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18-Year-Old’s Medical Exam

by Jeremy J. Watson

On my eighteenth birthday, I found a tiny little apartment, and left home. I was so happy to get away from my drunken mother. I never knew my dad. To be fair, my mom did raise me and put a roof over my head, but otherwise, life with her was terrible. I’ll spare you the details.

I had a minimum-wage job in a warehouse, which I enjoyed. I got to drive a forklift, even though I’d never even driven a car. I also moved hundreds of 70-pound sacks of seeds by hand, and I liked the exercise. It was building my arms and legs nicely.

I felt lucky that I had my own apartment, because that way, I didn’t need roommates. I mean, I’m a guy, I like jerking off, right? And that’s a lot easier when you don’t have to wait until no one’s home. Every evening, after work, I’d do what I called ‘medibation‘ for about an hour, even before attacking the refrigerator. Some people meditate. I would masturbate. They are similar in my opinion, but my version is much more fun.

I didn’t yet have a girlfriend, but I wasn’t worried about that. I figured that would happen in due course. Oh, I’d seen people fucking on the Internet, and it certainly looked fun. But, you want a girlfriend who you actually like, and I hadn’t met her yet.

I had just started saving some money for a college education, and then something happened.

One evening, an hour or so after my medibation session, I noticed a slight ache in my left testicle. I didn’t think anything about it.

The next morning, it was worse. Way worse! ‘Damn!’ I was thinking. I’d have to miss work. Worse, I was pretty sure I’d have to see a doctor. I slipped through the cracks on medical insurance. One thing people don’t realize is that someone in my position couldn’t even afford Obamacare. Until this day, I really hadn’t given any thought to insurance at all. But, now, with a pain in my groin, and just a few dollars in the bank that I wanted to protect, I was becoming very concerned that one little trip to the doctor could turn into something that would wipe me out financially.

Then I remembered the university hospital. I’d heard they’ll take people like me for free, so the doctors in training can have real, live patients to work on.

I decided to ride my bike over to the hospital. Just getting my pants on and walking over to the bike was painful. Then I realized I’d have to lift my leg over the bar, and actually ride the thing, and that was going to hurt. I locked it back up, deciding to take the bus instead.

It was already ten o’clock by the time I got there. The pain had subsided quite a bit during the bus ride, for which I was very thankful. I was actually thinking about skipping the hospital, and just head back home. But then, I figured there was no sense wasting the time I had spent on the bus, so I might as well get examined, just in case.

In the hospital I approached the nurse’s desk, and she asked what I was ‘presenting with.’ I was a bit embarrassed to say, so I practically whispered, “I have a sore testicle.”

I was just a bit too quiet, because she didn’t hear me. I had to say it louder, and was getting kind of red in the face – I could feel myself flushing, when I was thinking of the people sitting in the waiting room hearing me. I don’t know if they did. I certainly hoped not. She handed me a clipboard and some forms that I filled out.

I was expecting that I’d spend another hour or two in the waiting room. I’ve heard they can take forever, especially for someone who isn’t in dire need of attention. All I had was a sore ball, and it wasn’t even that sore anymore. I had my phone and a good ebook to read, so was expecting to settle in for a long wait.

But, no, they called my name almost right away. Another nurse led me through a short hallway, then into a large room, with several separate areas. Each one had a bed, a bunch of equipment, and a light green curtain that could be pulled all around. Most of the cubicles had closed curtains. I was led to an open one, and told to wait.

In less than 30 seconds a thin woman, with short gray hair came in, followed by four people dressed in white jackets who didn’t look any older than me. Well, they did look older. I’m rather young-looking even for my age. I’m tall, at 6’2″, which I’m proud of, as if I had something to do with it, but my other attributes aren’t so great. I’m too thin, my black hair is unruly, I don’t seem to ever get much of a suntan, and I matured slowly. I had only been this tall for a year or so, and I was still ridiculously hairless, having only wisps under my arms, none on my chest or upper legs, and a only small tuft, well, you know where. I thought I’d like to grow a beard someday, but if I tried, I was afraid it would just be ridiculously thin.

The gray-haired doctor introduced herself as “Dr. Lucy,” as she pulled the green curtain around, closing off the small area. I guessed that’s her first name, and she likes to make people feel comfortable. She introduced the others as Dr. Jamison, Dr. Ignacio, and two others that I didn’t catch. She said they were ‘her interns’ and together, they’d take great care of me.

