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The Ultimate Dye Job

by Spurtz

She had been a hairdresser for her entire adult life. She specialized in women but she also cut men’s hair as well. Did a damn good job of it too, even if she said so herself.

She was a good looking woman. Only thirty-five, she still had a good body, firm well-shaped tits, all her own, and really nice legs. A slim waist and a great butt if she believed all the comments she got on it.

But Christ her personal life was fucked. She’d married some asshole who treated her like shit. Left her with two little kids and no money. She lived in some crap apartment. Fortunately her mom lived close by and could watch the kids while she tried to make a living. She didn’t have much of a chance to meet guys. She wasn’t one to hang out in bars. Plus she worked every chance she could get.

Here it was Sunday morning and she was going into the shop to cut a guy’s hair. He was the ex-husband of one of her best friends. He worked out of town and only came home to his house on weekends. He had the house up for sale, but the market was fucked and who knew how long he would have to sit on it. He lived in an apartment by his new job during the week and came home on weekends to tidy up the yard and keep an eye on the pool and other household stuff. She’d been cutting his hair for almost ten years.

He was a lot older than she was but not a bad looking guy. They had always been friendly, and she could talk to him like one of her girlfriends. His divorce had been as amicable as divorces can be. She was still really good friends with his ex and him too.

She normally cut his hair on Saturday during regular shop hours, but he had been at some convention or something and didn’t get home until late Saturday. He had called her in a panic, said he needed a haircut bad plus some color touch-up, could she do it on Sunday? If he just needed a cut, she usually went to his house but she preferred to do the coloring at the shop, so she had asked him to meet her Sunday morning at ten.

She was getting everything ready when he showed up. He came into the shop and they made the usual small talk. “Are you dating anybody yet?” “No.” “What are you doing for some excitement in your life?” “Not much.” Stuff like that.

She ran her fingers through his hair and commented that it had been longer than usual since the last color touchup. Lot of gray showing.

He laughed and agreed with her. He told her that the hair on his head wasn’t the only place it was going gray. They could talk to each other like that. He went on to say that if he did get lucky with some sweet young thing and dropped his drawers she would be in for a shock when she saw how gray his pubes were.
She asked him why he didn’t just get one of those home dye kits and fix himself up? He told her he had tried it and it didn’t take. Probably didn’t leave it on long enough she said.

Jokingly he told her he probably needed her professional touch. She went along with the gag, commenting that she could probably make herself a lot of money if she specialized in dying guy’s pubes. He told her he could be her first customer if she needed somebody to practice on.

She just laughed at this but there was something about the concept that piqued her curiosity. When she visualized herself actually doing something like that it gave her a tingle in a place that hadn’t seen too many tingles recently.

She asked him if he was really serious. She could tell he wasn’t prepared for that response. He had really just been kidding but now that she had actually addressed the idea somewhat seriously, she could tell the concept got his attention.

“Well,” he said, “sure I’m game if you are. Purely a business deal,” he added.

“Of course,” she said. “Just like a doctor/patient relationship. Purely professional.”

Now what? she wondered. How do we get to the next step? “Well,” she told him, “if we’re going to do this, you’re going to have to take your pants off.” She directed him to sit in the chair after she had covered the seat with several towels to catch any spilled dye. She went to the front of the shop and locked the door just in case some errant customer tried to come in which wasn’t likely on a Sunday, but you never knew. The chair she had selected for the operation was out of sight in the back of the shop where the shampoos were normally performed.

By the time she got back to the chair he was sitting in it with his pants off. She tried not to stare at his penis but it was difficult to avoid it. After all she was about to dye the hair that completely surrounded it. There wasn’t going to be any way she could do it without not only looking at it but touching it as well.
Shit, she thought. I’ve got to put on my business face and just be as matter of fact about this as possible. Be the consummate professional. She walked up to him and looked at the hair that sprouted up from the root of his cock. She really did concentrate on examining the hair and not his penis.

There were some gray hairs mixed in with the black but it really didn’t look that bad to her. She commented on this to him.

He agreed with her but pointed out that the hairs on his balls were the ones that were really light. His cock at the moment was pointing down and mostly covered his balls. When she looked at it, she realized that it was a very thick penis and the only way she was going to get a good look at the hairs on his balls would be to move his penis to one side. She reached down and gingerly took hold of it with two fingers and moved it.

