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Answer to a Crappy Mood

Another story from a client.

My wife is great, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes, she gets in a crappy mood. Don’t we all?

Our arrangement is that I bring in all the money, and she takes care of all the domestic chores. I’m a psychologist. Sometimes, I’ll get a client who is very problematic, and sure, I might complain too.

However, on this particular occasion, it was she who was complaining. It was laundry day, and she hates doing the laundry.

We live in a naked household. I guess you’d call me, Connie, and the kids nudists, but only in our own home.

So there she was standing in the middle of our bedroom holding a laundry basket, feeling frustrated, and I wanted to help.

I suppose I could have volunteered to do the laundry, but not really, I had my first client of the day in a half-hour. So what could I do to help Connie?

While I was thinking about it, I coated an index finger in spit, and pushed it against her anus. She changed her stance to spread her ass cheeks, making it easier for me. I didn’t have any plan as to where this was headed, I just knew that she loves anal fingering. I just didn’t know whether she’d like it in her current mood and while standing there holding the laundry.

Her change of stance, granting me access, said it all. I started to become erect, but ignored it. Instead, thinking quickly, I said, “Let’s go.”

She started walking, and I walked right along with her so I could keep my finger in position. We walked that way past the kids’ rooms – they were still sleeping – down the stairs, where I had a little trouble keeping my finger in position, and all the way to the basement.

Connie separated the whites and colors and some delicate things, put a load in the washer, added the soap, and turned the machine on, all with me standing next to her with my finger still in her butt.

As the machine started filling with water, I had her turn toward me while I knelt on the floor. So now, she was facing me, with my arm curved around her butt, and the finger still in her anus. My tongue was right in line with her clit. I did exactly what you would expect. I licked her to orgasm with my finger still in place. I felt her orgasmic contractions, her anus was squeezing my finger. I also felt her knees buckling slightly. I had to kind of get sideways to bend lower to keep licking until her orgasm was finished.

Connie’s a one-orgasm woman. Some can have continuous orgasms. Not Connie. Like a man, when she cums, she’s done.

I pulled my finger out and bid her ‘good-bye’ as I went back up the stairs to get dressed and greet my first client.

She seemed happier for the rest of the day.

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