I liked Dr. Lucy’s manner right away, and just then I realized how worried I had actually been about my pain, and suddenly, I felt like everything would turn out alright.

She said, in a too-loud voice in my opinion, while reading the clipboard she was holding, “So, you’ve hurt your testicles?”

I was immediately embarrassed, thinking about the four interns hearing that, and no doubt the various people in the cubicles behind closed curtains, as well.

“Well, actually, Doctor, it’s just my left testicle.” I had trouble saying that word, ‘testicle’ out loud. “I didn’t hurt it, really, Somehow, it had been building up since yesterday evening, but now, it’s not so bad.”

Actually, by the time I was there with the doctor, it wasn’t hurting hardly at all, and I was starting to feel like an idiot. Why had I come to the hospital, and what was I getting myself into? Geez!

Now, the moment I was totally dreading. She asked me to remove my pants. Oh, I’ve had medical exams, and the doctors, both male and female, would take a moment to squish my balls around once a year. That was OK. But this was different. First, there were four people watching. Then too, it was specifically about my balls this time.

Of course, I knew I had to, and I also knew it wasn’t something naughty or anything like that. This was a medical setting. So, kind of reluctantly, I undid my belt, then my zipper, and right there, in front of Dr. Lucy, and two men and two women, I did remove my pants, and then my underpants. She instructed me to sit down on the side of the bed.

I thought she was going to feel my balls right away, but no, she instructed the interns to take a blood sample and get my temperature and record my blood pressure. They were pretty good. I didn’t really even notice when the needle got stuck in my arm for the blood. I was still naked from the waist down, and it was sort of becoming OK. My concern about everyone seeing my junk was trumped by my concern over my balls being somehow, well, sick. I mean, you do hear stories about testicle cancer, and all.

Then, Dr. Lucy pulled up a rolling stool, and got serious about the problem at hand. She had me lay down, pressed a few places on my stomach, then she picked up my balls, one at a time, and kind of squeezed them this way and that. It didn’t hurt too much, which surprised me, because earlier this morning just lifting my leg, really hurt. Then she pressed an area on my lower stomach just above my left ball. Now, that hurt! I almost yelled, and squirmed a few inches to the side. She quickly let go, and the pain went away immediately.

Next, she wanted each of the four interns to repeat the same process, but she kindly instructed them not to press me in that one painful place. They did their inspections, and I pretty much forgot that they could see and were in fact handling my privates. I was more focused on protecting myself from getting hurt at that point. The four of them completed their turns, then she asked them for their thoughts.

They spoke a lot of medical language. I didn’t understand much of it, but got a few words, like “circulation” and “cancer.” Now, I was becoming quite concerned.

Before I could try to figure out what was being said, Dr. Lucy must have known that I’d be worried, because she immediately said, in a teacherly voice for both me, and her audience of four: “You’ve been lifting things, right?”

I explained about the seed bags at the warehouse.

“You have an plain old groin pull, and in two or three days, you’ll be just fine.”


She explained to her interns that sometimes the… something… I think she said ‘inguinal canal…’ Well anyway, it swells up, and restricts the circulation to the testicle, causing pain. There is no treatment other than pain medication, and no treatment is necessary, other than restricting movement as much as possible.

I was curious as to why they had taken me back in the emergency room so quickly, and I found out. She went on to tell her interns that a very similar sort of pain, especially in young men, can indicate a testicular torsion. That’s when a ball gets twisted around on its cord, cutting off circulation entirely. Emergency surgery is required, or the ball dies and has to be removed. I’m sure glad I didn’t have that!

I can’t tell you how relieved I was. I sat up and started to pick up my underwear. Dr. Lucy stopped me. She told me this is a teaching hospital, and would I mind letting her interns practice some examination procedures on me? She assured me nothing they’d do would hurt.

Of course my first thought, was ‘Hell, no!’ But, I have to admit, I’m too much of a pleasey sort of guy, plus I was thinking it’s only fair. They saw me for free, which would have cost hundreds of dollars otherwise, so it was the least I could do. So, with a degree of concern, almost fear, I said it would be OK.

“Thank you.” She then turned to her interns, and said, “I’d like each of you, in turn, to perform a standard male genital exam.”

I didn’t express anything, but inside, I was thinking, ‘I’m totally embarrassed, and how in the hell did I get myself in this situation?,’ as I sat there on the table, with my legs dangling off the side, still naked from the waist down.

