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The Sexuality Class

by Spurtz

I recently had an appointment with my urologist for my annual checkup, which now included a prostate exam. When I arrived at the medical facility I was shown into an examination room and was asked to remove all my clothing and put on one of those hospital gowns that is more or less open at the back.

I sat on the examination table and waited for my doctor. Imagine my surprise when a substitute doctor showed up who was a woman. I didn’t even know that there were women urologists. She explained that my regular doctor was called away on an emergency and she was filling in for him. She was about 40 and fairly attractive. It was also obvious that she had a nice trim figure.

She looked at my chart and went through all the usual questions. Then took my blood pressure and then said it was time for the prostate exam. My regular doctor just had me lay on my side with my back to him and pull my upper leg up to my chest to give him access to my anus. However, Dr. Vargas had me lay on my back with my feet in the stirrups. I guess this might have been because that would be how she would examine a woman. I got into position and raised my legs and put my feet in the stirrups, which were adjusted fairly high. This caused my gown to fall back onto my chest exposing my penis and testicles.

Let me state that I have a very large penis. Even flaccid it is very impressive. I even have an overly large set of balls. I have never actually measured it soft but erect it flirts with 11” in length and has a girth to go with it, somewhere over 8-inches.

I could tell by the expression on the doctor’s face that she really wasn’t ready for what she was seeing. After an embarrassingly long period she finally tore her eyes away from my penis and with a pronounced flush to her cheeks she commented about my “impressive equipment.” Then she proceeded to lube up her gloved hand and slid her finger up my ass and massaged my prostate. It seemed like she was in there a lot longer than my regular doctor….long enough that the feeling of her finger massaging me caused my penis to begun to enlarge. Although it didn’t fully become erect, it was enough to give anyone looking at it a good idea of how huge it really was and how much it might actually grow.

While she continued her ministrations on my prostate she said that everything appeared to be normal. No prostate enlargement was detected although the same couldn’t be said for my cock.

Even though the exam was technically over she didn’t remove her finger. From the look on her face as she unashamedly riveted her eyes on my growing penis, it almost looked like she was mesmerized.

“Mr. Franklin,” I wonder if you could help me out on something?” she asked. “I teach a human sexuality class at the local university and my next lesson is on the penis. I would really like to use you as a study specimen for my class. The class is made up of eleven female college students aged 18 to 20.”

“Exactly what would that entail?” I asked.

“Well, I would want the class members to see your penis in its flaccid state and then stimulate it to a full erection. Then, with your permission, and if any of the students were so inclined, I would like for them to be able to touch it and have a really close up examination of the male penis.”

“Ok,” I responded, “but I am curious why you wouldn’t want to use someone with a more average sized penis. Wouldn’t that be more typical of what the students have seen, or will see, in real life?”

“Yes that’s true. But I try to design my classes in such a way as to introduce new and interesting aspects of sexuality in a way that is entertaining to the students. I think exposing them to a penis as unusual as yours, which they will probably never see anything like it in their life, can not only be instructional but also a lot of fun for the girls.”

Obviously this sounded like something that could be even more fun for me so I eagerly agreed to be her special study specimen. The class was scheduled for a couple of days later. The doctor also asked me to refrain from any ejaculations between now and the class. I asked her the reason for this and she replied that there was always a chance that I would have enough excitation that I could spontaneously ejaculate and she thought the class would enjoy it more if it were a substantial amount. This sounded a little edgy to me but who was I to argue the point?

The class was held after regular class hours at the university and due to the subject matter it took place behind locked doors. I showed up on time and was admitted to the classroom. After about 15 minutes all eleven of the students were there. Most of them were above average in attractiveness with a couple of real cuties. I was introduced to the class and Dr. Vargas explained that I was going to be used as a live demonstration regarding the male penis. She went on to say that I would be completely undressed and that my penis would be in full view in both the flaccid and erect state and that the students would be free to examine it if they wanted to. She went on to say that if any of the students were uncomfortable with this arrangement, they were free to skip the class. There were some giggling and bashful looks but no one left.

The doctor asked me to sit down while she went through her opening comments regarding male sexuality in general. After about 20 minutes of lecturing she asked me to disrobe. A screen had been set up at the head of the class and the doctor said I could disrobe behind the screen. By now I was beginning to wonder what I had gotten myself into and was worried that I might not be able to perform. I was also somewhat hesitant to totally disrobe and then step out naked into a room of fully dressed females. But I went behind the screen and took off all my clothes. After a few minutes of building up my nerves I stepped out from behind the screen.

