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The Two Ks

I was at a convention held at a college. I knew many of the people there. Some of us were young and without much money, so we shared the little dorm rooms.

I was somewhat depressed because it was my birthday, and no one seemed to notice or care.

My roommate was Kevin, a guy who had been in some of my classes in high school, and one of the coolest guys in the whole school. He was intelligent, good-looking, and athletic. He always had a super-sexy girl on his arm. I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time. Lately, he was with Karen. We called them the two Ks.

They spent pretty much all their time together, so it really wasn’t a surprise when around 11pm, just after I had fallen asleep, the door burst open, and the two Ks came in, trying to suppress noises and laughter, the way people do when they’ve been having fun and trying not to disturb someone who has been asleep.

I pretended to stay asleep so they wouldn’t feel they had disturbed me. I figured she’d leave for her own dorm room in a minute. You know, a bit of hugging and kissing, and she’d be gone.

Instead, I snuck a peak as I heard rustling, like clothing being removed. OMG, they were going to go at it in the bed right next to me. How fucking inconsiderate!

They started fucking and I was feeling, well, a whole mix of emotions. I was angry because I had been trying to sleep. I was disgusted. I was jealous. I was frustrated because I didn’t have a girlfriend, and I wanted what they were having – right now!

I figured they were too busy to pay any attention to me, so why not? I started to fondle my penis under the blanket. The fact was, seeing them there in the very dim light, while I couldn’t make out any details, it was making me totally horny. Oh, what I’d give to fuck Karen like Kevin was doing just then.

They slowed down. I heard Karen say, “You can’t cum yet.”

They came to a complete stop. That was rather odd, I thought.

Karen got up. Was she going to go to the bathroom and come back? Was she leaving? But why didn’t she want him to cum first?

She came very close to my bed. I could just make out that she was totally naked. I could imagine what I couldn’t see from having seen her clothed in the day time. She was short, of eastern European descent, dark skinned for a white girl, and she had long frizzy hair. Oh, and did I mention, huge tits? This girl was stacked, and that, I could make out in the dark!

Of course I had quit rubbing myself under the blanket the moment they stopped. I didn’t want them to think I was perving or something.

She didn’t leave the room. No indeed! She climbed onto my bed! I glanced over to see what Kevin was making of this, and he was watching intently. He was smiling, at least I think so, seeing him in the dark and all. I could make out that he was lightly stroking his penis as he watched her climb into my bed. What a huge cock the guy had!

She got under my blanket, and wrapped her naked self around me. She started pulling up on my T-shirt. The invitation was unmistakable. I hefted myself up a bit so she and I could get that shirt off of me. She tugged on my underpants, which had been lowered for my previous self-fondling activity. I was momentarily embarrassed, realizing she must have known why my underpants were down on my thighs.

She started kissing my cheek. I turned to her to receive the best French kissing of my young life. Hell, the only French kissing of my young life so far. I loved it, and worked at returning the favor. She had a nice taste.

Kevin threw something at us. It was a condom. Karen grabbed it and expertly opened the packet, and got the thing rolled down my penis.

She pushed her pelvis against my now rock-hard cock. It was trapped between us. That didn’t last long. Within minutes, she was on her hands and knees on the bed, and I was buried balls-deep in her sweet, hairy vagina. I was just about to cum, when she said, “Stop!”

It took every effort I could muster but I did manage to stop. I don’t know if she didn’t want me to cum in her or just what. “Now, in my butt,” she quietly commanded.

Who was I to refuse? I thought it would be difficult to get in, and I was right. First, it didn’t help that I had never buttfucked anyone. But it was a much tighter opening than I had expected. During this process, I also had to keep stopping – holding still – because I was so close to cumming.

Finally, I was all the way in and ever so ready to cum. That’s when I heard Kevin getting up. Before I could react, he was on my bed behind me and Karen. Whatever the fuck he was doing brought me quickly away from the brink of orgasm.

I felt pressure at my back door. It wasn’t entirely unwelcome, but it freaked me out. Was he really pressing his dick against my anus? How gay was that? I absolutely, totally, didn’t want to do anything gay. I joked negatively with my friends about gay shit all the time. Yet here I was, and Kevin was gently pressing his large blunt penis against my asshole, and it felt amazing! I momentarily forgot that my penis was simultaneously buried in Karen.

Kevin started insisting. It was kind of hurting, but who cared? I wanted that penis in me so badly!

Pop, I felt a sort of sudden intrusion as his glans made it past my sphincter. This was very good, and very distracting in a great way. I think I would have orgasmed in Karen’s anus moments ago, but this was just super-weird, and I have to say, super-nice.

Soon, Kevin was taking long, hard strokes into my anus, and it was just too much for me. I felt the convulsions coming on, and found myself ejaculating into Karen’s anus. Within perhaps two seconds, I felt some pulsation within me, and knew that was Kevin’s huge condom-covered penis ejaculating in my anus.

The three of us collapsed into a sweaty heap. I wanted to stay connected like that forever, but unfortunately Kevin’s penis softened and was rejected by my butt. A moment later, despite my best efforts, My penis fell out of Karen’s butt.

We didn’t talk much and eventually fell asleep.

In the morning, with a big smile on his face, Kevin said, “Happy birthday.” Later, they explained that they had planned the whole thing, which I kind of figured.

Weeks later, things got a bit weird, but OK. Really OK. The two Ks broke up. Kevin kept wanting to repeat the performance, but without Karen. I mean, he wanted to get all sexual with me, a guy, and we did, several times. Here’s the weirdest part: I didn’t mind.

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