The human mind can do funny things. At the same time, I was also thinking two completely opposite thoughts, and I shouldn’t have been thinking either one: First, I sure as hell don’t want to have an erection in front of these people. At the same time, I was as far from an erection as one can get, and I was worried that my penis looked too small. What would these people think of my shriveled, almost hairless wiener?

Dr. Lucy then introduced Dr. Angela Jamison. She was a tall, thin, redhead with what I could tell were ample breasts under her white coat. Her hair was quite reddish, long, and straight, falling to an even line against her back below her shoulders. She had sparkly blue eyes, and for a moment, I had the fleeting thought that she saw something in me. I mean, it was as if she made eye contact with me just a bit more than necessary. Well, that would be something if a woman like that could find anything attractive in a guy like me, right? I was surely mistaken.

Dr Jamison tentatively came forward out of the group and approached the bed. She said, “Call me Angela.”

She then said, “I’ll be doing a standard genital exam. Nothing I’m going to do will hurt. Please lay down on the table.”

She may have been an intern, but she sounded quite professional to me. Besides, I liked her voice. A bit husky, and what was that, a bit of a British accent? Or maybe a New England accent.

I did what she asked, and she snapped on some blue rubber gloves. The three watchers came a bit closer, and Dr. Lucy, now on the other side of the bed, was watching intently. And what were they going to see? My cock and balls! Suddenly, I felt fully embarrassed again.

Angela reached out, and ever so gently touched my scrotum. It was almost a tickle. I shouldn’t have had such a thought, but it felt quite nice, that brief touch. Then she pulled my scrotum a bit with the first finger and thumb of each hand, kind of stretching it out. It was a bit tightened up, since the room could have been a degree or two warmer. I guess she was examining the skin. You know what? That felt incredibly nice. I reminded myself that this would be no place for an erection.

Dr. Lucy asked Angela what she was doing.

Angela replied that she was doing a dermatological check of my scrotum. Dr. Lucy said, “We don’t usually do that, but really, it is a good idea.” Turning to the rest of the group, she said, “Take a note from Angela’s book – that is a good idea.”

Angela smiled and it lit the room. Or at least, it lit my heart. I was thinking if I ever got a girlfriend, I’d like her to have a smile like that.

I started daydreaming about a girl like Angela for just a moment, but my attention was immediately drawn back to my crotch. Angela had started squeezing my balls. I’m glad the left one had mostly quit hurting. I wouldn’t have thought that ball squeezing could feel so nice, but in Angela’s hands, it was just amazing!

Oh fuck, I was getting that feeling of an erection coming on! Not good, not good at all!

Angela had switched gears again, and she was moving her fingers slowly up my cock, I guess checking for bumps or something, and I was starting to harden up a bit. On the one hand, I’d like her to do that all day. It was a bit like masturbating myself, but way, way better with her doing it. On the other hand, I’d start getting erect if she kept going, and the thought of that, in front of all these people, mortified me. Fortunately, she moved on. Now, with the thumb of each hand on the head of my dick, she spread the peehole for a moment, and looked in. Then she was done in the nick of time. Another fifteen seconds, and they’d be seeing me with a hardon! She stepped away from the bed.

“Very nice, Dr. Jamison. Now, Jeremy, this is Dr. Ignacio.”

As Angela receded into the group of four, a shorter, Mexican-looking man, with a sort of Abe Lincoln beard approached. He had a remarkably wide face, and gave me a nice, wide smile, introducing himself as Jesus, pronounced “Hey-Sus.” I found his wide smile very comforting, and knew right away, he was going to make a good doctor.

He put on some blue gloves, folded his stethoscope which had been hung over his shoulders into a pocket, and went right to work.

Just like Angela, he started by stretching my scrotum, asking Dr. Lucy, “Like this?”

Dr. Lucy answered, “Any way you want. The idea is to see the skin in its entirety. You’re looking for…?”

Several members of the group, answered with a bunch of medical terms I didn’t recognize.

While they answered, he continued to pull on my scrotum. At first it felt a bit ouchy, because his thumb was catching a hair just a bit, but he shifted his grip, and then it felt… Well, I’m going to have to admit, it felt really, really nice! And, I felt that erection feeling coming on again. I worked with all my mental might to fight it.

He moved on to feel my balls, paying particular attention to something along the top back of my right ball. It almost hurt, feeling a bit too squeezy, for lack of a better term. He said he wasn’t sure about something, so Dr. Lucy, took over, feeling in the same place. She told him that’s just the ‘epididimis,’ or something like that. I didn’t quite catch the word. I get the impression it is where the spermatic cord connects to the testicle.

