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Wait, Wait!

This video demonstrates several techniques.

First, and perhaps most distracting, is the clothes pins on my dick. They do offer a minor squeezing sensation. It’s almost painful, but not quite, making me quite aware of my penis. I’m not particularly enamoured of clothespins, but my friend wanted to put them on. It turns out they did enhance the experience. Later, when he took them off, the removal stung a bit. Oddly, when clothespins or clamps of any sort are applied, you don’t feel much unless they are clamped on a particularly sensitive area. But after they’ve been there awhile, you really notice when the pressure is suddenly taken off.

Then, we have frenulum pulling. That’s what was really doing it for me. I was getting close to ejaculation, and loving it! If you haven’t had frenulum pulling done, you may find it remarkable. It doesn’t matter whether you are circumcised or not, whatever skin you have there will transmit great feelings. You can see that I went soft when the clips were applied, but hardened up fairly soon after he started doing the frenulum (also known as ‘frenum’) pulling.

The main feature, however is the mini-ejaculation. The general idea is my friend brings me right to the edge, and I tell him, “Wait!” He reduces the stimulation, but doesn’t necessarily stop. Before the urge to ejaculate subsides entirely, I have him increase the stimulation again. The real magic here is in resuming the stimulation almost immediately. Don’t let the pre-orgasmic feeling slip away too much. Wait just long enough that you can take more stimulation without immediatelly cumming. If I say “Wait, wait,” rather than just “wait,” that means I really came too close, and need the stimulation to stop, not just be reduced. Still, the stimulation should resume after only a second or two. In this video he held off longer than that, but it still worked out fine. We repeat the process a couple of times, then I end up getting so close to the edge that I have orgasmic contractions, and a drop or two of cum escapes. However, it is not a crashing, full-blown orgasm, and I stay hard, enjoying more stimulation.

Unfortunately, during the filming of this video, the phone rang shortly after my first mini-ejac. After the call, I probably should have continued filming, but instead, was much more interested in the actual action. My friend brought me to several more mini-ejaculations, before I finally gave in, and had a very strong orgasm at the end.

When everything is perfect, this technique can result in an ongoing orgasm. It can literally last for several minutes. The recipient may or may not have contractions, but there’s no doubt that the orgasm is continuing. When the contractions occur, they typically result in dry ejaculations. If too much cum arrives, the mood is usually lost.

Practice makes perfect!

Plus, I’ll try to get a better video for you, showing several mini-ejaculations in a row.

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  1. Too bad about the phone call.

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