaculation. They can be separated.

You can ejaculate without the great feeling of orgasm. This can even happen with a soft penis. When this happens, you don’t usually have contractions. The semen just flows out. It’s interesting, but not very exciting.

You can also have orgasms without ejaculations. This is where it gets interesting. After an orgasm, you don’t necessarily lose your erection or your interest in continuing. Orgasms without ejaculations are often called dry orgasms.


I’ve been playing with edging for years, and it’s been great. Perhaps you have too. Edging is the practice of bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm, stopping until the feeling subsides, then starting up again. You can do it over and over, until you run out of time or finally ejaculate. And it can be quite enjoyable, although also often somewhat frustrating and hard to control. Either you’ll fall short of the great feeling every time, or you’ll slip over the edge and ejaculate.


Then, I learned to have mini-ejaculations. It is done like edging. You bring yourself to the brink of orgasm. The big difference is really a small difference. A small difference in technique, resulting in big results.

Just like edging, you bring yourself to the brink. But, you don’t stop stimulation until the feeling totally subsides. You just stop for a few seconds, then continue, so the ‘gonna-cum’ feeling doesn’t totally subside, but you know you’ll be able to stroke more without an instant ejaculation. You do it over, and over, and you stay hard the whole time, getting closer and closer to the inevitable. You’re sort of feeling your way into a place where when you finally go over the edge, but it is only a little bit.

It helps if you relax as much as you can at that point. IF you feel orgasmic contractions starting up, don’t try to resist them so much as to just let them be very low-intensity. It’s almost like asking your body not to assist, but just let the contractions do what they will by themselves, and sure enough, you’ll find yourself having your first mini-ejaculation.

Now understand, for most people, this won’t happen the first time, or even the second. Unfortunately, you’ll have to practice!

You may feel the semen (“cum”) rising up in your urethra, but nothing comes out, which is very cool in itself. But you may also feel it rising up, and then just a drop or two come out.

When this happens, you stay hard and excited. Now, most men who are new to this will have a mini-ejaculation, then moments later, when they could have had a second mini-ejaculation, they can’t resist, and have a full blown ejaculation. Then it’s over for that session.

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Practice makes perfect. In time, you can have three, four, five, or even more mini-ejaculations. Usually, you’ll cum big-time at the end of a session, but some guys can walk away without ever fully cumming. They’ll feel charged up, with more energy for whatever they do, and everything seems clearer, somehow. If only a drug could be manufactured that does that!

The Final Frontier

Then I learned to take it a major step further. Please know that I’m a completely ordinary guy. No magical powers here. So you can do exactly what I have done, and as long as you are patient, not expecting results right away, you’ll get it for sure.

Let’s review the previous mini-ejaculation technique: You stimulate until you feel like you’re going to cum. You stop, but only for a few seconds, reducing but keeping the ‘gonna-cum’ feeling. You do that over and over again. You also relax, so when ejaculatory contractions come, you won’t feel a need to push, or complete the action.

Now change the technique a bit. Don’t stop stimulating when you get ‘the feeling.’ Instead, just reduce the stimulation a bit, and see whether you can stay in that pre-orgasmic feeling. Just stay there. If it falls away a bit, increase stimulation, if you start contracting, back off. Or, if you’re still in a place where when you start having the contractions, you’ll cum, stay just below that point.

Now, the big thing is, don’t reduce the stimulation any more than you need to, and for no more time than you need. You’re just backing off a bit, not stopping.

For now, just stay in the pre-ograsmic feeling as much as you can. You’d be surprised how much you can relax into it, making it easier than you’d think once you get the basic feeling for this new technique. With practice, the pre-orgasmic feeling starts to feel more and more like a real orgasm. Some day soon, you’ll suddenly realise, you’re in full-blown orgasm, complete with that deep in the belly feeling, chills, maybe even shaking all over, and urethral contractions. But nothing comes out, and you can stay there seemingly forever!

Shortly after you reach that level, it gets much, much easier. You’ll find you can stay in full orgasm for ages. It seems your body wants to help you. This part I don’t fully understand, but for some reason, staying in orgasm, without ejaculation becomes super easy. It kind of reminds me of when I learned volleyball. That move called ‘bumping’ really hurt my forearms. But now, I could play all day, and it never hurts at all. Same with this, except it never hurts. But it does get as easy as driving on a deserted highway.

For instance, sometimes my wife will be asleep, and next to her, I’ll start gently and quietly jerking off, working my way up into continuous orgasms. But, I don’t even bring any tissues to bed. I know I won’t ejaculate. I’ll be in orgasms off and on for minutes at a time, perhaps for a half-hour overall, and never need to ejaculate. Then I go to sleep, charged up, yet satisfied.

