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No Hair

In a survey, fifty percent of women said they’d rather not have any pubic hair.

In recent years, many men now remove their crotch hair, and sometimes more, such as underarms and leg hair. That used to be very stigmatic, but now, in most locker rooms, seeing one or more hairless men is becoming normal.

Removing hair from the vaginal or penile area makes masturbation and all sorts of sex practices more enjoyable. No more pulled hairs. No more ‘dirty’ look. Better access to all the skin.

Hair removal is most often done by shaving, which leaves a sandpaper-like stubble. Another approach is to depilate the hair using a chemical such as the commercially available Nair. Laser removal, although time-consuming and expensive, is a smooth and long-lasting approach.

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  1. My most memorable experience relating to pubic hair occurred on my very first date with a beautiful gal I met on line. We had a very lively series of email discussions before we ever met so within 15 minutes of her arriving at my house, we were making the beast with two backs. Thought a day-long session of one sex act after another, I suggested that she might consider shaving her pussy but leaving a landing strip. She wanted to know if I would do it for her. So I did, which has to be some kind of special event for a first date. Believe it or not, within about four months we were married. Although we are no longer together, she reamains the one true love of my life.

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