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Slave Michael

Story of a Slave

by Oddman47

I was sexually abused from a very early age. That, and other factors, have always made me incapable of being a good partner in a relationship. It’s totally normal for teenage boys to indulge in masturbation, but I probably enjoyed it more than most even though I thought of my body as ugly. I wasn’t “good with the girls” and what relationships I had tended to end badly. As a result, I have always tended to be single, even though I fervently wanted to be in a relationship, and fell in love regularly.

My first wife and I were very much in love, and the sex was good, for a while. But I should never have married, and after a divorce with a lot of bad feelings, I began to do some counseling which uncovered some interesting responses around the idea of being a slave. I’d already discovered I like having my pubic hair trimmed short but had never gone so far as to shave. It was also during this time I started to like my feet and bought my first sandals. I really liked wearing them and seeing my feet in them (still do), and knowing others were seeing them too. Finally, I started making and wearing short skirts which just simply felt good and looked good, but which seemed the sort of thing a slave would wear if dressed.

Eventually the idea of being a slave took shape. I began shaving my pubic hair sometimes. A woman friend who owned some property some distance from town took me there on several weekends where I had to surrender my clothing the entire time and perform manual labor wearing only sandals. Eventually it was decided that I should give up the idea of being in relationships and submit myself to a life of service to women through slavery to the Goddess instead. (By “the Goddess”, I mean the essence of woman as embodied in individual women.) I got down on my knees and swore an unbreakable vow to serve openly as a naked and obedient slave to the Goddess. Later I wrote the vow down, then amended it to include rules and more fully commit to a life of slavery. This happened in 1992. Among the rules: I am to answer to the name Naked Slave Michael and obey all the rules, that I’m posting here.

My vow involved living full-time naked with my pubic (and later, almost all my body) hair shaved, so that anyone seeing me would immediately see that I am a slave, and to keep me always conscious of my slavery. But there was a problem: I could not manage to live as I had vowed to do. The world we live in makes it very difficult, and I would snap back against my slavery and try to deny it. I have broken my vow repeatedly, which is why it’s now important to me to expose myself fully to anyone who finds me online.

I have served several women as their personal slave, and made an unbreakable lifetime promise to serve each of them as a naked and obedient slave. I’ve had to compromise to make it work and have not worked naked as much as I’d like, but have often worked in a short skirt and sandals. I had a wonderful sexual affair with one of the women I slaved for. Currently I do little work but live naked, shaved, and on display as a slave, with most of my clothing locked away. The only immediately available clothing is skirts and tank tops. Anything more requires multiple steps and keys and locks. This is necessary because I will chicken out otherwise.

Having my genitals shaved regularly and lotioned makes them like a regular part of my life, not something separate and shameful, covered by hair and usually hidden inside clothing. Being single is now required, since a slave cannot initiate sex with a woman, and a slave is not going to be taken for a mate by any woman. So the only sexual outlet I have as a slave is masturbation. Having an orgasm still leaves me naked, no relief from that, and so I learned long ago how to avoid orgasm and extend a masturbation session for as long as several hours. This was when I came across the idea of tantric masturbation, or medibation as it is also known. This is the practice of masturbating just to the point of orgasm, then removing one’s hand and focusing the attention on the heart, the place where we feel love and our center. In Hindu philosophy, this is the heart “chakra”. At first this is very difficult, but eventually the energy begins to flow to the heart. Once this technique is gained, masturbation can produce mind-blowing whole-body intensity.

After I retired, I had no other obligations so I could devote as much of my time and energy to slavery and masturbation as I want. I got very turned on by the idea of posting pictures of myself naked, and began to do it. Gradually I dared to do what I wanted and put photos of myself with an erection, and text detailing how being naked and aroused for pictures to be posted on the Internet made me even more aroused. I made a commitment on Flickr to take and post a naked photo of myself every day. Many days it was just boring and a hassle, but others it was very sexy fun. I began to show myself masturbating, and also buttplugged. I have put naked and often humiliating photos of myself in a lot of places, and have archived them so that I can never remove them. Recently I’ve made some masturbation videos and gifs and posted them online. Now I’ve been asked to do this biographical page, and I want to expose my naked slavery and enjoyment of masturbation fully and unequivocally.

Sometimes I just get used to living naked and my sexual interest is low, so I don’t pay much attention. But my genitals are always there, right in my lap, where I see and touch them regularly. Then, when the time comes around that I start feeling sexual, everything is right there in view, getting hard with no way to hide it, and always right within reach to play with and masturbate. Sometimes I take the “herbal viagra” yohimbe, which can make me totally penis and foot crazy. I want to be seen naked, shaved, and aroused by my own body and by being seen like that. This is when some of the best photos and videos are made and posted.

For some reason, as a teenager I liked to masturbate wearing only white crew socks, which were popular in the day. The idea of wearing white crew socks with the sandals appealed to me a lot, but it was seen as kind of perverted to go out like that, as if the wearer had weird feelings about their feet. It attracts attention to the feet, and the shape of the feet is visible, but the feet themselves are hidden. It’s like a tease to get people to look at your feet but without actually letting them. Somehow in my mind the most important part was having people’s eyes drawn to my feet by the white socks, so I’d know they were looking, which is not guaranteed if one is wearing bare sandals. The attention caused me to realize a lot of them judge me for wearing socks and sandals but I still had to let them look, causing me to feel both embarrassed and, later, turned on.

