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Middle School Naked Wrestling

Middle School Naked Wrestling Club

Another story from a client:

I was on the middle school wrestling team. In the locker room, we’d put on our cups, singlets and helmets. Mostly we wouldn’t see each other naked, but I’d get a glimpse from time to time, which terribly excited me. We’d wrestle for 45 minutes, then back to the locker room. Taking off our stuff, we’d then step into the showers, individual booths. Most of the guys were pretty skilled at covering themselves at all times with their towels, but again, I’d get a glimpse from time to time. In the shower, I’d get hard, and jerk off. I was constantly on the look out for someone who might burst into my shower. Not that anyone would actually do that. It would have been a terrible breach of etiquette, and the guy would be called ‘gay,’ but I was still concerned about getting caught, so I’d wank quickly, releasing my few boyish drops of clear cum into the streaming shower water. This whole business of masturbation was still new and exciting to me.

One time, I saw Larry stepping into the shower. He had carelessly let his towel slip away before he closed the door. He had an erection! I jerked off immediately in my own shower, unable to take my eyes off what I had just seen.

Besides the vague adolescent sexuality of the scene, I really enjoyed wrestling. Oh, sure, sometimes it hurt if I got an elbow to the face or pulled a muscle sideways or something, but I loved it. It was camaraderie, it was strength, it was guy stuff. Also, being on the wrestling team was an ego booster. The other kids at school looked up to me for that. I didn’t tell any of them that making the team was as easy as showing up for the first practice. Anyone could qualify, although I doubt many of them would have come back for a second practice, once they learned how strenuous it was. And, how personal, too. You get really close to other boys. I could imagine that some would be way too shy, others too homophobic.

Phil’s mom said he could invite some guys over to his basement recreation room for additional wrestling practice. He was a latchkey kid, so it’s surprising that she allowed this.

The first afternoon, there were four of us. We wrestled around on his thick basement carpet, and had a good time. Since there was no locker room or showers, we just went home sweaty.

We started meeting regularly on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after school. One time, Larry asked if he could use Phil’s shower. Phil was like, “Sure, I guess so,” leading him to the little basement bathroom.

To my delight, Phil took off his stuff, and there he stood, as naked as the day he was born before us. As casually as if he was at home, he stepped into Phil’s shower, while the rest of us clumped upstairs to the living room. A few minutes later, Larry came upstairs, all fresh and dressed. We put on our boots, hats and jackets and went home.

The next time, both Larry and Jimmy wanted to use the shower. Phil explained that this bathroom had it’s own small water heater, so they couldn’t take showers one after the other. The water would turn cold. He didn’t think his mom would like them using the upstairs shower. ‘We’ll just take one together,’ Larry said, acting like ‘no big deal.’

Possibly turning a bit red in the face, James said, ‘sure.’

Both of them took off their clothes in front of us. Phil said, ‘Hey, let’s see if we can all cram in.’

In a way, that was nothing special. Wrestlers learn not to be afraid of being close together. But naked! That was something else entirely. James immediately agreed, as did Larry, so what could I do? I wanted to very much. At the same time, I was somehow afraid. Like I’d be doing naughty wrong or something. Plus, they’d see my dick, and probably make fun of me. Could I help it if I didn’t have any hair yet?

Well, there was nothing I can do so I took off my stuff too, and sure enough, we found that we could all fit in the little shower. Phil’s thigh was pressed against my crotch, and it felt surprisingly good. It shouldn’t have felt like anything, but I was in some sort of immediate heaven. And my penis started to rise. ‘Oh no,’ I thought. I would get teased for the rest of my life if I ended up popping a boner with these guys. Just as I was thinking that, I happened to glimpse Larry’s crotch area, and to my shock and surprise, he was sporting a full erection.

I felt immediate relief. During the next few minutes, all four of us sprang boners. No one said anything. No one did anything. We finished our shower, hurriedly, as the water started running cold, got dressed, said our goodbye’s and went home.

The Thursday session went the same way. We wrestled, then we all got naked and jumped in Phil’s shower again until the water ran cold. Every one of us had an erection. We ignored them entirely, got dressed and went home. I don’t know about the others, but as soon as I got home and had some privacy from my brother and sisters, I jerked off like a maniac .

I couldn’t wait for Tuesday. We all arrived at Phil’s ten minutes early, so it was obvious to me we were all excited.

We started wrestling as usual, but you could tell our minds weren’t in it. I’m sure everyone was thinking the same thing: ‘We can’t wait until we get to shower together.’

Larry broke away from Phil who he had been wrestling at the moment, and James and I stopped because he seemed to want to get our attention.

“Uh…” he started, then paused.

“What?” Phil asked impatiently.

“Well, you know how the Greek Olympians competed nude?”

We had recently heard about that in Social Studies class, and found it very interesting.

“Yeah?” I think we all knew where was going with this.

“Would it be terribly… I mean, would it…”

“You want to wrestle naked?” James asked, incredulous.

“Well, no, not exactly…”

“Huh?” I chimed in.

“I mean, well… yeah, OK,” James finished, as if it hadn’t been his idea.