She backed away, and Jesus resumed. The cause was lost. I was starting to get erect, and there was nothing I could do about it. It was now time for him to feel up the sides of my dick, and he was going to be feeling something entirely different than what Angela had experienced. Because I was now fairly firm. The inevitable happened. I became erect in front of everyone. Despite trying to do math in my head really hard as a distraction, there was nothing I could do about it. It was the first time in my life anything like this had happened, and it was remarkably embarrassing.

Obviously, he noticed, as did everyone in the room. And I was horrified! He stopped, looking at Dr. Lucy, as if to say, ‘What do I do now?’

I started to say something, with I’m sure a very red face, and even as I was saying it, I didn’t know what to say: “I’m sorry, I…”

Dr. Lucy interrupted me. First looking directly at me, “Jeremy, this happens all the time. It’s just something that happens in medical settings, and there’s nothing to worry about. In fact, it lets us know that everything is working as it should.” Then to her crew, “Always assure the patient that everything is normal. Men can be terribly worried about erections, and there’s no need. It’s entirely natural. Avoid acting shocked, don’t react in any way, then continue your examination in the normal way.”

Angela asked, “How common is it, Dr. Lucy?”

Oh, I’d say about ten percent, depending on the procedures and the patient. You pretty much never see it in someone who has worries. If it is a routine exam, or when the patient doesn’t expect any bad news, it’s quite common. You’ll see it in younger men more often, and the younger men are most embarrassed. With the older men, those who have that ‘problem,’ they’ve evidently gotten used to it, and seem to be fine with it, usually. Some are embarrassed to pieces, so it is our job to make them as comfortable as possible. Remember, the pain of embarrassment can be as acute as physical pain.”

Needless to say, I was feeling somewhat relieved with her short lecture. But, I was now hard as a rock. laying there on the table, with my erection sticking straight up at an almost 90-degree angle. Interestingly, at home, just jerking off or whatever, it didn’t usually stick straight up like that.

Jesus went back to work. He duly felt up the sides of my penis, then pulled the foreskin back and looked in my peehole also. I stayed hard the whole time, and decided to let everything be OK. What else could I do? Might as well enjoy it, if possible. I have to tell you, though, that my heart was racing!

Next came Dr. Wendy Sampson. She was a short, thick brunette. Not fat, but tending that way. I tend to notice breasts. Just something I do, and I admired her large breasts under her white coat. I guess it was my erect state or something, but I immediately imagined that she has large, dark nipples. Not a good thought, because I was still trying to get rid of my erection, not enhance it!

She introduced herself as “Dr. Wendy,” and did the same scrotum pulling thing, which made me even more erect, if that could be possible. She felt my balls, but a bit too harshly. I tried not to say anything.

Dr. Lucy must have seen me wince, because she simply said, “Gently.”

Wendy then went on to feel the sides of my penis, and she did something that I would have thought would be illegal. She stroked the skin of my dick up and down a few times. She must have suddenly realized that she had accidentally been jerking me off, because she dropped my dick like a hot potato. I looked around, and noticed the other doctors, including Dr. Lucy, were kind of smirking.

I was starting to get that ‘gonna-cum’ feeling, and got right back to feeling horrified again. Fortunately, before it was too late, Wendy stopped doing that, pulled my foreskin back, and looked in my peehole like the others had done.

I’m sure you can imagine how I was feeling at this point. Well, maybe you can’t! I was torn between two extremes. On the one hand, I was like, “How in the fuck did I get into this horribly embarrassing situation?” But at the same time, it was the most sexually stimulating time in my life. Nothing, ever, had been as excellent as this! Not even the brief blowjob I received from my sister on my 18th birthday.

With Paula, I came in her mouth right away. I was worried she’d be grossed out, but no, she seemed to like it. However, she also said, “Never again,” that it was a one-off, something she had wanted to try for a while. I was so hoping she’d do it again, but it never happened. Even though she’s my sister, at the time, I could have easily enjoyed seeing her naked, and maybe even try to return the favor somehow.

My reverie was pulled back to the situation at hand as Dr. Neuhoff introduced himself as, get this, “Dr. Neuhoff.” Very formal. I could see this medium height, medium build, clean-shaven individual was a no-nonsense man.