There is no shame in masturbation, and there is also no shame in being fascinated or turned on by a particular body part. A fetish. I’d bet that most men have a fetish for their own penis/genitals. In my case, I really like my feet. I like looking at them and I find them very sexual and sexy. They, too, are right there all the time where I can see them, and they also are shaved and lotioned regularly. Sometimes, though, I want to hide them and wear socks and sandals. It feels like I’m dressed but I’m not, and since my feet aren’t visible, they can’t be a source of sexual interest, forcing all attention onto my genitals. Then, if I do go out in shorts or a skirt wearing socks and sandals, that dressed/undressed feeling carries over. I am so conditioned to seeing my feet as sexual and beautiful that I see them that way when I’m out in public – I can’t hide them because my legs and feet are always exposed.

A buttplug can be a fun addition to solitary masturbation. It’s the closest a man can come to how a woman feels during intercourse. Getting it in requires complete submission and acceptance of being physically violated. A good buttplug massages and stimulates the prostate, and can even help bring about a prostate orgasm. Having a strong orgasm when your anus is filled with a penis-sized plug is an intense experience. One woman I slaved for used to fuck me with a long jelly plug shaped like a penis, and I learned from that how anal intercourse can establish dominance over a slave. I have fantasies of a woman having another slave fuck me, perhaps at a party, and posting the video on the Internet. Maybe somebody will pay me to play that role in their porn movie!

I have a relatively small penis. It’s 4.7″, about the tenth percentile. That means if I’m in a group with nine other men, odds are all nine will have a larger penis. Since it doesn’t look that small when it’s flaccid, I was blissfully unaware of its small size, thinking of it as “average” until embarrassingly late in life. At first I felt bad, but then it became a turn-on. Since I am a naked slave, it’s one more thing I can’t hide; a woman who meets me will see my inadequacy, and it’s one more reminder to everyone involved that my only sexual outlet is masturbation.

At present I am living in a situation where nobody comes to the door almost ever, and I only need to go out once a week for groceries. I live on a very limited budget and going out is difficult to do without spending money, so I’m able to live here on display as a naked slave. The slave rules are on the refrigerator. My long pants and nice shorts are all locked up and very difficult to get to. The only clothing I have within easy reach is a long top that just barely covers my genitals for answering the door if need be and for going to the mailbox at night, and there are sandals and socks. Hanging in a closed closet there are several short slave skirts, tank tops, and a few other shirts. On a separate lock are some very short and ragged cut-off jeans that are all I’m allowed to wear if I need to wear pants. If I am willing to go out in a skirt, which I only do rarely, that is always an option and I have a pair of thong underwear to make it safe. My legs and feet are always bare in public, and my only shoes are sandals. Most of the time I’m too embarrassed to wear socks and sandals in public. There is a slave chain locked on my left ankle with a tag:

On one side it says:

Required to live naked

Shaved & on display as

A slave to the Goddess

In service to women

On the other side:

Only allowed to wear

skirts, sandals, socks

In public [with shirt]

No pants or underwear

I can’t take the chain or the tag off my ankle.

Anyone who knows me as a slave can come to visit and I am required to be naked in their presence. Because of my repeated failures to live up to my slave vows, I have to let them take any photos or videos of me they want, including having me do particular activities or assume required poses, and then share and post them on the Internet. While I do not otherwise have to obey men, this is anyone, including men.

With being naked, and my genitals shaved and pampered and a regular part of my life, masturbation is sometimes a very big part of what I do. I have no overriding obligations to anyone, and I view it as kind of a hobby, a valid way to spend my time. It brings me great pleasure, makes me conscious of keeping my body in good health and sexy, fills time that might otherwise be filled with worry or negativity. It makes me feel good about myself. People look at and like the photos and videos I’ve posted here and there, and I like to think they’re getting some degree of pleasure or enlightenment from looking at them. That also makes me feel good about what I’m doing. I’ve been driven to be very explicit and open about my sexuality online. There are literally hundreds of photos of me naked out there, and a lot of them include an erection. I hope I’m leaving behind a legacy that is of some value to some number of viewers, either in giving them pleasure, or in helping them to accept and enjoy their own sexuality and self love.

Rules for Naked Slave Michael

In keeping with my prior commitments to the Goddess, I hereby agree and promise to live openly as a naked slave to the Goddess for the rest of my life, and to obey all rules of slavery for a slave to the Goddess. Among these:

I will be known as "Goddess Slave Michael", "Naked Slave Michael", or just "Slave Michael", and must answer to those names obediently.

I will display myself as Her slave by shaving my body hair as a sacrament and a constant sign of my submisssion, and by being naked or in slave clothing at all times.

I will wear only clothing from this list: short slave skirts, sandals, socks, and waist-length shirts or tank tops. Long t-shirts may be worn in some circumstances. Pants of any sort, including underwear, are explicitly forbidden except when needed in public.

I will wear a chain locked on my ankle publicly acknowledging my status as a slave to the Goddess, with any tags or other decorations that may be required.

I will obey the Goddess through service to her manifestations as women.

I will honor my pledge of slavery to the Goddess at any time or place it may be required of me.

I will live my life such that everyone will think of me as a naked and obedient slave.

Nothing in these rules compels the slave to behave in any way which would cause legal or other harm to the slave.


Naked Slave Michael

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