The Differences

There are a couple of minor differences in the feelings once you stay in orgasm long enough. First, you feel a deep kind of a tickle in your lower abdomen. This can be so strong it is disconcerting, but if you stay with it, it is very delicious. You may also feel a minor sting in your urethra, also rather nice. These effects go away as soon as you stop playing.

How Do You Bring It To An End?

One might wonder, once you can orgasm as much as you want, when do you stop? The natural stopping for most men when they jerk off is when they ejaculate. But if you don’t ejaculate, how can you stop and feel satisfied? One of two things will happen: One is that you finally do ejaculate. In fact, this is likely until you become quite practiced at it. The other is that you just start feeling satisfied. You can easily walk away when you’re done, and you will feel satisfied, even if you didn’t ejaculate at all.

I used to read online edging forums where guys were bragging that they hadn’t cum in 12 or even 17 days. I wondered what they were getting out of it. Back then, I wouldn’t have been satisfied unless I came. But now, I totally understand. I, myself, have gone days without ejaculating, and that’s absolutely fine. Of course, I have many long orgasms every day.

With Friends

Earlier I mentioned that continuous orgasms can be particularly nice with friends of either sex.

Men will enjoy giving you continuous orgasms, as much as you can enjoy doing it to them.

All the variations you can think of apply. For instance, a couple of guys can sit around watching porn or maybe just a football game, while jerking themselves off next to each other, while having continuous orgasms, of course. Or, you can ‘do’ each other at the same time with handjobs. This works well whether the stimulation is handjobs, blowjobs, or various mechanical means. For instance, each sucking the other into continuous orgasms in 69 position would be great fun, right?

Or, your friend can do you, and then you can do him, trading back and forth every five or ten minutes. It is particularly suited to ‘you do me, then ‘I’ll do you’ version, because you can be in orgasm at your friend’s hands for a while, then you switch. But the cool thing you can cycle back and fourth many times over the course of hours. Normally, a guy would ejaculate, lose the mood, and that’s that.

Teaching The Technique

Teaching this technique is fun. I had one student who managed it in the very first session, although much more often, it takes several sessions before continuous orgasm is accomplished. I noticed that the students didn’t seem to mind practicing, especially with my help.

The best way to make this work with two people is to use a word like “wait.” I suggest using it twice: Say “wait” when you are getting too close to ejaculating, but can manage continued stimulation. If you are risking cumming with any continued stimulation, say “wait, wait.” Saying it twice, means absolutely stop stimulating for a moment. If you’re doing it to a guy, and he says “wait, wait,” you must stop immediately, maybe even let go of his penis. But, you don’t need to wait until he tells you to continue. Get right back in action after only a few seconds with light stimulation.

What Else?

If you’re a guy who likes regular or anal intercourse, guess what? After learning the technique, you can use it to keep from cumming too soon, yet you can be in orgasmic bliss the whole time.

One of the interesting things about this techniques is that if you do accidentally ejaculate, you can probably handle more stimulation, and get right back in action after only a few minutes. What would normally be considered post-orgasm torture is just pure pleasure if the one giving the stimulation continues, but very, very gently, slowly building back up when you are ready.

I’ve seen men who can fully ejaculate after practicing this, maintain their erection, and then ejaculate again after some more continuous orgasms.

Some men have experimented with peegasms. You’ll find that this technique is very helpful in succeeding in urinating and ejaculating concurrently. Your author has done it twice, and they were certainly enjoyable experiments. The trick seems to be to wank with a very full bladder. Have you ever had to pee so badly that little squirts of urine escape? That’s the point of fullness you want. Then, keep playing with continuous orgasm, simultaneously trying to relax enough that you don’t have a full ejaculation and don’t pee, until you can suddenly pee while cumming.


This may not seem as special to some women. There are many women, some say thirty percent, who are already naturally accomplished at continuous orgasm. Most others, like men, typically have one crashing orgasm, and that’s it. They, too, can benefit from variations of this technique. I’ve done this with women who have experienced almost the same thing: Continuous ongoing orgasm for the first time in their lives. For a woman, just replace penis stroking with rubbing the clit or G-spot. You may find some women can be easily brought to orgasm with anal stimulation. The same concepts apply.


1. Learn edging: Repeatedly bring yourself to the edge, but not over the edge, of ejaculating.

2. Learn mini-ejaculations: Bring yourself so close to the edge that you do ejaculate, a little bit. This is done by relaxing – not fighting nor augmenting the urge to cum. Added to that, practice repeatedly stopping so the feeling that you’re going to ejaculate subsides, but then resuming after only a couple of seconds.

3. Bring yourself up to the lowest level of the ‘gunna-cum’ feeling, then reduce but don’t stop stimulation, working to keep yourself in that pre-ejaculatory feeling for as long as you can. Let the feeling slowly build in intensity until you are in full-blown orgasm, but not ejaculating. Trust your body, it will help you stay in non-ejaculatory orgasm, once you’ve done it a few times.

4. Have fun!

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