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Why Men and Women are Different

The average man is slightly larger and stronger than the average woman.

In the past men had to be strong and mono-focused to catch that deer for dinner. They had to have the strength to build shelters, protect their family against wild animals and defend invasions from other tribes.

Women had to have endurance and be multi-taskers to manage multiple children all day.

These days, there are many women who are stronger than men, and many men who have more endurance. If a woman beats a man in arm wrestling, for instance, he shouldn’t be embarrassed. Instead, perhaps he can be proud for her that she was able to beat him.

Tolerance to pain is also different. Men had to scramble over rocks and through bushes to keep after that antelope until they could catch it. They couldn’t stop to feel their pain if they got scratched by a thorny plant.

On the other hand, in order to insure the success of our species, women had to be more aware of pain. They had to especially be empathetic to the pain of their pre-verbal children.

When it comes to sexual matters, it is very helpful to know that we are all different. Your partner may not be a stereotypical man or woman. So, the best bet is to start with gentle sexual activities. If your partner asks for something increasingly physical, give it to them – building up carefully.

The author Ann Rand (The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged) wrote some sex scenes in which the man literally threw the woman around. He was quite rough with her. Very few women – or men – would want that, but it goes to show that her idea of a sexual good time was roughness. We are all different.

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