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What I Want Next

That’s my cock in the picture. It looks huge, doesn’t it? But it’s just a regular six-incher.

For those who have been following me, you may know that I’ve more-or-less mastered the practice of continuous dry orgasms, as well as a few other techniques.

This dry orgasm business is still like a new toy for me, even though I’ve been practicing it for several months now. The idea is that I can have what I call ‘low’ and ‘high’ orgasms without ejaculating.

A low orgasm is where you feel what I think of ‘chills, tingles, and springs’ throughout your body. Many guys who just jerk off in the ordinary way may not even notice it on their way to full-on ejaculations. If you focus on noticing and holding the feeling, it is remarkable! And, you can hold the feeling for literally minutes at a time. High orgasm is one step further, in which your prostate and urethra rhythmically contract like during ejaculation, but nothing comes out. So far, I have’t been able to keep that going, but I can get a couple of contractions, then get them again a minute later, over and over.

Aside: I’m planning on working on that too. I believe one can learn to hold high orgasm, in which your penis pulses and pulses, for minutes at a time.

By not ejaculating, you stay hard and horny for as long as you want. So a person can stay in an orgasm literally forever. At least theoretically. It is still easy to lose focus and ejaculate, or to fall off in the other direction, and just lose interest after a while. Sometimes it can be particularly interesting when I have an involuntary mini-ejaculation, where just a drop or two of semen comes out. I stay hard, and can keep orgasming.

For those who don’t know the technique, I have written it up here. For those who have questions – or answers – I just love interacting with people. Leave a comment below, or drop me an email at

So, I can do things by myself, like have orgasm after orgasm for perhaps a half-hour while my wife sleeps next to me. I don’t even need to take tissues to bed anymore, because I know I won’t cum, unless I choose to. I recently discovered that when I do ejaculate after practicing dry orgasms, that orgasm/cum is way strong. I would rate the best ever (so far) as three times stronger than an ordinary orgasm.

My wife has tried the technique on me a few times but with minimal success. She’s really not that interested and won’t stick with it long enough. I’m thinking I may have to practice this with some guys. I mean, I’d practice it with women, but it’s probably not likely that I’d find one willing to participate without romance, and I only romance my wife.

So far, my experience with her, and with the few guys I’ve played with, is that when someone else is stimulating me, I can’t balance in that place where I’m orgasming but not cumming. I end up going over the edge every time.

Therefore, I’m going to get together with some guys to learn to take this one step further, and manage the same technique while they’re giving me handjobs. And of course, I’ll do the same for them.

I did have a play buddy with whom I managed this to a degree, and to our mutual surprise, he was able to get it on the first try, also to a degree. Unfortunately I moved out of the area and lost contact with him. We only did it a few times.

Our last occurrence was interesting. He had what I think are four mini-ejaculations. I say ‘I think’ because one of them wasn’t the same couple of drips of white thick fluid. The third one of four was a stream of clear liquid amounting to perhaps a half-ounce. We both wondered what it was. He says he doesn’t think he urinated, and it didn’t appear yellow. By the way, his fourth was a full-on ejaculation, which finished our session.

I’ve got a couple of play buddies lined up now that I’m in the California Bay Area. However, I could use more. If you’re like-minded, and live around here, drop me an email at

Cheers! – Jeremy Watson

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