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Eleven Times

When I was in my late teens, I had a same-age, same-sex jerk-off buddy. We didn’t do oral sex, or kissing or anything like that. We just liked to jerk each other off. Oh, and he liked it when I’d sometimes stick one or two fingers in his ass. Generally, we’d take turns. He’d jerk me off, then I’d have him lay on the bed and I’d jerk him off.

Soon, that evolved to where I’d always jerk him off first. The reason is that after I ejaculated, my mood would shift, and I was no longer interested in doing anything. But beforehand, I was very excited just to see him naked, to see his erection, and of course to touch his erection.

I think that’s typical of men, that they lose interest, that their mood shifts after they cum. Don’t you?

My friend was atypical. After he came, he was still in a mood sufficient to enjoy jerking me off. So, we always had him cum first. Then, on one occasion, after he had ejaculated, he asked me to keep going. I was surprised, since I would have been terribly sensitive at that point.

I continued to stroke him. After a couple of minutes, his erection started to soften, but not very much. After another minute he was fully hard again. Meanwhile, we hadn’t cleaned up his cum, and it was beating into a sort of foam on his dick and in my hand. Sure enough, he came again. He claimed he could come yet a third time, but my hand was getting tired, and he did seem less enthusiastic than before.

I couldn’t resist asking him how many times he could cum in a row. He said that although it wasn’t all in a row, he did once cum eleven times in a single day.

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  1. I had a guy I hooked up with for occasional M2M sex. We would jerk and suck each other’s cocks. Once I had cum, I was usually done but he would always want to go two or three more times. I was like that with women but with men it was always one and done.

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