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The Masturbation Club

by Spurtz

When my friend George opened his first Masturbation Club in Los Angeles, that was the same city where The Masturbatorium was operating. The city and its surrounding areas had a total population that could easily support both clubs. Guys going to The Masturbatorium tended to be more into solo jerking as opposed to the Masturbation Club which promoted mutual masturbation and C2C jackoff.

George gave me a VIP membership to the Club so I am there a lot and have become friends with many of the popular cleanup girls. Here are some comments from some of them:

Savannah – I worked at The Masturatorium for a while and then moved over to the Club, primarily just for a change of scenery. My job stayed basically the same. After a member ejaculated, it was my job to mop up all the semen off of his body and his cock. As a result I handled a lot of different cocks. Like The Masturbatorium, if a guy got erect from my wiping his dick clean, and he wanted to jack off again, he had to go pay a second entrance fee. Plus I got a little bonus added to my paycheck when that happened.

When I first started at The Club our “uniforms” were thong bikinis. At some point, management got the bright idea of having us go nude. Most of the girls, including me, didn’t care one way another. We all had really great bodies and didn’t mind showing them off. But a few girls quit over it.

But problems developed. I would be wiping the cum off of a guy’s cock and he would try to suck my nipples or even get his fingers in my cunt. On the plus side, this usually resulted in the guy getting hard and wanting to go again which provided me with a nice bonus.

The downside was it was illegal. No sexual contact was to take place between a member and a cleanup girl because she was being paid for the service she provided. Fortunately, wiping ejaculate off a member’s body or his dick was not considered sexual contact. But getting fingers stuck in your cunt was.

So after a couple of months, back came the bikinis.

Jeannie – I was only 18 when I started. One of the managers had spotted me in a local workout gym and was impressed with my looks and my body and approached me about the job. I wasn’t really interested but went for an interview just to find out what it was all about. I didn’t know much about The Masturbation Club. I had heard that guys jacked off there but knew nothing about the cleanup girls. I thought maybe they were interviewing me for a receptionist job or some other office position.

However when it was explained to me what the job entailed, I was shocked. Cleaning the cum off of guy’s pricks after they had jerked off? No fucking way!

I was still a virgin and only briefly had had any contact with a penis. A couple of guys I dated took their hard cocks out while we were making out. I did jerk off one of the guys but that was the only dick I had ever touched.

I started to stand up and storm out of the place when the woman interviewing me asked me to wait and hear the whole story. I was even more shocked at what I was told. Where can a young girl fresh out of high school start a job making close to $1,500 a week? That was almost $80,000 a year. Now she had my interest.

But what would I tell my parents? I could invent some story about an ordinary job like file clerk but then how would I explain all that money? The woman gave me some suggestions. The corporate name of the company who I ostensibly would be working for was something totally unrelated to The Club. That’s the company name that would appear on my checks and on my employment records. My paychecks would be in an amount commensurate with a file clerk or receptionists’ salary and the balance would be deposited in my private bank account.

My interviewer said to give it a couple of years until I moved out on my own and I could start living large on all the money I was making. She said by then I wouldn’t be so concerned about what my parents thought.

So I took the job when it was offered.

Fran – I don’t mind admitting that I really love cocks. I took the job not only for the money, but I wanted to handle a lot of different dicks each day, plus get paid big bucks to do it. This was a dream job as far as I was concerned. When the place first opened, most of the guys who came there were pretty old. But there is an interesting thing about old guys. As they age their cocks still look pretty much the same as when they were younger. A dick, soft or hard, on a sixty-year old guy basically looks the same as the dick on a twenty year old guy. So I just focused on the older guy’s dicks and shut out the fact that they might be old and fat.

But over the first year of operation, the number of younger guys who came in to jerk off increased substantially. That really made the job more fun. And of course, the side benefit was if I got to know some of the regulars and was both attracted to their cocks as well as to the guy himself, I was always open to a “date” outside of work. There was never any doubt what constituted a “date.”

We might go to a dinner or a movie but it always ended up in bed. There I would not only suck the guy off, taking a full load of jism down my throat, but after a little rejuvenation time, I would fuck the guy’s brains out. Call me a slut, but I was fucking four or five different guys every week. If I was particularly attracted to a guy, I might have him back for seconds or even thirds. But I had so many different guys to choose from, that I didn’t want to get tied down to one man.

