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Ejaculation Distance Contest

by Spurtz

This happened a few years ago. At the time I was seeing a woman fairly regularly. It was actually a “friends with benefits” relationship and the sex was out of this world. One day she told me she had received a notification via email about an Ejaculation Distance Contest. I was curious what kind of email list she was on that would receive this type of email. I knew she was into a lot of different kinky sex stuff so I didn’t bother asking her how she happened to receive it. Anyway, the contest was to see who could shoot a cumshot the longest distance. The Shooters would sit in a chair, one at a time, that was fastened to the floor. The floor and the backdrop would be black so it would be very easy to see the cum fly and to be able to determine the distance which would be measured from the front edge of the chair to the farthest distance of cum splatter.

The details of the contest were as follows: Participants, called “Shooters,” would be limited to 24 entries. Entry fee was $50. Spectators would be limited to 300. The event would be held in a theater with stadium style seating. The cost of being a spectator varied depending upon how close you were to the stage. The first 3 or four rows were three hundred bucks and by the time you got to the back rows it was $50. I estimated that if they sold all the tickets the promoters would rake in about $40,000. From that the winner of the contest would get $2,000 with second place getting $750 and third getting $500.

Prior to the event there would be a cocktail party. All of the Shooters would be required to attend. Any of the spectators, up to a total of 100, could attend the party for an additional $500. One of the kinky things about the cocktail party was the Shooters had to be fully dressed but with their pants unzipped and their cock and balls fully exposed. And any of the paid spectators were free to fondle or stroke any of the Shooters’ cocks.

I did a quick rundown on the math and if everything sold out, the gross income would be around $100,000 for the promoters. However, I figured the chances on a sellout were slim.

My girlfriend pushed me to enter as she knew I was a fairly copious shooter and might have a chance to win. And I was somewhat of an exhibitionist so the chance for me to masturbate in front of 300 people was very enticing. So I sent in my entry along with the fee and within a week was disappointed to see that I was too late. However a week later I was notified that a couple of early entrants had dropped out and I was next on the list. The event itself was still a couple of weeks away.

When the time arrived the promoters of the event wanted the Shooters on site two days before the actual shoot-off. The first day was just a getting acquainted day, the next evening would be the cocktail party and the following day would be the contest itself.

Up until a few days before the event, my girlfriend had been teaching me the fine art of edging. I had done a bit of edging without even knowing there was a term for it. But she taught me way more than what I knew. She would either masturbate me, or have me do it, right up to the point of cumming and then stop for 10 or 15 minutes. Then start in doing this again. At one point we spent nearly the entire day doing this and when she would finally let me cum, my cock would explode with semen shooting out an impossible distance. The overall plan was to avoid ejaculating for three or four days prior to the actual event, edging each of those days. However, we had learned that too much edging created an extremely painful case of the blue balls. So there was definitely a limit that had to be placed on the edging to avoid that.

When we assembled for the get-acquainted meeting I was surprised to see my fellow Shooters. The entries were supposed to be on a first come, first served basis. But it was very obvious that the accepted Shooters had been carefully screened by the promoters. You had to send in a full body nude photo of yourself and describe your dick size. The old fat guys and small dick entrants had obviously been screened out. Every guy there had a toned body and at least an 8-inch cock. This only made sense because the promoters of the event wanted to provide the viewers with the best looking group of shooters possible. The promoters had us all strip down and mingle naked at the get acquainted session. There was an open bar that was in great demand. There were also three or four very attractive totally naked girls walking around with trays of drinks. I stuck to soft drinks. The girls were super friendly and would frequently tug a guy’s cock while serving a drink. I got mine stroked a few times and it felt great.

The next evening’s cocktail party was a real treat. I think they must have sold all 500 of the available tickets. I had expected the viewers to be predominantly men but I was surprised to see that 60-65% of them were women. A great many of the women were with male partners. And many female-female pairings. They didn’t look gay and were probably just girl friends out for a great sex show.

Prior to the cocktail party my girl friend had warned me not to let any of the party-goers jack me off. I didn’t think that would happen but within the first 15 minutes of the party, the majority of the Shooters, including me, had hard-ons. I guess walking around fully dressed with our cock and balls exposed was quite a turn-on for the guests. The women in particular were extremely eager to get their hands on the exposed cocks. And quite a few of the men had trouble keeping their hands, and mouths, off those exposed erect cocks as well. Before the evening was over, there were a number of pricks being jerked off to orgasms and even quite a few blowjobs taking place. While I allowed my cock to be stroked by a number of different women and even a few men, I managed to avoid cumming, which was particularly difficult when one of the more attractive younger women there attempted to suck me off to ejaculation. I was just barely able to push her rampantly sucking mouth off my distended cock before I came. She wasn’t too happy about it until I explained that if I came, it probably would have eliminated me from the competition. I did give her my phone number and asked her to call me after the competition and I would be more than happy to subject myself to her terrific blowjob.

