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Pubic Hair

As humans evolved, and we learned to heat our homes and wear clothing, we lost the hair off most of our bodies except the tops of our heads, our armpits and our genital regions. Why? The theory is that the hair of the armpits and genital areas retain the sexual scents we give off, known as pheromones.

Until the 1990s, few women and fewer men removed their pubic hair. Then something changed. Most women appearing in pornography shaved, and that started to sway the general population. Modern techniques for hair removal also helped bring in the new trend. In time, many men who wouldn’t have dreamed of showing up in the showers or locker room with a shaved crotch started discovering that it was ‘OK.’ Now, it is perfectly normal for men to trim or shave their pubic regions. Studies indicate that 10 out of every 100 men shave their pubic regions regularly.

In a survey, fifty percent of women said they’d rather not have any pubic hair.

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