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Dry Orgasm

A dry orgasm is a orgasm without ejaculation. Medical reasons can cause dry orgasms in men, such as when the prostate gland has been removed. Children in early adolescence can have dry orgasms before their bodies mature sufficiently to create prostatic fluid.

A man can learn to purposely have dry orgasms. They often give you contractions just like a full ejaculatory orgasm, but nothing comes out. You can stay aroused and erect and can do it over and over again. Typically the contractions are lighter, and fewer in number. Some say the experience is seventy percent as powerful as a full ejaculation, however I have found with practice these dry orgasms can be as strong or even stronger than regular ejaculatory orgasms. The big advantage that outweighs the lost thirty percent is that you can have orgasm after orgasm without losing sexual interest, all day long, if you want. You can also learn to have continuous orgasms that last a minute or more. I timed one, and it was five minutes and three seconds.

Quite a bit of practice is required to acquire the dry orgasm skill. However a master practitioner (master-bater) doesn’t need anything to clean up. The masters are so good at dry orgasms that they can be sure not to ejaculate during a session even if it lasts for hours.

Practicing these two techniques will eventually get you to dry orgasms:

1. As soon as you are nearing orgasm, do whatever you can to fully relax your whole body, and especially your PC muscle, the one that you tension when you squeeze your anus shut, and causes your penis, when erect, to raise up an inch or so. Stop all stimulation. At first, you’ll ejaculate anyway, but in time, you’ll notice that the contractions can be weaker, and the cum more-or-less just flows out instead of spurting. The amount of fluid will be less, and the best part is that you won’t lose interest. You can orgasm again a few minutes later.

2. Practice edging, but instead of waiting a minute or more between each time you approach the edge of ejaculation, resume stimulation within just a few seconds. When you finally go over the edge, you may notice that the ejaculation is weaker, and the orgasm lasts longer. In time, you’ll achieve full dry orgasms.

3. Taking the process a spectacular step beyond dry orgasms, a man can stay in continuous non-ejaculatory orgasm for minutes. This is learned using nearly the same techniques. But, instead of stopping when you start to feel the orgasm approaching, just maintain light stimulation. In time, you’ll notice your whole body is feeling the orgasm, and just staying in the flow, yet you’re not ejaculating.

Recently noticed: This has been happening for a while, but I just noticed it recently. You may recall that at the start of this article, I said the dry orgasms are typically only 70% as strong as ejaculatory orgasms. However, at the end of a session, if you do let yourself ejaculate, it can be 150% as strong as a regular orgasm, or maybe even stronger!

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