The following evening was the big event and to my surprise, every seat was filled. The Shooters had previously drawn numbers for the order of appearance. I was number 12, which put me right in the middle of the performers. It was quite a turn-on to watch the 11 guys before me sit on that stage and jack off. You were allowed to scoot forward on the chair to provide the longest possible measurement but there was an attractive female judge kneeling right next to you and if any space appeared between your butt and the edge of the chair you were automatically assessed a 5-inch fine. And if, in the judges estimate, more than a two inch space appeared between your butt and the chair, you were disqualified. I guess some guys lost control because three guys were assessed the five-inch penalty and two guys were disqualified. Even scooting forward beyond the admissible limits wouldn’t have done any of the five any good because they were a couple of feet short of the top Shooters anyway.

One of the tweaks that the promoters had put into the show was after each guy shot his load, an unusually attractive twenty-something girl came out with a bowl of warm water and a washcloth and cleaned up any stray blobs of cum on the Shooter’s prick, hand or thighs. And she took her time doing it standing in a position that allowed the audience a clear view of her holding each guy’s cock while she took her time cleaning him up. On a couple of guys with unusually large cocks she would lean over after clean-up and plant a nice juicy kiss on the tip of his penis. This always got a round of applause and some whistles and cheers.

When my time came the top measurement at the point was a couple of inches over four feet. I knew that if I could match some of the distances achieved in practice with my girl friend, I could easily beat that. I was already rock hard by the time my number was called. I walked out on the stage to the applause given to each of the Shooters. I took my position on the chair scooting as far forward as I legally could. I also extended my legs backward so that the maximum amount of my cock was on display to the audience. I forgot to mention that the promoters had built out an extension of the original stage so that the Shooters were only a few feet from the front row of spectators. As I started to stroke my erect eight inches of meat, I looked at the eager faces of those closest to me in the front row. I was a bit surprised how close they were because when a guy cums, not all of the cum shoots straight out and a lot of it flies around. I could actually see a few cum spots on those in the front row who were wearing dark clothing. For some reason this excited me more than I was already.

In a disappointingly short time, I could feel the cum building up and a few seconds later the first blast shot out. At the time I knew it didn’t fly far enough to put me in first place but the second stream, always the strongest, blew way past the line on the floor of the current holder of the longest cumshot. What the judges did after measuring the various distances, was to stretch a length of string across the floor indicating the previous longest shot. So each Shooter knew immediately after cumming if he had bested the previous top shot. While the clean-up girl started her ministrations on my cum covered penis, I looked over to the front row to see several people wiping cum off of themselves. After my longest shot had landed I kind of waved my cock around a bit as subsequent shots of cum came out hoping that some of it would land on somebody. I knew they didn’t care.

The judges were busily measuring the length of my shot and then announced five feet, four inches, and moved the string almost a foot ahead of the previous best. The audience whistled and clapped as my clean-up girl not only kissed the tip of my cock but sucked the entire head in and bobbed her head up and down a few times as the audience started chanting “Suck that dick! Suck that dick! Suck that dick.” I was in post orgasmic heaven as 300 people screamed and yelled for her to suck me off. I believe if she had kept sucking I would actually have had a secondary orgasm but sadly it didn’t happen. She let my prick slip out of her mouth and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and exited the stage.

The additional contestants were a bit of an anti-climax and nobody even exceeded four feet although several came close. After everybody had shot their cum there was a brief awards ceremony that included a plaque that would be engraved later with my name and winning distance. I also received the winning check for $2,000 along with a surprise sum of $5,000 which represented 10% of the promoters take on selling $50,000 worth of tickets to the cocktail party. All in all, not a bad three days. Additionally the clean-up girl approached me with her phone number and said she would love to finish what she had started on the stage. Plus the gal from the cocktail party called me a few days later and gave me a world class blowjob while my girl friend watched. A week or so later I arranged for the clean-up girl, the cocktail party girl, and my girl friend to all take turns blowing me. I had been doing my edging routine for a couple of days prior to this get together and ended up blasting a huge cumload over all three of them.

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