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Craig slipped on the scaffold next to me. He didn’t fall or get hurt, but in the process of slipping, the hammer he was holding flew out of his grip. As luck would have it, the hammer hit me right in the balls.

It was so bad I couldn’t catch my breath. I was afraid I’d pass out or maybe even die right there. I was gasping and the world was spinning around, as I lay on the planks curled up in a little ball. The pain just kept getting worse.

Somehow Karl, our crew boss, and the guys got me down to the sidewalk. The building was on a busy street with lots of cars going by, and the sidewalk where they brought me was literally in view 40 or 50 pedestrians. Not only that, twenty of the people on the crew were gathered around me.

Now Karl is the boss because he’s a tough guy. Not afraid of anything, and he’ll do whatever is necessary. I guess it was necessary for him to examine my wound, so he literally pulled my pants off right there on the sidewalk. My underwear too. Getting that clothing off me was also a painful experience, and I was gasping, moaning, and half-yelling for him to stop, but I knew it was necessary. Furthermore, I was afraid to look and see what had happened to my balls.

So there I was, naked from the waist down in front of all those people. I meekly looked, and other than a bit of swelling, my balls looked OK. Meanwhile, Karl knelt down next to me, and started gingerly moving my flaccid dick to one side and the other, looking at my balls. How weird is that? A guy touching another guy’s stuff! But, like I said, Karl is the kind of guy who does what needs to be done. He tried kind of lifting my scrotum, but dropped that idea immediately when I screamed.

He had someone call an ambulance. Normally, I would have protested, but for three things:

1. The company would pay for it.

2. The company would insist on it. Even if you get a little cut on your finger, they overreact – safety, you know.

3. I was in way significant pain at the time.

After a super-painful ride in the ambulance, in which every bump in the road echoed in a corresponding resurgence of the pain in my balls, I was brought into the emergency room in a wheelchair. Or more specifically, the waiting room. Some sort of receptionist came up to me almost immediately with a clipboard, and asked me a million questions. I was impressed by the fast service, knowing I’d be out of there in no time.

Four hours later, they called my name. By then, I had exhausted the battery on my phone by reading two complete ebooks. I thought about looking at some video porn, but that would have been inappropriate in the waiting room. The pain had almost 100% subsided. In fact, an hour earlier, I had gotten up and walked to the bathroom, kind of bent over due to the remaining pain, but was able to pee OK, and my balls didn’t seem so swollen as they had been. I also noticed it was all in my right testicle. The left one was OK. That was kind of a relief, because I was imagining all sorts of horrible things about getting both balls amputated, or who knows what? One can still be a ‘man’ with one testicle.

So anyway, they brought me into a little cubicle and I was examined by a female doctor. She was at least 20 years older than me, definitely overweight, and had short curly gray hair. Not my idea of an attractive woman, but I hope her husband finds her somehow attractive.

She helped me gingerly remove my pants and got me up on a table. It was only slightly painful as she manipulated my scrotum. OK, well, it fucking hurt when she momentarily tried squeezing the affected ball, probably to determine if it had ruptured. Hearing me yell, she apologized, and suggested she examine it with ultrasound instead, whatever that was. I agreed.

She disappeared, returning in a moment with a thin, old guy pushing a cart. Oddly, I hadn’t been embarrassed having her look at my balls, but there I was half-naked – the bottom half – with this old gent seeing me, and I didn’t like it. Of course it was inevitable, so I just grinned and bared it. [Wait, did I spell that right?]

The old doctor spread some greasy stuff on her blue gloves, then spread it carefully on my balls, then grabbed a corded thing that looked sort of like my wife’s hair drier and started rubbing the contraption around, while looking at a monitor on the cart. I could see it too. It was a grainy black and white image that I couldn’t make heads or tails out of. Interestingly, it wasn’t hurting any more. Well, maybe a little bit, that’s all. I guessed my balls would be OK.

Then, the weirdest thing happened. My penis started feeling like it was going to get hard. I was horrified with the old doctor, and the even older orderly looking on. I willed it to quit that, but you know dicks. They have a mind of their own. Within a minute, my penis was fully erect, and I started to apologize. “Um… my…. ah…”

She interrupted with, “Oh, it happens all the time. Think nothing of it.”

Easy for her to say! No sooner did that happen, then I felt like I was going to cum. And then I did. Several spurts of semen shot out of my penis, right in front of these old people. In fact, she was holding my erect dick in her gloved hand when it happened.

“Well, that’s a first,” she said with a big grin.

Seeing my totally shocked look, she quickly added, “I mean guys ejaculate, but it’s the first time during a testicular ultrasound it has happened to me. I do believe under the circumstances, it is totally normal and understandable. Please don’t be alarmed or upset.”

Well, of course I was upset. Crazy embarrassed.

She was evidently done with the hair drier thing, and told me that I was just fine, no permanent damage while the orderly cleaned me up with some paper towels. I winced, not from my balls being hurt as he cleaned my scrotum, but when he touched my penis, which had become sensitive as one does after cumming.

I had to tell the whole thing to my wife when I came home and we got the kids to bed. She was a mix of sympathetic, laughing, and getting all horny. I swore that I wouldn’t be able to do anything after the day’s trauma, plus I had already ejaculated once that day. Still, she was in a playful mood, and started jerking me off. To my surprise, I became hard almost immediately. She climbed on top, and before we could do anything else, I ejaculated. How weird is that? Normally, it takes ten minutes or more before all that happens with her. All I could do in return is lick her to orgasm, which she loves.

So now it is time for me to admit the weirdest part: I have jerked off a dozen times remembering what happened in the hospital with that old doctor, and when I do, it is especially erotic, and I cum hard.

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  1. I can relate. Sometimes things that shouldn’t be erotic totally are.

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