The best part of meeting guys at The Masturbation Club was that I knew ahead of time exactly what I was getting. I knew how big his prick was. I knew how hard he could get. I also knew if he was a major cummer or just an oozer. I liked guys who could shoot the semen out of their dicks.

I tried to do a cleanup service on any guy who appealed to me at least three or four times at The Club before I would date him. This gave me some insight into the guy’s personality and his overall sexual attitudes. Unlike many woman, I didn’t like the “bad boys.” My preference was toward the more gentlemanly types.

Sometimes, if I was super horny, I would date two different guys on the same day. One at lunch time and one for dinner. Of course I could only do that on the two days off that I had each week. My record is I fucked nine different guys in one week. My poor cunt was a bit sore after that because five of the nine guys were very well hung with nice thick cocks. Combined with the fifty or sixty different pricks I cleaned up on the job that week, I was in cock heaven.

Eve – I liked the young guys the best. But unfortunately the little bastards would end up costing me money. The problem was that many times as I was wiping down their cocks, they would have an involuntary ejaculation. Once they had cum a second time, they had no interest in paying for another session to jack off again. Which meant no bonus money for me having them book a second session.

I learned to be very careful when cleaning off a young guy’s cock and not to overly stimulate the horny little guy’s prick. I got pretty good at it but every once in a while I would be wiping down a guy’s cock, usually still rock hard, and out of nowhere with no warning, a fountain of cum would spurt forth out of the teenage dick.

Speaking of age, the current minimum age for The Masturbation Club was 18. But I heard the city council was considering lowering it to 16. Three of the council members had sons of 16 or 17 years of age, and rumor had it that these boys were pestering the shit out of their dads to lower the legal age so they could go jack off in The Club.

I had mixed emotions. I liked the idea of handling young teenager’s pricks, but I also knew I would have to deal with a lot more premature ejaculations. And that cost me money.

Sissy – We usually couldn’t pick the guys who we got to wipe down after they ejaculated. But depending on the situation, the other girls knew I liked uncut cocks and most of them didn’t. So if dude with a foreskin came along, and I wasn’t servicing some other guys cock, the girl who drew the uncut dick would trade off with me.

Don’t get me wrong. I actually like the looks of a cut cock over an uncut one. But the act of peeling back a guy’s foreskin was really a super turn-on for me. Sometimes the foreskin was already skinned back by the time I got my hands on it. So then I would roll it back up and cover the head. This would usually transfer any semen residue on the foreskin back onto the cockhead or just under it. And then I would roll it back down again. I got off on the way the cockhead would sort of pop into view. I was always thrilled if there was a collection of semen tucked under the rim of the guy’s cockhead. There almost always was. But instead of wiping it off with the wet, warm washcloths we were all equipped with, I would extend my forefinger and make a swipe across the semen and wipe it up with my finger. Then if nobody of consequence was looking, I would suck my finger clean.

Sometimes during the entire cleanup process, I could manage to wipe up other dollops of cum on my fingers and then suck them clean. Of course all the girls knew about how much I liked jism and I was anointed with the title of “Cum Queen.” I think management knew what I was doing but elected to look the other way as long as I didn’t do it blatantly. I would have loved to put those cum-covered cockheads in my mouth and suck them clean but that would have gotten me fired.

Bev – I took the job for the money. I really hated spending my entire workday handling cocks covered in semen. It smelled funny and frankly, it was disgusting. The worst was when two guys would do a cock to cock jackoff and there would be two entire loads of semen to clean up. Of course I got paid double for that. I used to complain to the other girls until Jan took me aside and gave me the following advice.

She pointed out that all men masturbate. So there was nothing unusual about what went on in The Masturbation Club. Some men found their masturbation session was much more enjoyable when others could share in their masturbation. For many men, coming to The Club and jacking off with like-minded men was a stress reliever. Having very attractive young girls to clean them up after ejaculation was a real bonus.

Imagine that a man masturbates and has a glorious orgasm, she told me, one of the best feelings in the world. But then he’s faced with having to clean semen from his cock and body. This brings him down from the high he just experienced. Now he’s faced with mopping up all the jism. But when a beautiful young girl takes hold of his cum-covered penis and proceeds to thoroughly clean him up, that orgasmic high can continue and it changes the degree of pleasure derived from the whole experience by a huge margin. And that’s what the cleanup girls bring to the party. And it also brought guys back time and time again.

