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The World Naked Bicycle Ride, often referred to as ‘WNBR’ is a celebration held in many major cities throughout the world, in which as many as 1,000 people ride bikes, unicycles, rollerblades or similar human-powered machines. Most participants are nude, many wear body paint or partial costuming, such as hats, but allowing their genitals to be seen. Those cities that have anti-nudity laws are officially willing to ‘look the other way’ during the events.

Although it is supposedly entirely about nudity, not sexual, several men have been seen and photographed with erections. In at least one case, a rider was arrested for sporting an erection.

Purists into naturism will say that this kind of event is not about sexuality, but Jenelle and I believe almost all of them go home very horny, and end up masturbating at the end of the day.

I believe you’ll especially enjoy Family Naked Bike Ride.

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  1. Getting arrested for having a hard-on would be a terrific addition to one’s resume.

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