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Family Naked Bike Ride

Family naked bicycle ride

I was fourteen and horny all the time. My brother, Jim, was fifteen. I assume he was often horny too, although we never talked about it. I had seen him nude a few times – you know, on the way to or from the bathroom, or when mom told him to put his muddy clothes in the washing machine before taking a shower. Things like that. Never with an erection, of course.

I am a horndog. I do masturbate all the time, often fondling my boobs, which came in much bigger than I thought they would. In fact, I wasn’t sure that they’d stop growing. I was a bit concerned that they’d become too huge. But that’s not what this is about.

Jimmy had found out that the World Naked Bike Ride was going to happen in our city. I had never heard of it. I guess he found out on a website and told me about it. He really, really wanted to go, but not alone. He explained that he’s too shy to do something like that all by himself. Too shy to even invite his friends. So, he invited me. How weird is that?

Did I mention I’m a horndog? So of course, I accepted his invitation, but not without pretending to be annoyed. As we made arrangements, we were both all scared and jittery. I could hear his voice shaking. Mine came out somewhat strangely high-pitched. Weird, eh?

“We’re going to have to tell Mom and Dad.”

“I know.” I said, worried to death that they’d nix it.

Jimmy told them at dinner, while I cringed, thinking they’d probably explode or something. Dad smiled weirdly while looking down at his plate. Mom, hesitated, looked at Dad, then said, “Well, we didn’t raise stupid kids…. If that’s what you want…”

The one thing I didn’t count on was that Mom and Dad decided they’d come along, ostensibly to keep an eye on us. Geez, the idea of being naked, doing something like that, in front of them, well, I can’t even express it. Then too, I guessed they’d be naked too. Or maybe they’d stay clothed, and embarrass Jim and me by being the only ones there wearing clothes. The whole thing was just too crazy!

In fact, I resolved then and there to just forget about it. Jimmy had to work long and hard for days to reconvince me. But I am a horndog after all.

Family naked bicycle ride

It seemed like ages until the day of the event. The day before, Friday, it rained. I was so disappointed, thinking we’d probably get rained out.

I had a hell of a time getting to sleep Friday night. I’d like to tell you all the things I felt, but words just won’t do the job. I was frankly frightened, thinking, “What the hell did I get into?” I was also totally horned up, and brought myself to several good orgasms thinking about it. But most of all, I had no idea what the event would actually be like. Oh, and I was kind of pissed that it might be rained out.

Saturday morning dawned cloudy, but dry, and just a bit chilly. Our bikes were in excellent shape. Dad had tuned them all up. It seems him and Mom were delighted to do something together with us as a family. If he was at all concerned about the nudity, he didn’t show it.

It took ages to ride the two miles to the park. I was like dying inside. I suppose Jimmy was too. What about Mom and Dad? I have no idea what they were thinking. The one thing I was fairly certain about is that they would embarrass us in one way or another.

We arrived, and found about twenty people milling around. Everyone had a bike. No one was naked. Some reporter and a woman with a big TV camera on a tripod were interviewing people. I stayed well away from them. The last thing I’d want would be to show up on TV.

Pretty soon it was 40 people, then a hundred. One old guy took off everything. What a weird sight! I mean, the guy, although perhaps a bit heavyset, was ordinary enough. But, you just don’t see a naked guy in the park everyday. It was is if he was lighted by electricity or something. You noticed him right away, and weirdly, I had trouble not staring at him. I happened to glance at Jimmy, and caught him looking at the old guy, too.

The sun started coming out of the clouds, and it was warming up rapidly. Within five minutes, half the people were as stark naked as the day they were born.

There was no getting out of it, especially with Jim, Mom and Dad there. I was going to end up naked. I very reluctantly started tugging at my T-shirt. Jim seemed as slow to peel as I was. Mom and Dad, however, just stepped right out of their clothes as if it was an everyday occurrence.