He was right. The hairs on his sac were almost totally white. She ran her fingers through the hairs to get a better look at just what was needed. She was trying very hard to concentrate on what she was doing from a purely professional standpoint, but she could feel herself getting wet. Christ, he was a man, she was a woman. She was holding his dick with one hand and more or less caressing his balls with the other. If she wasn’t aroused, she’d have to have something wrong with her. She had always been attracted to this man but never really in a sexual way. She just hadn’t thought of him in those terms before but now that she was holding what appeared to be an extremely attractive cock with a very healthy heft to it, she began to think of him in totally different terms.

But he didn’t seem to be thinking along those lines. His massive organ remained flaccid. He lay back in the chair with his eyes closed, totally relaxed. He probably wanted to keep the whole deal on an above-board basis. He and his ex-wife were still friends. She was his ex-wife’s best friend. He more than likely didn’t want to do anything that might be misinterpreted and get back to the ex. Not that it probably made any difference, but he was a pretty straight guy and she figured he just wanted to get the hairs on his cock a darker color and that was it.

She told him she would dye his pubes first and then the hair on his head. That way the dye could remain on his crotch longer so it would definitely do the job this time. He only needed a touchup on his head.

She mixed up the dye in a little plastic bowl she had. It took a few minutes and while she was futzing around with it, she stole a few glances at the man’s cock. Just checking to make sure he wasn’t getting a hard-on. His eyes were still closed. He was probably thinking about some grim stuff like car wrecks or dead bodies to keep his dick from getting stiff.

She got the hair dye goo all mixed up with her little paddle. She set down the bowl and pulled on a pair of rubber gloves to keep the stuff off her skin. She scooped up a glob of the dye in the fingers of one hand and began to apply it to the hairs around the base of his cock. He had a really healthy crop of hair all around the root of his penis and she worked the dye into the hair with her fingers, stroking the strands to get the dye on each individual hair. When she had thoroughly coated those hairs it was time to move onto the hair on his testicles. Again she had to move his penis. Now that she was really concentrating on what she was doing she began to study his dick in detail. She’d seen a lot of cocks in her day but for the first time she realized that it had always been in the heat of passion and never in the bright lights like those that lit up the shampoo room. She recognized with a start that in all her thirty-five years she had never really seen a cock this clearly, this close, and in this much detail. In its flaccid state the man’s dick was close to six inches long and had a very nice girth to it. She realized it was probably one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen in the flesh. She knew there were bigger dicks than this, she’d seen ’em in some of her ex-husband’s porno tapes, but she had never actually seen a live one this big, much less touched it.

She took hold of the man’s large meaty organ once again but this time she curled her entire hand around it rather than the two fingers she had gingerly used earlier. While she held the penis up off the man’s large balls, she dabbed out another scoop of the dye and began to massage it into his wrinkled sac. She could feel his nuts inside the folds of skin as she rubbed the dye into the hairs on his bag. There was really no way to properly apply the dye in this area without actually massaging the two massive nuts in her hand. She hoped he didn’t misinterpret what she was doing but he continued to lie back with his eyes closed.

As she continued to hold his penis in one hand while she rubbed his balls with the other, she looked down at the head of his prick. The skin on the head was a silky, almost velvety texture. She looked at the little hole in the middle of the glans. The man had obviously been circumcised but only partially. He still had quite a bit of foreskin left and it came down and covered about half of the bulbous head of his penis.

As she stared at the glans, somewhat mesmerized, she continued to lazily massage the man’s nuts, rolling his balls around on his thighs. While she did this, she noticed that the foreskin had rolled back off the head by itself and then she realized that it was because he was getting hard.

Well, she guessed that was to be expected. What man could maintain a totally soft dick when a good-looking woman was holding his cock in one hand and massaging his balls with the other?

She realized that she had to stop what she was doing even though she didn’t want to. If she kept caressing his nuts any longer, he was going to wake up to the fact that this operation had slipped from the high professional plane they had both agreed on.

She asked him to spread his legs. She told him she had to check the hair beneath his testicles. That’s the word she used… testicles.

She lifted his balls up to make sure that she had applied dye to all the hair. She noticed that there was a tuft of hair that was sticking out of the crack of his ass, probably right in the vicinity of his asshole. It had a lot of white hairs in it. She told him about it and said that she was going to put some dye on it. He told her to go ahead, that he didn’t want any white hairs showing even if nobody would probably ever see them.

