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Skinny Dipping Kids

It was a warm summer afternoon. All the kids from the area were skinny dipping at the pond as usual. My sister, Natti, peed on the little beach-like area. Carlos casually commented that if she had stood up, she could have shot it a bit of a distance, like guys can do.

That brought about a laughing discussion about how girls don’t have any equipment that they can aim. The discussion slowly morphed into aiming pee, and then distance. Before long, my sister jumped back into the fray and challenged us guys to a pissing contest. Who could project their pee the farthest?

Not all of us boys were full of urine at the time, but a couple of us were, including myself.

First Andre stood up and peed. His pee projected maybe five feet.

Natti, my sister, suggested if a guy was erect, he could shoot farther. She then asked me if I was ready to compete, whether I was sufficiently full of pee. I kind of knew what was coming.

Right there in front of everyone, she reached out, and started stroking my penis. Boy, that felt nice! In no time I was rock-solid. She didn’t keep going, and I was somewhat disappointed, but still, it felt really nice to be naked and erect in front of all my friends. It’s not that my penis was large in comparison. In fact, I was still young and smaller than average. But just being erect with my friends felt so nice that had she continued to orgasm, I would have lost that opportunity to stay hard, and that would have been a shame.

So anyway, I stood up to pee, and had a little trouble getting started. In fact, I later heard that some guys can’t urinate when they are erect. After a minute I felt the pee rising, and it did start shooting out of me. I probably managed to shoot it five or six feet also. About the same as Andre.

Charlie asked if anyone else was ready. George stood up and volunteered. His penis was erect. We were not surprised. Among us skinny dipping kids, erections were fairly normal, although I did enjoy it very much when I was erect in our group, and I have to say, I liked seeing the other boys erect.

George had an idea. He said if he squeezed the tip of his dick a certain way, so the opening was smaller, the piss might shoot further, but wasn’t sure he could hold it properly. After quite a bit of discussion, Natti volunteered to help. Standing next to George, she reached over and worked at getting a good grip on his erect cock. She tried a certain pinch on his glans, and said, “OK, now.”

He stood there, his erect penis in my sister’s hand, then suddenly went ‘Ouch’ and hunched forward pulling his dick away from her grasp. A squirt of piss came out. We were all puzzled by what we had just seen. George, seeing our quizzical faces, said, “If your pee is totally blocked, it really hurts!”

“Here, lemme try something else,” Natti offered. George reluctantly stood fully up again, and approached her. She started trying another grasp on his dick, which returned to its full erectness. She was fumbling, not getting the grip quite right. Without warning, cum started spurting out of George’s penis. We all saw it. We were all kind of shocked. I can’t speak for the others, but they were probably thinking what I was thinking at that moment, which was, “Wow, this opens up whole new horizons for our group.”

George was wearing a big smile. He didn’t seem in the slightest embarrassed. I think I would have been.

Let’s cut to the chase: For the rest of that summer, and the next couple of summers that I know of, the older kids would make some sort of excuse to get away from the younger kids, and we’d all give each other orgasms through various forms of mutual masturbation. I’m talking boy-on-boy, of course, but also boy-on-girl, and girl-on-girl, too. Eventually many of us paired up, and became couples. Two years later, I was off to college, and have never returned to the swimming hole. It seems there’s an unwritten rule: It’s not a place for adults.

It’s been several years now and I’ve long since moved out of the area. My wife knows all about it. She’s had many an orgasm as I recreate the details with her, describing every detail of our summers of fun.

What we’re both hoping for is to find a skinny dipping location like that for adults.

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  1. As a kid I never exposed my dick to any other kids, much less with a hard-on, other than one brief flash with a couple of other boys. I could never take a piss when my dick was hard, however. I wish I had been bolder as a kid but it was different times back then and kids rarely did anything like that. It wasn’t just me.

  2. I went skinny dipping when l was 11 and 12 in Texas, there was a place in this rock corry where people whent skinny dipping it was fun ,me and 2 friends would go on hot days,and swim around. It was fun.

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