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An Hour Before Work

Another story from a client.

My wife grabbed a large feather…

It was an hour before I needed to leave for work. I usually noodle around on the computer at that time, but my wife invited me back into our bed for what we call ‘touching.’

She’s no longer sexual. She says her hormones have changed. I’m OK with that, because she really seems to enjoy ‘touching’ me. Believe it or not, I like her handjobs even more than I liked fucking in the old days. I really do!

This happens every few days, generally in the evenings after work, weekend afternoons, but sometimes in the mornings.

What she did yesterday: She started with the feather. That part was new. She usually just uses her hands. She ever so lightly touched it all over the underside of my flaccid penis as it laid against my belly. She also rubbed it ever so gently over my scrotum. Within a minute, my penis was as hard as stone, and lifting off my belly at a 15-degree angle.

Sometimes I worry that I won’t get hard. At my age and experience, having had many bisexual encounters, sometimes someone can spend quite a bit of time with me before I become fully erect. That kind of bothers me. It’s sort of embarrassing, plus I like whoever is doing that to feel they are succeeding.

The truth is I enjoy the sensations very much, even if still soft, but, I’m somehow thinking it isn’t ‘manly’ or something to stay soft. And, of course worrying about it, or wishing it to happen, keeps me softer longer. Figures, doesn’t it?

Well, I hardened up yesterday just fine, with the feather and all. After a while, she put it down, and started gently massaging my balls. I like that. I like the actual physical feeling of them squishing around in my scrotum under her fingertips. But I also like the vulnerability. She could squeeze really hard and hurt me at any moment, but I know she’d never do that. She’d be horrified at the thought.

She massaged my penis the same way, and after a while she started stroking me up and down. When that starts happening, my concern changes. I’m no longer concerned about being hard, because now I’m very hard. Now, I’m concerned about cumming too soon. But that always happens. The feeling starts to build. I try thinking about computer science or something, but the feeling continues, and then, there it is, I ejaculate on my stomach.

Now, my final concern: I’d like to have ejaculated a whole lot, like ounces of cum. But generally, only a rather small few squirts come out, totaling less than a teaspoonful. She hands me a paper towel, and runs off to the bathroom to wash her hands. I thank her and put on my pants and head off to work, a very happy man.

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