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Distance Contest

I’ve won the distance contest in the annual Masturbation Games three years in a row. However, you might think I’m cheating. It doesn’t really matter. It’s not like there’s money involved. Plus, I tell everyone what I’ve done, and all it brings is smiles and laughter.

We have several competitions, such as how much cum can a man eject, how many distinct times can he cum in 15 minutes (4 is the record so far), how fast can a man cum from starting in a flaccid state (24 seconds), and how far can he squirt. That’s my one and only competitive event in the games.

So here’s how I keep winning: I very carefully put just a little bit of glue on my peehole so it is 7/8 sealed up, leaving only a tiny opening at the top. The first few times I practiced, I made a mess, once somehow managing to glue part of my scrotum to a chair, and actually gluing a fingertip to my penis. It turns out, at least with the glue that I use, that peeling it off is not impossible. Just difficult and potentially painful if I’m not patient.

On another occasion, I glued the hole entirely shut, and when I came, the pressure built up inside and nothing came out. It scared the bejeepers out of me, but it wasn’t painful and nothing bad happened. In fact, something nice happened, which I may experiment with repeating one of these days. As I felt the pressure in my urethra it spurred on the contractions so they lasted like three times longer than usual. That was scary, but fun!

Practicing has been a blast. I’ll usually squirt quite a distance. Sometimes my wife applies the glue, and of course she enjoys watching my practice cums.

She sat in the visitor’s gallery during my last competition and cheered me on.

As usual, I won with a distance of 5 feet, 2 inches.

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  1. Damn….you outdid my best by four inches.

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