A collective gasp came from the group of students as they saw my equipment. I am guessing my cock is a good seven or eight inches long flaccid and very thick. My balls hung down almost as far as my cock. I am sure none of the girls in the class had ever seen anything like it before.

“Ladies,” the doctor began, “as you can see Mr. Franklin has an unusually large penis and testicles. It is unlikely that you will ever come across another penis this large as only a tiny percentage of men have one this big. I have selected Mr. Franklin as our subject for several reasons. One, I think a large penis is obviously easier for you to see from your desks although you will have the opportunity for a more close-up exam if you are so inclined. Also, as I explained to Mr. Franklin when I asked him to be our subject, I like to add some extra spice and excitement to my class and thought that you girls would enjoy this opportunity.”

“You were sure right on that point!” blurted out one of the girls. This elicited a nervous murmur from the rest of the class with some giggling.

“OK, let’s get down to business.” said the doctor. With that she stepped over to me and took hold of my cock with her thumb and forefinger. She flopped it up and down and told the class that they could see that despite its size, it was fully flaccid. She continued to hold onto my cock as she talked about penises in general. Then she went on to describe the differences between a circumcised and an uncircumcised penis. I happen to be circumcised but only the tip of my foreskin was removed. When flaccid, about two thirds of the head of my penis is covered with just the tip exposed. She commented that my penis was not fully circumcised. To demonstrate what an uncut cock looked like, she was able to pull my foreskin down to fully cover the head. She commented that some uncut cocks had significantly more loose skin extending beyond the head.

Then to demonstrate what a cut cock looked like, she pulled my foreskin all the way back fully exposing the glans of my penis. She told them that an actual circumcised penis would not have the bunched up skin that I had with my foreskin fully retracted. She went on to describe the advantages and disadvantages of both a cut and uncut penis. While doing this, she continued to manipulate my foreskin back and forth, which began to produce the desired results.

“Now class,” the doctor continued, “I want you to see what happens as the penis is stimulated into a full erection. In order to make that happen I am masturbating Mr. Franklin’s penis. I was a little concerned that this might be difficult with Mr. Franklin on display like this but as you can see, that’s not a problem at all.”

With that she had me step back and lean against the desk but with my feet forward. This tended to really put my genitals on full display. As Dr. Vargas continued to stroke my penis it wasn’t long until I was fully erect.

“Class, when I examined Mr. Franklin earlier this week, I saw his penis partially erect but I must confess I had no idea how large he really is. This is an extremely impressive penis as I am sure you will all agree.”

I looked at the girls in the class and they were all totally fixated on my cock and balls and they all had a collective look of wonderment on their faces. By now my penis was fully extended to its full 11-inches of length. When my cock is fully erect, the foreskin only goes up to just cover the ridge of the head while being stroked. The head was now fully distended and the skin was so tight, that it looked like it would hurt. I had begun to secrete some pre-cum, which the doctor expertly spread over the head, which made it nice and shiny. She talked about how my penis was oozing pre-cum and described the purpose of it.

Then she said that she would like to have each member of the class come to the front of the room and examine my penis on a close up and personal basis. She added that this was not a requirement but was optional. She then asked for a show of hands from those who would like to participate. Eleven hands immediately shot into the air. Obviously pleased that everyone was on board, she selected one of the girls to be first.

As she approached me the doctor introduced her as Ellen, a sophomore. Ellen looked hesitant as if she wasn’t quite sure what to do. So the doctor told her to grasp my erect penis, which by now was pointing to the ceiling. She went on to say she could use her fingers or wrap her entire hand around it, which Ellen did. Then the doctor encouraged her to stroke it with one hand and to fondle my balls with the other so she could get the full experience. She also showed Ellen how to take the tips of her fingers and massage the head of my cock, which elicited a thin stream of pre-cum to drool from it. The doctor caught the stream and showed Ellen how to smear it all over my penis. After Ellen spent a few minutes fondling me she went back to her desk with a knowing smirk on her face. Before she asked the next student to come up, the doctor quietly asked me if I was in any danger of ejaculating before all eleven girls examined me. I told her I thought I could hold out.

The second girl, a real cutie, seemed very hesitant and embarrassed and only gave my prick a very cursory examination and then sat down.

The third girl then came up and began her examination of me much the same as Ellen. However it was obvious that this girl had stroked one or more cocks before, as she was quite a bit more adept than Ellen. I thought to myself if we had too many girls like this one I might not make it through all eleven.

When she finished with me she leaned down and in clear view of the class and the doctor, planted a wet kiss on the head of my equally wet cockhead. This brought an exclamation from the class and obviously gave the doctor an idea. Dr. Vargas then told the students that if they wanted to experiment with a little oral stimulation of my penis, mainly to see what it felt like to have a cock that large between their lips, they were free to try it as long as I had no objections. Of course I was all for it. The doctor then cautioned the students about too much stimulation, either manual or oral, of my penis or I might not last until everyone had a chance for an examination.