“No way.” I said, and immediately regretted. Shit. Now I had to fix it, because there was nothing in the world I’d like more, and this was my opportunity. Maybe the only opportunity I’d have for the rest of my life. (Adolescents exaggerate, even to themselves.)

“Maybe it would be OK. I mean, since there are no girls here. and we’re not gay or anything.” I had to add that last part, even though at the time I had very serious doubts about myself that sometimes kept me up at night.

“Right, we’re not gay,” Phil seconded.

“If you guys are crazy enough to do it, then I guess I will have to, also,” was James’ way of acquiescing.

It was Phil who first removed all his stuff, helmet, and cup too, revealing an already hard penis. It was quite large, or so it seemed in comparison to mine. He also had significant wisps of black hair along the upper edge. My hairless penis was standing out as hard as it had ever been.

Soon, the four of us were wrestling and having the most wonderful time! We were laughing and carrying on. For the first time ever, we had a four-guy wrestle. Essentially, we were just all rolling around on the floor together in one big clump.

Everyone was rock hard, and everyone was ignoring their erections. As the afternoon turned into evening, we knew we had to get dressed and head home. Phil’s parents would be coming home soon, and they couldn’t see us like this.

It took us several more weeks before we got up the gumption to actually touch each others genitals. Oh, there were the occasional slips, which may not have been slips at all. I’d feel a guy’s fingers touch my anus for a second. I’d find myself with my boner pushed up against a guy’s knee. All very exciting stuff to us at that age.

It was our new guy, Carl, who broke the ice. Carl was a short, nerdish guy, a year younger than us, who just begged and begged Phil to let him join our group once he heard about what was going on. James was supposed to keep our group a secret, but I guess he just couldn’t hold it in.

Wrestling with five guys means someone always has to wait between sessions. Carl wasn’t much of a wrestler, always getting pinned almost immediately. However, he was funny, and strangely became somewhat of a leader after we got to know him. He was always suggesting ideas, which we’d end up trying. Like one afternoon, he got us all doing yoga and standing on our heads. He thought we could eventually learn to walk on our hands as a show of strength.

I liked Carl because he was the only one besides me who was totally hairless ‘down there.’

So, this one afternoon, Carl started talking about how athletes always have trainers. We asked what trainers do, and he explained that the trainer mostly massages them.

“Why would anyone want that?” James asked.

Carl explained, “Unless you’ve had it done, you wouldn’t know.”

“OK, wise ass, massage me,” was James retort.

“OK, I will.”

While the rest of us watched, Carl had James lay on Phil’s downstairs sofa, and rubbed his shoulders and back a bit. Then his calves. James said that it did indeed feel ‘sort of nice.’

Carl then had him roll over, so he could massage James’ front.

James had a huge erection, You could tell that his penis was straining at full capacity since the head was stretched tight and shiny. That wasn’t particularly unusual. The five of us frequently had erections while wrestling. We never did anything about it. I was guessing they all went home and jacked, just like I did.

The three of us watching all had boners too. Carl continued to rub James’ ankles, then his shins, then his thighs. While muttering quietly, ‘they say testicle massage is good for one’s health,’ he then, without asking, just started massaging James’ balls.

You’d think James would protest, but no, he was like, “Ohhh, that’s great!”

It was only a few seconds later that we saw his cock start jerking up and down, and he shot several spurts of white cum onto his belly.

No one said a word. The three of us watching had big eyes, and our boners were sticking straight out in front of us as huge as ever.

Finally, James said, “That was amazing!”

The following weeks saw us practically abandon the wrestling. After a few minutes, we’d all be massaging each other in various combinations. It didn’t take long for that to transmute into out-and-out handjobs. The first time Phil stuck his finger in my ass, I came immediately.

We were very disappointed when Phil’s dod got a job in Michigan and they moved out.

The four of us who remained tried desperately to find another place for our ‘wrestling club,’ but we could not manage to find a place. We had a bit of a fort in the woods, but in the winter that was no good. In the summer, it seemed everyone knew about the fort, so we couldn’t do it there.

Time went on. I jerked off often remembering the great times in the wrestling club.

For the first year I was married, I didn’t tell my wife, Rosa, about it. One day, during a bit of pillow talk, I spilled the beans, expecting she’d be disgusted, or something. However, I wasn’t one to keep secrets from her, and this was the only one that remained. So I told her, and she laughingly hit me on the back of the head with a pillow. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

It made her very horny, and I think that’s the night Nicole was conceived. As our kids Nicole and Jerome were growing into adolescence, I encouraged them whenever it looked like they might like to join a club with their friends.

Rosa has taken a strong interest in dancing. We installed a pole in the basement, ostensibly for Rosa to play on for my entertainment. But, I wouldn’t mind if Nicole and her friends were to try it out.

Jerome is quite the little wrestler, just like his dad. I let Jerome know that he could have his friends over in our downstairs recreation room when Rosa and I go to our bridge club on Wednesday evenings. I told him about how when I was a kid, I used to meet with my friends and wrestle at Phil’s house. Of course I didn’t give him any details. He and his friends will figure that out for themselves.

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