Family naked bicycle ride

I was shocked! I had never seen either one of them naked. Mom was fatter than I had figured. With clothes on, she seems just normal. But naked, she had some extra pounds. I had no idea. I glanced at her surprisingly pendulous boobs, then looked away, embarrassed that maybe she had seen me glancing.

It occurred to be that my boobs are actually larger than Mom’s!

Dad was really interesting. He was hairy! Very hairy. Especially around his crotch. Thick black hair. I mean, I guess I could have figured, but it never occurred to me what he might look like down there. I was fascinated, but I looked away.

Glancing around the crowd, I realized two things at once: People are generally ugly animals, and people are super-attractive at the same time, especially to a horny girl like me. And, oh yes, I was very horny at the moment. I think if I had privacy at that moment, or if it was socially acceptable to do so, I would have put one hand on my nipple, and the other between my legs, and gone to town right then and there.

Then I saw Jimmy. He had met up with one of his school friends. Both of them were starkers just like everyone else. But in a way, he was much more naked than Daddy. He had far less hair. His chest was smooth like a girl, but of course he had no breasts. He turned around at one point. He had a smooth, skinny, little ass. I don’t know what I might have imagined, but not that.

His buddy Ron, a guy I barely knew, was really interesting. A generally tall kid, he, like my brother, had a small nest of hair around his dick. But, his penis was sticking up at a 45 degree angle. He was erect! Oh, I’ve seen erect penises on the Internet, but never in person.

I think if I was Ron, I would have been terribly embarrassed, but he was just standing there next to his bike and next to Jim, talking as if it was just a normal day in the park.

While that was happening, another friend of theirs, a smaller kid, rode up on his bike, stopped and got off. I didn’t know this boy, but Ron and Jimmy did, obviously, since they were all talking together. The weird thing about this kid was he didn’t have a hair on him anywhere, except on his head. I had trouble looking away from his well-defined cock and balls. I guess he shaved the hair off or something. Or maybe he was still too young to grow hair.

As I was taking all this in, I had removed the last of my clothing, my panties, so I was as naked as everyone else. I had a feeling like I was guilty. Like I was doing something wrong. Weird, eh? I was also concerned that my breasts were way too large, and everyone would be polite, but inside, they’d be thinking I’m weird, or maybe even making fun of me. Well, it was too late now, there was nothing I could do about that.

Shortly thereafter, almost everyone was naked. Two guys wore bluejeans. About three women had panties or bikini bottoms on. I guessed they may be on their periods. But what was with the guys? Were those two men shy or something? Were they voyeurs? I had just read about voyeurism recently, which oddly, sent me into a masturbation frenzy.

I heard a bike roll up behind me and turned around and heard a feminine, “Hi.” It was Marie, one of my best friends. I had no idea she’d be here. If I had known, we could have talked about it, maybe made plans. Like, if she knew more than me, I could have asked a lot of questions.

It wasn’t lost on me that Marie, too, was naked as the day she was born. She had relatively dark skin, and to my shock, she had really small boobs. I had no idea! Oh, and the strangest part, there was no hair on her vagina. It took me only a moment to figure out that’s because she shaves or removes her hair down there.

She must have seen me staring for a split second before I looked away. She explained:

“My mom is an aesthetician. She waxes me.” as if that’s something that happens in most families.

I’ve never given much thought to my sexual orientation. When I jill, I mostly think about boys, but not always. However, seeing Marie like that sent a big chill through my lower body. I made a mental note to think about that later.

A guy got a bullhorn and explained everything. We got started on the 5-mile ride. I noticed right away how nice it feels to be naked on a bike seat. My pussy, and the area of my ass, felt so amazingly nice on the seat!

The crowd moved slowly. I had to put a foot down many times to keep my balance or come to a stop. During the ride, I saw many super-attractive people. I mean, they weren’t any more attractive than average, except when you see people totally naked, they’re pretty much all attractive! I kept noticing that my pussy rubbing against the seat as I rode felt really, really nice, no doubt enhanced by my horniness with all the sexy people around me.

I saw a couple more erections along the way. It sure is interesting to see a man with an erection while seated on a bicycle.