She scooped up another dab of dye on her fingers and slid them down into the crack of his ass. She supported his balls with her other hand so that she could see what she was doing. She ran her fingers right down to his asshole. She could feel the puckered skin that she knew was his anus. She could also feel that there was quite a bit of hair around his asshole even if she couldn’t see it all. She ran her finger back and forth, up and down the crack of his ass and all around his anus. This was obviously a very sensual spot for him because she could feel his balls tighten up and she could see his dick getting bigger. As his dick continued to swell she kept up her ministrations around his asshole. She was hoping that his huge dick would become fully tumescent before her rubbing his asshole appeared too obvious to him. She really wanted to see what it looked like in its full glory, but she wanted it to seem like this just happened as part of her businesslike operations.

As she continued to rub his asshole along with a few strokes on the main tuft of hair growing out of his buttcrack she felt, and saw, his entire body stiffen as a low moan escaped his lips. She looked at his penis. It had to be fully distended she thought. The skin on the head was stretched so tight it looked like it was about to burst. She tried to estimate its length. She wasn’t too good at stuff like that but she figured it was at least eight or nine inches long. What a magnificent piece of meat she thought. She began to fantasize what it would feel like to have something like that pounding in and out of her now sopping wet slit.

Oh god, she thought, she had to stop thinking like this now before it went too far. Even though he was obviously enjoying it he hadn’t made any overt moves toward her and other than getting a hard on, which really was just an unavoidable side effect of the dye job, he had remained the perfect gentleman.

She told him that she would do his hair now, the hair on his head, she clarified. She noticed her voice was hoarse and she had trouble getting the words out. She said the dye would have to stay on his pubes for at least thirty minutes to make sure it would take properly. He told her to go ahead.

She started to massage the dye into the hair on his head. This wasn’t going to take as long as the first part had. She realized it wasn’t going to be as much fun either. While she worked on his head, he continued to lay back with his eyes closed. She allowed her gaze to wander down to his prick which now had begun to deflate somewhat. Although she enjoyed seeing it stretched tight with a giant erection, she actually just liked to look at it in any form. As it continued to shrink back to its flaccid state the foreskin stayed rolled back under the head. It was now becoming all bunched up in several folds of soft skin just back of the coronal ridge of the glans. She noticed the intricate network of veins that laced their way throughout the shaft of his penis. There was one large blue vein that ran across his dick about halfway up the shaft. There was something strangely appealing about those veins. She had an overwhelming desire to run her fingertips over the one large vein. She also was really tempted to squeeze the thick folds of foreskin between her fingers, but she controlled her urges.

She finished up with his hair. She told him that it would be a few minutes and she would wash the dye out his hair and then a few minutes later she could finish up the hair on his pubes. It would be easy to do his head. It was over the shampoo sink and she could just rinse out the excess dye. The hair on his cock and balls was something else. She would have to take a lot more care because if she got too much rinse water on him it would make a hell of a mess. She would just have to take her time with that part of it.

She rinsed out his head and wrapped a towel around it. She ran some warm water in a bowl and set it on a stool next to the chair. She decided to use a washcloth to begin to mop up the dye from his genital area. She had put the rubber gloves back on. She sort of wished she didn’t have to wear them because she would have much preferred to touch his genitals with her bare hands. Maybe after she got the bulk of the dye off she would strip off the gloves.

She soaked the washcloth in the warm water and then began to wash his genital area. She grasped his penis in one hand and vigorously swabbed the washcloth around the base of his cock with the other. This time his penis began to enlarge almost immediately. She heard another soft groan escape his lips. She got bolder. As she now gently rubbed the washcloth all over his balls, she began to softly stroke his now fully erect prick with her other hand. His entire body stiffened, and he arched his back pushing his genital area up in the air and presenting his penis to her in no uncertain terms.

As she gently slid her fingers up the length of his prick she stopped when she got to the coronal ridge of his dickhead. She softly rotated her fingers around the head of his penis, caressing the sensitive folds of skin just under the now enflamed glans. She could feel the blood throbbing through the length of it. She stared almost hypnotically down at the huge pulsating mass of manflesh in her hand. She didn’t think she had ever seen anything quite so beautiful in her entire life.

She tightened her grip on his fully engorged cock and began to swiftly stroke it up and down its full glorious length. As she did this, she pushed the warm washcloth down into the crack of his ass and massaged the puckered glory hole that was his anus. His body began to jerk up and down in rhythm to her frantic strokings. She continued to masturbate his organ with one hand while she put her other hand between her knees. She pinched her knees together on the rubber glove and pulled her hand out of it. She opened her knees and let the glove fall to the floor. She plunged her hand into the bowl of warm water and then without missing a stroke she switched hands on his throbbing, pulsating penis and repeated the action to get rid of the other glove.

