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Something I Didn’t Realize

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you all the benefits of masturbation. You know, lowers blood pressure, helps with mental stability, reduces unwanted pregnancies and abortions, is more environmentally reasonable than driving to meet people, allows you to be satisfied, rather than seeking partners who aren’t right for you, only to get sex, etc.

Yup, that’s me, half-hard for your viewing pleasure

And you’re probably heard me prattle on about dry ejaculations, high and low orgasm, and so on. However, something new has come to my understanding. It was there all along, but I just hadn’t realized it.

For those who don’t know, it is quite possible for men to have orgasms without ejaculating. By doing that, one can have multiple orgasms in a single session. One can have very enjoyable sessions that can last for hours.

There are some specific techniques, but here are the basics:

(If you already know this stuff, skip to the last two paragraphs for my revelation.)

1. Learn edging. That’s the idea of getting close to orgasm, but stopping before you tip over the brink and cum. Stop for short while, then do it again. This frustrates some men, because they don’t actually orgasm until they finally fall off the edge.

2. Once you’re pretty good at edging, that’s where the fun can begin. Instead of stopping until the ‘gonna cum’ feeling totally subsides, bring yourself to the edge, and stop for only a second or two. Just long enough to stop the inevitable ejaculation. Then resume right away. With enough practice, you can achieve ‘low orgasm.’

Low orgasm is a state in which you feel chills throughout your body. On a good day they can range from the top of your head to your toes. More typically, they are more in your stomach and genital region. Low orgasm in itself, is a very enjoyable state. You can learn to maintain low orgasm for minutes at a time without going into high orgasm.

Some men have never experienced low orgasm. They just masturbate until they ejaculate, and basically skip right over low orgasms without noticing the feelings that can be quite intense if you make a point of noticing. Relax. Let the feeling flow. By letting it take a long while, you’ll bring yourself to a most enjoyable state that you may never have experienced before.

3. High orgasm is just like low orgasm, except your urethra and prostate actually go into spasms or contractions. However, even in this state, you don’t have to ejaculate. It is possible to remain in this state for minutes at a time, and come back to this truly orgasmic state over and over again.

4. In high orgasm you don’t necessarily need to stop stroking. You can just do it very lightly, always stopping short of ejaculation, yet your urethra is contracting over and over again.

You can place your fingers on your perineal area, the space between your scrotum and anus, or better yet, place it on another man’s perineum. You’ll feel all sorts of contractions. Some unimportant general ones that anyone who masturbates generates, but also the full-blown high-orgasm spasms.

Now, it’s not easy to learn, but with practice, it is quite attainable. For instance, I’ve become so good at it, that I don’t take any tissues or clean up material to bed. If my wife isn’t interested in playing, I can entertain myself with low and high orgasm for an hour next to her while she sleeps. I finally go to sleep satisfied. I never needed to actually cum.

5. One of the biggest tricks to learning high orgasm is to really relax. Your body will really want you to finish the job and cum, but you don’t need to. Just notice and fully enjoy the feeling. It can get really strong, giving you the most enjoyable full-body ongoing tingling, where you think the top of your head is going to pop open.

OK, so finally, I come to the part I didn’t understand until recently. People used to ask whether these dry orgasms are as strong as ejaculatory orgasms. I used to say they’re 70% as strong. I believe that’s about correct. Keep in mind, they may not be as strong, but you can have them all afternoon. Pretty good trade off, eh?

But, that’s not the end of the story. Here’s my new revelation: I’ve been having this effect for a while, but just really noticed the other day. If at the end of your session, you go ahead and let yourself ejaculate, it can be much stronger than an ordinary ejaculatory orgasm. Literally twice as strong as what you get with ordinary intercourse or masturbation. In fact, it may be a double orgasm. I’ve had several in which I cum, but I want to keep stroking, and so I do, and just as the orgasm is dying out, I start orgasming again, with yet more spurts of semen flowing out.

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  1. Yup, same thing here. I think maybe I’ve taken it a step beyond you. I can have super-strong dry orgasms. There is no doubt these are stronger, and longer-lasting than any ordinary orgasm. My wife has done it too. Just like us guys, she can have extended and multiple orgasms. She gets really wet when this happens. We’ve also tried doing it to each other. That’s where we mostly fail. We try to communicate, like “Wait,” or “Hold on a sec.” We’ll mostly end up orgasming big-time too soon when we do it to each other. But, we’ve gotta keep trying, right?

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