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You Want the Car Keys?

Another story from a client.

I knew he planned to go out playing poker with his buddies again. I’m a lonely woman on Friday evenings when he does that. He comes home late, and just falls asleep. I hate that. So, one Friday, I invented a little game that changed everything.

I prepared before he came home from work. I should explain, we each have a bicycle which is our primary mode of transportation, by choice. But we do have one car between us for when we need to transport stuff or longer trips.

So, he wanted the car keys.

“Where are they?” he asked, looking in the little tray on the hall table, but finding it empty.

“Hot or cold,” I teased, letting him know I wanted to play a little game.

It took him a while, but he kept getting hotter as he guessed places closer to my body.

When he finally understood, his face actually flushed red a bit, and he meekly said, “Really?”

“Yup, and you have to get them. I’m not going to just hand them over.”

“OK, you little beauty, you asked for it!”

And with that, he carried me into the bedroom, and practically tore my clothes off. I made sure he was textile-free as well.

We pretended to wrestle, although if he had really wanted to, he could have thrown me down on the bed in one second flat.

He didn’t need any lube. He unceremoniously stuck his fingers in and got the car keys.

Normally, I orgasm fairly quickly, but this was ridiculous. As I felt his fingers wiggling around, and then the scrachy things being removed, I came instantly, and it was a strong, crashing orgasm.

Once the keys were removed, they were forgotten. He stayed home. We played, we showered, we dined, we watched a movie, we talked late into the night.

For some reason, he doesn’t go to those poker games any more.

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