After the ride, someone had arranged a sound system, and we all danced naked for a while. Then it was over, and we dressed. Mom, Dad, Jimmy, and I rode home, not saying much.

We had a late lunch. As Mom, Jim and I were making the lunch, no one said anything about what we had all just been through, but all three of us, and Dad, when he passed by the kitchen, were all smiling.

Oh, and here’s something: Jimmy was erect part of the time. I could see an obvious bump sticking up in his shorts. Mom choose not to say anything about it. I had no idea what to say, but weirdly, I wanted to run to my room and rub one out right away.

The topic of our ride came up slowly during lunch. Mom was like, “So, what did you kids think?”

Jim was the first to answer, “I loved that. I can’t wait for next year!”

Dad, surprisingly, said, “Me too. I had a great time.”

Mom and I agreed with those two. We talked a few details, like about the guy who went the whole five miles in a wheelchair. His legs were remarkably skinny. I piped in that I didn’t realize Black people could have tan lines.

Right after lunch, Mom announced, “Your father and I have something we want to do.” With that, she and Dad went to their bedroom. I’m pretty sure I know what they were going to do.

As Jim and I were doing the dishes, he seemed like he wanted to announce something, thought better of it, and continued drying in silence. Then suddenly, he said, “I’m going to go jerk off after this.”

I was flabbergasted. Of course, logically, I knew he’d likely be one to masturbate, but I never actually imagined that. The thought sent another huge shock through my lower body, and a shiver across my back.

Regaining my composure, I said what seemed like the natural response, “Me too.”

After a long, uncomfortable pause, my horndog personality got the best of me, “Let’s do it together.”

I was hoping he wouldn’t go crazy. Maybe tell Mom that I said that, or something. Instead, he said in a slightly squeaky voice, “I thought you’d never ask.”

We got the dishes done in a hurry, I can tell you that! We went into my room, and threw our clothes off. His penis, as he reclined against the edge of my bed, was already hard. I was so fascinated that without thinking it through, I reached out and touched it. He went “oooh” and started ejaculating right away. It was the first time I had ever seen such a thing. I know it was only a few drops of clear fluid, but it was just an amazing sight to me. (A year later, he was ejaculating full-size, white streams of cum.)

He returned the favor, instructing me to lay down on my bed in such a way that he had good access. He was awkward at first, but soon he was rubbing a finger around on my terribly wet clit. For some reason, maybe because he knew what he was doing, but more likely by coincidence, he had placed his other hand in such a way that his thumb was right against the slit of my pussy below my clit, and his index finger was lightly touching the upper edge of my asshole. I orgasmed big-time.

I turned on the six o’clock news, wondering if they’d have anything about the WNBR. Sure enough, there was that reporter interviewing someone. Then they showed some people riding along. My heart leapt into my throat as they showed me. It was obviously me. Now everyone would know! Fortunately, they blurred out anything that showed explicit nudity. It took me days to get over the weird and totally embarrassing feeling that everyone, friends, classmates, teachers, saw me naked on TV. For some reason, no one mentioned it. Maybe no one watches the evening news anymore. I don’t know.

It’s been almost a year since that ride, and we are very much looking forward to the next ride. Since then, my parents have admitted that they really enjoy nudity and sex, and that they know that Jimmy and I masturbate, and are just fine with it. Jim let it slip that he and I often masturbate each other, and they’re fine with that too, although not without a lecture about avoiding any sort of penetrative sex.

Ah, I almost forgot to mention, several of my friends including Marie, and Jim’s friend Ron have all gotten together and have done a bunch of things since that bike ride. Let’s just say that Ron and I are no longer virgins.

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  1. Where is this event held? It’s obviously a real thing since there are several photos.

    1. There are naked rides in several large cities. I don’t know who organizes them, or whether they are independent. Maybe look up “World Naked Bike Ride,” or “WNBR.” I hope there’s a ride near you – have fun!

  2. I am ready to go to ANY naked bike ride happening in North Carolina this year! I need to look up the schedule and see when it is going to happen.

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