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Nursing Home

Am I your oldest client ever?

[Yes, at 93, you’re by far my oldest client.]

I’ve been here in this assisted living facility seven years. You’d think I’d have put up a fuss, but no, I knew then, and I know now that it’s a lovely place. Yes, it’s an ‘old folks home,’ but what people don’t get, is that one can make friends here, one doesn’t have to do any household chores, and it’s a very peaceful life. I only wish everyone could afford such a place when they get to my age.

The first year I was here, I had a girlfriend just down the hall. She was 82, but she died after a year. I was so sad. Almost as sad as when I lost my wife. But excuse me, that’s not what you came here for. [He chuckles.]

Oh, yes. We did everything. Well, not quite. We were both too inflexible for some of those fancy positions you see on the Internet. Yes, I do have a computer. I’m quite hip with it. [He laughs.]

So anyway, Marlene and I kissed and hugged, and we had all sorts of oral sex, and we gave each other handjobs. The thing is, I couldn’t quite get hard enough to get it in her. She didn’t mind, with all the mutual masturbation attention. We both had many orgasms together.

Right. As to the hardness situation, I had my prostate removed many years ago. It was supposed to be what they call ‘nerve-sparing,’ but it wasn’t entirely. I can still get hard, but it’s only sort of hard and it’s fleeting, lasting only a minute or two. I have fine orgasms, even when soft, but nothing comes out. There’s nothing in there to produce semen any more. I do miss squirting, but I swear, the orgasms are as strong as, or maybe stronger than ever.

That brings us to George. He’s in the room next door. As one gets older, and opportunities get slimmer, one learns to say ‘Fuck it,’ and you do what you want, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

George and I have been good buddies ever since he moved in four years ago. We talked about all the usual stuff. You get a lot of time for conversation in here. And that’s the thing: With the wrong attitude, this would be like being in prison. With the right attitude, it’s a never-ending vacation, and you get to meet all kinds of interesting people.

I do miss driving, but my eyesight, you know. I’m so glad you were willing to come here.

[I wouldn’t have missed it. I really love learning from people with experience.]

[He laughs heartily.]

So George and I got to talking. First it was the usual stuff, football, fishing, the exploits of our children, and so on. Then it was women. Our departed wives. Girls we had known before marrying. Then it was sex. Then one of us, I forget who, admitted to still masturbating in our advanced age. Then one of us, and again, I forget who, suggested we do it together.

We’re old. We can do this shit! People here in the home know. They don’t care. We’ve even been interrupted when staff members barge in without knocking. I wish they wouldn’t do that! I think secretly they admire us. Anyway, when they do barge in like that, he and I just keep going, maybe laughing a bit. We’ve invited the pretty young women to join us, but they always make faces and leave right away.

Now, George and I don’t do what some of the youngsters do – you know, anal and all that. He and I are mutual handjob experts.

By the way, this fancy continuous dry orgasm stuff you talk about is nothing new. I’ve been doing it for 30 years. George too.

If you want to know specifics: I’ll have him get on the bed, and I’ll sit next to the bed, and after some light, gentle stuff to get him hard, and yes, he can still get a full erection, I’ll jerk him off. I’ll keep going even as he’s dry orgasming, and he’ll keep on orgasming, sometimes for minutes at a time. We’ll trade places. He’ll do me. I only get sort of erect sometimes, but it doesn’t matter. We’re both enjoying ourselves. I’ll orgasm for a long while, then we put him back on the bed, and I’ll wank him some more. Finally, he’ll cum, and it’s over, but just for the day. We get to enjoy it all over again tomorrow.

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