With her free hand she reached over to the counter and picked up a bottle of hand and body lotion. She squirted a generous amount all over his balls and then rubbed it in with several side forays down to his asshole. She spread quite a bit of the creamy lotion up and down the crack of his ass and over his anus.

While her other hand continued to furiously masturbate the shaft of his now rock-hard penis she bent over and took the head of it in her mouth. She started sucking for all she was worth on the swollen glans while her hand pumped the shaft. Her other hand massaged his balls and then slid down to the crack of his ass. He involuntarily spread his legs to give her better access and she took advantage of it by plunging her index finger up his asshole to her second joint, aided by the lubrication of the body lotion. She began to pump her finger in and out of his tight sphincter, now plunging it all the way up to her knuckle. This definitely got his attention. His body grew rigid. His penis seemed to get even harder and bigger if that was possible. His glans seemed to swell in her mouth. She ran her tongue around the coronal lip and over the ridge of skin under the head that was the most sensitive spot of any stiff dick. The dick was so big that she really couldn’t get much more than the head and the first part of the shaft in her mouth. The cock was stretched so tight that there was no sign of the foreskin any more.

She kept up her frantic pace of sucking, jacking and pumping her finger in and out of his asshole. She knew he couldn’t last much longer.

She tabbed that one correctly. With a loud groan he shot his first load of cum into her mouth. She had never been too keen about taking a man’s semen in her mouth before but this time she wanted every drop to go down her throat. She had never been so obsessed with a man’s penis before.

The second spurt from the tiny hole in the end of the massive penis shot against the back of her throat with surprising force. She loved the way it felt. It made her feel like a complete woman, totally in control of this wonderful piece of rigid flesh. She swallowed the full load of cum that was in her throat while she continued to suck the head and masturbate the thick fleshy shaft. Her finger began to slow down the rhythm she had been using on his asshole because she could tell he could hardly stand the exquisite pleasure this gave him.

As the man’s cum splattered against the roof of her mouth and the back of her throat she experienced a shuddering orgasm of her own that washed over her in wave after wave. It seemed like it lasted for hours but in reality, it was probably only a few seconds. She had heard of women who could cum without having their clitoris or pussy actually rubbed or fucked but she had never really believed it. She was a believer now.

She felt a third, then a fourth spurt gush into her throat and she continued to greedily swallow it down. She could feel some of it trickling out of the corners of her mouth. He put his hands on her head to make her stop sucking him. She knew from previous experience that after a man cums the sensation in the end of his cock is so intense that he can’t take any friction of any kind, especially after a particularly intense orgasm like this man had just enjoyed.

As she raised her head up off his dick the massive dickhead plopped out of her mouth onto his belly. She picked his prick up by the stem and lifted it up towards her face. As she stared at the end of it she milked her fingers up its length forcing more semen out the end of it. She leaned over and licked off the gob of cum juice that was forming on the head. She repeated this action several times and each stroke up the length of the still erect cock delivered a fresh dollop of love juice. She licked the cockhead clean each time. This time she didn’t swallow it. She let the wonderful liquid collect in her mouth and after her third cleansing she had enough semen to swish it around her mouth with her tongue. She could feel the unusual texture of the man’s seed as it slid over her tongue and around the inside of her mouth. Finally, she collected it on the back of her tongue, tipped her head back, and allowed it to slide down her throat.

This had been an unbelievable experience for her. She had gained a totally new respect for the power that existed in a man’s penis.

Her subject groaned again and his body relaxed somewhat. She continued to gently stroke and milk his penis, which was still semi-rigid. Amazingly she was continuing to get fairly large amounts of semen to ooze out of the now enflamed penis head. As a healthy dollop of watery cum seeped out of the hole and began to run down the length of the shaft, she rolled up the foreskin, which had now magically reappeared as the penis began to deflate. As the foreskin met the cum running down, the liquid was trapped inside the fold of skin that she rolled up over it. She stared at what she now perceived to be one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen. Her desire overcame her once again. She put the man’s penis back into her mouth and ran her tongue down between the foreskin and the semi-rigid cock. With the tip of her tongue she scooped the entrapped liquid out of its hiding place and let it roll around inside her mouth before allowing it to slide down her throat.

She couldn’t control herself. She started sucking on the penis once again. She loved the way the folds of skin felt against her tongue, the way the silky texture of the glans felt against the roof of her mouth. She couldn’t believe it but the wonderful piece of manflesh that she continued to suck and lick was getting hard all over again.

She couldn’t wait to see how long it would take her to make it cum this time.


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