He snapped on his gloves, and did the exam same as the others, but somehow made it take twice as long. Was he playing with me? Of course not. But still, he was taking a long time, and it was feeling very, very nice. I was getting that going-to-ejaculate feeling again, and was becoming quite concerned that he was taking too long. I started to fight the feeling, but I was losing the struggle. I was hitting the verge of contractions, then he quit. He let go. Damn him! I was ready to cum. I was resigned to cumming in front of these people. I had decided it would be OK. In fact, it would be a dream I didn’t realize I had come true. But no, the fucker stopped in the nick of time. After a moment, he took a look in my peehole, and was done. Did he know how close I was? Did the rest of the group? How come Dr. Lucy didn’t stop Dr. Neuhoff? Was she enjoying this in some wacky sort of way? To my own shock, I realized it would be OK with me if she was.

So that was it. The worst and the best day of my life. I’d be jerking off big-time when I got home, for sure!

I sat up, still with a super-hard erection sticking straight out, and reached for my underwear. Dr. Lucy stopped me again.

“Jeremy, did you say you took the day off from work?”

“Yes, I did.” I answered hesitantly. What could she be getting at?

“Could we impose, um… Could we impose on you for one more procedure? I’d like my interns to get more experience with rectal exams.

Any time before this in my life, that would certainly have been going too far. While I had never had a rectal exam, I knew what it was – doctors sticking their fingers in your butt. One of my buddies had it done once when he was in the hospital for appendicitis and said it was ‘awful.’

Here’s what’s weird: I didn’t say no. I said “OK.” think it had something to do with being all horny, which I totally was. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always connected butt things with sexuality. I’ve touched my own anus sometimes, and it feels rather nice. I was even willing to put up with the ‘awful’ aspect, whatever that meant, to find out what was going to happen next. Besides, I could be naked among these people a while longer, and secretly, even secretly to myself, because I would never have admitted it, I wanted that.

Dr. Lucy snapped on another pair of blue gloves. She then grabbed a tube of something. I would have figured it would be some fancy medical thing, but it was ordinary KY. She applied it to her index finger, then asked me to get crosswise on the bed on my hands and knees, so my butt was in the air. Really! Here I was showing my own, personal, asshole to the world. Well, to these five people. It was incredibly erotic, at least to me, and my penis, which had assumed almost its normal dimension, immediately hardened right up again.

She walked behind me, and the four students gather around her. She gently rubbed some of the KY on my asshole. Did that feel good! My asshole clinched down a bit at the coldness, but there was something more. I can’t explain it, but it felt, really desirable. Like I could be happy spending the rest of my life with someone rubbing gel on my anus. Anyone, even this fantastic gray-haired lady. Oh, how I wished she’d just keep going, but she stopped, and took like five minutes explaining technical details about the prostate to her crowd.

Turning back to me, she then slowly, methodically, pushed her finger directly into my butt. It almost hurt a bit, but it didn’t. She kept pressing her finger in, and twisted it back and forth a bit, evidently, to spread the KY. She then pressed downward, and it felt like I was going to pee. But much better! She pressed around a little bit, like feeling around in there, and I was in heaven. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. She started to slowly withdraw her finger, explaining to the interns that one does not penetrate the anus quickly, and does not withdraw quickly. It seemed to me like her finger was a foot long. Strange effect. I regretted when she was done, even though I suspected the others were going to be doing the same thing in a moment.

Next came Angela. She was slow, her gloved finger was warm, and I was in heaven. She had a little trouble identifying the prostate, so she kept her finger in there while Dr. Lucy offered instruction.

I even became a teacher for a moment, as Dr. Lucy asked me to tell Angela by what she called the ‘urinary feeling’ when Angela was on-target. All too soon, that ended. I was rock-hard, and feeling explosive. By that, I mean, if the exam had lasted even a few seconds longer, I may have ejaculated. I both wanted that, and hated that it might happen in front of these people. I mean, how would I handle it if it did happen? What would I possibly say?

Next came Wendy. Again, I was close to cumming, but held on until the nick of time, when she pulled out. I was so close to orgasm that I felt an ongoing sort of chill in my lower abdomen, yet another sensation I had never experienced before.

Now Jesus, he was a bit too fast in pushing his finger in. It caused me to gasp and open my eyes wide, but it didn’t really hurt. It was just weird.

Finally, it was Dr. Neuhoff’s turn. I figured I was out of danger now. No way would I ejaculate on his taciturn watch. He stuck his finger in the hole, and pressed around a bit. It started to sting just a little bit, and I was feeling glad this wasn’t a class of a dozen students. I felt the ‘gotta-pee’ feeling when he hit his target, and told him so. He kept feeling around. Just like his last examination, he took longer than anyone else. Oddly, I felt some liquid rising up through my penis, and heard a single drop of something fall onto the crinkly paper on the bed. Oh my God, a drop of cum slipped out of me! I hadn’t expected that, and weirdly, I hadn’t orgasmed or anything – although once again, I was dangerously close. I thought it might be pre-cum, something I’ve read about, but if I’ve had it at all, it’s only a slight moistening at the tip of my dick.

