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About 40 years ago, someone in my church got up in front of everyone and complained that Sundays had become more about showing off clothing than being good Christians. She said everyone in the congregation was trying to out-dress everyone else. Evidently this woman was a respected elder, because people took her seriously.

One thing led to another, and in time, it became the practice for everyone to strip off all their clothing, and place it on the pews next to themselves as soon as they arrived. It is said that we are presenting ourselves as God made us.

For the longest time, I thought this was normal. Didn’t people everywhere strip in church?

I really like Sunday worship. I’m even in the choir. So is Willie. Wilhelmena is her real name, but we call her Willie. I really like her. I have even imagined marrying her. Oh, there are plenty of skinny, tall, blond girls, but I like Willie. who is not skinny, tall or blond. We always smile at each other, and we’ve had some long conversations at school when we could.

Sometimes at home, I imagine doing things with Willie with her big floppy tits, and pretty big ass, and I jerk off like crazy.

So, last week, I was there, in the choir, facing the whole congregation as always. I looked over at Willie, and noticed she had shaved her crotch hair. That little black patch was gone, revealing a little slit, with just the hint of her inner labia sticking out. Many in the congregation, men and women, remove the hair from their genital areas, but this was the first time I had seen Willie that way since we were little kids.

My mind immediately went to immoral places, and the next thing you know, I felt an erection coming on. This was terrible! One does not get erections in church! I willed it to go down with all my might, but it wasn’t obeying. Within a minute, I was fully erect, right there in front of everyone. I wished I was taller so I could have been in the back row. I wished I had a big patch of crotch hair to hide behind, but no, there was no escaping my condition.

I imagined the whole congregation shaming me. Maybe even laughing at me. I was mortified. It was that mortification that my erection go down a couple of minutes later.

On the drive home, I was expecting to catch heck from my parents. There’s no way they didn’t see it. I’d probably get teased by George, my little brother. But, not a word from anyone.

It’s been a week now, and no one has said anything, not even Willie. It’s kind of spooky. Tomorrow, I’ve got to sing in the choir again. I’m so afraid…

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