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The Stupid One

The Stupid One
Turned Out To Be The Smart One

Some friends and I decided to go to the beach. We thought were oh so sophisticated in those days. The idea of going to the local nude beach came up and of course we had to do it. I had been there once before, but just by myself. It was a huge turn-on seeing all those naked bodies in the sun, and when I got home, I’m sure you know what I did.

So, the five of us piled in Larry’s car, and we ended up at the nude beach. I was terribly excited. We were with Cindy, my sister Connie, Larry, and his younger brother Kirk.

That’s Connie, before she stripped off her bikini

Now Kirk wasn’t 100% if you know what I mean. At 18, he had managed to graduate high school just a few months before, and he could read and write and do math and all that, but there was something just a bit retarded about him. We all knew it, and treated him nicely, almost lovingly.

I had seen my sister Connie naked a number of times. No big deal. Well, actually, she still got me totally horny. But I was about to see Cindy in the buff. She was a knock out. Light-skinned, with strawberry-blond curly hair, and a thin neck. Not unlike Meg Ryan in her earlier movies.

Here’s a silly view of Cindy

We walked down the trail, and all trying to maintain our sophisticated air, we casually stripped. Larry and I managed to remain soft, even though I kept glancing at Cindy, and loving what I saw. Her breasts were not large, but very attractive with their little pink nipples. The sparse hair on her vagina was a darker shade of blond. Almost red.

Then I took a look at Kirk. He was erect! He came up to his brother and I could hear him quietly ask, “Larry, is this OK?” pointing with one finger to his somewhat small cock sticking up toward the sky and waving in the breeze.

“It’s just fine,” Larry quietly said back, and Kirk seemed relieved.

We broke out a frisbee and started throwing it around. Kirk was still erect. The girls didn’t seem to notice, or care. I, on the other hand, was kind of embarrassed just being near him with his dick sticking out like that. I know that’s not right, but that’s how I felt.

At one point, Cindy was facing away from me, and bent over to pick up the frisbee from the sand. I had a clear view of her pinkish asshole with some radial lines, little wrinkles, all pointing to the center.

That’s when I fucking lost it. I felt the blood filling my penis. I willed it away, but there’s nothing I could do about it. Being horribly embarrassed, I was thinking I could make some excuse to lay face down on my towel, or run into the water, but before I could figure out exactly what to do, Kirk, in a too-loud, somewhat gleeful voice, pointed at me and said, “Ah, John’s got a boner too!”

Cindy and Connie turned around and smiled.

Now my sister, she’s always been the crazy one in the family, and I’m proud of her. If only I could be as bold as she is.

She came over to Kirk and said, “Would you like a hand?”

That’s as much as Kirk wants you to see of him

He seemed confused, with a dull look on his face, not uncommon for him.

“Here, sit down,” she commanded gently, patting the towel she had lowered herself onto in a sitting position.

He sat down. The rest of us knew something was up. Me, still with my erection, but now I was less concerned, pretty much knowing what Connie was up to. The girl loves giving handjobs. What can I say? She’s done me a hundred times, and I can never get enough.

But today was Kirk’s day. I doubt he had ever had attention from a woman. Sure enough, Connie leaned over and gently kissed the tip of his dick. Then she sat back up, and put her hand gently under his balls, cupping them and complimenting Kirk on how big they were (they aren’t). Within a minute or two she started in on a genuine handjob. I’d like to say Kirk took it like a man, but no, he ejaculated almost immediately, with a huge smile on his normally dull face.

Thanking my sister profusely as he stood up, his penis already shrinking, he headed to the water for a swim. No doubt he’d happly but slowly process what just happened in his mind while splashing around a bit.

But, Connie wasn’t done. She patted the towel looking directly at me. I duly sat down, and started receiving the lightest of fingertip touches to my frenulum. I looked up, and there was Cindy, just staring at my rock-hard cock, receiving my sister’s treatment. Did I mention that Connie is wise, empathetic, and caring as well as bold? She patted the blanket again, but reaching over me to do so, letting Cindy know she was supposed to sit on my opposite side.

Connie’s plan worked perfectly. I had been trying to get something going with Cindy for months. She remained mildly friendly, but distant. I didn’t even know if she had a boyfriend or what. Connie got up, saying “Cindy…” and nothing more. I think my sister then joined Kirk in the water, but I was too occupied to know, since Cindy had started to gingerly touch the tip of my penis there on the towel. I was in absolute heaven. Just like Kirk, I couldn’t keep it together and came all over Cindy’s hand way too soon.

After a moment to recover, I kind of gestured for Cindy to lay on the towel. I scooped some of the cum off my belly, and gently, ever so gently, rubbed it into her right nipple. She was totally blissed. In time, making sure my other hand was clean (no sperm), I started fondling her vagina. Soon she was bucking and orgasming all over the place.

Meanwhile, Connie and Kirk had returned from the water, and my lovely sister made sure that Larry was not left unsatisfied.

And that was our day at the beach. Shortly afterward we left, to avoid too much sun.

I’d like to say we made a regular thing of it, but that never happened again. No worries, all five of us had plenty of other adventures of a sexual nature, even Kirk, from what I heard.

You may be wondering what became of Kirk. He got his driver’s license, then a trucker’s license. He couldn’t get a job as a ‘real’ trucker, so he took a job driving a garbage truck. It’s one of those things with a big grabber arm that dumps the cans into a hopper on top of the truck. He loves it. He tells Cindy and I it’s like playing a video game all day long. And here’s the crazy part: His brother helped him buy a duplex, then another house, and another. Most of his houses are already paid off. He’s richer than any of us. He’s also married. His wife isn’t particularly bright either, but she’s a sexy little round thing of Inuit (Eskimo) descent who is absolutely delightful in her looks and personality. You should see their kids, all round also, and happy! Kirk smiles a lot these days.

So maybe the guy who isn’t so bright turned out to be brighter than all of us!

Here’s a silly view of Cindy

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