Dr. Lucy saw or heard it too, and started another brief lecture. It seems that prostate massage causes liquid to come out sometimes. She called it ‘expressing prostatic fluid.’ It’s perfectly natural. While she was explaining this, Dr. Neuhoff had continued to feel around inside my ass. I started getting shaky. All jittery. I’ve never experienced that. It was some sort of new horniness level where I’d never been. I was getting really, really wobbly. Maybe the stress of the day, or maybe the sexual energy built up in me was just too much. I was getting terribly weak. Dr. Neuhoff noticed, and reached his free arm around to support me, as I almost collapsed onto the bed. As he reached, his hand grabbed the handle that naturally seemed to be there – my penis. I ejaculated!

Six, seven, eight times, the crinkly paper responded surprisingly noisily to getting the heavy cum squirted down on it. Dr. Neuhoff had his one arm wrapped around my legs, with his shoulder, and maybe even a bit of his face on my bare ass, and his hand on my penis as it spasmed. His other hand still had a finger in my anus. He remembered that one doesn’t pull out quickly, and I think he knew that letting go of my penis too soon would be shocking, so he let me calm down slowly before he finally backed away.

For a good minute, no one said anything. Finally, Dr. Lucy, because she knew it was up to her to defuse the situation, simply said, “Sometimes that happens.” She then started laughing. Taking her lead, we all started heartily laughing, especially me.

It was routine after that. I finally got to put on my underwear. The doctors all thanked me for letting them practice their routines, and I left the hospital with a glow of satisfaction some people may never experience in a lifetime.

Days later, I was still jerking myself off every morning and night remembering what had happened. I felt many things when I thought about it. Satisfaction, for sure. Sometimes, I’d feel a pang of embarrassment or even shame, as if I had done something wrong. But then I’d think it through, and I certainly hadn’t. Did the doctors behave badly? Some people may think so, but in retrospect, I see nothing wrong with what happened. Nothing at all. Oddly, I feel more balanced. Like everything, everything in the world, is more OK than it was before that day. Go figure!

Guess who I saw about a week later one lunch time at McDonalds? Angela! We made that long kind of eye contact again. At first, I was like, is she looking at someone right behind me? But no, she was coming toward me, and said “Hi.”

For a second, I thought she’d spill the beans right there in front of ten McDonalds customers, like “Hey, that was great seeing you ejaculate in the hospital,” or something. But no, she was just totally friendly.
We sat together and ate our fries and hamburger. I couldn’t stand it. She seemed actually interested in me Me! But, I might be misreading the signals. So, I had to ask, and I just came right out and asked, “Do you see something in me?”

Pretty fucked-up pick-up line, Right?

But she did. She said there was something ‘earnest’ about me that she liked right from the start. She then suggested that I might need a follow-up ‘exam,’ and offered to take care of it that very evening in her apartment. I was more than happy to comply.

It’s official, Angela and I are dating! We’ve played out that hospital scene at home several times, then we fuck our brains out. She even practiced catheterization on me once. That was interesting. It felt really fun, especially as the tube was sliding through my sphincters into my bladder. It did sting a bit when I peed for a couple of days afterward, however.

Angela is a very smart woman. Imagine, a medical intern at age 23, only five years older than me! I still don’t know what she sees in me, but I’m going to try to live up to it.

I once asked her how often things like that happen at the hospital. She told me she’s only seen two other erections, and they were just old guys with semis. Members of the staff have said that they’ve seen erections, but no one, ever, has had a full-on ejaculation happen. I was evidently a very special one-off patient!

We’ve talked about inviting the other doctors, the whole group, even Dr. Lucy, over to Angela’s apartment to reenact the scene, but of course, for entirely different reasons. We’re talking about an orgy. We’re pretty sure everyone would like that, although we’re not quite so sure about Dr. Neuhoff. We don’t know how to start the conversation, and perhaps it will always remain a fantasy, but maybe not. Angela can be pretty good about asking for what she wants!

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  2. Thankfully there was no “dead” ball involved. I’ve had a large number of doctor visits where my dick was exposed and I’ve yet to ever come close to getting hard. Probably because it was all with men.

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