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Cervical Orgasms

Well, I don’t really have a lot to say. My girlfriend and I are at least as sexual as any heterosexual couple. In fact, we’re probably hornier and more experimental.

Oh yes, we’ve tried fisting, both anally and vaginally. We’ve never really gotten all the way into each other, but we keep trying. When I’m trying to fist her tiny little black pussy, she’ll have orgasm after orgasm. I’m so jealous! When she does the same to me – nothing, although I enjoy it very much. Maybe it’s some sort of self-consciousness. Being Nordic, I’m really light-skinned, and I’m rather large. [She laughs, but she’s around 5’10” and medium weight, not really fat or big at all.] It’s hard for me to fully let go with her, at least at first. But after a while, I’m having a lovely time, and getting orgasm after orgasm!

A lot of that is from ordinary clitoral or G-spot stimulation. You guys will never understand this, but those are quite different types of orgasms.

One of the things that both of us really enjoy, and perhaps we learned it from each other, is what we call ‘anal swirling.’ We like to ever-so-gently rub a fingertip around the other person’s asshole. We don’t touch the very middle for a long time. Then we may, or may not, as the mood suits, stick a finger in after a while.

Oh, I do love feeling her orgasmic contractions when my finger is in her ass, and my other hand, or my tongue is working her clit.

Finally, there’s cervical orgasms. This is new to us, and it’s still a little scary. We’ve both done it to each other several times, and we do orgasm big-time. It’s yet another kind of orgasm. It’s very much a feeling in the stomach. Lower stomach, and well, the whole lower body. It can be such a strong orgasm that it hurts.

The idea is you open the other person really wide with a speculum. That, in itself, is spectacular. Especially if you feel the wind, or cold air, lightly blowing inside you. If you ever get a chance, make sure to experience that. Hold your friend open with a speculum, then lightly blow, like whistle, into her cunt. She’ll love you for it!

Get your speculum here.

So anyway, we get that speculum in there really good and stretched tight, which in itself can bring on orgasms. Then, we start touching the cervix with a fingertip. In her, it’s pretty deep. I can barely reach it. We touch very lightly at first, because if you start out too hard, it just kind of aches, which isn’t fun. But once her cervix gets used to it you can push in a little bit. That’s when the orgasms really start.

We’ve also tried putting the back of a pen, or an artist’s paintbrush into each others cervixes, but that doesn’t have the same effect. What scares us about this is that you’re going deep into the body. You’re going into a place that’s not supposed to be penetrated, so one could get an infection or something. So far, that hasn’t happened, but it is worrisome.

On a good day, when I’m doing the cervical thing to her, or she’s doing it to me, the recipient will start shivering all over. I don’t know if it’s a combination of fear and excitement, or what. Shivering, combined with a whole series of ongoing orgasms is really something! Oh, and if you do this with your friends, make sure to put plastic sheets on the bed, because involuntarily peeing is inevitable.

Endocervical speculum for playing with the cervix

Look at this neat toy you can get for well under $20 from Amazon. It’s called an endocervical speculum.

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