At this, the second girl said she wanted to come back and try oral, which she did. After spending such a short time with me originally, it surprised me that she wanted a second shot. She was only able to get the head of my cock in her mouth but she gave me a really nice suck. Then Dr. Vargas asked Ellen if she would like to try it but she demurred saying it was too big to get in her mouth.

Then each girl took her turn examining me. They all seemed to be extremely excited to handle my penis and balls and all but two of them also gave me oral stimulation. Several of the girls were totally captivated by my huge cock. Actually they all were but there was one who took it even farther than any of the others. She grasped the base of it and began to rub the head all over her face as she simultaneously stroked me. She was wearing one of the elastic bandeau tops. She pulled it down exposing an extremely beautiful and well formed pair of breasts and then proceeded to rub the head of my cock over her distended nipples. Then she stuck out her tongue and began to lick the head of my cock that now seemed close to bursting. She slowly slid her lips down over it and started to expertly suck me. Several of the other girls began to cheer her on but Dr. Vargas gently pulled her away telling her that others were eagerly waiting their turn.

It was obvious that several of the girls had already had experience with a penis before but I doubt any had seen or touched one the size of mine. And I also don’t think any of them had really had a chance to hold a cock and examine it that closely under bright lights. You could tell that the experience of fondling, stroking, licking and sucking my huge cock up close and personal was a giant turn-on for them.

By the time I got to the ninth girl I wasn’t sure I could hold out. My balls were boiling and it took every bit of self-control to keep from ejaculating. I managed to control myself as the tenth and eleventh girl finished with me. The last girl seemed to try extra hard to get me to cum, knowing that there was no need to keep me from cumming. She not only sucked vigorously on my cock, she also jacked the shaft with one hand and fondled my balls with the other. She even attempted to worm one of her fingers in my asshole but the doctor realized I was ready to blow and stopped her. I think the doctor wanted the entire class to experience my ejaculation rather than have it disappear down the last girl’s throat.

The doctor had to almost pull the girl off my cock and was fortunately successful before I blasted a stored up load of semen in her mouth. Then the doctor announced that it was time for me to experience a satisfying orgasm after all of the stimulation I had been given. She went on to tell the class that she wanted them to visually see my penis spurt forth my semen so they could experience first hand what an ejaculating penis looked like.

With that said, she grasped my cock, which was now extremely red and covered in saliva and pre-cum, and begin to jack me off. She gripped my cock very tightly and her hand became a blur going up and down the eleven inches of rock hard penis. In just a matter of seconds I started spurting semen. I am normally a pretty impressive squirter but had never been subjected to the degree of foreplay I had just gone through. We had spent well over an hour with my cock being sucked and masturbated so I was way more than ready. The first spurt shot out with amazing force flying a good three or four feet across the room. But this paled into insignificance as the second and third spurt carried well over five feet. I had never seen myself ejaculate anything like this before. Even I was impressed. A collective gasp went up from the class followed by cheers as my penis continued to shoot out stream after stream of cum. I actually counted them and I had a total of 18 different shots of cum with the last two or three just barely clearing the head of my cock.

I leaned back against the desk, totally wiped out and barely able to stand. The girls continued to cheer and shout out words of praise and encouragement. The doctor thanked me profusely for being such a good sport and also for putting on such an impressive show. She then turned to the class and asked them if they would like to have me return for a future class and everyone gave an emphatic “Yes!!” The doctor went on to say that members of the class might be wondering if it was physically possible for a penis as large as mine to fit into a woman’s vagina. She said that was an issue we could cover at a future class.

The doctor then picked up a damp cloth she had on the desk and gently took hold of my softening penis and began to very carefully clean me up. While she wiped my penis clean she looked me in the eye and quietly asked if I might be available for some private lessons in sexuality. I asked her “And who will be the teacher and who will be the student?” She just smiled.

A note from the author: While the preceding story is clearly a work of fiction, there is the scene near the end where Mr. Franklin has 18 separate ejaculations. This is actually based on an actual happening. Not by me unfortunately, but by Peter North, the X-rated film world’s most prolific cummer. I have an old porn tape, probably from the seventies, that contains a scene of him clearly making 18 total spurts after pulling his cock out of his partner’s pussy. This was all filmed with one camera shot in sequence. I have watched this tape numerous times trying to figure out if it was somehow faked but I am convinced he really did do it.

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  1. I hope my readers recognize this story as pure fantasy.

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