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What Does Male Masturbation Feel Like?

A woman asked. Guys, let us know if you agree:

Not all men feel all the subtleties all the time, but it usually goes like this for a guy who is aware at every step of the process:

You feel horny, and have an opportunity to jerk off. You feel the joy of giving yourself a reward.

You take off your clothes. If you’re not used to being naked, you may feel the most cat’s paw slightest puffs of a breeze on your ass, and maybe on your stomach and your scrotum very exciting. Just being naked makes you more horny.

Your penis becomes erect. You can feel the heaviness of it, which is mildly pleasurable in its own right.

You start stroking with expectation of what’s to cum, er come. You might touch your scrotum or the frenulum of your penis very lightly, which makes your penis jump a bit, and feels very delightful, like a very nice tickle.

Chills start to appear in your body. They may be in the front of your thighs, the top of your head, your feet, or your stomach, as well as the groin area. I call it ‘springs and chills,’ because it’s a sort of enjoyable springy feeling. One can learn to just stay in this phase and enjoy it for minutes at a time.

The chills build. You especially feel it in your groin area. You may feel your scrotum tighten up, and your balls raise higher. Sometimes they’ll even enter into your lower belly area, leaving the scrotum small and empty. This doesn’t always happen. It depends on your position, the temperature, and other factors.

You start having an inevitable ‘gonna cum’ feeling. It’s rapidly becoming a point of no return where you know you’re going to ejaculate, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

The chills continue to build. You feel many muscles throughout your body tighten. You may arch your back. You may involuntarily thrust your pelvis forward.

You feel contractions about every 4/5 of a second in your urethra, especially in the lower portion of your penis under your balls.

You may feel a very brief movement within as the semen starts moving outward through your urethra.

The urethral contractions become very strong, as you watch your semen coming out. It may ooze, or may shoot several feet. It’s surprisingly warm to the touch, unless it arcs through the air and splashes on your belly. In that case, it might be rather cold.

You enjoy watching the cum shoot out, probably with a degree of pride. Endorphins and other hormones flow, causing you to feel very, very good. All is right with the world in this moment.

The ejaculation subsides. You feel a kind of hollow but enjoyable feeling in your lower belly and groin area.

You may feel satisfied as your penis starts to shrink back down. But you may also feel that you’d like more. But you can’t have it. Not yet. Your body enters a refractory period, in which any additional stimulation to your penis is just unbearable. Like a horrible tickle. If you’ve been wanking for a long while, or are new to masturbation, you may have a minor dull ache in your penis that subsides in a few minutes to an hour.

If you’re fairly new at this business, and depending on your upbringing, you may feel guilty, maybe even terribly guilty. That’s too bad. You’ve done nothing wrong! In fact, according to all the research, masturbation is good for you. It helps with mental balance. It lowers blood pressure. It might boost immunity. In one study, it was discovered that people who wank regularly are more likely to live past 80 years old.

An hour or a day or two pass, and you want to do it all over again!

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