After listening to Jan’s explanation, it made me look at what I was doing in an entirely different light. Realizing that my ministrations greatly enhanced the pleasure a man received from masturbating his penis, it made me think twice about bitching about what I was doing. With those thoughts in mind, over the next couple of weeks I grew to love what I was doing and eagerly looked forward to the next semen saturated cock I could lovingly clean. I even grew to like the smell of cum.

Francine – Eve likes guys with foreskins. I’m fascinated by really large penises. But only ten percent of men have a penis that is 8-inches long or longer. So I don’t get to see that many really big dicks although a nice seven-incher can get me just as excited.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not sure I would want to have one of those huge dicks rammed up my vagina, but they sure are fun to handle during cleanup. I had a guy a few weeks ago who had the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. It had to be close to eight inches long but it was really thick. I literally could not get my fingers even close to touching when I wrapped my hand around it.

Management wants us to complete our cleanup duties as quickly as practical but I didn’t want to let this guy’s cock out of my control so I dragged out the cleanup process as long as I could.
When I first started wiping his dick clean he had already started to lose his erection. But my loving ministrations quickly reversed that action and within a minute or two his big prick was fully extended and hard as a rock. Which surprised me. I had learned that many guys with really big dicks don’t ever really get fully hard. Maybe there isn’t enough blood in their body to fill up a big cock and make it super hard. But that wasn’t a problem for Rob.

I even commented about how hard his cock was and he replied that having a girl as pretty as me was the reason. Rob seemed like a really nice guy and I got to thinking that my fear of having a cock that big inside of me was something that should be addressed.

I saw Rob again a week or so later and the more I handled his huge piece of meat, the more I wondered what it would feel like inside me. We had quickly developed an easy rapport and I asked him if he had trouble with sexual partners due to his huge size. He admitted that he did. I confided that I literally worshipped cocks like his but had never had one in me. But I was now very curious to find out what it actually felt like. I saw his eyes light up and by the time I had wiped all the cum off his dick, we had made a date for the next evening.

We met at a local motel and quickly got down to business. I told him we needed lots of foreplay so that my pussy would be as wet and juicy as possible. Rob had brought a bottle of K-Y lubricant and when I finally decided I was ready, Rob’s cock was like a fucking bar of steel. He poured K-Y all over his dick and I spread it around with my fingers so it was literally dripping with lube. Then we put even more lube on the opening of my pussy. We were literally swimming in the damn stuff.

Rob positioned the giant head of his cock right at my opening and then slowly started to slide the head in. I had had a few drinks to relax me as much as possible because I knew that women had a tendency to clench up when they feared feeling some pain on penetration. But that clenching just made it worse.

There was some resistance as Rob pushed forward but not as much as I feared. I felt his knob head find its way into my vagina and the feeling of being filled up was incredible. As he continued to penetrate me, my love of huge cocks was complete. I never thought I would actually have one inside of me and the tip of Rob’s cock was already kissing my cervix. I warned him not to go any deeper or it would be painful for me. Holding me tightly he rolled over so he was on his back and I was on top. He told me that now I was in control and it was okay for me to take as much of his cock as was comfortable. I now controlled the amount of penetration Rob’s big dick could give me.

The thickness was not an issue. It just made me feel impossibly filled up which was a fantastic feeling. As I moved my body up and down, taking just as much of his dick as I comfortably could, the overall feeling of fucking his huge member was beyond wonderful.

As I got more comfortable with what we were doing, I increased the speed of my pussy thrusting up and down on his big prick. I actually orgasmed a couple of times before I felt the first blast of Rob’s semen splatter against my cervix. The feeling was indescribable as jet after jet of creamy cum shot into the depths of my vagina, bringing on my third orgasm. We both were screaming in ecstasy as our combined orgasms washed over us like giant tidal waves.

We lay together exhausted, with Rob’s huge prick still buried deep in my tight cunt. I imagined I could feel it throbbing inside me. And I knew that my journey of getting fucked by giant cocks was just beginning. I knew of at least two other regular members of The Club with really big dicks and I set my sights on them even as I felt Rob’s slippery cock slide out of my pussy.


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