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Acrobatic Slip

I was invited to hang out with an award-winning acrobatic club that practiced on a grassy lawn near where I lived. There were about twenty of them on most afternoons, mixed about 50/50 male and female, all young except a coach who was in his early 50s.

Because I didn’t know anything about acrobatics, I was instructed to be a ‘bottom’ and shown how to hold a girl up in the air. I was laying on my back, and she was supported on my hands and feet. This particular girl was a fantastic, petite, freckled, redhead. She was wearing short shorts, with no underwear. I could see her shaven vagina at one point through one leg opening, and was in heaven.

On the third time we tried setting up this pose, she slipped and started to fall. I had been instructed to make sure to catch her, and roll her gently to one side. So, that’s what I did. As her left hand came away from my right hand, I instinctively tried to grab her in some way so she wouldn’t get hurt from the fall.

My fingers slipped through the leg opening in her shorts, and I’m rather certain two of my fingers literally slipped an inch into her vagina. I pulled out right away as she rolled partially onto the grass, and partially onto me. She immediately got up, and went twenty feet away. I’m sure I was totally red in the face. This was indeed totally embarrassing. Fortunately, she never said anything about it, and neither did I.

Later that afternoon, I smelled my two fingers several times. The odor was very faint, but wonderful. Maybe I was imagining an odor, who knows?

Thinking it over later, I realized two things:

1. I’m pretty sure none of the other acrobats saw what happened. They were too busy doing their own things.

2. How could my fingers have slipped inside of her like that? She must have been wet, so I’m guessing she was horny having been held up by me as I was from holding her up.

Unfortunately, I only saw her a couple more times in these acrobatic meetings. We never spoke of it, and somehow we never dated. I guess I was too embarrassed about what had happened to talk with her about what had happened, or anything else.

2 thoughts on “Acrobatic Slip

  1. How come things like that never happen to me?

  2. I was a cheerleader for a short while in my high school days. We did some acrobatic things, but mostly just playing around. I think I would have loved slipping onto a guy’s fingers like that, although it also sounds painful. I’m rubbing myself you-know-where right now, just thinking about it!

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